Tyler "Coronus" Hayworth
Tyler Hayworth
Portrayed By Austin Anderson
Gender M
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Coronus
Place of Birth Unknown
Hometown Cheviot, OH
Current Location Xavier's School
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Robert and David Hayworth (parents)
Significant Other Kieran O'Toole
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Phenomenal Cosmic Power
First Appearance X Kitchen
Alts Anthony Stark


I came into the world bringing chaos and joy to my parents Robert and David. Sometimes more chaos than joy but such is the nature of having kids right?

Man is Cheviot, OH boring 365 days a year. That's in Hamilton Country by the way. My apartment is off Harrison Ave. Pretty big street actually. St. Martin's Church is round here and a good deal of the kids around here end up in private school but not me buddy! This guy attends a public high school and is quite happy with that thank you.

I should really start from the beginning shouldn't I? I'm Tyler Hayworth fifteen year old son of Robert and David Hayworth. Yup, I've two dads and YES I'm adopted. Robert works as a repairman for this apartment community we live in. It's really a nice area with brick apartments which keeps the chill of the winter out which is most excellent for most of the year otherwise we'd freeze our butts off. Oh, he also does some work down at a local repair shop on the side as he loves to work on cars and such. It's kinda a hobby of his and I get to help sometimes even though I've no idea what I'm doing. Who wouldn't want to work on a car?

David, my other father, he's a teacher at the Elementary school around the corner. The kids love him, and he's always bringing home pictures that some of the kids made him or odd bits of glittered macaroni art. They're really polar opposites my dad's but they love each other and love me. They adopted me when I was a baby and we've lived here in Cheviot my whole life. No pets, no real drama to speak of lest you count the time I painted a few walls with paints that didn't want to be removed from said walls. Boy was I in trouble for that! Well, ok…we have a pet. We just don't consider her a pet because she's a DIVA. Tabby cat basically wandered in and stayed one day and now she runs the place like she's Queen or something.

I'm getting off track again like I'm prone to do. So erm, mentioned my dad's and that I'm adopted and the DIVA so…where do I go next? I've had a pretty good life so far all things considered. Nice place to live, parents that love me, a cat that demands affection and I've got a good group of friends that I hang out with. School's ok I suppose. I don't play sports and I'm not really into computer games and such. I like listening to music, helping my parents, and painting. LOVE painting. I think if I couldn't paint I'd go mental to tell you the truth. I've been painting since I was introduced to finger paints and haven't stopped since. When I'm not at school, at the shop with Robert or painting I might be hanging out with my Gran. She's a neat ol'lady who tells great stories and makes the most awesome cheesecake I've ever had! We've got a standing date every Saturday to go to LaRosa's with my dad's which is my favorite day of the week!

Don't get me wrong I have to put up with a lot of bullshit being an adopted kid not to mention being an adopted kid with gay parents but I don't sweat that. People are gonna hate, people are gonna be jealous of what I've got so WHATEVER. Parts of the major city are pretty bad when it comes to hating on someones race, religion or sexual preference. Steer clear of that mess and things are alright. Some days I wished we lived in a warmer climate though as the winter makes me feel like I'm being dragged behind a bus.

Alright! I'll stop babbling about this that and the other. You want to know what's really up with me? You see right before I turned fifteen there was a bit of DRAMA which I hate talking about but I must for you to understand. See, the weather can get really shitty up here sometimes and me and a few of my friends were out walking round this lake we hang out near all year long. Short short story is that the weather turned to shit while we were walking around and one of my friends went sliding down a hill. Scariest thing I'd ever seen! End over end man all the way down to the frozen over lake where he skidded out a few feet. Damn but we didn't know what to do. The lake wasn't really frozen over solid and we tried using sticks and all sorts of things to reach out to him with. One friend went to get help, and that left me and my stranded friend.

Well, you can see where this is going. Ice began to crack, I had to do something so I tried sliding out onto the ice to get my friend and lo' we both went into the water. Never been colder in my life but somehow I managed to get us both up and rolled onto the frozen ground next to the lake. I thought I was going to die right there but then I realized that I didn't feel a thing. Yeah I felt wet of course but I should have been freezing to death like my friend. Next thing I know everything around me had cracked or frozen solid and my friend had rolled away moaning. Looked down at myself and it was like one of those shots from the Hubble. I looked like stars, and space dust, and yeah I screamed like a girl. Wouldn't you? Tell you what, I wasn't cold any longer though my friend was.

