2009-04-20: Troubles For All


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Summary: Robyn is having some trouble with his power then Vlad comes in with his own problems, poor July is stuck in the middle.

Date: April 20, 2009

Log Title Troubles For All

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

July slinks into the living room, stretching her body like a snake and reaching for the couch, resting there before pulling the rest of her body in, her body reforming to normal as she sits down, looking around the place if anyone's is there already.

There is one person in the living room already and that's Robyn. He doesn't know July walk in there because, well, he's unconscious on the floor. The book he was looking through is open and on the floor and it looks as if the teen just tumbled off the couch.

July blinks as she notices the unconscious body on the floor, "What?" she blinks again, before reaching to pull you to sit up, "Hey hey, Robyn?" she asks, shaking you gently to see if she wakes you up.

As soon as July touches Robyn and her skin comes in contact with his, his eyes flash open and are a glowing purple colour and he accidentally drains some of her phsyic energy. Depending on how long she touches him is how much he drains, but even just a little is enough to walk him up. 'Where am I?" He asks sounding groggy.

July yelps as she feels the drain, and blinks softly after the drain, "W-what happened?" She asks, pulling her arms off Robyn as he wakes up. "W-what happened to you?" she asks, frowning as her headache is starting to act…

Robyn holds his head with gloved hands as he has quite the headache right now. "I don't know. Well I do know, kind of. I'm sorry I didn't mean to do what I did. I can drain physic energy. I don't know, but I've been feeling weird the past two days and I was reading and then next thing I know you're waking me up. I think it's because of these…" Robyn says trailing oof while looking at his gloved hands.

July rubs her temples as she looks at Robyn, "And now I got a headache…" she says as Robyn stares at his own hands, "What's up with your hands, anyways?" The rubbergirl asks. "I didn't touch them. I touched your neck a bit, and then I feel drained… and with a mild headache."

"After I drained Vlad that day in the woods, and he yelled at me to wear gloves I decided to try it. I felt bad draining most people I touched." Robyn says as he takes the gloves off. "But the less people I drain the more headaches I get and…I'm really sorry about that."

July rubs the back of her head slowly, her eyes closing softly as her headache goes on, "So, your power is to share your headache with others?" She asks with a light chuckle, smiling to Robyn a bit.

"Aparently." Robyn says as goes to stand up and his world just spins. "Woah…I think I really am a vampire of sorts." He says going to sit back down with a slight wobble as he holds his head. "This is just crazy."

July sits back down on the couch, sighing a bit, "What exactly is your power?" She asks Robyn, looking up to him, "I mean, transfering headaches? Having a perpetual headache?"

"I don't fully know or understand it." Robyn begins as he pulls his knees up. "I know I can absorb physic energy, I can posses people and something happened that I don't even understand. I don't even know how to control any of it." He admits as his powers are a complete mystery to him. "I really need to talk to someone here who'd be able to help me."

Vladimir pages, "could I join in?" to Robyn and July.

July hmms a that and rubs the back of her head again, her headache slowly subsiding, "I don't know…" She says, tilting her head a bit as she examines Robyn, "I mean, have you talked to the headmasters of this place?"

Robyn shakes his head. He's not used to going to people for help in an odd way he's kind of a loner. He doesn't try to be but he just usally likes to do things himself and try to figure them out himself. "I guess I can talk to Mr. Summers. Well not guess, I should."

July chuckles softly and nods, "Yeah, you should." She says, smiling to Robyn a bit, "I mean, hard to get control something you can't understand without asking for help of people more experienced in that department." she says, shrugging a bit.

Robyn is still feeling a bit off as he absorbed enough enery from July to pretty much stay conscious. He's sitting on the floor with his knees pulled up to his chest and the book he was reading still on the floor a bit a way. "I'm just still trying to get used to everything and between homework and taking time to sculpt and practice the cello I just don't think about my powers as an added thing I have to do."

Vladimir walks in to the living room well more stomped into the room. He looks pissed (like it hard to get him to look that way) off at something or someone. He walks pass the two of you not saying a word and punishes the far wall. He then lets out a steam of curses that could make small children and nuns cry as he holds his hand it seems he hit a stud behind the sheet rock.

July nods softly to Robyn, smiling a bit, "The headmasters may help you. That's kinda their job, too." she says, giggling softly, but then she blinks and her smile disappears, being replaced with confusion, as Vladimir stomps into the room. "Geez, Vlad, what's gotten to you?"

