2011-11-23: Twits Tears And An Explosion Of Goo

Players: Ahmed, David, Jill, Nicholas, and Quenton

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Summary: Nicholas wakes up and wreak havoc in the Music Room, exacerbated by Quenton. Jill and David try to calm things down and Ahmed causes a goo explosion.

Date: November 23, 2011

Log Title: Twits Tears And An Explosion Of Goo

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Music Room

The music room has four levels of tiers that each sit one row in a semi circle. On the floor in the semi circle is grand piano. There is a large closet on either side of the room, one filled with string instruments and the other filled with various wind and brass instruments. There are a few guitars in the back of the room next to a large variety of percussion instruments. All the instruments here are for the students to use provided they take care of them and clean any necessary parts after they use it. The room is sound proof, so once the door is closed, the music being played will not interrupt the other classrooms

Fall temperatures have dropped outside the school grounds to near freezing even on this cloudless afternoon. Inside, it's comfort controlled warmness. Faint sounds of a bow on strings filter out through the slightly open door before a violin jumps to life with the opening of Vivaldi's "Spring". The light and pleasant notes are a counterpoint, a refutation of the cold winter that threatens to wash over Westchester county. Jill bites her lower lip in concentration, her Barcus Berry violin feeling sluggish from its long period of disuse. The sluggishness is hers, though, and with a peevish exhale of breath through her nose, Vivaldi transitions almost seamlessly into… the theme from Super Mario Bros.

Quenton eyes the door warily. It has been left slightly ajar, so he can slip into it easily, furrowing his brow as he recognizes the tune. Alright. She was good. He turns to face her, now, giving the door the briefest of nudges, but that doesn't help any. It slams the door shut, and he winces already at the sound. He makes his own sound, though, to encourage the girl to continue with a high pitched: "Moip."

Making his way into the Music Room, David spots the two students and nods to each. Quenton, he knows. Jill he does not. Dressed in his staff uniform, black and gold costume adorned with various X symbols and a pair of yellow cybershades. “Hope I didn’t interrupt anything?” He asks and then continues, “I was just going to see if Mr. Gilpatrick was around.”

Having just left his science class for the day, the day before the long weekend, the newest face of Xavier's goes strolling by the door for the music room in time to hear the conversation. Pausing outside for a moment, he moves with his back to the wall to listen, perking one of his felinoid ears in the direction of the door.

The blue girl's eyebrows rise but her hands keep playing, giving only a gentle screech as she bows a wrong note in surprise and the sudden gathering of an audience she wasn't expecting. Valiantly, Jill winds down and adds a little flourish, the ubiquitous 1-up noise, before lowering her instrument. "No," she assures. "Not interrupting. I was just… playing around." A slight flush of darker blue colors her cheeks, almost like a blush. "Sorry, I haven't seen him. Maybe he went home for Thanksgiving already?"

"Who the fuck is Gilpatrick?" wonders the foulmouth Paragon, glancing over towards David and raising both brows. Sunglasses are off, and so is his jacket, the super strong mutant's long sleeved shirt hiding his arms and the dark red veins running through them. His eyes are a dull red. "You're pretty good," he allows Jill, staring at her for a moment. It's still going to take some getting used to, such obvious mutations. He moves towards the piano chair, going limp atop it. "Let me guess: Water powers."

Shaking his head and grimacing, “Quenton, language…please.” David frown, “Mr. Gilpatrick is Kenta or Darkstar, you know…Your squad leader.” Almost embarrassed, he smiles to Jill, “Yes, you play well. I can tell.” Exhaling and lifting his cybershades to reveal his brown eyes, “I am David Alleyne. I’m a teaching assistant here and I sometimes go by Prodigy.”

After deciding that perhaps just walking in is not the best for him at the moment, Ahmed focuses inwards, and his ectoplasm begins to come out, surrounding him in a clear gel-like substance, and extends out into his snow leopard disguise. After a few moments of work, paws thump onto the floor as the huge cat shakes out it's plush fur, and proceeds to just saunter into the room like it owned the place, loosing a small chuffing rumble of greeting to those present while padding his way to Jill's side, and nosing at her thigh.

