2009-05-26: Two In The Hand...


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Summary: Daisuke and Jordan land in a new time period with no signs of their friends!

Date: May 26, 2009

Log Title: Two in the Hand…

Rating: PG-13

Outside Edo, Japan - 1600's

From Castle Blitzschlag in Germany during the 1940's two of our unlucky young travelers are arriving somewhere new. The rush or air, bright lights, and feeling of weightlessness are what keep them occupied during the trip. It ends suddenly…with more mud. Jordan and Daisuke, back in their black and gray time travel uniform are dumped into another mud puddle but one that's thankfully far less deep than the other. It's dark, cold, and raining and they're in yet another forrested area. The trees are different though, and lights can be seen just be seen farther from where they are. There's no sigh of Jared, Julian, or Eddie though. Daisuke and Jordan are alone in the rain.

"Well, this is not good. Not good at all," Skeets the talking bling chimes from both teens' wrist.

As soon as the teleportation feeling begins, Jordan automatically makes himself hover off the ground, just in case they're dumped in mud again. He's getting good at mastering his hovering skill. He looks around, grumbling. "Jesus H. Christ. Again with the teleportation." He looks around, glaring. "Shit. The others aren't here." he says, reaching down to offer Dai a hand. He looks down at the bracelet. "Ok, thingy, where are we?" He's not calling it Skeets. Considering what that means in florida slang.

Daisuke lands not so gracefully in the mud, so he gladly takes Jordan's hand and looks around. "Not good, what do you mean by not good at all?" He asks the device on his wrist. "Great covered and mud and Jared, Eddie and Julian aren't here, figures." He mutters as he knows he's a magnet for bad luck. He's worried about the others but doesn't express it too much, just taking a deep breath.

"I mean that I cannot detect my other units or the master control unit," Skeets replies to Daisuke. The band sighs and starts to blink, projecting light. "Let's see…you're in Japan but I'm having difficulty figuring out where exactly. Some time during the 1600's," it goes on.

After a moment there's he sound of metal meeting metal followed by a woman's scream. It all comes from somewhere beyond the trees.

"Wonderful. Uhm… do you speak Japanese? Any dialect that may have been here?" Jordan asks, raising an eyebrow as he looks to Dai, keeping himself slightly off the ground for cleanliness reasons. "Cause I'll be completely lost." He rubs a hand through his hair as he looks around, blinking.

Daisuke nods. "Yeah, I speak it fluently and I am decent with reading it. I grew up speaking it." He says looking around, pausing and blinking as he hears the scream. "I am really going to regret saying this but we should head over there, someone sounds like their in trouble and I sound too much like Eddie." He says with a sigh as he waits for Jordan to head over there.

"Oh, you flesh beings are such whiners," Skeets mutters, making the uniforms' domino masks appear on Jordan and Daisuke. "I do have a translation function. What do you take me for? Some kind of primitive graphing calculator?"

Past a few lines of trees, there's a dirt road. A nice wide and open one. And on the road are a few people. A man with a sword and a woman with a bleeding hand are backing away from three other men. Three men in dark red clothes that look an awful lot like ninja. They each have swords and are approaching the man and woman slowly, looking for oppurtunity to attack.

"Shit." Jordan says as he begins to grow. He's unable to stop himself as he sees what's happening. He's not exactly the heroic type, normally, but he doesn't like bullies. Armed folks against unarmed make him irritated. His growth, of course, comes with partial intangibility. He has to focus on areas to solidify them. He begins running over towards them.

Since Jordan is bigger and probably moving faster since he has longer legs, DAisuke takes to the sky and flies along with him. "Yeah." He says flying in that direction. "Expect samurais and stuff, at least our powers are probably stronger than Katanas and such." He says expecting the worst.

<When they charge, turn and run,> the man on the defensive says, voice coming through in crisp English to Jordan's ears. The woman begins to say something only for rustling bushes to draw her attention. <Look!> she cries, pointing towards the trees as Jordan and Daisuke emerge. The ninja react before the man with the sword, tossing severaln shuriken at Jordan while one asks something about a Forest Beast.

The nice thing at Jordan's size? The fact that those shuriken should go right through his body unimpeded. Hearing the voice in English he blinks. Interesting. "You can't hurt what you can't hit." He says, continuing his run towards the 'villains'. If he can get close, he will try to throw a kick at one, solidifying his foot at the last moment. Of course, his strength is only the normal for a boy his age. Nothing exceptional.

