2010-03-31: TWANG!


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Summary: James vents a little; Jono gets concerned and tosses him in lockup!

Date: March 31, 2010.

Log Title Twang!

Rating: PG-13.


The attic. It's a place Jonothon has been seeking out for some days now. Few interruptions here, and a quiet location. Today the sun is streaming down, rather like another day he was found by Robyn. It makes the room seem soft, or hazy, the plants soaking it in. Having cleared a spot for himself, Jono is sitting there, once again practicing his powers. Sitting tailor fashion, arms over knees and hunched over, he frowns at a small sphere hovering there before him. Hair flows as though underwater, and the psy-fire is of course out. Two long tendrils of fire hold that little ball, and curl around it as the man attempts to reshape it. Working on fine control, for all that he lacks any 'fine' aspect of telekinesis. Which is of course why he practices. The sphere shifts shape as though it were water, but it's nothing in detail. Looks more like he's trying to hold water than anything solid.

James is out practicing too, and by practicing, he means urban stalking. It's been a game of his recently picked up that no one needs to knowingly participate in. All he need do is skulk around the school and suddenly emerge while listening for raised heartbeats and other sudden fear-induced reactions. Fear. It's an emotion he's always held in low regard and of somewhat of an annoyance. However, he's been listening to a different teacher as of late. And suddenly, it's a lot more fun. Padding quietly up the stairs on all fours, the boy pauses at the top. His hand and foot claws hold for purchase as he senses the area. But he 'sees' what he needs to with his own eyes. Jono. Not someone he needs to scare. So, he patiently waits for a moment to interrupt, that more primitive part of his brain saying, 'OMFG…I can haz Face scare-z?.' Given a minute or two, he clear his voice.

While what he's doing isn't entirely obvious, the moment to interrupt soon comes. Jonothon suddenly moves, showing frustration, and that sphere drops to the floor with a clunk. Not that it's a sphere at the moment. More like a bit of gripped silly putty. It rolls a couple of times and then goes still within his easy arms reach. That dark head lifts at the clearing of throat, but the frown Jono wears doesn't last. «James?» A greeting and question all in one. You okay? The man straightens dragging fingers back through hair that is still moving of its own accord.

The hyena calls back singularly, "Yep." He looks to the left, then the right. No one else here. So he stands and makes the rest of his way in, toe claws rapping on the wooden floor as he walks, "Not trying to interrupt. Seems to be what I do." There's a smile, "Nature of the beast." He's a good 10-feet away when he comes to a stop and then drops into a sitting position much like Jono's. It's a sudden rush of movement best described as a 'flump.' Resting his elbows on his knees, hands holding his muzzle, the boy makes himself at home regardless of the interruption, "What're you doin' up here?" An ear twitches randomly as it batting off a fly.

As James approaches, the Brit picks up that mauled piece of metal without using his hands. He returns it to a sphere fairly easily. «Practicing.» That's what Jonothon is doing up here. «My room gets too closed in. A shift in scenery helps.» It's not the sphere he's watching as he talks though. «You alright, mate? Things have been pretty tense lately, I know.» With Jono being messed up in the head, and then angry about how his sister was frightened. Sure the man is still a little wary of James, but he's trying to keep that to himself. Perhaps it's well past time these two cleared what laid between them.

James looks up, and around, never having been in this part of the school. "I'm abiding," he responds less out of having seen a well-known movie and more for the fact it just fits. Enduring. Continuing. Surviving. He watches the metal move with a tilt of his head, "This whole frekin' place is too closed in if you ask me." The smile returns even though it's a forced one, "What about you?" His hands fall away from his face as he leans back and uses those arms of him to prop himself up in a half-sitting, half-laying position, "Can't be going well for you either?" Meaning that things can't be going well for James. An unspoken fact.

