2011-06-18: Uncle Jordan

Players: Jordan Mayfair, Kai, and Kevin

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Summary: Jordan and Kevin meet for the first time and also encounter Kai.

Date: June 18, 2011

Log Title: Uncle Jordan

Rating: PG

NYC - Brooklyn

Brooklyn is located on the western most tip of Long Island. Brooklyn has a lot of cultural diversity, an independent art scene, distinct neighborhoods and a unique architectural heritage. Along the shore are a bunch of abandoned warehouses that people rent out to hold concerts, parties, and other various events. Row houses can be found through out the most the borough built in the 19th century architectural style.

School has ended for the semester and that means that there's nothing really keeping Kevin at home. He's come to the city with a group of friends from school, but everyone else has gone their seperate ways now. It's mid-afternoon now, the sun warm, hot where it reflects up off of the pavement, and a faint cooling breeze blows down the canyons of New York. With a bag of dried fruit in one hand and a messenger bag slung over his shouler. He's dressed in dark gray skinny jeans, a loose fitting, white v-neck t-shirt, and a pair of dark blue high top sneakers. He's looking at the warehouses, absently nibbling on the dried fruit, bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet as he stands in front of a building that's been opened as a craft fair, his expression thoughtful as he shakes his hair back out of his eyes.

While he is not one to typically attend a craft fair, Jordan Mayfair is bored and happened to finish conducting some rather shady business in one of the warehouses. So as he exits, he the one warehouse, he finds himself by the entrance of the craft fair. He shrugs as he considers entering. Not yet having noticed his nephew. He starts to walk by the entrance, dressed in designer jeans and a black and blue stripped polo shirt. “Who knows maybe Axel will like something from here?”

Kai is heading back from another job he was instucted to do aside from his mission, he's dressed in black jeans, black converse, a black hoodie, hood up with a red t-shirt undernieth, the teen has his earphones in and is singing quietly as he walks along, "I believe everything happens for a reason, Why did we end up here, Chronarchs dead, nothing left; all seems so confusing, Vortex cant just disappear, What happens when all the lights go out, Theres no way back; were stranded now, What happens when everything goes dark, Its got no life left in its heart…", he does spot Kevin from the time they ran into each other at the zoo, keeping his head down he keeps on walking.

Kevin nibbles lightly at his lower lip before shrugging and deciding against getting anything for his dads for Father's Day from here. He turns to walk away and comes face to face with his Uncle Jordan, though he doesn't recognize him right away, "Oh!" He takes a half a step back, just re-establishing a bubble of personal space and once again shaking his hair back, "I didn't see you for a minute there. Sorry." A faint blush of embarassment stains his cheeks, even though there was no real danger that he would actually run into the older mutant. Glancing beyond the man he nearly (but not really) ran into, he frowns faintly when he spots a somewhat familiar boy all in black walking by and lifts a hand in greeting.

Not immediately noticing his nephew just yet. Jordan looks at the entrance to the craft fair and then shrugs “No, I don’t think I will get anything for Axel there. Plus I wonder if he would get me anything considering.” He pauses a moment as he has yet another reason to dislike his brother and brother-in-law. “Father’s Day gifts.” With that he turns absently and walks when he also comes face to face with his nephew, Kevin. He blinks a moment and then frowns as all he sees is a younger Jericho. “Kevin?” He does a surface mindscan on the boy to catch his thoughts.

Father's day doesn't mean anything to Kai, he's never met his father or really thought about the man, though when kids at school were talking about the occasion the thought did pass though his mind, "Im sorry, Im so sorry, Seems Im not that clever after all, Now my race are erased; nothing but the memories, Folktalkes told through time, Legacy meant to be buried with the yale key, And my remaining lives, A green glimmer of hope, we cant let it go to waste, If I give some of my life, well use it to escape this place, Where are they running off to, I thought that they would care, Try to keep them safe, they dont know what lies out there…", as Kevin waves to him he makes it look like he hasn't noticed the other boy.

Father's Day is what's on Kevin's mind. He still doesn't have the perfect gift for one of his dads. When the stranger says his name, he blinks a couple of times and cocks his head slightly to one side, "Yes…" His voice seems to ask how the older man knows him, though he does look familiar. Like he should know him, but doesn't quite, "Do I-" Then recognition hits and he blinks a couple of times, offering a tentative smile, "Uncle Jordan?" He knows that the man he calls Dad-one has a younger brother named Jordan, and he looks a lot like Jericho… He spares Kai a glance, shrugging and dismissing him when he doesn't respond to the wave, "I thought I knew that guy… Guess I don't though." If he knew him, then, surely, he'd have responded to the younger boy's wave, right?