It was a freaking mess when my friend came back with help to see us there lakeside. The police officer didn't know what to think nor did my dry friend. I asked him to call my parents because I honestly didn't know what to do! I couldn't smell anything, couldn't taste anything, and everywhere I walked things beneath my feet cracked. I did poke at myself a few times to see if I was solid and sure enough I was, more or less. My parents were freaked out, I was too, and I walked home with David while Robert went ahead wondering what we were going to do. I calmed down on the way home and I reverted back which wasn't the best thing actually. From frozen, to a walking space man, to being naked like I came into this world. David threw his long coat on me and got me into the apartment real quick.

The next month or so was crazy. I lit a few things on fire, froze some stuff, and got in trouble for scaring people in the Planatarium by walking up to them during the solar system show and saying, “Hello. Could you tell me where your leader is?” I needed help, and my parents hadn't a clue how to go about finding me that help but that's when we got contacted by this Xavier's school guy. Sounded like a pretty sweet deal and let's face it; I needed all the help I can get! What if I blow something up by going all supernova or something? Or I wake up one day and I can't revert back or-or-or my body just doesn't exist anymore? Gees man. Or my nifty hovering trick turns into me turning all Astro-Orbiter and I can't get down. Not happy thoughts lemme tell you.

So, I'm kissing Cheviot goodbye for now, my parents and the Diva as well. I've not been away from home before so I'm not sure how this going to go but I'm ready to learn and this place sounded just like what I need. So, it's Xavier's or com-bust!

Helpful Information is Helpful

Cosmic Form- Able to shift from human into a form made up of cosmic energy/material that retains a human shape though he will appear as a mass of energy to sensors. There will be no vital signs to speak of. This is due to the fact that there are no organs present. When in this form he does not need to eat, or breathe for instance. He can still communicate, and touch, however, he can not smell or taste. He is likewise immune to the affects of space and immense pressure (immune to sub zero temperature).
While in form there is a 2ft radius about Tyler that is -105F. This 2ft radius can cause issues as it is cold enough to crack/freeze whatever it touches. Thankfully Tyler can hover a foot off the ground by converting energy into thrust to keep from causing harm to the environment unless that is the intent. As a note: One should NOT attempt to touch Tyler in this form. At present Tyler can only maintain this form for about an hour at maximum unless other factors are in play.

Cosmic Energy Blasts- Since Tyler is made of cosmic material he is able to produce energy blasts that hit with a physical force of about 10 tons. Should that blast touch it has a secondary affect - it feels like being touched by something that is at -40F(ex: This is Arctic temp). The chill effect lasts only so long as the blast makes contact, and can leave frostbite damage depending on the resistances of the target. If he concentrates hard enough he can narrow the beam down and cut with it. The distance he is capable of projecting blasts is twenty yards and he can maintain it for about half an hour before he tires and can not continue. The blasts appear as a focused beam of many small stars, almost as if it were a beam of sparklers.


Tyler's Family and Friends

~Name ~Notes
Robert Hayworth Tyler's father that works as a repairman for an apartment community as well as a local mechanic shop. He's barely five foot eight with dark hair and eyes. Rob is quite enthusiastic about life and enjoys sports, good food and watching movie marathons. He's a hard worker, loyal friend and doting father. Tyler will refer to Robert as Daddy when speaking of him.
David Hayworth Tyler's father that works as a teacher for an elementary school. He's tall, slender, blonde haired and blue eyed. David is the practical parent making sure everything gets done and that Robert and Tyler do not run amok in the apartment. He's an avid book reader, loves eclectic music and going to cultural events. Tyler will refer to David as Dad when speaking of him.
Amelia Elias Robert's mother. She's a very bubbly septuagenarian that enjoys life at a pace that belies her age. She's very proud of her family, upholds Southern values and enjoys a good bbq from time to time. Mainly she likes to snuggle up with her pets on her couch with a very worn blanket and talk to her family via web chat or on speaker phone.


Date Log Title Cast Summary
May 30, 2011 Kitchen Chatter Cloud Kieran Robyn & Tyler Ty meets a few people in the kitchen at the school.


  • Space is the breath of art- Frank Lloyd Wright
  • "By Grabthar's hammer; What a savings!" - Alexander Dane
  • "Phenomenal cosmic power! Itty bitty living space." - Genie
  • "I need space to work, literally." - T.Hayworth


  • Tyler is a painter.
  • Loves fantasy, science fiction, and period movies.
  • Thor is his favorite hero!
  • Favorite Bands: Cure, Muse, Blue October, Korn
  • Theme Music- Starman by David Bowie
  • Has a serious crush on Adam Levine of Maroon 5

The Proof!

Favorite Songs


1st form image is Thom Kallor which is a DC character. I've taken the image and used Photoshop to make the form itself appear the way I wanted it to be. The icon for Coronus is a Captain Universe image. This character is not a copy of either Starman or Captain Universe. The CG looking images are a character I created in DCU Online.

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