2011-11-02: Twit In Shining Armour


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Summary: Giea and Kaden meet again and things get heated.

Date: November 09, 2011

Log Title: Twit In Shining Armour

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It's afternoon and the park is bustling with activity, even with the weather somewhat on the decline. Giea has been coming to Central Park a lot lately, as it's one of the more natural areas that is kind of close to her home. She wears a fall jacket, and a green dress with tights designed for warmth. She seems a little bit lost in her own world as she walks, her cane tapping softy on the grass ahead of her, but it doesn't seem like she's actually paying that much attention. Her 'gaze' is straight forward, and it's unclear where her eyes are pointed because of the dark glasses.

Taking a stroll in the park this afternoon is the red headed Kaden, with his hands shoved into the pockets of his open hoddie he scuffs his feet along the ground as he walks. He walks without looking, heading in the direction of Giea. There's a scowl as he senses her prescene before seeing her. He looks up at the blind girl and frowns. "Oh. It's you." He says to her with a heavy amount of distaste in his tone.

Heading back from grabbing something from his old apartment Kai finds himself crossing though the oddly packed (for the weather) Central Park. Not really bothered by the weather he's dressed in black jeans, a t-shirt patterned like a composition notebook, a black peaked beanie and dark grey converse, crossing though he's wandering along the same path as Kaden.

Perhaps either by coincidence or just sheer dumb luck, Connor is sitting close by at the meeting point. A motorcycle helmet sitting next to him on the bench that he's on, there's a bento box in his lap that is currently open and steaming slightly despite the cold air of the oncoming winter. The comment makes him look up from his meticulous use of said chopsticks, and a tilt of his head in curiousity… but like any peoplewatcher in the park, he doesn't speak up or interfere for the moment.

Giea stops in her path when she hears Kaden's voice and senses him in return. She turns towards him and pulls her cane up towards herself lightly. "Yes, it is. I'm glad to run into you again, but I am guessing you're still not. And that's okay." She doesn't really notice anyone else for the time being, all things considered.

Class is canceled! Even when you're doing something you love in that class, when you're a teenager, that is usually a welcome break. Mason's Julliard class has been unexpectedly canceled, and so he decided to come meet Giea at the park. He's wearing a leather jacket over a sweater, and blue jeans on legs. No guitar or keyboard with him today, he's trying to find Giea in the park, but he isn't from NYC, and he seems to have gotten turned around. Though the park is a place he's been many times, it's a pretty big place. He looks down the path one direction, and then another, not spotting Giea, and not certain which way to follow the trail to get to her. The blond teen sets his jaw to one side, considering how to proceed. "Was she back the other way? Or is she down further. I thought she said she was on this path," he mumbles to himself.

Kaden scowls and rolls his eyes at Giea. "Oh just shut up with that bullshit. God playing that high and mighty card is just so fucking annoying no eyes." It's obvious he's saying it out of malice rather than joking around. "Don't act like you're," And Kaden puts on a falsetto voice to finish his sentance. "So happy to fucking see me, since I replaced your family I figured we could be friends! Yippie!" He mocks before spitting out one word. "bitch."

"Well. I /have/ eyes, they just don't see," replies Giea to the 'no eyes' comment, raising an eyebrow slightly. "I'm not trying to be high and mighty. And I'm not here to replace your family, that's not my intention. But I'm happy for an opportunity to get to know you or for you to get to know me, because maybe then you won't hate me quite as much. I think it's important that you don't." She brushes some of her hair aside with her fingers, "So I'm not lying when I say I'm happy to run into you."

Like an animal having seen something that is interesting but beyond it's comprehension, Connor tilts his head to one side, and then the other as the discussion flies back and forth like that. For a moment the food in his lap is forgotten, as well as the warm drink sitting next to the helmet he has that has the symbol for Genosha stencilled on the back. A drink, a few more bites of his food, and he then takes a deep breath and starts to pack the rest of it away into a tight and neat little package.

