2010-11-7: TSing: Tony Stark, Tawni Star, And Tiger Shark

Players: Jordan Mayfair and Iron Man

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Summary: Tiger Shark attacks a party that Tony and Mayfair are at.

Date: November 7, 2010

Log Title: TSing: Tony Stark, Tawni Star, and Tiger Shark

Rating: PG

NYC - Union Square

Always bustling with life is Union Square, with its large statue of George Washington standing in the center. Live music, dancers, artists, activists, vendors, and more can all be seen here on a daily basis. There are even some tables set up for chess games. The Green Market can be found here, selling fresh fruit, breads, vegetables and other farm products. Union Square has more of a younger feel as most the kids who hang out here have that artistic, indie look to them, making Union Square one of the more open minded parks in the city.

It is a rather brisque Sunday evening. A grand opening of a new luxury hotel, an early evening bash of the best and greatest in New York's elite. Among those gathered in the large dining hall of the upscale restaurant in the hotel. Jordan Mayfair, the esteemed lawyer, makes his way. Dressed elegantly in a tuxedo by some up-and-coming designer in the city, Jordan enters the hall, looking about. On one arm a lovely young model, no older than 21 and no brighter than the blond hair she dyes. They enter and Jordan is quick to walk past some of New York's elite, "Shaw….good to see you." "Fisk…surprised to see you here." "Taylor, how is your foundation?"

Though loathe to attend parties such as these, especially since he has not been back in the city for long, Tony Stark is making his brief appearance at the gathering just to appease the masses. Dressed to kill in a fashionable tuxedo the blonde haired CEO of Stark Industries was making his way through the clusters of people towards the bar when he passes by a group of gentlemen that he was acquainted with. A slight nod of his head in way of greeting, "Gentlemen, a pleasure to see you this evening."

Escorting his date towards the same bar that the blonde CEO of Stark Industries is going, Jordan asks his date, "Tawni? What would you like to drink?" She purses her lips, "Shirley Temple?" He gives her a look and shakes his head disapprovingly. She seems slightly embarrassed and then changes, "A glass of champagne." Jordan smiles approvingly, "Much better" As he playfully slaps her hand. She looks slightly scared and nervously smiles as Jordan orders two glasses of champagne. Looking about nervously, Tawni looks over to see the superstar CEO and she loudly gushes, "Is that the Tony Stark?"

Now in mid drink order Tony hears the gushing female from close by causing the hairs at the back of his neck to stand on end and a tension to settle into his frame. Casually he turns towards about resting a forearm down along the bar to see Jordan and date accepting two flutes of champagne. "Could be," he tells the blonde. "And you are?" Addressing Tawni first due to the fact that she announced his presence to at least half the room, and then casting his glance over towards Jordan as he blindly picks up his drink from the bar.

Tawni continues gushing and then when the billionaire pays her attention, she nearly swoons and faints, but catching herself she fans her hand by her face and in an almost inaudible tone whispers, 'Tawni….Tawni Star." She gather a bit of courage and leans in closer, "You may have seen my spread in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue." Jordan watches the whole thing happen and shakes his head disapprovingly again and moves towards the two blonde and then looks surprised, "Tony Stark?" He is genuinely surprised and then smirks and extends his hand, "Jordan Mayfair" He states his name as if it should be known.

The attention that Mr. Mayfair's date is bringing Tony's way is a bit unsettling though he does congratulate her on her magazine spread. Half of Stark's drink is drained before Jordan introduces himself. The glass is set down atop the bar then the extended hand is briefly shaken, "A pleasure Mr. Mayfair. Should I know you from somewhere?"

Mayfair's expression reveals that he is slightly offended. "Jordan Mayfair. A lawyer, I've represented some of your colleagues in legal matters and am on retention with some of your 'friends'" He shrugs and grabs Tawni's arm, "Hon, maybe you should leave Mr. Stark be. He looks tired. Tawni jumps a bit at being grabbed by the arm and then moves to the bar to get her glass of champagne and sip meekly. Jordan then smiles and lifts his own glass to Tony, "So do blonds have more fun?" Another smirk on his face as he attempts a surface mental scan on Stark.

