2010-01-31: TV-is-not-a-mentor


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Summary: Three friends discuss changes and the causes thereof. Also Mik manages to scare the other two silly without baring a fang.

Date: January 31. 2010.

Log Title TV Is Not A Mentor

Rating: PG-13.

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable
chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

It's later in the evening and Robyn is up in the observation deck relaxing. He's feeling a bit better now that Jordan is back but there is still a bit to work through. He's lying on one of the couches reading a book, something he doesn't actually do that often. He's sitting there with a beat up old copy of Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe in his hands and seems pretty engrossed in it. He's dressed in his usual style but he doesn't have that constant down look about him.

Mikhail is looking for Robyn so has followed his scent to the Observation Deck, today hes dressed in pale blue jeans, red sneakers, a white t-shirt, a red and white chekered open shirt, headphones round his neck, sunglasses and he dyed blond hair is gelled into casual disarray, apparantly he took todays fashion advice from High School Musical, when he spots Robyn he runs over and leans over him, "Heya Robyn!"

Robyn jumps slightly as Mikhail leans over him and he puts down the book he's reading and smiles. "Mikhail, hey, I'm glad you found me." He means it more as an expression than thinking that Mikhail was actually looking for him. "I found something out from Jono about your tattoos." He says smiling as he doesn't realize Jono already told him.

Mikhail grins, "Yeah, i know, he told me that if i go down to the medbay, Dr MaCoy can remove it for me", he wraps his arms around Robyn's head to give him a hug, "Thank you so much!", he owes Robyn for this BIG TIME.

Dallas arrives from the elevator looking freshly showered and a bit fatigued but generally relaxed. Since his working out for the day is done, he's wearing crisp blue jeans and a royal blue polo shirt, as well as white sneakers. His own hair is slightly gelled, just enough to give it bounce. For once he doesn't look particularly dour, focused or exhausted. When he seems Robyn and Mikhail he smiles faintly, a little surprised at the hug but hey, who doesn't need one occasionally? Other than him, of course. He pitches his voice to carry, "Hey, guys."

Robyn can't help but laugh as Mikhail hugs his head, maybe his first real laugh in weeks. "You don't have to thank me, I'm just glad we found a way to get rid of them for you. A tattoo should always be your choice not someone elses." He says patting Mikhail on the arm while still smiling. "Dallas!" Robyn says sounding more excited than usual. "Oh! And I don't know if either of you heard, Jordan's back and he's not all demony anymore." Maybe the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visable.

Mikhail lets go of Robyn still grinning, "Im thinking about keeping the other ones, I've kinda got used to them", he looks round as Dallas comes in and waves, "Heya Dallas!", when he hears that Jordan is back he grins even more widely if thats even possible, "Thats great Robyn, im happy you got him back".

Dallas nods and says, "Yeah, I heard. I'm glad for the both of you." After all, he owes Jordan for getting them all out of the cages. He might not have been awake for it but still. "Maybe this mess is near getting over." He walks over and sits down nearby, nodding at Mik's words and stretching out with a faint sigh. "Africa may be good for running but man, the real world has better chairs."

Robyn nods to Dallas's words. "I think so, Jordan was saying something about two of three people they needed we have on our side, I really don't know what he was talking about but, I guess it's good." He was just more happy to have him back, Robyn just doesn't go into details about their reunion. "If you want them Mikhail, keep them. Just get rid of the ones you want." He says looking over at Dallas.

Mikhail looks over at Dallas and gives him a WTF look, "Urrm… what?", maybe hes doing that random thing he's heard about.

Dallas nods at Robyn, "Cool and yea, Mik, you should keep the ones you like. Because some of them are cool. Between you and Robyn, I'm really wanting to get my own now." At the look he grins and says, "Danger Room. Dr. Parker-Mayfair has this awesome Africa simulation, where you basically can run across a 'live' savanna. Get a work out while you dodge lions and jump watering holes and generally just have fun. It's … well, fun." He shrugs. "Hard to describe other than that. Feels real. Looks real."

Robyn smilds and nods at Dallas. "That must have been cool, and really Dallas? Let me know, I can go with you if you want. I hope to have my next one once this is all over." He is definately getting a third tattoo and is kind of excited about it. He then looks at Mikhail and then up at his hair. "And can I ask why the hell you dyed over your awesome hair?" He just looks really weird as a blond to Robyn.

Mikhail raises an eyebrow at Dallas, "You do know they hurt like hell right?", he shrugs at Robyn's question, "My hair wasn't awesome, it was weird, but apparently blond is is 'in' now, as far as i understand it, that means blonds are cool, also what is 'laid'?", he says this very quickly.