Kai stops in his tracks behind Kaden, wow sarcasm and the b-word this guy is obviously a dick but it's not towards him so not his problem, he walks past Kaden wondering if the girl really has 'no eyes', "huh, apparently not", he walks past Giea down towards Mason and Connor, deciding to see what the point of the conflict is he stops next to Connor's bench.

Mason hears Giea's voice a little farther down the path, getting a bearing, though he can't make out the conversation she's having. He pulls hands out of his pockets, and jogs down the path to where he hears her voice. He sees Connor on the bench first, before spotting Giea's back and…oh, it's that guy Kaden. Kaden isn't on his favorite people list, given the way he has treated Giea in the past. The terrakinetic quickens his pace a little to close the distance and reach the two. He knows Giea can sense him, and imagines that Kaden can see him, so he works on getting to the two of them quickly.

There's a bitter sort of laugh that escapes Kaden and he walks up to Giea so he's inches away from her, she'd be able to feel the heat that comes off of his body. "It's not important no matter what your dumb head wants to tell you. You don't want to get to know me, trust me on that and you know what I'll always hate you no matter what you do." He says before he looks over and sees Mason. "And here comes your twit in shining armour now!"

Kai watches as the new joins the two in the conflict, he taps Connor on the shoulder, "Hey, can i sit here?", depending on the answer he'll sit down or not. he pulls his phone out of his pocket and starts sending a text as he watches the group, he's not in any particular hurry to get back to Barnes.

Connor looks to Kai for a moment, and then just nods once as he picks up the helmet, and shifts it so that it's sitting betwen his legs and with his pack. Then he adjusts it several times until the visor is facing exactly forwards, and finally ends up picking it up, buffing out what might have been a smudge or something else, and proceeds to do it again. This all while the three seem to be in their little tet au tet. When he finally speaks, he's lifting his drink to his lips, and murmurs out, "He could have every right to be angry… without knowing the context of their conversation, it's hard to judge who's right and who's not."

Mason doesn't waste any time, reaching Giea and pulling her back a little before putting himself between Kaden and his girlfriend. "What's the problem, dickhead?" he asks in an accusing tone, invading Kaden's space even more than Kaden invaded Giea's. Mason is very good at diffusing stressful situations. He advances even though he's a mere inch from Kaden to attempt to force a response of either backing up or Mason bumping into him to try to force him to back up. "You just like picking on Giea, who has never done anything to you. Why don't you try picking on someone your own size, since you're so big and bad." The blue eyes of the pop star stare fiercely into Kaden's, just looking for a reason to attack.

While Giea feels the heat, she doesn't flinch away from him, her eyebrows furrowing. "You're not being very mature. I'm just sa-" And then Giea is pulled away from where she is standing, flailing lightly at the pull, since it surprised her. She pushes up her glasses lightly and then says, "Mason? Please… don't provoke him."

"Oh look, Captain Cornhole has to act like he knows what's going on and step in and be the hero." Kaden says in a very mocking tone. He smiles at Giea even if she can't see it. "What, you don't want me to kick the shit of our your pretty boy friend?" He looks at Mason and grins at him. "Seriously, are you saying you're my size? I'll give you one warning asshole, don't mess with fire if you don't want to get burned."

Kai's head turns to look at the guy next to him as he speaks, "Are you talking to me?", he looks back at the group as Mason starts talking, "According to the blonde one, he red headed one has been bullying the girl for no reason", he frowns, "Even if you ignore the fact that she's blind, bullying isn't good", he does speak from some experience.

"I was assuming you were twittering what you saw, or updating it on Facebook." Connor replies as the conflict seems to escalate. Shifting for a moment forwards, he reaches behind his back and adjusts something under the thick leather riding jacket, and then settles back once more as he then adds, "I know it isn't good, but neither is interfering. But if you're going to, I would recommend calling the police if they come to blows." His voice oddly calm during all of this, but his eyes watch Mason closely at this point, a certain tenseness in his legs and back as if ready to push off at a moment's notice.

