2009-03-02: Two More Broken Free


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Summary: Christopher, Addison and Eddie go to take out two more in control of the barrier, Victoria helps in the fight.

Date: March 2, 2009

Log Title Two More Broken Free

Rating: PG-13 (Mild Violence)

NYC - Brooklyn Bridge

Spanning across the East River is the Brooklyn Bridge connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan. Its one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States and was opened for use on 1883. Two yellowish towers span up on either side of the bridge. At night the bridge can bee seen lit up with lights across the top cables of the bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is designed for bikers, pedestrians and automobiles. There is a bike and walking track in the center for those who just want to walk up and enjoy the view from the river.

A very strange woman is present, standing on the bridge and staring up at the beings sustaining the barrier. She has stark white skin that reflects light quite glaringly, and hair is straight and black. This time, however, she is not covered in darkness and blades, but the figure and face may be familiar to those that saw her last time. Notably, she's wearing clothes now. She is just standing there with arms crossed, staring at the beings with her dead eyes.

He's much better now, thanks to some of the technology that the X-Mansion has provided. With Enhan… Eddie's father, Addison's gotten his permission to bring him along to the scene they're going to scope out tonight. Flying to the bridge, Addison carries Eddie on his telekinetic field, to give Eddie the illusion of flying solo. Well, solo and covered in flames (that won't touch his body, of course).

Addison himself has cobbled together a costume out of things he found around and was given permission to use. A green body suit. Green sash. Gray markings on the shoulders and gray boots. Unknowingly, his costume matches his flaming aura, giving him a phoenix appearance, though he doesn't know it. "You alright, En… Eddie?" He asks, softly as he flies near the boy's father.

Christopher is flying along as well but he's not really in costume, he's just wearing one of the generic Black and Yellow X-Men costumes that he was lucky enough to find that fit. He's flying along with Addison, where the two are covered in flames as they fly, Shine is glowing bright, it's hard to miss the trio in the sky. "We should try to do this in the air, find a way to snap them out of it. We don't want what happend to you Addision last time, to happen again."

Eddie's decked out in his black and gold Xer uniform tonight. Goblin Gauntlets on his hands and glider strapped to his back, he's got his goggles on and his mouth and nose covered by his X-bandana. He's also got that belt on with the twin pouches for useful items (mostly his smoke/pepper/KO bombs) He was thrilled to get permission to go out and even moreso to fly one his own even if it is an illusion of it. He'd been distracted, barrel rolling, looping around and just enjoying himself. Startled out of it, he glances over. "Y-yeah! I'm okay!"

The two clothed figures hanging by the barrier still facing in. They don't seem phased at all by the new comers, if they even notice them at all. The one in white turns to look at the one in black for a few moments before turning back to stare at the barrier.

The woman on the ground turns to see those flying above. Recognising a couple of them, she waves at them and shouts something. It's probably hard to hear at that distance. She keeps waving as if trying to get their attention.

"From this angle, we'll have Dante and Jean." Addison says with a nod. "Jean is stronger than I am. By a longshot. Though I think I can keep her occupied if I put everything I have into trying to dampen her powers. That way, the others can focus on Dante." He says, looking between the two with him. "Their enhancer only double's their powers, because he's stretched so thin. But if we have ours enhancing further… it might be enough for me to hold Jean's attention." He offers, glancing to Christopher.

Christopher listens to Christopher and nods. "Well I can try to just stun the one you called Dante, and which is which?" He asks not knowing who the black one and the white one are as they both look androgynous. "There's also some woman down their waving at us, do either of you know her?" Christopher says as he doesn't know her. He's going through things in his head to determine what to do to not hurt anyone.

Eddie nods, tensing when Addison mentions Jean. "If their Dante is anything like ours…he'll likely be smaller than Jean…" he trails off, taking a guess based on the Young Avenger he met. "Alright…I'll boost. Don't worry about lifting me while we're there. I got the Glider for that after all," he says, swallowing. Blinking, he glances down. "I have no idea who she is…"

It's hard to tell a size difference with all the robes the two are wearing but the colours are distinct. One is a bit taller than the other though but for the moment, they both just float there, the barrier holding strong.

The black and white woman runs along beneath the fliers, still waving and shouting. Eventually she stops and just heads toward the barrier.

Looking down, Addison sighs. "Yes. It's the woman that cut my back." He says, with a soft nod. "The one with the sharp sword." He glances between the other two, lowering a little. He points to the one in white. "Dante. White King. Jean. Black Queen. The White Queen and Gray King are, of course, already gone." He nods to Eddie slightly. "Exactly."

Christopher looks down at the woman and nods. He doesn't know how to engage her but he does nod. "Okay, I'm on Dante and you're on Jean. Faith, just say when." He says so he knows when Eddie's ready he'll fly towards Dante in an attempt to snap him out of it.