Daisuke flies out behind Jordan and tries to defend the woman, after all she was the one who screamed. He lands as close to her as possible and asks in Japanese <What is going on here?> Right after he asks he errects a barrier of sonics to hopefully stop any incomming attacks at woman. After all she was the one who screamed.

The man standing before the woman is surprised but keeps his guard, placing himself between Daisuke and his charge. <Snakeroot has attacked us. Two of my comrades have been slain. I must ensure the Lady Ikarai reaches safety in Edo,> the man goes on.

Meanwhile, the ninja that's kicked tumbles backwards. The other two raise their blades and rush to attak Jordan even as the shuriken strike trees. Judging by the fizzing at the point of contact, it's good Jordan avoided those.

Jordan winces as he sees the shuriken behind him. "I'm really not much of an attacker…" Jordan says to Dai, softly as he moves to stand before the shielding mutant, keeping himself quite as untouchable as he can. He could do something different, but right now… he still tries to keep secret.

Daisuke nods to Jordan and lowers the field. "Whose Snakeroot?" He asks before sending a sonic blast in the direction of the ninjas that are attacking Jordan. He's trying to get all the information that he can while keeping the ninjas at bay. He notices the fizzing of the shriuken but isn't worried if it's a poision.

<Ninja. Dishonorable rats in service of a demon,> the man replies. <What manner of spirits are you? And why do you help us?>

The Ninja shuffle backwards after their blades pass through Jordan without affect. They glance to one another and end up sent head over heels by the sonic blast. Meanwhile, the one that had been initially toppled is back to his feet. He tosses a small satchel at Jordan that bursts open to spread a thick white powder over the teen. Somehow it doesn't pass through him…it sticks right to him and starts to tingle. <Begone!> the ninja demands, swinging a metal staff at Jordan's shoulder where the powder sticks.

As the powder hits, Jordan glares. "Idiot." He says, shaking his head. "It's not going to do anything. " As it sticks, and the staff is swung against him, the staff passes through, but Jordan roars as it hits. "You fucking asshole. For that… you get hurt." He says, thrusting a last-minute solidified hand at the one who caused him to hurt. He's… not in a good mood now.

Daisuke continues standing by the woman and guy who seem to be the good guys, or at least better guys. Daisuke sends a stunning sonic attack at the guy who hit Jordan with a stick. <WE're not spirits.> Daisuke answers back not sure if that's the good answer or bad answer. After all when someone asks you if you're a god, aren't you supposed to say yes.

<Then you are ninja as well?> the woman finally speaks up, peering towards Daisuke.

THe ninja's rather surprised at the result, expecting more. He spins his staff, preparing a second attack only to be stunned and then punched. When he hits the ground there's a crack and the man goes limp. Alive but out cold.

As the guy falls, Jordan begins shrinking down to normal size if there's no other visible threat. "What IS this stuff?" He starts trying to brush the powder away, turning back to Dai. "Everything ok, man?"

Daisuke shrugs. "I'm not sure Jordan, I hope so." He says walking over to Jordan and trying to help him wipe the powder away. "We should grab their equipment and see if we can help them, after all, we don't know where we are or what we're doing here." He says as he urns to the two. <We're not Ninja's, are you two alright?"

The powder is wiped away easily enough but tingles where it touches even through the suit much like a certain kind of Goldbond's would. And if Jordan gets any in his mouth, it'll actually taste pretty good. Fruity even.

The man sheaths his sword and turns to help wrap up the woman's hand. Once that's done, they both offer bows to Jordan and Daisuke. <I am Lady Ikari and this is my bodygusrd, Tetsu no Gokai. Thank you for assisting us. The Snakeroot is seeking to kill me to harm my father,> the woman goes on. <We are well but we should leave this place before more of them arrive.>

Jordan winces as he tingles all over. "This stuff made me feel things. I don't like it." He says, hrushbrushbrushing away as hard as we can. He looks to Dai. "Should we?" He asks, softly. Dai will know what he's talking about as he looks between the two.

Daisuke bows in return to Lady Ikari and Tetsu no Gokai. <I am Sakuragi Daisuke and this is my friend Jordan.> He's not really sure if they are friends but he figures it's the best word for the situation. "Oh yes, we should." Daisuke says going over to one of the ninja to start looting it. Hey, it's a once in a lifetime oportunity. <How fard do you have to go, maybe Jordan and I will be able to assist you in getting to your destination.> Hey sometimes fate works in weird ways and it might be what they're supposed to do to get home.

<We are but a few hours away from Edo. Please, accompany us. We will pay for a room at an in for you honorable young warriors," Tetsu says, spreading his hands.