Jonothon tilts his head at that. Abiding? Tells him a good deal, and for it he smirks just a little. (You know? Being able to smile is a wonderful thing. Sometimes that just hits him.) «With your senses, it would be.» Closed in. «Don't know how Logan deals with it. Beyond smoking.» There's a shake of the head, but he doesn't answer how he's doing immediately. Reaching out, he takes that metal sphere in hand and rolls it between his palms. «Can't say I'm doing any better than abiding.» An honest answer with a shrug. «This has happened so many times now I'm kind of numb about it all. Elaine and Addison have done a lot in the last week though. Between them I'm not a direct danger to everyone I'm around. I'll heal. What else can I say?»

James gives another nod, those big black orbs of his watching. This time of the afternoon the light is starting to escape the room, the mid-day glow giving the hyena's eyes a weird bright-green phosphorescence. "I keep asking him how," James says about Logan, "But he keeps telling me that I'm to young to be told about those things. Which just makes me feel weird, so I stopped asking." Half of his face pulls back a little marking what would be a sideways smile, were it a recognizable action. He gives Jono a nod, "Not to be rude…but I'm glad you got your face back. It suits you. Has to be a lot easier going out now." Not that Jono probably has, but James can relate to the 'natural beauty' the pair's mutant abilities have given them. There's a sigh, eyes cast off elsewhere as the boy asks, "So…I can't help but think something's wrong. You know…between us." There's a stiffening of his jaw along with another nod. No 'think' involved here. He's pretty sure Jon will agree given the topic a few days ago.

«Maybe he doesn't know what to tell you?» Jonothon has sympathy for Logan, for he's had glimpses of what those senses are like. «Sometimes our powers don't fully manifest until you reach your early twenties. Maybe he can't tell you because it's something that you will discover for yourself.» Some lessons have to be learned alone. The man shrugs and leaves it there, for the topic is shifting. He touches his chin and slowly nods, «It's part of why I'm healing. For years I've been taunted with this, and the cost has always been too high to pay. Now though, I'm doing this. Sure it sucked figuring it out, but I'm the one doing it. That makes a big difference.» Sure it took Sinister, and sure he's not one hundred percent, but Jono is accepting of this small step.

There's something wrong. The Brit doesn't argue about that, and again he is quiet a time before he replies. «There has been something wrong for a while now. I've invaded your mind as Jon. You know why, and you know it wasn't really me, but the pain lingers still. How couldn't something be wrong?»

James nods his head a few times as Jono does his rendition of the 'when you're older' spiel, a sure sign the Hyena has heard it all before and is just replaying it and countless other conversations like it over and over. It's nothing personal and someday he'll probably be saying the same thing to someone else. "Yeah, well," James starts as he skips the topic of Jono's new looks, "It's…not something I can hold against you. You know? And I don't want to. But, at times it feels like there needs to be someone I get to take it all out on…" His eyes stay off Jono as the words 'and that someone is everyone else' remains unspoken. It's no secret that the boy's been a little more aggressive as of late, and his striking out is just another sign of the stress.
Then internally something a kin to a spring breaks, *TWANG!* And the beast sits upright. "You know, my grandfather was in World War 2? But he signed up. I never signed up to fight anyone's war. I got drafted! Where's the fairness in that? There isn't! I'm supposed to be home getting ready for graduation in a couple of years or something. Not trying to tear my own friend apart! This shit that happened with Sinister? Who's fault was that? Not mine. Not yours. But there we were like a couple idiot pawns tearing pieces our of each other!" Something wrong? Indeed.

Jonothon's expression grows a little too neutral as James makes the insinuation that there's the need to take it out on someone. «Are you asking for some danger room time?» And then that spring breaks. It leaves the Brit looking confused. Where did this come from?! Jono sits there and blinks at you, his hair wafting about his head in an agitated manner. This has shocked him. Then slowly that shock fades to a soft smile. No, it's okay if you rant. He's done a version of this speech many times in the past. Poor James, flailing over what life dished out.