Eddie frowns slightly behind his bandana when Addison reveals who the woman is. "That crazy woman that turns into obsidian?" he asks. "Why is she here?" he wonders. Reaching back, he pulls the Goblin Glider off his back and sets it under his feet. Once he's all set, he looks to Addison. "Alright, I'm flying," he says. Taking a deep breath, he activates his powers. Boosting Addison and Christopher up to tripple their normal levels, Faith's scars and eyes light up bright blue. "Good to go."

The White King, the one revealed to be Dante, looks at Jean, the Black Queen, and the two turn to look at Eddie and then at Addison. Nothing is said but there definately that's unspoken between the two of them. Eventually there is a voice that can be heard from the Black Queen, but it doesn't sound femine, it sounds cold and harsh. "You will be with us again."

Standing near the barrier, the odd individual looks up at each of the beings at the barrier. She turns around to face the flying group again and just watches them. Nothing much else to do right now.

"I think not." Addison says with surety. "I will NOT be your slave again, Farouk. And I WILL help this world topple the regime you're trying to instate." The bird-like flare around his body magnifies with Eddie's push. Between that and his costume, he looks very much like Phoenix… sans breasts. He glares at Jean. "Forgive me." He says, in an almost inaudible whisper, "Mother." And with that, he pushes, trying to work his way inside her mind and shut her power away. But even if he does succeed, Jean's power will hold all of his attention. As he focusses, he begins to drift, quickly but controlledly, to the bridge.

Christopher takes a deep breath and smiles at Eddie, before flying straight for Dante, the White King, and trys so slam into him in the air and bring him straight towards the ground. He doesn't want to slam him into the pavement because that might kill him but lands with the two on the ground. There is no sound that comes from the White King as Christopher slams into him and tries to bring him to the ground.

Faith goes tense as the battle begins. "You're not gonna win, Shadow King," he says quietly. Revving the glider, he heads down towards the bridge to provice support if he's needed.

The mental battle between Addison and Jean can only be described as awesomely impressive, to bad it can't be seen. It's quite a struggle for Addison and with out the power boost he'd be lost. "No!" is growled out in the voice of The Shadow King from the body of Jean Grey as he makes an attempt, durning the battle between the two, to reassume control over The Grey King. Dante on the other hand is taken down to ground level where him and Christopher land safely but both have tumbled onto the pavement so for the moment the White King is getting up.

The white woman watches the battle and as soon as one foe strikes the ground, she dashes over. "Hi, I'm Victoria," she says, moving up to attempt to grapple the White King from behind and make it easier for others to attack him. Her strength is enhanced, but is not quite superhuman while she's in this fleshy state. "I hope you don't mind the assist. No blades this time."

Addison is currently focussing all of his attention on Jean. "Yes." He says, reaching out to subdue her powers. If she were distracted, he could try to sever her link to the Shadow King, adding his own strength to hers. Jean and Addison together would be a hell of a combination. As it stands, though, it's just a big mental fight. No visuals, other than Addison's flaming birdlike aura.

Christopher nods at Victoria as she holds Dante their. He takes a deep breath. "Sorry." He says to Dante before he covers his fist with light and punches him with a brightly glowing fist. He's hoping just a hard punch across the face will snap him out of it with leaving just a bruise. "Faith, see if The Grey King needs help!" He shouts thinking him and Victoria have it.

Faith grits his teeth as he notices Victoria, adding her name to the mental file on her. He glances at the battle, keeping the boosting up. Nodding slightly at Chris' words, he turns to the Black Queen. Thinking for several moments, he takes a chance. "Hey! Shadow King! Head's up ya cowardly jerk!" he calls, chucking a smoke bomb at the Black Queen's feet. It'll go off on impact with the ground.

The Shadow King is still trying to take over Addision again but with Eddie's smoke bomb going off, Jean starts to hack and is distracted and in that moment, Addision is able to break the link between Jean and the Shadow King forcing him out of her mind. At the same time, the two of them fighting against the Shadow King combined with the punch from Christopher it also causes Dante to snap out of the control as well. Seeming exhaused Jean takes off the top of her 'outfit' revealing the red hair and similarities between herself and Addison. "Addison? Dante?" she asks as Dante reveals his face as well. He just rubs his jaw and nods at her, not saying a word.

Victoria releases Dante once he seems to have come out from under the Shadow King's control. Revealing his face is a good sign, at least. She looks over at the others and sees their fight has ended as well. The strange woman heads over toward them and waves again. "Are you alright? I've been trying to get in touch with you for ages. I wanted to apoligise for swording you. I wasn't aware you were under another's control at the time."