"Oh, umm," breathes Jill, her eyes falling to look at her shoes instead of making eye contact. Quenton's casual profanity doesn't seem to effect her but the duo of compliments does. "I'm Jill. Jill Pervinca. Nice to make your acquaintance. And, umm, that would be a good guess, but no, it's just-" She gestures to herself with the violin's bow, encompassing translucent blue body and all. "Me." She trails off, mumbling vague words about a homogenous cellular makeup and protozoan-like forms before finally falling quiet. "Quit it, Ahmed," she asides to the large predatory cat without so much as a second glance at the unannounced arrival of an Asian mountain cat. She gives it a little poke on top of the head with her bow.

The sudden appearance of a Siberian tiger would freak some people out, but David has seen enough things happen at the Institute that it is a fair presumption that this must be a student and some sort of shifter. Looking to the new arrival, “Ah Ahmed and Jill, the new students. Or in your case, Jill, returning student.” David smiles as he looks to the Siberian cat, “I’m David Alleyne or Prodigy. Nice to meet you, Ahmed.” He lowers his yellow cybershades which seem to flicker a moment as a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols flash across the lenses.

Lesson one? Don't poke the cat, which is taught by the muzzle coming up to rub, and almost gnaw on the end of the violin bow. The huge feline doesn't really respond to David's greeting, instead he keeps nosing at Jill's pocket, and then giving her the most plaintive, and pathetic little looks, like he's begging for treats.

"Don't chew on that. It's expensive," Jill chides the carnivorous beast that easily outweighs her as is pointy on five ends out of six. Looking for something to do with her hands, Jill fiddles (no pun intended) with the pegs on her instrument. "Y-yeah, I was away from the school for a while. Family emergency. But now, y'know, I'm back, so…" She gives a nervous, self-deprecating laugh. The blue-y gooey teenager casts a curious and skeptical glance at David's super-specs, then quickly away before prolonged eye contact can be made. "This is Ahmed. He could talk if he wanted to, but I kinda told him girls would think he's cute like this."

“Ah well, I won’t take his not responding as being rude then.” David smiles and takes a seat at a chair in the desk by the front of the room, “Well, I hope the family emergency is over and all is well?” He hmmmns as he looks over the room and ponders playing one of the instruments, “So you are a violinist, huh? Would you mind some accompaniment?” He stands up and moves to one of the extra violins in the room.

"Yes, thank you, she's fine now. My great-aunt, my legal guardian. The surgery went fine. And thank you, to you and all the staff for the get well cards and everything. I mean, she didn't really know who anybody was but the gesture was nice." Jill starts to make a move toward a music stand but finds her shoes covered in snow leopard. Trapped. "Really? You play too?" she asks David with a bit of surprise. Tucking the instrument under her chin, she gives a slow count of nods. One, two, three. The opening strains of 'Rondeau' by Jean-Joseph Mouret issue forth, better known as 'the song from Masterpiece Theater'.

Quenton just ignores the conversation and the plea from David regarding his language. He just eyes the snow leopard now. "I don't know if there's a lot of female furries in this school, Ahmed," he notes. "Just Evelyn, and I'm not really sure she's the yiffing type. Then again, who knows? Maybe she has a thing for Canadians." Quenton drops his hand onto the piano keys, playing a couple notes at once, but not playing any further.

Smiling at Jill, David takes the violin in hand and begins to play as well as she does. He plays the notes and then works on the rest of the song. David nods, “I dabble a little, but I just play as well as you do. That’s my power at work.” He hmmmns, “Maybe we should start a school band. Star plays trumpet and well Kenta’s just the best.”

The big beast's voice comes in a rumbling growl that slurs a few of the words, "Amitit… trrrrrracted 'n jearrrrousssss." Those few things sounding almost uncomfortable on a beastly palate, and the cat pushes off the ground and unwinds from Jill's feet with a stretch and another yawn, "Crrrrrosett Cashhe." And with that the kitty gets up on the piano, using that as his new lay-down spot.