«I wish I knew the words to help.» Apologetic that. «I've asked myself the same thing for years, but I never have answers. I just keep moving forward because I'm too damn stubborn to stop. But, James.. if we want to be friends, we will be. Even friends disagree. They fight. They even hurt one another. A part of being friends is learning how to mend the breaks. What do you think this one would take to mend?» For it is indeed broken.

"Never having to repeat that crap from the woods would be a great start," James says with an exaggeration of fury and paws waves in the air. It's not exactly a freak-out moment, but it's for sure a 'OMGWTF!!1' He head snaps over at the question about mending, "I dunno…I really just dunno. I mean…I don't even know what's wrong. But…agghhh…you know?" Another exaggerated hand gesture. There's a deep sigh, "I just want things to be like they were before. Back when we could honestly pass by in the hall and 'look' at each other." He slumps a little, "And I don't know how to get that back."

The man's look shifts to melancholy as James speaks, for Jonothon is pretty sure that things can never go back to what they once were. Innocence has been ruined. «…I don't think that's possible.» Sorry, James. «I'm not saying we can't be friends, and I think we could be good ones. It's that you've seen too much to return to what we once were.» He looks down, pausing again. In contrast, Jono doesn't motion dramatically. His actions are all small ones, even to the small movements of the psy-fire. It still shows his moods clearly. «Would me showing you some of the good parts of my life help, James? Would… showing who I really am help?»

James doesn't like the sound of that. That there's no quick fix to return thing back to how they were, or to retcon most of the last few weeks. And it shows in his expression. "I dunno…" the hyena says with a shrugs of large shoulders, "It's not all to do with you. I saw a lot of me out there too." He looks at his paw for a moment, "Life takes on a whole new meaning when you're covered in your friend's." There's a shake of his mane, "I dunno how long I can keep this up. I'm trying. I really am. But…there's just…things happening. I need to find a fix before someone gets hurt again. I'm doing like sh…like you said. Work on not shutting things up. Practice with it. But sometimes I wonder if that will be enough."

«Tell me what's wrong then?» Jonothon asks, offering a hand to James. Pleading. «I don't invade your mind.. that's a wrong I couldn't bring on another, so you have to tell me. If you want me to link with you, you can show me that way, but I need permission.» Jono is capable of so many things, but he flat out refuses to do them. Part of why he's so troubled in Jon. Those boundaries were crossed. Broken.

James holds out his hand and is forming the words for permission on his face when an involuntary shutter slips over his flesh. His hand withdraws as fast as it was offered. As if it were smacked. His ears go sideways, "No…I'm fine. Just things to think about." He looks away, "It's the same for both of us. I hold myself responsible as much as you do. So, we're just going to be trapped in an endless cycle of self loathing for awhile, aren't we?" Hands go up just a little, "I'm trying though. I really am. How are you getting over it? Or are you?"

That reaction can't be explained away as far as Jonothon is concerned. Concern is evident in him as those ears go sideways. «…James.» Things to think about? «No, it's not the same. James, what's wrong?» Something is wrong, but the man can't place what it is. Especially not when he won't enter James' mind against his will. Not even if it's necessary. The Brit rises to his feet from his spot on the floor, lifting himself up telekinetically. «It won't get better if you keep avoiding the issue.» Something is wrong, but what is it?

James is looking away for now, lower jaw sticking out, ears still sideways, "I'm not avoiding anything." Yeah, right. "I just have a lot on my mind." He frowns, muscles stiffening a little, "I don't need the help. I'm doing fine on my own." It and the statements that follow is probably a mirror of things Jono himself has used in the past. And they probably worked just as well. "Maybe what's wrong is no one is leaving me alone? I can't get a moment's peace around here with out being bothered about things I just maybe don't need to have brought up every five minutes!" The aggression heightens a little, but James keeps his, for him, calm demeanor.