"I've been with people that have been caring for me. You really should learn to control your anger. Just because there are people fighting doesn't mean they're all like they seem." Addison says plainly as he grips Jean, helping free her from the outfit. The similarities between them are… blatantly obvious to those that pay attention.

Christopher gives a nod to Victoria and smiles. "Thank you." He says to her as he looks to Dante. "Are you alright?" And notiching that Dante is trying to get out of the outfit, he decides to help as well. "Sorry about the punch across the face, it waas all I could think of that wouldn't blind you." He looks over at Eddie and gives him the smile of a proud father. Though the similarites between Jean and Addison do not go unnoticed.

Faith gasps, surprised by this turn of events. He mostly ignores Victoria, not trusting her at all. Catching Chris' smile causes a white glow to be added to Eddie's blue, Eddie getting boosted himself. He looks curiously at Addison and Jean and they both are likely to pick up on the sudden theory that pops into his mind as he tends to 'think loud' (as Emma told him). "Sh-should we get moving or do we wanna see if we can lure the other two over and give Shadow King a figurative punch to his ugly face?"

Jean looks at Addison with a smile. "Thank you, Dante thanks you both too." And the boy nods in agreement. Some might recognize his face as belonging to one of the new Young Avengers. "No, Dante and I both agree that after this the Shadow King will probably be expecting it and have reenforced his control on the other two. We're both thankful for you're help."

"I'm glad that you are doing better now. Sorry again about that," says Victoria. She looks up at the other two flying beings. "If those two are so easily broken from their trance, I don't see why not. If freeing them will break the barrier, the sooner the better." She pauses. "Um, if you're going to fly over there, could you take me with you? I do want to help, and I know you're not monsters now." Looking to Jean, she shrugs. "Will waiting change anything? If anything, we have you two to help now."

Chuckling, Addison turns to Eddie. "Yes. She's one of the three." He explains. Three what? That he doesn't. But then, a few people already know he's a genetic creation. Maybe Eddie over heard it. "The Shadow King will be irritated. He'll take ALL of his force to guard those last two if we go to strike now. There are hundreds within there. Just a few at a time… trust me."

Christopher nods. "I agree with The Grey King, it's probably best to get these two to saftey and go from there. And fly over where? To where the other two are? I'm sorry we should take Jean and Dante here to saftey. And unfortunely I can only carry just one other." Christopher says as obviously he's not incredibly strong or anything. He looks over at Eddie and puts an arm around him smiling. "You did good kiddo."

Eddie blushes faintly behind all his face coverings. He already trying to puzzle out who the third is. He's the one who asked if Addison was a construct down in the medical bay afterall. Looking at Jean for a few moments, Eddie jumps when Chris puts the arm around him. "Th-thanks, Dad. Sorry about the smoke bomb, ma'am. Good thing I didn't use one of my other ones…" he trails off sheepishly. "Alright…umm I just have one quick question. Enhancer…he's in there, right? Do you know if he's one being controlled or…?" he trails off. This has been bothering him a lot lately.

Jean shakes his head. "I'm sorry the Enhancer isn't in Manhattan." Dante nods in agreement and the blond teen hasn't said a word yet. "He's somewhere else, Tennesse. I'm sorr Enhan….Faith." Jean says as she looks between the three. "Leaving here might be for the best before The Shadow King gets really angry and decides to realiate."

Victoria looks at each of those present in turn. "Alright. I'll be… around. I hope I can help with the next two." She gives a final wave and heads back down the bridge.

Addison can't help but chuckle. "Lensherr, Shaw, Grey." He explains to Eddie and leaves it at that. "Today, your actions were much better." He does offer politely to Victoria. "Just remember in the future." He says, offering a light wave. "Let's take them to your home to rest." He asks Christopher and Eddie. "Not your personal home, of course."

Christopher nods and smiles to Victoria. "Again, thank you. If you help with the last two, I'm sure it would be welcomed." He only knows of her actions but what she's done today, he doesn't have a problem. "Yes, we'll go back now and no, not to our personal home." He says chuckling as he grabs onto Dante and flys into the air with him, glowing brightly. He can't carry more than one. "Grey King, can you carry two?"

Eddie bites his lip and looks down. "Man…" he whispers. That certainly complicates the plans he'd been working on. He glares up at the barrier when Jean mentions retaliation. "He can be as cranky as he wants. By Thor's hammer there's no way he's going to win!" the teen declares, throwing a fist into the air while still all glowing. "Don't worry, Dad. The glider's charged enough to make two round trips," he says, revving it and taking into the air. He's been getting good on that thing.

Jean Grey lifts herself in the air. "Don't worry about me, I can fly as well." She says as she follows the other and takes off in the air and joins them in heading to safty.

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