2010-06-18: Truancy and Fighting


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Summary: Star sneaks back out on a Thursday night and runs into Vincent and a couple of toughs.

Date: June 18, 2010

Log Title Truancy and Fighting

Rating: PG

NYC - Brooklyn

Brooklyn is located on the western most tip of Long Island. Brooklyn has a lot of cultural diversity, an independent art scene, distinct neighborhoods and a unique architectural heritage. Along the shore are a bunch of abandoned warehouses that people rent out to hold concerts, parties, and other various events. Row houses can be found through out the most the borough built in the 19th century architectural style.

Not long after sunset on a summer night and the city is still busy, though not quite as busy as it would be in Manhattan. The sky overhead is dark, only a few of the brightest stars managing to fight against the glow of the city lights. The air is full of smog, the haze of hundreds of cars, taxis, and buses winding their way through the streets. The heat of the day leeches into the hair from the sidewalks, making it almost as warm after dark as it is during the day.
Wandering the streets in a pair of dark blue denim shorts, a pink halter top that leaves three inches of her stomach bare, and a pair of pink and white sneakers, Star looks thoughtful, a feeling of longing seeming to trail after her as she looks at apparently empty warehouses and darkened storefronts. The teenager has her hands tucked into the back pockets of her shorts, palms out with her thumbs hooked over the top of the sturdy fabric. She seems to be looking for something, though what she could be looking for in dark businesses is anyone's guess. Doesn't seem like it could be anything good, though.

The heat is really getting to the citizens as much as even being disturbing enough to add to the tension. Eventually the tension boils over and Vincent, just walking by the two men arguing about some soccer game taping one on the shoulder and getting a fist swung at him. "Whoa now you two." Vince says leaning back and dodging the blow, and using the weight of the second guy as he gets up, to knock the chair out from under him, causing the second man to fall to the hard concrete. The first man rushes at him with another punch, and Vince puts his hand on top of the man's fist and flips him over onto his back. "Is that all you two have?"

Star is oblivious, for a few minutes at least, to the scuffle going on near by. At least she is until a man lands on his back near her. She stop and takes a half a step backwards, a small cloud of surprise overwhelming the longing for a moment as she first looks at the man on the sidewalk and then at the man that did the flipping and a small scowl forms, drawing her brows together for a moment and a wave of disgust rolling off of her. Fighting just isn't something she approves of. Especially not after the fight that she can't remember from the night before. No, having to wash someone else's blood off of her bare feet is not what she calls fun.
"Hey! Why don't you watch what you're doing, buster? You could have hit me after all." Forget the fact that he could have hurt the man he'd thrown, he might have hurt her! She narrows her currently brown eyes at him, annoyed that someone has dared to interrupt her search for the warehouse she was at last night, "What'd he do, anyway? I can't imagine it was anything bad enough to get thrown around like that."

Vincent lowers his hands, dropping his defensive stance with a look of 'What?' plastered on his face at Star. "First, who says buster anymore?" Vincent says, not noticing the second guy getting up quietly behind him. "Second, he threw the first pun- UGRGH!" Vince is cut off as the man behind him dives forward and wraps his arms around Vincent's throat, and his weight causes the mutant to fall forward, but Vin catches both of them with his leg, and is on one knee. His face turning blue he looks at Star and mouths "Help."

Star glares at the comment about her choice of words and removes her hands from her pockets to fold her arms across her chest, cocking one hip and displaying an attitude that would even put some New Yorkers to shame, "What's it to you what word I use, buster? Not like-" She falls silent suddenly when the guy is suddenly grabbed, her eyes widening slightly at someone actually asking her help in a fight. She's never really fought before and isn't really sure what she can do. It takes perhaps two seconds for her annoyance with Vincent to turn into anger at the guy that's choking him, her eyes fading quickly from brown to black, "Hey! And here I was trying to defend you guys."
She marches up to the struggling men and slaps the man that's doing the choking, as though that would really do any good, "Buzz off, jerk wad! Go sit on your thumbs or something." It's clear that she expects to be obeyed, though that's only because she's used to her friends doing what she tells them to most of the time. It's easier than living with her sulking or being smug when it's proven that her way would have been best. Anger rolls off of her in waves, almost a palpable taste in the air around her.

Vincent blinks at her actions. "Uhhh." He and both the man that as slapped say in unison. The first guy finally gets up, spitting blood onto the sidewalk. We'll say the man choking Vince is named Jeff, lets go and stands tall, keeping his eyes on Star. "You shouldn't have done that." He says clearly before he starts to throw a heavy punch at the girl. Vince without a word stands up and deflects the man's fist with his lower arm. "NO!" Vince shouts and sweeps the man's feet out from him and puts his shoulder into the ground hard, causing a slight bit of whiplash. As this happens Mark, the other guy who was flipped over first, lunges towards Star, trying to grab her intending use her as a meat shield, and put a knife close to her throat. "You better stop if you know what's good for you, or the lady."

Anger and fear war with each other, flecks of violet appearing in the black of Star's eyes as she's grabbed, "Hey!" She grabs at the guy's arm and tries to pull it off of her, "Let me go you creep!" She's not a happy little empath right now, her nose wrinkling at the smell of sweaty man holding her so close. She tries to stomp down on his instep, nose wrinkling at the idea of having to do another of the little dirty tricks that her older brothers taught her for if she ever got into a fight with someone taller and stronger than she is, which includes just about everyone.