Jonothon isn't buying it, and he drops into a crouch before James. Fingertips touch floor as he gets close. Psy-fire tendrils are bold enough to touch. Over shoulders and down arms. They tingle, but do nothing more. «That's an avoidance tactic. You were about to grant me permission, but something stopped you.» Did Jon do something he doesn't remember? Jono is assuming wrong of course, but how could he know? «You've been on edge for some time. Something pushed you hard and you haven't been able to recover. What is it?»

James looks over with somewhat of a glare in his eyes, "Maybe after watching all of the crap that's going on around here I just want my head left alone?" Which is a perfectly reasonable way to avoid the question that was just asked. With the touch he looks away again, trying to shrug Jono off, "I had the better half of a week to myself in that living area. It was honestly really great. I got caught up on my studies. I didn't harass anyone. I stayed out of the headmaster's way. And I keep saying 'that's' what’s good for me. Being alone. And no one is listening. Why?" It's a slightly hurt look that follows, "Because I'm just some dumb kid that can't know what's best. And fine, I get that. Whatever." James blinks hard, "But, if no one is going to listen to me, I'm going to find someone who will. Because there's more than one person around here like me. And she has been a very good listener."

He holds his ground, yet doesn't do more, until that shift in James' demeanor. With that Jonothon seeks to touch. To rest a palm against that furry jaw. James could so easily bite, yet the man trusts that this won't happen. «Because none of us are built to be alone.» Understanding that one. So says the man who's learned that the hard way. «Either human or hyena, we are social creatures. That's why. It has nothing to do with being stupid, for you aren't.» That line.. it really, really worries him. «James, who are you listening to? Are you sure she can be trusted? With this mind alternation that's been going on, that scares me.» He never wanted James to be touched by it too. «And why won't you talk to me? I know things have been bollocks, but you claim someone is a listener, yet you never give me the chance. How can I compete with that?»

James scoffs and pulls the rest of the way away. He's had it with the closeness for now. "Trusted?" he almost yells, standing, "What? Because I'm not coming to you, you have to ask if they can be trusted?" It's an attempt to shake off the questions, although maybe not a clear one. If nothing else, maybe putting some bite behind the predator's words will have the desired effect, "What about Rashmi? Can she be trusted? Jade? Chloe? Maybe if I stop coming to you for advice you're going to pack up and leave like you have those other times?" It’s pretty close to outing what Rashmi told home, but he stops short of making that mistake. Regardless, there's a misplaced fury in those words, an eye twitch recognizes that even with bestial teeth bared. He pauses, eyes on nothing but his friend, ears slowly moving sideways as the gravity of just how far he's willing to take himself tonight hits him.

The anger startles him, as does the insult. Where did James learn that one? Jonothon's eyes narrow and he seeks to get right back in James' space. «Yes.» He has to ask if they can be trusted. «Especially since you won't name her.» Caught that one, sorry. Move away again and the man will react without thinking. The psy-fire is out and those tendrils will seek to wrap around James and lift him off the ground. To hold, not hurt. «So you came here today to break off this friendship? Is that what it was? Another game you've been playing? Let's see how Jono reacts if you do one thing, then shift to another?» No, Jono doesn't believe this is what's going on. There are too much weirdness about this all. «Or maybe I'm worried thanks to the fact we've had several students mind controlled. Don't make me get Addison involved.» That is a threat.

And the hyena takes it as one. A threat. But he's not moving yet. So no need to grab. However, the younger fighter is telegraphing his moves. Pressed and he'll head for the exit. And another possibly more surprising thought: Forced too, he'll make his own. Out a window. All told by a look towards one followed by the narrowing of his eyes. His hackles raise, another sure sign that he's considering something painful and stupid. "Don't you touch me," is all that's uttered next. The words a low growl, too serious to be reasoned with. As Jono approaches James moves in the opposite direction, beginning a wide circle to get some distance. Much like their last fight in the forest.