"Not so far as I've found out," Tony offers up a smile to Jordan. Picking up the drink again to simply hold the cold glass his gaze cuts towards the now silent woman sitting at the bar then back to the attorney. "I'm sorry that I couldn't place you but it should be of no surprise to you that I have a well documented love/hate relationship with attorneys, even if said attorney's work for friends of mine." The surface scan might bring back something that Jordan wasn't banking on as Stark is shielded against psionics. "So, how did you come to find yourself amongst this crowd this evening? I trust it isn't business related." Another slow sip of the drink is had before he instructs the bartender to refill Tawni's drink.

Mayfair's expression once again reveals a slight annoyance as he did not expect Stark to be shielded from psionics. He sighs and watches as Tony orders Jordan's date's drink refilled. "I can cover Tawni's drinks. And yes, I would expect you to know who I am." His expression shows otherwise, "Anyway, it is a combination of business and pleasure. A potential client of mine may be showing up."

Almost as if on cue, the doors to the dining hall are ripped open and in enters the villainous Tiger Shark. Grabbing two guards, Tiger Shark throws one coincidentally towards the bar by the two rich men and with the other, bites into his neck and then tosses the bleeding guard out a window, "Alright, rich people! Stay the fuck away and point me to the safe!"

An apology for ordering the young woman's drink or not having a clue who the attorney may be might be in order but sadly Tony never offers an apologies until they are pried out of him. "Mixing business with pleasure has always been a volatile yet beneficial combination for me," the billionaire mentions casually. With the grand entrance of Tiger Shark into the crowded room of fat cats Tony sighs rather heavily before tossing back the remainder of his drink. The glass is sat down atop the bar before Tony turns about to get a good look at the villain across the way. "There's always a party crasher. If you'll excuse me Mr. Mayfair, it was a pleasure meeting you and your charming young woman."

Nodding his head, "No problem, Mr. Stark. I'm 100% certain we will meet again." He moves back. Tawni rises from her seat and screams out, "Tony, protect me!" as she throws herself at the blond billionaire. Once again grabbing her arm and moving her away from Tony, Jordan holds his finger up to her mouth, "Let him become Iron Man and take care of this menace."
Tiger Shark rushes past the fat cats and is directed to wear the safe at the hotel is. Which is oddly enough in the plain sight. He uses his massive strength to rip the door open and look at the contents of the vault.

"Miss…" Tony growls as he was set upon by a clinging female. Thankful for Jordan's interference he gives the man a grateful nod of thanks then seems to be pulling his suit jacket off to drape over the bar stool beside him. "Who had the brilliant design idea of keeping a safe in plain sight? Never mind…" With the jacket off the rest of the expensive Gucci suit, and even the shoes, are shredded into non existence by the emergence of a golden metal alloy that is like a second albeit metal skin for Stark. A moment passes until several pieces of armor sail into the room to assemble around Tony to complete the Iron Man armor. Metal sounds against the wooden floor as Stark passes several people including Shaw, "I'm sure you were about to either leave or offer assistance." A response from the Hellfire Club member was not necessary as Stark has already walked off to stand behind Tiger Shark. "They've been open for about an hour. You could have had better luck robbing a 7-Eleven." Tapping the man on the shoulder in such a way that it is more of a punch than a tap to get his attention.

Tawni bows her head ashamedly as Jordan moves her to the bar. "You're welcome Tony…if you need a lawyer on retention." Jordan offers.
Feeling the punch, Tiger Shark rubs the back of his shoulder, "That your best lovetap, Iron Girl?" Tiger Shark turns around, "I'll turn that suit of yours into a can of tuna?" Fangs unfurled, he rushes towards Iron Man like a Jaws jumping towards prey.

The newly opened hotel was already going to have to repair its safe and that would just be the start of the repairs that would be needed as there's a barely heard, "Ole…" from Iron Man as he redirects the charging shark-man right towards the nearest wall. "Check with my legal department as there's always an opening." Tony mentions offhandedly to Jordan. There are those patrons that have fled, and others that are simply standing out of the way sipping their drinks watching the fight as if they've placed exceptionally large bets upon the outcome. It was so incredibly hard not to crack a joke about a fish being out of water. "Just give it up Finhead, I'm in a particularly bad mood tonight."