In fact, David might be a *better* violinist than Jill. She can't seem to split her attention well enough to talk and play at the same time, a scrunched look of concentration wrinkling her forehead with the effort of it. After only about 45 seconds, when the refrain begins to repeat, she changes her grip on the violin and bow to hold them more like a fiddle as she shifts the tempo up and spreads her now-free feet to shoulder width.

It's the piano that David would leech off the grumpy boy. Quenton is incapable of playing it now, though, not only due to his uncontrollable strength, but due to the discoulored mountain animal that leaps atop it. "You can make fun of old glory all you want, pussy cat, you leave the piano alone," growls the musclebound boy vainly towards Ahmed.

Ahmed breaks character again enough to do something a normal feline would not do, or even consider doing. He sticks his tongue out at Quenton, and then shifts again, balancing himself on the wood backing of the piano quite carefully before settling down again and giving the other guy a look that any cat masters early on. What ya gonna do about it, huh? And then he looks back towards Jill and puts his head down on his paws, ears back slightly in relaxation, tailtip drooping off the edge of the piano and flicking back and forth in time with the music

The door opens with a crack and blond boy wearing nothing but a medical gown, his left arm in sling, a bandage on his nose accompanied by two black eyes (showing that it's probably broken) along with a few other bruises on his arms, legs and face, slips into music room. He doesn't seem to notice people are in there at first but when he does, Nicholas freezes. He doesn't have time to register much before he holds his hand out in an almost offensive manner. "Where the hell am I?!" He exclaims sounding rather rude.

Laughing a bit at how Ahmed reacts to Quenton, David suddenly pops up at the arrival of Nicholas, “Woah. You’re in the Music Room.” The cybershades continue to flicker with information on Nicholas for David to quickly learn, “You alright, Nicholas?” He asks as he moves towards the boy rather slowly and carefully.

Somehow, the refined and elegant atmosphere of the song that brings to mind images of wood-paneled sitting rooms, fireplaces, and smoking jackets has become something more like a square-dancing hoedown. Jill's bow saws back and forth across the strings before ending with a grating double-squeak, one from the instrument and one from her as she gives an involuntary jump back from the door and the apparent escaped mental patient. "Ahh! Umm, oh. Oh dear," Jill says in a cross between alarm and concern.

"Well, sleeping beauty," Quenton begins, turning his red eyes onto Nicholas. "I never seen you around here before, so I'm going to assume you're new, which, believe me, I am fucking ecstatic about, that makes me… not new," he murmurs, while he shifts on his seat at the piano, shooting Ahmed a glare for a moment. "My advice is to go back to wherever you woke up and wait there."

That big feline head whips up, looking over at the newcomer, then at David, and then back again. Once more Ahmed is on the move, pushing off the piano with enough force that it shifts a few feet to bump against the wall and a small noise of protest comes from the strings inside. Flicking his ears back, and letting his tail remain still he presents as unthreatening of a profile as possible… and to the offensive hand, he leans up to sniff… But of course this is the first time for some people seeing a 700 pound snow leopard.

At the mention of his name, Nick moves his hand and his eyes glow a brilliant blue as one of the chairs lift up off the ground and he moves his arm (the chair moving with it) in a way that shows he's ready to throw it at David.

As the chair looks to come his way, David quickly reviews the file courtesy of the cybershades, “Telekeinetic, huh…” “Nicholas. Calm down. You’re at the Xavier Institute. Among friends.” David shouts out as moves back and away from the chair. He looks about the room to see if any of the other students are in harm’s way.

Arguably as odd as the gigantic snow leopard, the blue Jello girl raises her hands placatingly, violin in one and bow in the other. "It's okay," she soothes, though it sounds like she could use some comforting words as well. With slow, deliberate movements she lays her violin down into its velvet-lined case. "Just calm down, okay? We're not… we're not gonna hurt you. Everything's cool." Jill swallows to ease the lump in her throat. "I promise, okay?"