Dallas returns the shrug. "Dude. I'm the smallest guy on every sports team, I know pa…laid?" That last is a surprised sound. "Ah, it means, ah, having sex. As in to 'get laid'." Unless we're talking about train tracks. In which case, I'm going to be really embarrassed in a minute."

Robyn shrugs. "It depends on where you get one." Then there's the laid question. "It's uh…yeah, what Dallas said." He sais blushing a bit as he doesn't usually talk about it. "And yeah it was, I liked the blue, it was cool. Blond is just…it's like you're trying to be like Dallas here and you don't wanna be like him." He says making a face but obviously teasing.

Mikhail bites his lip as he tries to remeber what sex is, "Sex?, thats the thing when a guy and a girl get naked in bed, move around, and moan right?", yeah, Mik never had sex ed, so all he knows is what hes seen on TV, hes confused but what Robyn says, "I'm not trying to be like Robyn, from what I've seen, the people who are refured to a cool, are usually blond, and apparently blond is good".

Dallas grins at Robyn and says, "For real." He looks back to Mikhail and yea, he's blushing too. "Ah, um. Wow. /Nobody/ has had that talk with you? Dude!" And um, being blond is being blond. It's a genetic thing. Unless you dye. But it doesn't really /say/ anything about you." A pause, "Where are you getting this stuff, Mik?"

Robyn blinks a few times and nods. "Yeah…um…sex is…kinda…um…someone should talk to you about it." But not him, it'd be too weird and he might get kinda freaked out as his one experience with it wasn't pleasant. "Yeah, where are you getting this? I already miss the blue. It was cool. If my mutation gave me naturally blue hair, I'd keep it in a heart beat." He is a bit worried about Mikahil.

Mikhail nods, "Ok, who to i talk to about sex?", he shugs when they ask where he got what hes learned from, "I've been watching TV, 90210, Veronica Mars, Friends, High School Musical, Buffy, the fashion channel, those sorts of things, im learning how im supposed to be".

Dallas blinks and says, "Ah …. maybe Mr. Summers?" And if Scott ever finds out who laid /that/ in his lap, Dallas will have detention for life. And then, "Dude, those aren't real. They're idealized. Fiction. Pretend. Stuff that we /wish/ it should be like or that some producer thinks will sell. It's totally not how people really think and act."

"Stuff that some people wish it should be like." Robyn says as those shows aren't really his thing, well maybe more like Buffy he'd watch. "It's all fake, like Dallas says. High School Musical? Do you think anyone really breaks out in horrible song and is that annoying here? Well some people are like Annalisa, but that's another story." He says rolling his eyes. "Why are you trying to be like stuff you see on TV any way Mikhail?"

Mikhail nods, "Ok so i'll go talk to Mr Summers about sex.", he gets very confused when they tell him that whats on TV isn't real, "What do you mean its not real?, it looks real enough to me", he shrugs again, "Because im trying to be normal, and that seemed to be the easiest way to learn".

Dallas says, "Dude, it's like, plays? Or, um, people playing pretend for other people to watch. Nobody takes it seriously. At least nobody who knows better." He pauses and says, "We get some trends from TV, sure, but it's all …bigger. More magnified and concentrated than real life. Nobody could keep up that pace, for one thing."

"Everyone is made to look more glamourous on Television, it's just for entertainment." Robyn says before frowning. "I know you're doing this to be 'cool' and 'popular' like the kids on TV but I don't like it. I miss you, not this…fake television thing you're doing." He's being honest at least. "I don't think this is the way to go about being 'normal'."

Mikhail looks at Robyn in confusion, "You miss me?, but im right here, and i spoke to you a couple of days ago", he shrugs again, "If what im doing isn't normal, what is?", so wait, TV lied to him?

Dallas smiles faintly and says, "We both miss the old Mikhail. He's a pretty cool guy. But if this is who you want to be, we'll get to know this one too. And it kind of passes for normal but it's not normal for you. You know? You've got your own swagger. Ah, style." He shrugs. "But I guess you get to be the guy who tells us what that's going to be, rather than us telling you."

Robyn shrugs. "I don't believe there is such thing as normal." But then he's definately not exactly someone who has been known to fit in or be popular. He was always kind of the 'weird' kid. "You have to find what you like and do that, not make yourself what you think people will like. You'll constantly be changing yourself then. You just have to figure out who you are, not who the television says looks good. It could be different than the Mikhail who came here but as long as it's who you are."

Mikhail sighs, "Well i guess this is who i am now, so you gotta learn to deal with it, or not, your choice", he goes and sits down, "Doesnt matter anyway".

Dallas gives Robyn a bit of a dubious look at that 'no such things as normal' but he doesn't want to argue it. To him there is just a really wide range of 'normal for /you/.' He looks back to Mikhail at that comment and asks, "Why doesn't it matter, Mik?"