"No, Giea, this guy is no good, and he's just going to keep coming until someone puts him in his place." Mason half-laughs at the declaration from Kaden, "Well, you gave your warning, now what? I'm still here. You know what? I'll let you swing first! Free hit to open things up, how about that, since you're so tough, should make the win easy for you. You think cuz I don't look like I got scraped off the bottom of someone's shoe like you do that means I can't fight? Why don't you find out?" He points at his jaw, throwing it forward for an easy hit. Having a literally rock hard jaw has its advantages, including the fact that hitting such a jaw is likely to do as much if not more to the attacker than to him.

"I just don't want you two to fight," Giea replies to Kaden, pulling her cane closer to herself a bit defensively. "Fighting won't solve anything in this situation," she admonishes, taking another step back at all this heated arguing. "Nobody needs to get hurt, why can't we just talk without slinging insults or fists?"

Kaden leans in close to Mason so that he's almost whispering in his ear. "You're dead eyes girlfriend over there doesn't want us to fight. You want to piss her off so she'll deny you sex for a few weeks?" He says taunting him. "Thanks for telling me where to hit you first bitch." He says to mason before he takes a swing but not as his face, aiming to punch him right in the stomach with a decent swing. Anything Giea said is ignored as Kaden is itching for a good brawl.

Kai shakes his head, "Why would i do that?, people fight in this city all the time, not exactly news", he shakes his head at the blind girl begging the two guys not to fight. When he sees Kaden about to take a swing he gets off the bench and runs over to the group planning to grab hold of Kaden, he might not get there before the blow connects but he can stop any further attacks. Not his fight but he's gotta figure that Barnes keeps an eye on it's students, and this should chalk up in the good guy catagory.

On the other hand, Connor seems to sigh with a sense of resignation once the fists begin to fly. Taking his time, he scoops up his backpack and puts the bento away, finishing his drink to toss in the recycling bin. Then he hooks the helmet to the back of the bag on a small strap and proceeds to walk over on Mason's side of things.

It didn't really occur to Mason that Kaden would hit him in the gut, and he is largely unprepared for it. He stumbles back, gripping his stomach for a moment. That hurt a lot. His anger, however, is enough that he responds despite being mildly winded from the impact. He lunges forward to grab for Kaden's head with both hands, slugging his own forehead closer to attempt a headbutt against Kaden. "You…really are a cheap shot mother — " The rest of the obvious comment is cut off by his attack attempt.

"I'm not sure why you keep pointing out that I'm blind. I've known for awhile, it's not new," says the young woman under her breath. Giea is clearly a bit confused at the happenings once Kaden swings and connects, and Mason lunges, but she knows enough to say, "Mason, no, don't!" The request is punctuated by a ripple and shaking through the earth, centered on the young woman, moving out through the ground. As soon as she realizes what's happening, only a couple seconds later, the shaking stops.

Kaden doesn't have time to get out of the way as Kai comes up behind him and grabs him in a full nelson, which gives Mason full access to head butt him. Which smarts like nothing he's ever felt before, as the stone like skull of Mason leaves him feeling a bit dizzy. "Get the fuck off of me!" He screams at Kai in pure rage as his back starts to heat up quickly, almost the point of feeling like the top of a stove. Then the ground shakes and he looks over at Giea. "What, you don't like your man fighting for your honour, you rather another one of my friends dies and is replaced but another fucking bitch?! Well fuck you!"

Kai didn't exactly mean to hold Kaden in place for an attack but he did throw the first punch after all. He quickly lets go when he feels the heat from Kaden and responds by giving him a quick blast of cold before the shaking starts, "Is no one in this city human?", he moves out of touching distance of the hot guy as the shaking stops, cooling his arms where they touched him.

"That's enough…" Comes a voice from someone used to having to teach kids over the last few months, Connor stepping over and putting a hand calmly on Mason's shoulder, but then squeezing down. There's no power in what he does, just the pressure and a reminder. Looking to Giea for a moment, and then back to Kaden, there's a long exhale from the man before he says with a shake of his head, "Whatever this is… the three of you need to settle it away from where people, and your abilities… can get you in trouble. Mason? Apologize to him." Eyes flicking once more to Kaden, "You walked into this wanting a fight. It's obvious whatever's happened has hurt him… and he has to deal with it on his own. Hitting him won't make him or you feel any better."

