2009-05-06 Two Winds Meet


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Summary: Kael's reading in the park, Keith takes notice of the young aerokinetic. A show of power, a joy flight, and then an offer to learn from a master.

Date: 5-06-2009

Log Title Two Winds Meet

Rating:PG-13 (Language)

NYC - Central Park … for the start of it.

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It was a lovely evening in the City, the sun was now just setting as a nice breeze blew through the park. Seemed like a lovely day to be outside. Parents were letting their kids play in some corners of the park in the waning hours of sunlight. Couples were getting closer to one another as they sat on a few tables. Though, Kael on the other hand was sitting under a tree. The wind blowing a different direction around him; towards him as a matter of fact as the little aerokinetic read a book. His hair just barely tipped white.

Out on a simple walk after spending time with one of his fellow spirits, Keith Flinn's got baggy cargo shorts and a tank-top on as well as sunglasses. The white haired young man's just whistling a tune as he walks along, looking for something interesting. Of course, once he senes the odd wind-patterns, Keith stops. Going quiet, he starts to look around. Eventually, his gaze settles and locks on Kael. "Well, now what do we have here?" he asks himself quietly.

Kael is humming softly to himself; the boy sliding down the tree slightly to get more comfy on the ground; the wind shifting around him to blow at his side as he continues to read his book. As a leg moves to lay flat on the ground; the title of the book is revealed. It's one of the Magic the Gathering books.

Keith takes a hand out of his pocket, staring intently at Kael as if trying to figure out what he is. Reaching out, he pulls the winds away from the mutant, making them blow towards himself to see if that will draw attention his way.

Kael blinks slightly as the winds are ripped from his control easily and he looks up from the book. His eyes looking around; there's a slight look of fear in his eyes as his hair bleeds white a bit more. Trying to pull the winds back into his control.

Keith smirks slightly at the sight of Kael's hair changing. Eyebrows arch and he takes a tighter control of the winds. Starting to walk towards Kael, the air-spirit chuckles quietly.

Kael lets out a grunt of frustration; his hair turning back to the normal dark brown as he slumps back against the tree. Giving up on trying to wrest control back from whatever was taking it away. The air spirit gets a glance from other the top of the book before he goes back to reading it.

Keith stops infront of Kael, looking down at him and his book from behind sunglasses. "Such an interesting young one reading…Magic the Gathering?" he comments, making the air swirl around them both.

Kael looks up at the person in front of him, noticing the wind swirling around him with a quirk of a brow before he says, in a very shy tone, "Y… yeah. It's… an interesting… book series."

Keith smirks. "Yes. I suppose it is. I was never very interested in those card games," he comments. "What brings you to the park tonight?"

Kael lets out a soft laugh, "Just reading away from home. Felt it was a nice enough day to go out in the city?" He lets out a soft laugh again as he gulps a bit.

Keith quirks an eyebrow before crouching down. He fixes a glare on Kael for several moments before finally smiling. "Oh relax. If I intended to kill you I would've just sucked all the air out of your lungs from a distance or done some other horrible thing," he says, joking edge to his voice. "So you can play with the wind too?"

Kael's eyes go wide at the glare, and he holds the book up in front of his face to hide that face from him. A small 'eep' comes from him at the wind from the lungs comment before he lowers the book, nodding a bit before admitting, "Yeah… I do."

Keith grins. "Well. Let's go get something to eat then. Talk about things wind related and you can tell me just where you came from," he suggests, sounding rather amused and friendly.

Kael stays silent for the moment, and his hand drifts down to his pocket; feeling the edge of his cellphone for a bit of reassurance. "Uh… sure. Food sounds good right now." He dogears the page he's on and closes the book before getting up, still a bit nervous as he says, "How'd you know… it was me?"

Keith laughs, standing and stretching. "I can sense the air…where it's moving and all that," he says. "And when I felt it moving around you," he reaches out to gently tap Kael's nose. "I started pulling on it to see if you'd pull back. And you did."

Kael blinks at the tap on his nose; bringing a hand up to rub at it as he says, "Ah… I see…" A flush appears on his cheeks as he reluctantly says, "You were pulling so hard at it, I could barely get any of it back. So… I just let it go."

Keith opens his mouth to say something be reconsiders and just laughs. He ruffles Kael's hair and then shakes his head. "Don't worry about it, kid. Aren't many out there at all that can take the air from me," he says. "So…you got a name?" he asks, starting to walk. He apparently expects Kael to follow.

Kael runs a hand through his hair after the ruffle, starting to follow the other man. "The name is Kael." He mutters something under his breath akin to, 'I probably could when I'm older…'

Keith looks over his shoulder. "Ya think? Well…you forget, when you're older…I will be too," he points out. "And do you honestly think I'll be sitting around and twiddling my thumbs now that I know a little fan's running around?" he teases. "Call me Keith. Where do ya wanna eat? It's on me."