Robyn frowns and looks down at the ground. "It does matter Mikhail, what do you want? Maybe that's what we should be asking. Who do you think you are?" If this makes Mikhail happier, maybe he should just let it go.

Mikhail closes his eyes and sighs again, "It's nothing, dont worry", he looks over at Robyn, "I'm no one Robyn, technicly i dont exist", he leans back and tries to change the subject, "So what you guys been up to?"

Dallas blinks at Mikhail and says, "Ah, I'm pretty sure you do." He leans forward to poke Mikhail in the arm, unless he moves out of the way. "Seems solid." At the question he glances aside at Robyn and obviously debates prevaricating but then shrugs. It's a chess game now and if the other side can see his moves, that's just how it is. "I'm working on ways to improve my powers or myself, mostly."

Robyn looks at Mikhail before wraping an arm around his shoulders. "Yeah you do exist, other wise I woudln't think you were awesome enough to be friends with." He says ruffiling his blond hair, he does miss the blue. "I've been spending time with Jordan, making sure he's okay. He's taking everything…kinda hard. He tried to resit and the demons were pretty bad." He leaves it at that as it's Jordan's personal business. He doesn't say anything about Dallas improving his powers, he's given his two cents a while back and doesn't plan on doing it again. He doesn't want to ruin the friendship and is just letting Dallas do his thing.

Mikhail shakes his head, "Ok if i exist, whats my last name?, where am i from?, where was i born?, wheres my birth cirtificate?, who are my parents?, are the government even aware im in the country?", he raises an eyebrow at Dallas, "Whats wrong with your powers?"

Dallas blinks. "Dude. Lots of people don't have those things. Orphans, which you kind of are. People with amnesia. People from countries where they don't do that stuff yet. Doesn't make them or you 'not people'. It just means you have a few extra hurdles to jump. And hey, it means /you/ get to pick your last name if you want. Or we can help you look. We've got geniuses and hacker types and telepaths and everything here. Maybe somebody can help." He pauses and says, "Too weak." He shrugs and glances at Robyn. "It bugs Robyn that I think so, so I'm trying to spare his feelings, but basically, I've got what? Three friends? /Maybe/ four in the whole school? I'm not going to run you off by lying if I can help it."

Robyn shrugs. "Yeah it bugs me but I just care. I know I can't stop you and I'd rather have you as a friend Dallas than to argue with what you want." Robyn is honest about it too, they had their one fight and he does not want to repeat that. "Both of you I consider good friends and if either of you need anything, I'm here. And you are real and do exisit Mik. That's all exisiting on paper, not existing in what really matters, right here." He says pointing a finger lightly into Mikhail's chest. "Dallas is right."

Mikhail lays back again, "It dont matter anyway, i just have to deal with it i guess", hes decided that Dallas ain't too bright, "Dallas how are you too weak?, your stonger than me and i manage".

Dallas watches Robyn and Mik together and grins faintly. That question is a central one. He shrugs and says, "I'm relatively strong, sure. But not absolutely." He seems oddly relaxed this evening. Not defensive about the questioning or uncomfortable, really. "What I need to be is better. Just stronger." He nods towards Robyn and says, "Now Robyn's worried I'm going to get hurt trying to get that. And he's got some reasonable thoughts. My original plans were kind of risky. But it's all better now. Safer. And I know it works because I've seen it. We just have to figure out a way to make things permanent." He looks back to Mikhail and continues, "You both know how I feel about screwing up with the whole Lucas thing so we don't have to pick it at. But I'm trying to make it a learning experience. It showed me that I'm not good enough yet. But I think I /can/ be."

Robyn looks at Dallas and nods at him. "Well I'm glad you found something safer." That's all he needs to know, the gamma idea is out of the question. "And you don't have to deal with it alone, you'll always have Dallas and I, right Dal?" He says smiling. "Well, to be honest, once this is over I'm going to work my ass…well more mind off I guess, with Addision to get better. I /need/ to be able to mentally protect myself better. I can't let someone use me like Nathaniel did again." He shudders slightly as he says that as it will be quite some time before he's over it.

Mikhail gets up and walks over to stand in front of Dallas, he points at his chest, "Hit me, lets see how strong you are, trust me i can take it, anything else i will heal", come on Dallas, bring it, lets see what you've got.

Dallas nods at Robyn's words, "Good idea. You can get that whole brain ninja mojo working for you. When Mikhail approaches, he blinks and looks surprised, his mellow mood starting to evaporate at the thought of a fight with Mikhail. "Ah, no? Why would I want to hit you, Mik? And even if I knocked you into the middle of next week, what would it prove? That you let me hit you? That I can smack around other students? This is about being good enough for the real world, Mik. Like the X-Men were at our age." And then he looks aside to Robyn as if asking, 'what the hell?!'