"I'll be sure to do that, Mr. Stark." Jordan offers as he like those standing around and sipping, sips his champagne.
Tiger Shark crashes through the wall and into the next room. A small cloud of dust and debris rises up and as soon as it clear a loud roar is heard as a chunk of wall is thrown towards Iron Man followed by a charging Tiger Shark.

The flying chunk of wall takes a shot from the repulsor gauntlets that breaks it up into several smaller pieces that don't fly very far but it leaves Iron Man open to the charging Tiger Shark. The force of the collision sends both sailing through the air to land atop a table nearby the bar. The barkeep is nervously shaking behind the bar pouring himself a stiff drink that he downs quickly before daring to peer back over the lip of the counter to see what's happened now. Now locked into a close combat situation Iron Man uses his strength to try and shove Shark off of him. "C'mon, you're not happy to shashimi? I'm a bit hurt, Shark."

"You're funny..Tony Stark." Tiger Shark is easily shoved off the Armored Avenger and but lands on his feet. He reaches over towards the bar and shoves some of the fat cats. He lifts one rather obese fat cat and tosses him right at Iron Man, "Catch this, Metal Man." After throwing the rich man, Tiger Shark grabs Tawni and holds her hostage. Jordan sighs, "Really we are never going on another date again." Jordan leaps up and kicks Tiger Shark in the face who releases Tawni and stops to stare at Jordan. They eye each other and then Tiger Shark growls and turns back and tries to rush Iron Man again.

The corpulent man sailing through the air does nothing for Tony's mood. As carefully as possible the over sized man is caught then dropped on his ass nearby as Shark has taken the time that Tony was distracted to charge in again. "ENOUGH!" The metallic voice growls as Shark barrels into Iron Man. Metal fingers clasp down on the man's arms as an electrical discharge is sent out from the Iron Man armor to hopefully render Shark well done.

The charging Tiger Shark connects with the electricity charging hero. He screams loudly as he drops, his costume is all but gone and smoke rises from his body, "Ugh…I'm cooked." Tiger Shark whispers before he falls into unconsciousness. Tawni rushes over and claps loudly and goes to hug Iron Man, "My hero!" Jordan makes his way over slower and whispers, "I was the one who got you away from Tiger Shark." But just shakes his head, "Definitely over tonight."

The smell of burnt fish is strong in the bar where several people make silent comments to each other and there might have been an exchanging of money by a few standing out of harms way. If only Jordan could see the look that is being cast his way by Iron Man as Tawni latches herself around the metal clad body. "Please, I appreciate your thanks Tawni but I need to take care of cleaning this mess up and you are being entirely neglectful to the good attorney you arrived with this evening." Gently Stark pries the blonde away from his person and stands between the smoking Shark and Jordan. "As I was saying before the shark swam in, I apologize for being rather standoffish with you before. If you are ever interested in handling cases for my company you are more than welcome to pop in over at legal." Even though he's talking to Mayfair Iron Man has turned to pulling a nearby piece of scrap metal over to bend around the wrists of Shark.

Grabbing Tawni, "We should be going….hon…." Jordan sighs as he says that, "And Iron Man…I'll definitely pass by Stark Enterprises. I look forward to working for you." He smirks as he watches Iron Man wrap the metal around the unconscious man fish. Jordan and Tawni cover their noses and note the smell. "Bye Iron Man! You're my hero and if you ever need arm candy!" She offers as Jordan shakes his head embarrassed and escorts her out offering a wave to Tony Stark.

Iron Man looks up as Jordan all but drags a fawning Tawni away from him, for which the Avenger is grateful for beyond words, and he tosses a sort of pathetic wave in response. "How in the world did he end up with her?" Stark murmurs softly as he finishes wraping up the sushi for the police that are now arriving. After statements are taken the Avenger walks over to pick his tux jacket up off the floor brushing away the debris then lifts the faceplate to order a drink from the nervous bartender. Saluting the quivering gentleman with the glass, "Here's to party crashers and blonde fluff."

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