Kael glances up at Keith, chuckling softly at that last bit. "I don't know really. I'm hungry for pretty much anything." He slips the book into a cargo pocket of his shorts before he slips his hands into his jacket pockets. "So… what all can you do with the wind? Other than…" He glups a bit here, "… ripping air from lungs."

Keith remains silent for a few moments and then holds out a hand. "Take my hand," he says simply. "We're going for a ride."

Kael takes a hold of his hand and he blinks softly. "Going for a ride, what?" The grip is loose though.

Keith sighs at the loose grip, taking a tight one. He's not trying to hurt Kael, just keep him from slipping free. "This one," he says, grinning as the winds pick up. And suddenly, they're up in the air, flying over New York City.

Kael lets out a yell as he's lifted off of the ground. His eyes go wide with fear for a good moment before it soon turns into awe and amazement. "Wow…" He looks over at Keith and asks a real dumb question. "You're having the wind do this?"

Keith pulls Kael a bit closer as they get higher for security's sake. "Hell yeah! First thing I ever learned how to do with it!" he replies, grinning widely. "Favorite thing to do with it too!"

Kael looks back out over the city, not caring he's being pulled closer to do this. "I can't wait till I learn how to do this myself!" He laughs loudly, his eyes drinking in the sights of being so high up. New personal goal? Oh yeah.

Keith smirks, pulling Kael along for a few tricks. Flips, loops, barrel rolls, the whole nine yards. He's enjoying this. Eventually, they approach a McDonalds and Keith starts to lower towards a secluded area. "You mean you don't know already?"

Kael laughs brightly through all the tricks. Yelling out a 'Whoa!' through the loops and barrel rolls. When he asks the question, he shakes his head and says, "Nah, I only know how to make myself float like… half a foot off of the ground; and even then it backfires half the time and knocks me on my ass. That, and make winds faster." He sighs a bit.

"Nice ass to be knocked on," Keith remarks idly as they land. Straightening his clothes and letting go of Kael, he gestures for the teen to follow. "So…what are you? Mutant? Meta? Magic?"

Kael blushes at the comment and he coughs slightly. "I'm a mutant." He follows Keith after they touch the ground and he says, "I've had my gift for the past three years, but I've mainly been wanting to hide it. So, I never really practiced or tried to get control of it. Just…. hide it."

Keith makes a disappointed noise as he holds open the door to the fast food place for Kael. "Sad…you shouldn't have hit it. If you've had it for that long you could have been spectacular by now," he says. "Order whatever ya want," he says, stepping up to the counter.

Kael rubs the back of his head, saying softly, "Each time I tried, my father would hit me. Make me promise not to even use them." When they go inside, Kael looks up at the menu; and he lists off a good sized order. A normal meal for him, then he adds on a milkshake and a McFlurry for dessert. And he also made his meal a large. Mmm. Salty fries.

Keith quirks an eyebrow at how much Kael orders, just nodding to the clerk. He gets a large fry and a matching chocolate shake for himself. "I take it…you're not staying with him anymore then?"

Kael shakes his head. "No. My mother sent me here to stay with relatives. They don't mind that I'm like this. Infact they're starting to encourage me to practice. But it's hard to do by yourself. You're one of the few people that I've met that can do the same as me." In a sense.

Keith nods,paying casually and offering to carry the massive order once it's arrived and then bringing it towards a booth in the back. Sliding in, he uses the wind to snag some straws, napkins, and salt packets. "Where do you go to school?"

Kael slides into the opposite booth and he reaches to grab the milkshake first as he says, "My grandparents are putting me through a private school. They think it's safer for me as there isn't a bunch of students, and they told me that I wouldn't have to worry about bullies there." He lets out a soft laugh. "Else, I might blast 'em into a wall or somethin'."

Keith chuckles. "So they don't mind privates schools…" he trails off, eating his fries after applying some extra salt. "Would they be willing to…switch schools? Put you in one…more for your kind?"

Kael stops mid drink of his milkshake and he swallows a bit. Blinking at Keith for a moment. He gnaws at his lower lip a bit, an obvious sign that a kid his age has been caught in a corner.

Keith pauses, frowning a moment. He studies Kael for a moment before letting out a sigh of his own. "So. Let me guess…the school you go to is Xavier's?" he asks softly.

Kael nods softly and very slowly before he says, "I… I'm not supposed to talk about it … so… I had to … make up something else…" He bites his lower lip, he still hates to lie. And he diverts his gaze down to his milkshake cup. What interesting design.

Keith rolls his eyes. "Oh, relax. I already know about it. Run by Summers. Someone I live with and care about very much used to go there," he says. "I…don't suppose you could tell me anything about a big wolf-looking guy? Shoots rocks, jumps around? Pallaton?" he idly muses. "So you're getting your training there?"

Kael looks back up at him. "I've only met him once, in passing anyway. I… tried to scratch behind his ears… but he's too tall." He lets out a huff at that memory before he takes another drink of his shake, setting it aside before he goes for his hamburger. "I am… But, I want to learn from someone that knows wind like how I'd control it."