One of the guitars are snatched up by Quenton to use as a battleaxe (or nore accurately, a club) when glowing eyes happen. "Except me. I'm totally not your friend," the perpetually angry youth promises. "Though Blue's Clues over there is right. While you look so vulnerable in your bunless skivvies, you're the one who gets to decide if people get hurt here." Yeah. He has no tact.

Ahmed looks back at Quenton and then rumbles out the word, "Drrrrrrickbachhh." Surpisingly well given the palate trying to enunciate, and then the feline form turns back to the nervous fellow, and does the only thing he can think of short of releasing the disguise and dousing the entire room with goo. He moves over and rubs his head against one of Nick's legs a couple times, and then shoves his head against his hand in a demand for attention, and a show of friendship.

It doesn't seem like David is having any luck with Nicholas, he just seems to be getting more agitated. "Xavier's Institute….that doesn't answer anything, am I in a fucking mental institute cause I'm not crazy." He's never heard of Xavier's and he's surrounded in a room of strangers. Jill is the only reason that he lowers the chair and his eyes go back to normal. "How is everything cool?" He then looks at Quenton and is about to say something back when he looks at Ahmed in panic. "Maybe am I fucking crazy, you're blue and the tiger is talking." And when the tiger goes to push up against him, on reflex he uses his telekinetics to push the animal away.

“This is a school. For mutants. All of us in the room are mutants. Like you. You are a telekinetic. You can move things with your mind like you did with the tiger, who is also a mutant. All of us are. This is a safe place for us to learn how to use our powers.” David offers a half-smile, “Trust me, you are no crazier than any of us in here now. This is safe for us and for you.”

"Don't hurt him! He's a person too!" the blue girl pleads when Nick gives Ahmed a TK shove. Chagrined, she spreads her hands to show them empty and non-threatening. "No, umm, okay, I guess maybe I'm not the best person to be telling you that you're not crazy." Jill's shoulders hunch and her head lowers submissively. She tries frantically to catch Quenton's eye, motioning him to put the guitar down or at least lower it. "But we can sit down, y'know, talk it out like reasonable people? Right?"

Jill succeeds in catching Quenton's eye, which he just shrugs. And taps his hand with the guitar, raising both brows while he glances back over towards Nicholas, still brandishing it like a weapon. "We could, but while I have no problem seeing Ahmed trying to make a new boyfriend and getting rejected forcefully by his love interest's mind, homeboy here seems to be a little hostile, which, god, I don't mind at all." David's words draw Quenton's attention. "Safe? I guess you didn't hear about Sage, Tara, Shane and me being kidnapped. Safe my ass."

Pressure on Ahmed's form is like pressure on a water balloon… at least in this stage of his training. Which means that the push sends him backpedalling until he hits a chair close by, and that is just enough to pierce the ectoplasmic disguise. *POP!* Everyone else in the room… David, Quenton, and Jill are all hit with puddles and splatters of honey-thick clear goop that has a very faint bluish hue about it. As Ahmed stands up, drenched in the stuff, he spits a little out, and says, "What San Quenton over there is trying not to say is… this is a school… umm… here…" And he takes off his hoodie, offering it over to Nick, even though it's slick with goop, "Don't worry, it all evaporates in about a minute… unlike the attitude problem. Hi."

"Don't hurt him? He was going to eat me!" Nick protests since that's what giant cats do, eat people. Then Ahmed pops before he can really say anything else. The fact that everyone but him is govered in goo might have made him laugh once but right now it just sobers his mood a bit. He slides down the wall and sits on the floor, brining his knees up to his chest. "This is a school? For mutants? Why." He doesn't get it. "How did I get here? And I'm going to ask again, where the fuck am I cause the last thing I remember I was in fucking NORTH DAKOTA!"

Letting out a low moan of disgust at the sudden spurt of goo courtesy of Ahmed, “Oh wow.” He shakes some of it off, but is grateful when Ahmed mentions it will evaporate in a minute. Moving towards the wall that Nicholas slides down, David leans against it a moment as he removes the cybershades, having recorded enough of what happened and sent it to the staff via email. He takes a seat near Nick, “You are in upstate New York right now. I’m David, that’s Ahmed, Jill, and Quenton. We are all mutants like you and we are here to learn how to use our powers and how to try and survive.”