Vincent kicks the man in the face hard, making sure he stays down before he looks back to the man holding Star. "Let her go, she has nothing to with this." Vince says as he takes his jacket off and ties it around his waist, then he looks at Star with a smirk and a shrug, "I know it's not the 90's but, c'mon, it makes sense." referring to his jacket. Bending his neck to the side till it pops, he looks at Mark, "It's me you're fighting, not the pretty woman" Even know, he remains a sarcastic-flirty-jerk.

Star rolls her eyes at the comment about the 90's and releases her grip on Mark's arm with one hand so that she can drive her elbow back into the guy's gut with all her strength at the same time as she kicks back with one sneaker clad foot to try and catch him in the groin. No one ever said that a girl being held against her will had to fight fair, after all. She blushes lightly when he calls her pretty, not immune to flattery, or even flirting, even as she struggles to get away, "Dude! Didn't your mama ever teach you how to treat a lady?!" She's not going to let up for a minute, fighting with all the ferocity of an angry kitten and putting up as big a struggle as she can until the guy has had enough and lets her go.

Mark looses his grip when she elbows him, but the groin shot puts him on the ground moaning. Vincent steps forward after a moment, to look over her shoulder at the man they both pummeled, and for good measure he leans down towards the armed man and gives him one last good punch right to his nose. Mark's face and body is a bloody and battered pulp before Vince puts his hand on her shoulder, "Ok, I think he's gonna stop now." the mutant says with a grin before grabbing a napkin from the table the two were sitting at and handing it to Star, and keeping his hand down to help her up if she was on her knees or on the ground.

Star stumbles forward when she's released and almost does a faceplant on the sidewalk, giving a startled yelp and catching herself on her hands and knees. She winces and brushes her scrubbed palms against the seat of her shorts a couple of times until Vincent is there with a napkin and holding a hand out to help her up. She just looks at the extended hand for a moment before she sighs and grasps it as leverage to regain her feet, wincing painfully as raw skin is stretched and moved, "Ow…" Beat, "Thanks." not that she would have been in that situation if it weren't for him, but he is trying to be a gentleman now. Either that or he's hitting on her. Sometimes it's hard to tell with the way some guys act.
She wipes at her hands, wincing slightly as the paper moves across the thin, shallow scratches on her palms, "Why'd they swing at you first, anyway?" Translation: What did you do to start it? People don't just try to fight random strangers on the street for no reason, after all.

Vincent shrugs and keeps his hand out to her still offering to hoist her up, at least, maybe even as far as to carry her. "He was about to fall off his chair into the street and his arms were stretched out in my path, so I tapped him." He blinks and after a moment smirks again like he always does. "That's the story. Anyways I'd like to be away from here before they find the strength to get back up."

Star sighs and takes his hand gingerly, letting him pull her to her feet, "Tapped him, huh?" She shakes her head, amusement now flavoring the air, "Sure." She looks down at the men on the ground and grimaces, "Yeah… That might be a good idea." She doesn't particularly want to be around when they wake up, either. She glances down the street the way she'd come and then turns to continue in the direction she'd been headed originally, pausing for a moment to look back at him, "I don't suppose you've heard about anything going down around here, have you? Maybe some big party or something?" She's hopeful, wanting nothing more than to be told that he knows exactly where she can find another rave like the one from the night before. It would be nice to figure out where the last one was, too, so that she can find the flip flops she lost…

Vincent nods slightly, "It usually is good to get away from anyone that feels like a victim." Vince pauses after he says that wondering if it's PC or not, then he remembers he doesn't care if he offends others, and shrugs. He steps up to Star and continues walking, picking up her question as he does, "Like a club or a rave?" he asks clarifying first. "I don't know if there are any in this area, but I'll help you look."

Star couldn't care less about whether or not something is PC and just rolls her eyes, "Yeah, tell me about it." She's had to make more than one hasty retreat before when one of her 'charity cases' took offence to her trying to tell them how to live their life. The petite girl has to jog a couple of steps to keep up with him when he walks past her and nods, "Yeah… There was one around here somewhere last night that I went to with some people and I was hoping there might be another tonight…" She pauses for a moment, "And I lost something there. Thought I might be able to figure out which warehouse it was in and find them." Plus, maybe it'll help her remember exactly what happened to leave her with a companion that looked like someone had pulled a Carrie trick on her.

"Well, that's not really my scene, but the offer is still on the table." Vincent says with a sorry filled frown. "And if it was me, I wouldn't have a club in the same place twice, but it's worth a look. If only we had a startng place." The mutant looks down at the girl following until she catches up. "What was it you lost, that might be a lead." He's pretty sure she's not going to find whatever it was again.

"A pair of black flip-flops…" Star really doesn't ever expect to see them again, either, but it gives her an excuse, at least, to go looking. She opens her mouth to speak again, but is interrupted by a ringing from her right hip pocket and pulls out a cell phone, a look strange look crossing her face when she looks at the display. One that's equal parts guilt, hope, and sheer panic. She licks her lips lightly and stares at the phone for a moment before she finally answers and winces. Her shoulders slump and a heavy feeling of guilt rolls off of her, "Yeah… Alright." She sighs and closes her eyes as she listens to the voice on the other end of the line, "Alright, already. I'm sorry."
She clicks the phone off and rolls her eyes with a heavy sigh, "Looks like I've been caught… I have to get back to school. Thanks for… being willing to help." She sounds a little uncertain about that, but he was willing to help her find another rave, "I think I've just been grounded…" What a novel concept. Grounded during the summer by the people in charge at school. She forces a smile and gives him a little wiggle of her fingers as she turns to head back the way she came from, "Maybe I'll catch you another time. Gotta head back to the station now." With that, she takes off at a jog, heading back to whatever school it is that she's staying at.

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