Vladimir frowns and holds his hand, "It's that quack of a shirk this school has! God Damn it!" the last part seems not o be aimed at anyone. He frowns, "I should of punished him out but he huge and most likely could break me into two."

July blinks softly again, "Whoa, whoa…calm down, Vlad." she says, making slow, placating motions with her hand as she looks at her enraged friend. "Who's the school's shrink, and what did he do to rill you up so much?"

"You shouldn't be using violence against anyone." Says Robyn quietly and of course he's not the one to talk since he's constatntly absorbing physic energy from others. He's kind of awkward around Vlad and anger and the two combinded he's not sure what to do. "What happened?"

Vladimir would never hot you two he kicks both of you to much as friends to harm July or Robyn. He looks at July and frowns some and tries to take a few deep breaths it seems to help some, "The shrink is Jared's and eddie's father father." He looks at Robyn and frowns seeing the look on his face and leans against the wall and sides down it with his knees up to his chest, "He said that I should forgive my mother for hurting me that she might not knowing what she was doing. He also said I hate her because I scared of turning into her." He jabs an elbow back into the wall, "I nothing like that whore."

July frowns a bit, only lightly, before sighing and relaxing her brows, "Vlad…" she says softly after the guy elbows the wall, that only doesn't go K.O. because it's being supported by the ceiling. "First of all, Vlad, he didn't say that you /are/ like your mom. He just said that you're afraid of becoming like her. That's a fear we all have, of turning into exactly what we dislike." she says with a soft smile. "Also…" she sighs a bit, but remains smiling and speaking softly, "Anger… hate… those feelings can really distort our memories."

Robyn listens for a bit and nods. He's really not sure of his kind of stuff. "Just..hang in their Vlad. I don't think he said it to piss you of or hurt you. Umm..I gotta get goign though." Robyn says as he pushes himself up with a bit of a sigh. "Nice talking to you July and Vald, I'm sure you're fun." He gives a wave and heads out of the living room, grabing the couch and wall to hold onto as he leaves to steady himself.

Vladimir nods and looks at the wall, "there are three others." He sighs, "My mother was and most likely a waist of space. She a filthy ugly crack whore who has no respect for her self or me." He moves some hair out of his face, "This week just gets better and better first I almost lift last night and now this. You still have my blacks?"

July sighs softly again, remaining seated sideways on the couch, facing Vladimir, "Have you ever seen your mother after being taken?" She asks, looking at Vlad as he speaks, "Blacks?"

Vladimir shakes his head, "why would I? I bet she still stung out on some drug with a penis in her mouth. Why would I want to see that?" He blinks at July, "ah my blacks the things I gave you in the woods. My smokes."

July ah's to that, "Ah, your cigarettes. No, I trashed them all." she says, smiling sweetly at that. But then she gets more serious, even though she's still smiling, "And, as for your mother, even if the memories of your childhood aren't the fondest ones, you should see her again. At least once. To see if what you remember of her is true, or false."

Vladimir frowns, "damn it I really could use one right now." He listens to you and sighs, "if it is then what or even worst what if it's better how am I suppose to acted then. Oh your clean that's great to bad you left me to rot."

July sighs softly at that, "What if… she didn't left you, but was forced to let go of you by the law?" She asks, looking at Vladimir with one arched eyebrow but speaking softly, still. "If you go see her… the worst that can happen is to confirm that your memories are real. The best thing… well, sometimes life can surprise you." she says with a smile.

Vladimir frowns, "force to give me up?" He never thought of that high IQ does not mean he bright. he frowns, "Still she could of written a letter or something." He sighs and pulls his knees higher to his chest.

July shrugs softly, smiling, "Maybe. But she could not have known where you are." She says, looking at Vladimir as he curls up a bit.

Vladimir He rest his head against this knee and covers it with his head. He does not say anything but if you listen softy you can hear soft sobbing from him.

July listens to the sobbing quietly, before standing up and moving next to Vladimir, sitting down next to him and wrapping her arms around him in a soft, comforting embrace.

Vladimir last few days have been stress full to him and now he can't hold back any more. He just keeps crying into his lap not looks at July but not pulling away from her touch.

July just holds the crying teen, caressing his back a bit, but remaining in silence while he pours his feelings out.