The ninja don't have much. Their clothes, an amulet marking them as members of Snakeroot, a few weapons, and one's even got a small mirror with him. Not much else with the unconscious men.

Jordan looks over at the men as he begins to take things off of them. "I don't want them having their weaponry if they catch up." He says with a nod as he ponders. "We could probably carry them. If you can fly…" He tilts his head at Dai before offering a quick, sketchy bow to the others. He's not used to that. Of course, he's also white, blonde, and has blue eyes.

Daisuke nods to Jordan. "Exactly." If it's just an excuse to take the weapons or an actual truth, who knows, as Daisuke gathers what he can, including the uniform just in case. <I can fly, I might be able to fly us all there on a disc made of sonics but I don't know how long it can last.>

"I would advise against flight, children. Unless you want the history books to tell tales of flying teenagers in strange costumes," Skeets speaks up. "If you'll hold on a moment…I'll also provide a storage agrea for your little…scavenged goods," the computer mutters, flashing blue light. Suddenly, Jordan and Daisuke will feel a rather odd sensation. Their costume squirming and changing around them. When the light clears…the clothing has changed. Daisuke is dressed much as a ninja would be complete with sword on his back. Meanwhile, Jordan is decked out as an unarmored samurai would be, two swords at his waist. Skeets seems to have changed their clothes right down to the underwear…which is era-appropriate now. "Glad that function returned. Holograms are so unreliable," Skeets muses.

<What manner of men are you?> Lady Ikari asks, awed. <You speak of flight as if your were birds and perform such wonderous feats…>

"Something like that." Jordan says with a grin, looking down at himself. "I could get used to this one." He laughs towards Daisuke. Even swords, nifty. "No, we're just more than we look like." Obviously. After all, Jordan was very large a few minutes ago, and Daisuke wails like the wind. "Shall we?" He says, offering a grin towards the Lady.

Daisuke just smiles at Lady Ikari and bows again. <It's like what Jordan says.> Daisuke says looking down at his new clothes. "I can't wait for Jared and Eddie to see this." He chuckles before starting to walk. <Shall we be on our way?> He asks and as they start to walk off he looks down at 'Skeets'. "So, we're supposed to be going with them right?" He just wants to make sure since the bracelette seems to be an all knowing insufferable snarky AI.

Lady Ikari looks towards Tetsu and the man nods. He turns to walk, the lady following behind him. Even from where they are, some lights from the city that will one day become Tokyo can be seen up ahead. <You are wonderous men. My father will surely reward you handsomely,> Lady Ikari offers evne as Tetsu mutters something about spirits and demon ninja.

Skeets sighs. "I have no idea what's you're supposed to be doing but since you are not setting off alarms its safe for you to do so," it says. "I'm currently scanning for my other units and recharging for a jump."

"Well, if he doesn't know, then we can just keep going." Jordan says with a shrug, looking over himself. "I'm sorry, but you know they're gonna love these outfits." He says with a chuckle, running a hand through his hair. "You couldn't do armor?" He asks the bracelet with a sigh. "The helmet would have been nice." He makes a pouty face but shrugs, going with the others.

Daisuke chuckles at Jordan and shakes his head. "Maybe we should just pretend to be spirits, it might just make things easier even though I'm not to fond of impersonating a spirit." Daisuke knows a bit about Shintoism, his Grandmother is a Shintoist so he's unsure about what to do. "Anyway, let's get going." He looks to Lady Ikari and shakes his head. <We do not require any reward, and we're just doing what is required of us. We're nothing special.> He's not even sure what they would do with a reward though he wouldn't turn down a bottle of sake.

"If you want armor, get me materials to work with, boy. I'm stolen and damaged property, my self-repair systems are working as fast as they can," Skeets says, the pout almost audible in his electronic voice. "Ah ha! I have located…four signatures! Three different locations as two of the signatures are in the same era. Unfortuneately, I cannot determine the exact era of each signature. You will have to choose one in about…twelve hours. Oh my. I will have enough of a charge by then," the AI goes on.

Lady Ikari looks over her shoulder and smiles. <Please, atleast eat with us tonight.And allow us to pay for an inn. It is the least I can do to repay you for what you've done,> Lady Ikari insists. Tetsu smiles and nods. <Yes! It's settled, you shall join us for a meal and tomorrow you may meet Lord Ikari!" he laughs.

"Well, that solves the problem of where you'll be waiting for my temporal battery to recharge," Skeets offers with a bemused laugh.

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