That's what Jonothon was thinking. Sigh. Something is wrong here. The man stops chasing, but that doesn't mean he stops touching. For insisting on no touching, Jono reaches out to grab with telekinesis. Doesn't mean his aim is perfect though, and his psy-fire makes it obvious. Sure is trying though. Not wanting to let Hyena-boy get away. «Doesn't matter if you run, James. You've convinced me that something is wrong. Won't tell me who, running away.. you can insult me all you like, but you are my friend and I'm not going to let you stay this way. Not after being a demon.»

Some day, James will see the irony in the fact that it was a hyena that did the damage to some of Ororo's plants. But today is not that day. Instead, in a panicked fashion, the large beast tries to escape by making his own path—through a punch of the pottery. And, in turn, probably doing more than superficial damage to several orchids and flowering plants Storm, and others, had been keeping up here. For his effort, Jono gets rewarded with a nervous call that most people refer to as the hyena's laugh. But there's just nothing funny about it today. Now finding himself backed into a corner, James towards his friend, teeth bared as the psy-fire closes in.

Jonothon finally corners James and for the first time gestures. Much of his power use is without them, for he's never much felt them necessary, but now he lifts a hand, palm upwards, as though the hand were what lifts James. A TK bubble to make squirming away impossible. Also less harm on those poor plants. He'll be in here for the next week putting things to right, but it'll be worth it. Stepping close to the bubble, the man looks up. There's no feeling of achievement for this. How could there be? James is hurting again, and Jono has no idea how to fix it.
He does something he's shared with a couple others though. People see the psy-fire, but there's an aspect to it that few know of. When full extended touching it grants a unique insight to the man. He uses that now. It's the only way he can show his concern without fully invading James' mind, and even though this does in a way count. It's one sided however. Won't get anything from James.. Psy-fire fills the bubble, bringing it who Jono is. All his strengths, all his weaknesses, and right now he's dreadfully concerned. It's a very intimate thing, for he's sharing far more than he ever did as Jon. All of that was painful… this? This is being vulnerable, and still letting another know anyway.

Surrounded but the bubble, James can only accept what's coming next. In his panicked state however, he still does his best to escape by harmlessly trying to claw his way out of the 'trap.' As the psy-fire floods into the bubble, James gives off some rather undignified, and inhuman, warbling noises. The jig is clearly up, but even so inside he knows it's for the best. Thankfully, Jono's efforts calm the beast work and in a moment James is little more than an apologetic — albeit somewhat damaged — student; the fierceness gone. He flops down inside the bubble, pulling his knees to his chest and waits.

Calm, and the effect recedes. Jonothon is always uncomfortable in the aftermath, but he's done so many embarrassing things in the past… he can live with this discomfort too. Hands are placed to bubble. Sure Jono's wrapped in his psy-fire, but it's no longer harassing James. Merely containing him. «You a little better?» Asked in hopes that the teen is alright. «Can you tell me what's going on, James?» Or is he going to have to lock you up and get someone to work on you?

It takes a moment, but James offers a weak, laughable, "…no?" It's the only response to both questions. James unwilling to offer further insight for the time being. He shifts a little, eyes glancing up and back down nervously. It's probably been seen a thousand times around here. Someone new, pushed too far, too fast. Some can manage. Some need help. Today, James fits into the latter category. And sadly, the 'lock up' category as well. "I'm fine, just let me out."

Jonothon motions a sigh. This stuff just never gets easier. «Hold on, mate. We'll get you some help.» So not letting James go. The Brit watches James sadly for a time, and then carries him down from the attic. Yep, James is getting locked up in the holding cells, and Addison is getting told about this. Doesn't matter that Jono is a telepath, he lacks the skill to even begin to risk peeking into James' skull for a solution. «You aren't fine. I'll bring you your school work while you wait.» Yeah, because that will be such a comfort. /sarcasm And to the elevator, and the lower levels they go!

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