Vladimir this goes on for a few minuets then he lifts his head and takes his sunglasses and rubs his red eyes and places back the glasses. He sighs, "Thank you. I must be real pathic a guy breaking down to tears over this."

July smiles to her friend, and pats his back gently, "You guys take this 'macho bravado' way too far." she says, giggling softly, "If we wanted to date something without emotions, a broom would suffice." she winks.

Vladimir blinks and smiles some as his mind drifts to July with a broom. Oh the works of a teenage boy mind. He shakes his head, "you know your my type of girl we should date." He then wipes some stray tears from his cheek.

July smiles softly at that, but she shakes her head, "Maybe." she says, "But, unfortunately, you know you're not my type." She shakes her head lightly, while stroking Vladimir's hair gently, "Come on, stand up, man, let's go sit on the couch."

Vladimir nods and stands, "but we have so much in common. we both have dirty mind and like to joke around and then we both like girls it a perfect match" He walks over to the couch and sort of flop on it

July smirks softly and chuckles, "Who said I got a dirty mind?" She asks, arching one eyebrow as she moves to sit down again on the couch, sitting sideways, facing you, "And we're perfect only for a double date, if you know what I mean."

Vladimir smiles, "come on the broom thing that was dirty." His mind goes off again and grins some, "I wouldn't mind sharing a girl with you." Now who got the dirty mind. sighs some and places an arm up on the back of the couch behind you

July chuckles again, "No, you made it dirty." she says, "I just came up with a random object in my mind, and you took it that way." She shakes her head softly, smiling.

Vladimir laughs some and nods, "well still a broom is normally dirty." He looks over at you, "So did I tell you I almost left the school last night?"

July chuckles again, ruefully shaking her head at your definiton of a broom. But when you mention 'almost leaving teh school', she goes serious and blinks, "Uh, no you didn't. Why would you leave?"

Vladimir sighs, "one of the X-force guys read someone's mind who I went skinny dipping with a few night back. He came and confronted me and I lost my cool. Well he started to say how I was acting could lead to explication or something like that. Well instead of hitting the guy I grab all my clothes and started packing. I was not really worry about me. Well I was but not as much as I was worry about the other guy getting in trouble so I decided to leave before I dragged down anyone else. Oh also confronted me on the sex thing and how I act around others he said I making some nerves."

July blinks softly at that as Vladimir speaks, and then she frowns a bit, looking down as she thinks, "Who is this person?" She asks, looking back up to Vladimir, "The one that confronted you, I mean?"

Vladimir sighs, "his name is Addison some red headed freak who can't help but to see into other peoples. I think he should be kicked out if he can't control it even thought he can't control it it still an invitation and that makes it wrong."

July blinks again, and then frowns, "He can't help but pry into people's minds?" She asks, sounding suspicious, "What do you mean? He can't control, or just too curious to keep himself out?"

Vladimir shrugs, "he said he can't block people out all the time. I think they use him to spy on the students so they can control all there actions. Sort of like like a big brother thing."

July hrms, and then shrugs, "I'd just give him the middle finger." She says, smiling a bit, "I mean, he found it out by illegal means. By stealing it from your head."

Vladimir shakes his head, "not my head but Antonio's mind. Well I threaten to bloody his nose if he did it again." He sound almost proud of that fact. He shrugs, "that's why shades got involved that and my packing"

July blinks softly, "Shades?" she asks, tilting her head again, "Who's 'shades'?" The girl asks in curiosity.

Vladimir smiles and blinks at her, "the head master of the school Summers. He always wears sunglasses so I call him shades." he always surprise no one calls him that he wears sun glasses all the time.

July blinks softly, then she oh's softly, and nods, smiling, "Ah, you mean the one always wearing red tinted glasses, right?" she asks, giggling a bit, "He's Mr. Summers, right?"

Vladimir smiles and nods, "yah that's him he always seems to have a stick up his butt." He smiles, "he convince me to stay and didn't even get in trouble for everything. He wouldn't allow me to get a place off campus though."

July nods, smiling, and then she stands up, "I'm glad you didn't leave." she says softly, nodding softly before stretching a bit, "But I gotta get going. Finish homework and all that. I'm glad you're not mad anymore, Vlad, but please think about what we talked about, ok?" She says, smiling softly now. "Life's too short and precious to waste away hating someone like that."

Vladimir frowns and nods, "okay I keep that in mind." He leans back and sighs, "I not sure i could ever forgive her."

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