2010-04-01: Two Girls One Gym


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Summary: Tara and Chloe meet at the gym and work out together.

Date: April 1, 2010

Two Girls One Gym

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

Today, Tara has decided to work on her vaulting skills. While it's not her best event, it is one that will come most handy while out in the field so she thought she'd brush up on it and do a few drills. She's in her team uniform since it's nice and tight fitting, allowing a great degree of freedom in movement. She's also modified the outfit a bit by removing the sleeves and adding, of all things, a blindfold. Right now she's setting out some mats, pulling them from a large pile floating behind her, and that follows her when she moves.

Fresh from the medbay and in the mood for a little light exercise bounds through the door to the Gym. Dressed in black shorts and t-shirt she makes it a good few metres into the room before realising it's already in use. "Uhm hi," she offers, peering at the alterations to Tara's costume. "You don't mind if I use the edges of the gym do you? Or would yah like to train in private, if so I can scram."

Tara's head tilts when she hears somebody enter the gym, and a grin spreads across her face when Chloe speaks. "Hey, Speedy," she says affectionately. "I don't mind at all, and I won't take up that much room. Just this strip here," she says gesturing to where she plans on laying out the mats. One floats off the pile and she grabs it and tosses it to the floor, with it sliding neatly into place. "Did you get your hand yet?"

Chloe shakes her head, trying hard to keep the gesture at a moderate speed. "I've just been getting some measurements done," she says cheerfully. "It's taking a while to actually get the finished model moving properly. But now that I know it's really being made… Well I don't think I've felt this cheerful in /days/."

"Cool," says Tara with a big grin, tossing another mat down. "Chloe-borg!" A giggle and another mat goes down. A pause and then a more serious question. "Hey. You're roomed with Jade, right?"

"I suppose? If you could call it that," Chloe agrees, putting herself through some light stretches. "We don't really spend much time chatting or anything. I have to concentrate to understand normal conversation and she can't see if I'm even looking her way to know to slow down." She shrugs. "And I'll totally take being a borg if it means I can avoid telling my folks I had my hand cut off by one of the teachers boyfriends. I'd be out of here faster than Quicksilver after a bad batch of chili, which'd mean goodbye to freedom forever."

Tara chuckles as she flips out the last of the mats. "I know what you mean," she says. "My Mom is so possessive over me and won't let me do /anything/." She walks over to one of the storage closets and opens the door to bring out the springboard with her telekinetics. "She seems to think that I'm a delicate little flower. If she knew what /really/ went on here I'd be in the same boat."

Chloe laughs. "My folks aren't anything like as bad, but losing a hand is on most parents no-no list when it comes to schools. Normally I'd have wanted to quit too," she admits. "But training with an Avenger is too good of a chance to miss." Warm ups complete Chloe begins to run laps around the gym. "You'd probably prefer my dads way of being protective, making me and my sister learn Savate about as soon as we began walking."

With the springboard in place, she turns around and takes a few paces back to line up with it. "That's cool. My brothers all learned some Tae Kwan Do, but that wasn't something a 'girl should learn.'" She says the last with a derisive sneer in her voice, clearly imitating her mother. Then, out of the blue she asks. "Do you want to trade roommates? I mean, it just makes sense. Your super speedy. Heather's super speedy. I'm blind. Jade's blind. More or less." With that asked, she runs to the springboard, hits it, bounds up in the air, does a simple twist and lands on her feet.

"If no-one else minds, sure. But I don't want Jade taking it personally or anything," Chloe replies briskly, her jogging picking up in pace. "If my talking gets to fast shout up. Harder to slow it down the faster I run. You know I was thinking of trying to find someone to teach Wing Chun, maybe find enough girls who wanna learn and stuff."

"I can work it out," Tara says, walking back to the front of the springboard again. "I finally got Heather to stop using that tape recorder of hers, and I can mostly understand what she's saying." Sure it's taken some work, but it's better than listening to that infernal machine. "I haven't spoken to Jade about it, but I'm pretty sure Heather would be thrilled to room with somebody she doesn't have to slow down for." With that said, she goes and does another pass on the springboard.

Chloe frowns as she circuits the room. "I didn't even know Heather could slow herself down to talk. Guess she never had any incentive to try before," she muses. "But yeah if everyone else is cool with the idea consider me in too. If nothing else being able to go in and out of my own room without knocking would be nice."

Tara grins, as she walks back to the beginning of the track, twisting her torso back and forth to limber it up a bit. "Cool. I'll have to talk to Jade to see if she's game. I'm pretty sure I'm immune to her power, but she doesn't think so." She shakes her head, "I want to test it to find out, but she's being kind of resistant about it. I don't know why, though. I'd think she'd be ecstatic if she found somebody she could room with where she doesn't have to wear her shades all day long." There's no hiding the sympathy in Tara's voice. She knows what it's like to be blind, after all.

"She's got what I like to call type three mutantness," Chloe informs with a giggle, her circuits now fast enough that she's having to kick off the walls to turn properly. "Type one is wow this is cool, type two is pretend I'm normal while type three is some variation on oh no I'm a monster. She just needs to get it into her head that making someone paralysed for a little while isn't especially bad unless they're crossing a busy street."

Tara giggles, lining herself up with the springboard again. "Type three Mutantitis. I'm definitely type one." She nods, "That and I bet she thinks she's ugly, too. She did let me touch her hair, though. It was pretty cool." She then goes and does another jump, but this time the twists and flips are fore more complicated than what she's done in the past.

It's almost as if the fancy jumping is pushing Chloe on to greater feats of speed. As each time she takes a corner she runs futher up one wall and kicks off to the next, until her turns are a good half metre off the ground. "I would /totally/ love you forever if you'd give me some gymnastics pointers sometime," she exclaims. "I could totally use it with my free running."

You say, "Sure!" says Tara. Chloe is moving too fast, now, for her to get a good bead on the speedster's location so she just kind of speaks to the air. She lines up for another pass and asks, "Did you have a specific type of event you wanted help with? General floorwork, vault, that kind of thing?" And there's another pass with another complicated series of spins and flips."

"Event?" Chloe wonders, during one of the lulls between cornering. "I don't really want to compete, just add some moves to my repotoire. Mostly I'm interested in good economy of motion, stuff which lets me get from point a to b with the most ease. Landing techniques and rolls would be good too, for variety when meditating."

Tara gets a good chuckle out of that. "Economy of motion? Gymnastics is the exact /opposite/." As an example, she goes for another round and another showy routine on the springboard. "See? Way too much work to get to this mat."

Chloe waves her hand. "The sport as a whole maybe, but there must be some things I can steal and adapt for more practical uses!" Her circuits seem to be gradually slowing down, very nearly at the same rate as they sped up. "And worst case it's /fantastic/ exercise and I need to rebuild my muscles. A week in the medbay for me is like six weeks in bed for a normal person, it'll take me a good week before I can pass the one sixty mile an hour mark again."

"Okay," says Tara with a nod. "Just tell me what you're interested in and I'll help out." She lines up and does another pass on the springboard. "Just keep in mind that while you may be moving six times normal speed, gravity doesn't."

"I'm /well/ aware of that," Chloe answers with a giggle. "My meditation involves jumping off the roof. Falling gives me plenty of time to think things through, plus there is a pretty enjoyable buzz of adrenaline."

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