Jill grimaces and manages to convey 'Oh no, not this again' with a sigh and a roll of her eyes after the goo-splosion. She wipes the stuff away from her mouth and flicks it onto the floor. "This is- bleh." The girl makes a face, spits, and tries again. "This is probably a lot to take in, and I don't think all this negativity is helping," she says pointedly to noone in particular, though it really couldn't be more obvious. Squatting down, Jill rests her hands on her knees to bring her eyelevel closer to Nicholas' while giving him his space. "Take a breath," she advises in her best kindergarten teacher voice. "If you want, we can go down to the nurse's office and you can lie down."

Goop running down Quenton's negativity-spewing lips, the hateful mutant shoots Ahmed a glare. "I hate you," he decides on. "I just seriously want to punch you squarely in the face. Just fucking… go all out." He mutters, dropping the guitar, which admittedly, when he grabbed it, was accidentally crushed at the strings, some of them having snapped but bounced off the hand of the boy harmlessly. "Easy there, Princess Ruto. That's Ahmed's man."

"Upstate New York, okay so how in the seven hells did I get here?" Nick asks David sounding a bit hostile. He then looks at Jill as she's been the easiest to get answers from so far. "So, I'm safe, I'm not getting arrested? Where's Orion?" He asks before shaking his head. "No, I just woke up in some….Nurses office from a Science Fiction story." He says before looking up at Quenton and just glaring at him. "Fuck you dick tease, I'm not anyone's 'man' you got that?"

David can’t help but let out a laugh as when Quenton is referred to as a dick tease. “Um…” He stifles any remaining laughter, “So yeah, Upstate New York, school for mutants. You are a mutant. As for howyou got here…I don’t know the full story yet. You are not under arrest and you are safe.” Looking to Jill and gesturing for her to come over as she is the most comforting person in the room. He then looks to Quenton as says, “Quenton, please don’t speak anymore.” He then puts the cybershades on to see if he can get anymore information on Nicholas and hopes the goo has not ruined them.

Quickly losing control of a situation she never had control over to begin with, Jill shakes her head. "Okay, whoa. Whoa." She makes a T-sign with her hands. "Timeout, both of you." She fixes Quenton with a look first, not exactly angry, just a little impatient and sad. "If you need to hit someone, you can hit me. I don't mind. Just wait a minute, okay?" The girl crab walks without getting up from her crouch, edging closer to David and Nicholas. "You're not in any trouble right now," she soothes, then adds detrimentally, "That I know of, anyway. I don't know who Orion is, but we can find out. Just, umm…" Her eyes wander unconsciously to the hospital gown, the kind which are perpetually too short and too open in the back. Inhaling sharply, she averts her eyes. "You want a blanket or something to cover up?"

"Dicktease? Now, I know I've been working out, but I never thought I'd be giving North Dakota kids a boner right on their first day here at Mutant High. Sorry, though, I don't know where your boyfriend Orion is, and I don't swing that way, so I can't neccessarily fill the part. Luckily, we have a super buff guidance counselor that not only can you drool over but can talk your troubles away." Quenton glances over at David and shrugs his shoulders slightly. "Hey, man, I'm just preparing him for the real world."

Nicholas jumps up at Quenton and walks right up to him, not caring if he's already looking like he's lost a fight. "First off Orion is my horse and second I'm not gay so you can take your fruity closet ass and leave me the fuck alone. Just because you like to suck dick doesn't mean I'll let you near mine. And what the fuck do you know about the realworld?" His fists are down at his sides and clenching and unclenching quickly. "Once I kick this guys ass maybe I'll find something to cover up, who the fuck know what they did with my clothes."

