2011-05-11: Unanswered Questions


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Summary: Rashmi asks Jessica Drew a question she cannot answer.

Date: May 11, 2011

Log Title: Unanswered Questions

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Administrative Office

The administrative offices of the various shield agents and academic administrators as well as the small army of secretaries and clerks it takes to keep a school running smoothly are connected to this module. The central module has a large counter bisecting it with various school functionaries behind the counter at work stations or manning the desk.

It's been some months, since Rashmi last requested a moment of Agent Drew's time. But, given the little she's cleared to know, and the scope of what she knows she *isn't* cleared to even think about knowing, it never really gets any easier, even with the regular personal training she's taken from the Agent. Thus, she can't help but fidget slightly, tugging at the hem of her school uniform shirt, smoothing out invisible wrinkles in her skirt, and above all trying not to think about the sheer irregularity that she intends to ambush Agent Drew with… Failing quite miserably, given how her mind tends to work.

Spider-Woman was at Barnes when she got word that Rashmi wanted to see her and now she finds herself entering the room, almost without a sound. She's dressed in her full Spider-Woman costume, the mask pulled down to reveal her face and her black hair a bit messed up. "Good evening Ms. Franklin. I apologize for being in costume I was using the facility here to get some training in." She wants to get her training in away from anywhere Taskmaster might be. "How can I help you this evening?"

Rashmi blinks sharply as Jessica enters, getting up from her chair before the woman can manage two more steps once revealing herself. Spider-Woman may not be among the most visible of New York's superhero community, but the sight of her in costume adds a special presence, making it harder for the redhead to keep from just blurting out her question. "Um… Sorry to bother you, ma'am… Just… had a couple questions, and again I couldn't think of anyone else."

Jessica gives Rashmi a smile and nods. "It's okay, it's what I'm here for." At least Rashmi is older and not quite in that 'young teenager' age so she has a better time dealing with her. "So what did you have questions with tonight?" She asks looking around the room. "They really need to get a water cooler in here."

Rashmi's lips twitch upward for a moment, but she clears her throat. "Well… first question's pretty easy, I just wanted to make sure… Does Barnes have a policy on college-level students taking off-campus housing? I mean, besides the usual secret-keeping. Is it even permitted? Because I couldn't find anything in the rulebook…"

Jessica furrows her brow at the question. "I'm not sure, it's never been brought up. I don't see why they wouldn't." She says as she sits down at the table. "We'd have to arrange for a way for you to get back and fourth from the school in the most discrete way possible..so I don't see any issues with that. I'll talk to Sam Wilson and get a definite answer for you okay?"

Rashmi bobs her head, taking a seat at the other end of the table. "Thanks… I'd figured there wasn't any precedent, but, I have a couple friends from Xavier's, and the idea came up. Which… sort of leads into the *hard* question." She draws in a deep breath, steeling her nerves. "…One of those friends is Connor Blake, ma'am… The student whose parents Barnes sent the offer to?"

Jessica nods at the mention of Connor Blake. "Yes he was one of the few from Xavier's that we thought had potential and have invited him to attend Barnes Academy. I understand you two are friends." She says. "What is it you wish to know about Mr. Blake?"

"…Honestly?" Rashmi says, smoothing her skirt again? "I want to know why his father would get into a fight with him over coming here. He doesn't know, his mom doesn't know… His uncle does, and I think I might have an idea. ….Look, ma'am… I know I'm in no way cleared to know, but this is my friend, and he's hurt. So I have to ask; is there or has there ever been an Agent Blake of SHIELD?"

"I understand that you are concerned for your friend but if he's having an argument with his father about coming here or not well, that is a matter between him and his family." Jessica says though there is a bit of a sad look in her face. "I'm sorry but I cannot answer your question as you do not have the appropriate SHIELD clearance to who was and who wasn't an Agent."

Rashmi's eyes narrow briefly, and she nods, once. "…But there wouldn't have *been* an argument if his father didn't know anything about SHIELD. And SHIELD operates under global security clearance. And since you can't tell me 'no,' then that's my answer." Nodding to herself again, she takes in another deep breath. "This is my friend, ma'am, as I said. I promised him that I'd do what I can. And if that means cornering his father and his Uncle Yuri, just so the air's clear enough that Connor understands? I don't intend to hesitate."

"There's a reason why you were asked to attend Barnes Academy." Jessica says as she brushes a few stray strands of black hair out of her face. "But I stand by my previous answer, I cannot disclose that type of information. "I cannot tell you 'yes' either Ms. Franklin. I understand your concern for your friend but this is something he will need to work out between him and his father. I cannot be any further assistance but I can say that your friend, Connor, was invited to attend Barnes because he has potential."

Rashmi smiles faintly, nodding. "I agree… Connor could be *incredible* at just about anything he decides he wants to do. And, honestly? Even if he doesn't decide on Agent training… I think this school could do him a lot of good. He *likes* structure, ma'am. He's sort of wired to need it. And SHIELD wants him." Lifting a shoulder, she scoots her chair back. "I just want to make sure that if Connor wants this, he gets it with a minimum of fuss."

"There's nothing wrong with liking structure." Jessica says as she likes it herself. "Barnes can do a lot of the students here a lot of good though as for your friend unfortunately we cannot control how much fuss there might be in them coming here." She then looks at Rashmi and takes a deep breath. "Now it's my turn to ask you a question."

Rashmi tilts her head, settling back in her chair and raising her eyebrows. "Of course, ma'am?"

"There's a new student here from Xavier's, I believe you know her and share a suite, Kisha Dorogoi. I would just like you to keep an eye on here and let me know if there's any…questionable behaviour." Jessica says.

"…Kisha," Rashmi says after a moment, nodding. "Yeah… Ms. Frost sent me an email about that. I'm afraid I don't know her *that* well… not enough to be much help at the moment. But, I can do that, ma'am. And see about helping get her settled in here, a little better. …Based on what little I remember, probably she's been as pleasant as a sandpaper massage for the staff…"

"Yes, Agent Quetzalmet her and had a feeling she was going to be causing some…issues." Jessica says. "I shouldn't tell you too much because you're a student but I know I can trust you. We don't believe she's a lost cause but we need to know what we can to be able to train her."

Rashmi bobs her head. "Not a problem, ma'am, I'll keep you updated… Besides, it'll be nice to have *something* to fill the hours in the morning. Not that I *minded* the break, since, y'know, I asked for it… But I'm probably going to get back to filling my schedule up however I can, to be honest." The redhead flashes Jessica a brief smile. "Too much of a good thing, and all…"

Jessica stands up and puts a hand on Rashmi's shoulder. "I wish the best of luck to your friend." She says. "Well I hope that we can continue our training even though your classes will be starting up again. You have a lot of promise Rashmi."

Rashmi rises from her seat, smiling and bobbing her head. "I'll do my best not to let you down, ma'am. I'm just glad to be attending here… It's really a better school than I could have hoped for. And… well. Thanks for not, y'know, arresting me for trying to break clearance, too. I do have to appreciate that."

"There's no harm in asking questions." Jessica says. "If you were to actually press the matter and try to get into files that you didn't have clearance for, then we would have a problem but there is nothing wrong with asking a question. Well you have a good night Ms. Franklin. I will see you for training tomorrow." She says as she goes to leave the room.

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