“My god, you look just like Jericho.” Jordan shakes his head in disbelief just how much Kevin looks like his older brother. He lets out an exhale as he is reminded just how much he hates his brother when he sees Kevin, but then shakes his head and remembers that despite the uncanny resemblance. This is not Jericho. “Yes, I am your uncle Jordan.” The word ‘uncle’ hits him too as he thinks about his other nephew Eddie and sighs, “How is your brother?” He smirks, “And my brother? Shopping for a Father’s Day gift?” He turns in the general direction of Kai when Kevin points him out and squints and does a mindscan on him for his surface thoughts.

Kai wants to stop and say hello to Kevin, he's one of the few people he's interacted with that hasn't decided to make his life miserible, but with what he's just done it's not the best idea to hang around, and thats pretty much the surface thoughts for the teen other than thinking back to something said at school the other day, half his class seem to practicly worship a preformer called Kanye West, which is something he doesn't quite understand, he's listened to the man's 'music' and he can't sing he has machines do the work for him. He takes a breath a decides to risk a quick hello to Kevin, he changes direction to pass in their direction, "Hey Kevin".

"I do?" Kevin wrinkles his nose a little at that. He's heard it a lot over the past year plus, but he still doesn't see it, himself. The phrase 'my god' has him cringing slightly; a remnant of his life before living in the Parker-Mayfair home, "I guess, maybe… I get that a lot." He doesn't mind that he looks like the man who saved his life (twice!). It's kinda cool, actually. He smiles at the confirmation that Mayfair is his uncle, "I thought you look familiar…" Then he's getting the response from Kai that he was hoping for in the first place and a bright, friendly grin lights on his face, "Hi!" He pauses for a moment, trying to remember a name, "You're the penguin guy, right?" Tehn he's turning back to his uncle and nodding, "Yeah. I've got a new cookbook for Dad-two, but I still need something for Dad-one. I just don't know what to get him, though…" What do you get for the man that has pretty much everything and doesn't believe in God? It's not like he can just go and get the latest James Dobso
Dobson book for him, after all. That probably wouldn't go over too well…

“Well a good gift for Jericho might be a piece of sh… “ Jordan stops thought after he has scanned Kai’s mind and blinks and then looks between Kevin and Kai. While Kevin’s death would be a great way to get at Jericho, especially considering their resemblance. Jordan has decided not to have his nephews majorly harmed. And the idea that someone could hurt Kevin for some reason bothers him. Could be he’s family or could be that if anyone is going to hurt Jericho through Kevin it would be him. Jordan does not mind people being killed and has killed many before, but for the moment he makes no direct comment to Kai. “A friend from school?” He asks Kevin about Kai. “I met some of your other friends from your school already.”

Kai smiles, "Yeah i'm the penguin guy, but my friends call me Kai", when Kai is asked about the connection between the two boys he shakes his head, "No we don't go to the same school, i met Kevin at the zoo, hence i'm now known as penguin guy", though it might be due to an obsession with the biscuits he's never had one though.

Kevin blinks a couple of times and pales a little for a moment before flushing when his uncle starts to say what he can get his genetic father for Father's Day, "Hey! Dad-one is cool! I want to get something amazing for him…" Maybe he'll just make him something, instead… He's got a mostly finished key ring he could finish off quickly. Yeah! That could work. He shakes his head when asked if he and Kai go to th same school, opening his mouth to explain, but Kai beats him to it and he nods, "Yeah." He grins at the introduction, "Cool! Kai it is." He glances back at Mayfair at the mention of other students at his school, tilting his head curiously, "You have? Who?"

Kevin hmmmmmns as he looks over Kai. It may be obvious as he continues to maintain the psilink with the kid. He then responds to Kevin not remembering their names, but he describes Cloud, Jem, and Kieran. “They were friendly enough.” Finally addressing Kai, “I am Kevin’s overprotective uncle. Should anything happen to him… what was your name, again… Kai? Should anything happen to him, I would be most upset and I would hurt or even kill whoever hurts him.” Jordan eyes Kai the entire time.
There is a momentary spike of panic in Kai's mind when Mayfair makes his threat before it bacomes calm and clear, "Is that so?, well thanks for sharing that little bit of information it's sure to make such a difference", he looks to Kevin, "Does your uncle often give that little speech, seeming so eager to point out his willingness to kill".

"Oh! That sounds like Kieran." It's easy for Kevin to recognize one of his best friends. Cloud, not so much, and he's never met Jem before, "Kieran's one of my best friends." So he knows that he's friendly. Then his uncle is making death threats if anything should happen to him and the younger boy pales, blinking rapidly several times and falling speachless. He looks back and forth between the other two, licking his lips nervously and swallowing hard once before he shakes his head at Kai, "I don't know… I know he and Dad-one don't get along all that well, but I've never really met him before…" Maybe he doesn't want to get to know his self-proclaimed overprotective uncle?