“Quenton, shut up!” David exhales and mumbles something about a Mutant Mute button. The cybeershades flicker as David pulls up an article article from a North Dakota newspaper, ‘Mutant Kills 3 in Sheridan County’ and reads the report from the representative that found Nicholas. He sighs a moment as he reads about the deaths of Nick’s parents and stable hand. Adjusting the cybereshades as he ahems and clears his throat as goo finally starts to evaporate, “Both of you stand down, or then there will be trouble.” He stands up, “Nicholas, Any questions you have will be answered. After what happened in Martin, you tried to run away. But some bad people were after you. A representative from our school found you and brought you here. To be among other mutants and to protect you from some people who want you dead. We can try to help you and clear up what happened in Martin. We will answer all your questions and we will keep Quenton on a leash.” He moves forward and places himself between the two, “If you want answers, you’ll get it. But you need to calm down and go back to the med bay. We need to make sure you are not hurt. We want to help you…and you know you need that.”

Jill's pretty quick when she has a reason to be. She's up from the crouch and trying to interpose herself between the two quarreling boys, but David gets there first. Not quick enough. "Please don't fight!" she demands ineffectually. "There's no reason for it. Just let it go?" Jill gives her attention to Quenton and Nick in turn in the hope that one of them will listen to reason. The bright blue eyes look watery, on the verge of tears. "Please?"

Upper lip curling into a sneer, one red eye narrowing, and the red vein in his temple suddenly throbbing, Quenton remarks, voice cold, "He's the one spouting out threats. And let's get something straight." The rage is bubbling now, and some type of steam begins to rise from his skin. "Just because you're older than me doesn't mean you bark orders and I follow. The only fucking people I listen to in this school is Kenta and Mister Parker Mayfair. The rest of you people I couldn't give less than half a shit about."

Nicholas seems to relax a bit as Jill talks, maybe it's the fact that she's a girl and it always sucks to see a girl cry but he relaxes and takes a few steps back. "Fine, I'm dropping it." For now. His entire body tenses as Martin and the Purifiers are brought up. "I'm going to kill them." Is all he says to David. "And I didn't try to run away, I did run, I had to. I didn't have a choice." His eyes finally tear away from Quenton and he looks over towards the wall at nothing. "Do they have clothes at this school?"

“Whatever, Quenton, Once Nick is helped, then you and I can talk about this somewhere more appropriate…” David shoots Quenton a look as he notes the steam, “Meet me in the Danger Room in five minutes.” Turning to Nick, “Yes, we have clothes we can get you. Cool ones actually, that’s won’t break or rip or anything. But let’s get you to the medbay and get all that stuff settled. Jill, if you have time, can you come with us to the medbay and you can fill him in on Xavier’s from a student perspective.”

The blue girl nods at David, a little dumbly. "Sure. There's-" Jill starts to say but her voice is thick and glutinous. "There's usually some extra sweatpants and t-shirts in the gym, I can bring some down later if they'll let you wear 'em." She rubs at her eyes with her knuckles, turning away to pack up her violin case with a hint of shame at the almost-tears. She gives a brief glance over her shoulder at Quenton, soundlessly mouthing 'Sorry' at him.

"You're still giving me fucking orders," growls Quenton, fists closing more tightly, the steam very visible now as it rises, but he lifts a hand, beginning to smash it into the side of his head over and over again, the air rippling as he tries to beat the Rage into submission.
Jill's mouthed word causes him to stare at her, confusion contorting his already twisted scowl, though there's a low hiss from somewhere inside him as the Rage is successfully drawn away by the sight of tears. "I'm not going back to that Danger Room. It scared the shit out of Sage, and almost killed Shane and me." Never mind the others.

Nicholas takes a few deep breaths as the only reason he's not saying anything further to Quenton is because of Jill. "Wait, there's a place where you punish us and it's called the Danger Room, -and- it almost killed him and some other guy? Shit, what the fuck kind of place is this? Safe my ass, I'd be better just grabbing Orion and trying to get to Florida." He says shaking his head. "Sweat pants, yeah, those are cool for fat guys." But it's better to wear those than nothing at all.

Things are calm so, David just shakes his head, “Um no…The Danger Room is not…” He sighs again, “I’ll explain it later. Don’t worry about it. We’ll explain it later.” David gets to the door, “Ok, Jill, thank you, we’ll pass by the gym on the way to the med bay.” He looks to Quenton and exhales as he feels sorry for the kid.

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