2020-06-16: Truth Hurts


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Summary: Robyn tell Jordan everything.

Date: June 16, 2020

Truth Hurts

Rating: June 16, 2020

The Future - The Underground - Living Area

Army barracks would seem like a five star hotel compared to this place, but cots and hammocks seem to fill the area. There are some side rooms where mutants tend to fit four to six to a room and there are even some holes in the wall a mutant or two seems to have made home. Like the rest of the tunnels, its damp and musty in here and not much light save the same electric and gas powered lamps found in the rest of the tunnels. Everything from small children to older mutants sleep in here and it can be seen from the people who cant get out of bed. In this room there is a small corner thats been sectioned off with old sheets and blankets to form a medical area with what stolen medical supplies the mutants have managed to gather.

It's something he knows he can't put off and something he knows he must do despite the results it might have. Robyn has a folder with him of various information as he wheels himself towards where Jordan is. He looks tired, exhausted, aged more than twenty seven years for once since he just looks to weary. "Jordan….I need to talk to you. I….I have stuff you need to hear, need to listen to and it won't be easy. You will probably hate me after this."

Jordan's been sitting facing the wall for a bit. He's holding a box. As he turns around to face the voice. "Yes, you do. And probably." He says, handing the box to Robyn. "Can you explain these?" He asks, running his hand through his hair before looking away. "I don't understand."

Robyn takes the box and looks at it quickly, then sets it aside and he looks Jordan in the face, he owes him that. "That's what I came here to explain, but if I explain to you, you have to let me tell you everything, explain it all. What happened and why I did what I did." He takes a deep breath and drops the first of many bombs. "You died Jordan, five years ago, in a sentinel attack. Then you came back….as if it were five years prior to that."

"That's what the note said." Jordan says, looking away from Robyn. It's not what he wants to hear. "How did I come back?" He asks, still staring at the wall. Old problems return sometimes. His body… fluctuates a bit.

Robyn keeps looking at Jordan, studying his face but the look on Robyn's face is one of regret, shame and great pain. "Mr. Sinister….every time you die there has been a clone of you in your place. The first time you were killed by the Sentinels Jordan, shortly after my parents were killed. I…I couldn't take it. I shut down, everything important to me I buried and I became something I hated. Something I wish I didn't, a cold, callous, emotionless bastard. I didn't want to let myself feel even though deep down inside I still did love you, it just hurt so much seeing your face again. It was a relief and a great pain at the same time that I just buried it. I didn't deal with my problems and I became obsessed. Obsessed with a nonexistent puzzle. It was the main thing I could focus on so I couldn't feel what was wrong with me which caused me to do the stupidest thing I could have ever done, caused the biggest regret of my life. Thinking I had to use you, ask you, to do whatever was necessary." He pauses in his words and a few tears start to slide down his cheeks. "I was an idiot Jordan….I…I became no better than Ahab or those behind the Sentinels."

There's a harsh coldness to Jordan as he responds, skin shifting color slightly as his anger rises. But, there's no real mental change. That has to be programmed by someone who isn't there. "Ya think? Well, how many of me have there been? And how many have you told the truth to?" He crosses his arms to his chest as he continues to look at the wall. After all, he already knows… he's known by attitude that this isn't the same Robyn he knew.

"Jordan…I want you to listen to what I'm going to tell you right now, I want you to find the device that keeps cloning you, I want you to take who you want, and I want you to destroy it. You deserve to still have a life, you need to live. You don't deserve this." Robyn says as he thinks about how many 'Jordan's' there have been. "Six, you're the sixth. I told the truth to the first two but…after that…I couldn't. I do love you Jordan, I honestly love you but I haven't treated you fair. I want you to be the last, I want you to live if not for me, for you. You need to become yourself. I hate that you don't have the same memories I do but….right now, I understand any decision you come to." He says as he hasn't looked away from Jordan the entire time. "I…I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am, how…how I fucked everything up with my own selfish stupidity. I shut down…"

"I can't process this right now." Jordan says, body turning solid white as he stands and looks at the wall. "I… need to get out of here for a while." He says, walking towards the wall. "I'll… I'll try to figure things out and get back with you later." He says, shrugging. He just can't make things work in his head right now. Finding out that you're not who you think you are kinda kills any desires to be around people.

"Whatever you choose Jordan…I'll stand by your choice. If you choose to forgive me, I'll make sure that I can be the best person I can be right now." Robyn says as he's in the middle of working on himself again, finding himself, facing his demons. "Talk to Volk, or Rashmi, they….they are good people, unlike me. Take this with you." Robyn says as he hands a folder to Jordan, and it's a folder of more pictures and articles, documents of their life together all cataloged and a list of memories Robyn has of his time with Jordan in a timeline.

"Just leave it on the pallet. I'll look later. Right now, I just need fresh air." Jordan says before he starts rising into the air, and through the ceiling of the area. He's heading for the surface. And… well… pouting. To put it bluntly.

Robyn nods silently and doesn't say anything, instead he just watches Jordan go and wheels himself out the area till he's back at his own cot. The first part of his agenda is done, now onto the next one as he looks at his former wall of documents which is now a wall of photos. "I'm sorry Jordan….for every stupid, foolish, selfish, asshole, cold bastardly thing I've done." He whispers as he knows he doesn't deserve the man he loves anymore.

Letter left for Jordan -

There are a lot of things going down right now, the rebellion are planning several attacks. If Jericho asks you to go with him, don't. You need to live, you need to become yourself and not just some expendable thing. You're a person Jordan and you need to grow into yourself, become your own person. I don't care if you're a clone, you have to be you, your own person. Survive, for yourself. Find memories for yourself. Experience life for you.

I'll always love you.

-Robyn Larkin

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