Robyn goes wide-eyed at the question. "You can't ask him to do that Mikhail. We care about you and it's really hard to ask someone you care about to hurt you. Even if you will recover. If I could garuntee you that I would heal, no problem, and asked you to hit me, as hard as you can, would you?" Robyn says standing up cautiously.

Mikhail shrugs, "If you can do lasting damage to me, you're as strong as you need to be for now." He shakes his head at Robyn's question, "No I wouldn't your more breakable than me." Whats the deal, he can take a hit easily, but getting slapped by Rashmi earlier is getting to him slightly.

Dallas shakes his head and says, "Ah, no. I'm not. Dude, no offense, but that fight with the demons we had put you down for a couple of days. The truth is that the way things stand right now, you're ready for prime time either. The /difference/ is that you'll probably grow into your powers, get more hand to hand training and such and be fine. My power is external to me. There's no sign that anything will make it better even if I /do/ get bigger. Which, you know, should be happening if if it's going to."

Robyn opens his mouth to say something and then shuts it, looking down at the ground. He doesn't think any of the teenagers here are ready for 'prime time'. "Well all have to practive, and all of our powers are different. I have to work with everything mentally and no matter what I do, I'm going to have to depend on other people to function on a day to day basis. That can't be fixed. At least you can practice to get better, I can practice to get better on some things but over all, being a psychic vampire isn't something that will 'get better'."

A slight growl escapes Mikhail when Dallas reminds him of his time in the medbay, "I was poisoned, it fucked with my system and stoped me healing, you try gulping down a couple of pints of demon blood and see how well you do." He may be different to most people but still as with most teen boys, there is still serious testostorone present.

Dallas nods to Robyn and points out, "No, I guess it won't. But you can refine it into a weapon." He nods at Mik, "I get that. And you did an awesome job in that fight. But it still shows that none of us are ready, doesn't it?" He sighs and says, "I don't to fight, Mik. I don't want lose friends over this stuff. But I can't just wait to see if I magically do better while other people get hurt." And that touches on part of the real reason for this. Overwhelming tangled guilt that's become so intertwined that he doesn't know where one source begins and the ends. A Gordian knot of misplaced shame and assumed responsibility. "Why is that so hard to understand?"

Robyn looks over at Mikhail then walks over and puts a hand on his shoulder. "I don't think any of us wants to go through you went through Mik. You're an incredible person, Dallas isn't saying anything against you." Robyn is one for honesty so when Dallas asks why is it so hard to understand, even if it is rhetorical, Robyn answers. "It's hard because, well for me, I don't have this over whelming urge to do anything to become better at something. For me, I was raised by my parents to be happy with who you are so by using…unnatural means to do something to make yourself better, to me, it just seems, overwhelming, I guess. I'm not going to try to stop you again Dallas, I'm not. I'm not trying to convince you not to do what you want, I'm just answering." Robyn says hoping that it makes sense. "Also, it's like I said. Your friends care about you, we care what happens to you. We like you the way you are and honestly, I'm sorry Dallas but…you're attractive. You're good looking, you're a jock, you're one of the stronger people I've met and it just doesn't make sense to a mentalist like me. It just makes me worried if something goes wrong and the worst happens."

Mikhail nods at Robyn, "Fair enough, sorry I guess I'm in a fighting mood I guess, sorry Dallas", when Robyn gives his speech about Dallas, he takes a step back and looks him up and down, "Your right, he is attractive, a little short but definatly attractive.", ok well Mik has now understanding of sexuality, so has no issue saying that outloud.

Dallas nods at what Robyn is saying and then blushes faintly at the litany of compliments there. And Mikhail's appraisal and assessment causes that blush to deepen quite a bit. His eyebrows raise, lower and then finally he quirks one up and asks, in a somewhat strangled tone, "Mik, you haven't been watching Bravo, have you?" He shakes his head, waving away that comment and then stands, looking at the two of them and then back towards the elevator. "I … I …. you know what? I need to think of how to put things. Stuff is changing. Can we talk about this tomorrow. After I've had some time to get my head together? Because I do want to hear what you have to say."

Robyn stands up and smiles, chuckling. "I should go downstairs and see how Jordan's doing. Bring him some dinner. I'm glad that Mr. McCoy can get rid of that tattoo for you Mikhail, but we'll hang out later." He looks at Dallas and nods. "Sounds good, we'll maybe get together after classes." He's going to start going to them again tomrrow. "See you guys later!" He says and follows Dallas to the elevator but with a different destination in mind.

Mikhail shakes his head, "Nope, I haven't been watching Bravo, why?", he waves at both Robyn and Dallas as they go to leave, "I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow then? Bye."

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