Keith arches both eyebrows, smirking slightly as he plans something. "You're telling me there's not a single other wind-user over there?" he asks, a but surprised at this.

Kael takes a bite of his hamburger, swallowing a bit quickly before he answers his question. "There's only one that I know of. Ms. Munroe. And I haven't been able to ask her since I haven't been able to find her." He takes another bite of his hamburger, seems he has a good appetite for a kid his age.

Keith takes note of Kael's appetite and lets out a thoughtful noise. "So you don't have anyone teaching you properly? I believe…" he trails off, eating some more fries. "I have an idea."

Kael shakes his head. "Not at the moment anyway. I do have the basic classes. Math, English, all that fun stuff." He eats a bit of his fries before he tilts his head a bit. "What's… your idea?"

Keith points at Kael suddenly. "You. Come and learn a bit from me," he says as if it's the simplest thing in the world. "I may not be an actual teacher and I may be..strange," he chuckles. "But I am the best air-controller there is," he says, rather arrogant. "And you, Kael, have caught my interest."

Kael meeps softly and blinks a bit. "Well… I still have to go to school and stuff." He smiles softly, "I'd love to learn from you… and I've already gathered that you're a little odd." A soft laugh at that, and he clears his throat; fry got stuck a bit.

Keith rolls his eyes. "Well, no duh, little air head," he chuckles. "I'll be teaching you powers…not math and sciene and all that. Maybe some sex ed if you ask nicely," he winks. "But other than that…just powers. And I want you to do something for me…"

Kael snickers softly, blushing softly at the mention of sex ed before he blinks a bit. "What's what?" Being a bit wary at the moment as he slowly noms on his McFlurry. M&Ms for the win.

Keith chuckles. "Don't worry too much about it. Just tell Pallaton I'd like to talk with him again is all," he says simply. "And try not to make too big a deal out of all this. You can tell people but don't get 'em acting like I'm going to be giving just anyone lessons," he says. Reaching into his pocket, Keith pulls out a card wth a phone number to reach him at and an e-mail. "Here."

Kael laughs a bit, taking the card; twirling it around between to fingers with a flick of another. "Right, I'll try and relay the word to him. It's surprisingly hard to find a wolfman that tall." He looks down at the card a bit and then looks back up at Keith. "What all can you do? Other than fly and stuff that I've seen?"

Keith drinks his milkshake and nods. "Control air, its tempurature, make wind blades, mess with peoples' ears, listen in from far away, I'm immortal…and I'm working on lightning."

Now there's something that Kael'll never accomplish. "… Lightning?" THere's a twinge of fear in his voice. He lets out a soft laugh before he blinks a bit and says, "You can control it's tempe— Wait, wind blades? … That's so what I want to learn."

Keith nods. "Its dangerous and complicated but I am luckily immune to electricity so I'm practicing," he says finishing off the milkshake. "So you want me to teach you flight and wind blades?"

Kael nods a bit. Filing away in the Cool, but I can't Do part of his mind. "I wanna learn how to do anything with wind. Well… anything that I can actually do with it anyway. Like how to blast wind at people, wind blades, flight would be awesome, … basically anything other than me making winds just go faster."

Keith nods. "We'll start fun then get dangerous then…" he trails off, making more plans. "How old are you anyway?"
Kael smiles a bit wide, finishing off his McFlurry with a content sigh. He laughs a bit, scratching at his cheek for a moment before he mumbles out, "Sixteen…"

Keith remains quiet for a few moments, eating his fries. "Old enough," he says, smirking. "Well. Right now, I have to get going. My…associates…will be waiting for me. But it was a pleasure to meet you, Kael. Call me or e-mail me soon with when you're free from school," he says, offering a hand across the table.

Kael smiles brightly. "It was nice meeting you as well, Keith!" He shakes the older man's hand enthusiastically, and then says, "Well… unless it's a Tuesday or a Thursday. I'm free after school. I have squad sessions on those two days." He smiles softly, rubbing the back of his head before he pulls his cellphone out and eeps a bit at the time. "I gotta get back to school. It's getting close to curfew."

Keith nods, making mental notes to ask about things. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a small wad of bills. About a hundred and fifty dollars. It's handed to Kael. "You can call a cab with this," he offers. "We're closer to Westchester now than we were in the park."

Kael's jaw drops at the money, and he slowly takes it from him. "Oh… kay." He stares at the money in his hand and then looks back at Keith. "Do you want me to give you the change when I meet up with you again?"

Keith stares at Kael for a moment then throws his head back and laughs. "Kid, to me…-that- is change," he says simply. "It's yours. Consider it…a little gift," he says, ruffling Kael's hair. "See ya," he offers a short wave and heads for the door.

Kael's eyes go wide at the laugh and then the comment afterwards. "Uh… thanks?" He turns his head, watching him leave. Then the time beeps at the half hour mark, and he starts out the door. Time to find a cab!

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