Mason spins his shoulder to get Connor's hand off of him. "Not your problem, Connor," he gets his fists up. "I'm not apologizing to him. I don't care if he has abilities, I'll still take him." He is careful not to confess to any abilities of his own. "Giea, he needs to get it through his thick skull that his friend's death has nothing to do with you. It's not your fault. It's sad, but he needs to get over it and move on."

"You won't be able to punch that through his skull. He's hurting and violence won't help him either way," replies Giea to Mason, pursing her lips lightly. To Kaden she says, "I'm sorry that your friend was dying. I'm not replacing him, that's not my intention, it's not what happened. That he gave me a gift before he passed away doesn't mean I killed him, and it doesn't mean I'm replacing him. I'm sorry for your loss, but you need to come to grips with reality. It's sad, but it /happened/." She shakes her head and orients towards Connor and says, "Sorry, sorry, I don't run into him on purpose, only by chance, I just feel like things need to be resolved…"

"Fuck you. And fuck your reality." Kaden says slowly in a venomous tone as he pushes himself off the ground, the dizziness still lingering. His eyes look over at Connor and there's a slight smile on his face. "Oh hitting him made me feel a hell of a lot better. I just wish I could do it again." But the moment for the fight is lost. "You know what dead eyes, fuck your gift. Doesn't mean shit to me if you're one of us." It's a total lie but with those final words he starts to walk off.

Kai crosses his arms and watches, even the guy he was sitting next to seems to have a connection to this group, still he did find out that at least three of these people aren't human. He watches Kaden walk off, "So what was his problem?", he looks at his arms to make sure he hasn't been burned.

Merely shrugging, Connor replies, "I can't say for sure, but the conversation speaks for itself…" Trailing off before he looks at Giea and Mason, giving them a slight incline of his head, "Sorry for butting in… but Mason, you're a Xavier's student. That means I have to. Because it's me, or it's the school… or the embassy… or your mother. And you don't need that kind of exposure. Things are tense enough lately without another mutant fight in a public place like this." That being said, he undoes the helmet from his pack and begins walking off, "Pardon me, all of you… I have to go. Work being what it is."

"That's right, you little pussy, you better walk off. You want another just come again anytime!" Mason is rather volatile right now as well. He didn't hear Connor over his own shouting, he doesn't see the issue being any of Connor's business. After he's convinced that Kaden is really leaving, he turns around to Giea. "Giea, are you all right? I am sorry, but I won't let anyone treat you like that. I don't care if he's the president, you are special and should never have anyone treating you like the scum between their shoes. Ever."

"Mason… I appreciate you protecting me, but… insulting and attacking him isn't going to help anything. I'm alright…" says Giea, frowning slightly at Mason, "He just doesn't want to see the truth, I don't really understand it but I don't think he's a bad person…"

Kai raises an eyebrow as Connor leaves, "Man, you Xavier lot are not great at keeping quiet are you?, you should be more careful", he steps away a little as he notes the two's connection, "Avoid that guy in future, he's looking for a fight and that can be self-destructing, you don't wanna get caught up".

Mason shifts his attention to Kai when he mentions Xavier's. He isn't sure what to say to the statement, so instead he clings to the latter half of Kai's observation, answering Giea. "He's right, you should just stay away from him. He's trouble. I'm about ready to go do something and forget about this, you want to go get something to eat?"

Giea seems to consider that and she says, "Maybe… but it's hard to ignore the pain that he's in. And I can sense him, he's linked to me and the gift I received…" She shakes her head and then says, "It's probably best not to think about it too much further for now. I think we should eat, yes."

As Mason and Giea talk about going for food Kai starts walking off wondering how Xavier's manages to stay secret with everyone talking about it.

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