Noting the panic coming from Kai. Jordan grins, “Trust me, Kai. I can.” Jordan finally looks to his nephew and smiles a bit at how nervous he has gotten as he imagines Jericho being afraid. He then exhales and telepathically to Kevin, <Make no indication that I am speaking to you telepathically. I know this is an odd first meeting and there is no love loss between your father and I. But I just want to warn you. Your ‘friend’ Kai just killed somebody.> Jordan returns his glare to Kai, “What were you doing before we ran into you?”

The panic wasn't due to the worry of Mayfair's threat it was the worry that he may uncover who Kai is, keeping his mind calm and clear he replies, "If you must know i was seeing my Xbox and games, my uncle's having trouble getting work and my mother's account is currently frozen because someone has been accsessing it illegally, and we need some money to make rent, why is there something else you'd like to threaten me with".

The moment that his uncle speaks into his mind, Kevin blinks and makes a near inaudible sound of surprise. He can't help but glance at Jordan, though maybe Kai will take it as a glance in response to what's spoken outloud? He takes a quick breath and swallows, looking back over at Kai with a half scared, half awed expression on his face. So he's met someone else that's, apparently, killed before. Does that mean that he's got something in common with this guy he's only met once before? If Mayfair is paying attention to his nephew's thoughts right now, they're circling around the events of a year ago in January that changed his life and brought him into the Parker-Mayfair family. Events that changed him from a Shay to a Parker-Mayfair.

“You’re panicking. I can tell from your body expression. You’re hiding something. Who are you, really?” Jordan asks Kai, when he does notice Kevin. He shakes his head and think to himself, <Just like his father. Not the brightest bulb in the pack.> He exhales and then sends a message to Kevin, <Calm down. Don’t react. And stop thinking of the past. This Kai is dangerous and I don’t want you to associate with him. Or else I’ll tell your father.> Jordan can’t believe he just thought that last bit to Kevin.

See Kai knows that isn't the case, since he's been able to feel anything he's been taught to hide it from his body language, "If i do seem to be panicing it's because you seem to have some sort of mental disorder, within the first two minutes of meeting me you threatened my life", he notices Kevin shifting, "And it looks like im not the only one you're worrying", "Kai Oaken, thats who i am".

Kevin is calm! He's also a fifteen year old boy that lead a very isolate and sheltered life up until he went kind of insane and killed at least a hundred people using his powers. He makes a face at his uncle's threat to tell his dad that he's hanging out with a guy he says is a killer, reaching in his bag of fruit to pull out a banana chip and eat it quickly, trying to keep from responding defensively to the threat of having his father told about him hanging out with a potential killer.

“Well, Kai Oaken, that’s all I need to know.” Jordan then exhales a bit looking between the two and then just stands there as he will not leave his nephew with the killer. And then looks back at the craft shop. Across the street to a few of the warehouses and then back between the two boys.

"Glad i could help", Kai gives a rather cold smile before turning to Kevin, "I'd better get going, my uncle's gonna be wondering where i am, and no offence, your uncle is scareily odd, i'd suggest limiting your time with him, see ya someother time Kevin", with one last look at Mayfair he turns and leaves.

"I'm really sorry about my uncle…" Kevin cringes a little as he apologizes for the adult's behavior. He steps closer and lowers his voice a little, trying to keep the telepath from hearing, "I've really never met him before, honestly. I don't think he and Dad-one get along very well… He doesn't talk about him much, or anything." He sighs and nods when Kai makes excuses to leave, glancing a little nerviously at his uncle, "Yeah, okay, Kai. Maybe another time…" A worried little frown draws the young teenager's brows together as he turns to Mayfair, "Why'd you go and chase him off like that? I know you said he's killed someone, but so have I. I killed lots of people…" He keeps his voice low enough that most people wouldn't be able to overhear.

“Goodbye, Kai Oaken.” Once Kai is out of sight, he then turns to Kevin, “Look, I know you take after dad-one.” Jordan shakes his head at that phrase ‘dad-one’ really. Jordan just sighs, “But I’m sure Dad, I mean Jericho told you, I am a bad, evil man. Well I know what other bad evil people are. There is something wrong with Kai. What you did and what he did are completely different. This is just a warning. I will see what I can find out about him and then you’ll see. In the meantime, don’t hang out with him. I’m not your father, but still I am your uncle. So don’t associate with him or if you do, make sure your other friends from the school are there.”

"He hasn't talked about you much, actually…" Kevin sulks a little and takes another bite of dried fruit, "Kai hasn't done anything wrong, though. He was just saying hi and you jumped him and threatened to kill him." Admittedly, it was a threat to be carried out if anything happens to the youngest of the Parker-Mayfair boys, but still, "And I don't really know him that well, anyway. We hung out at the zoo for a little while once and that's it." Kai isn't really a friend, but he seems really cool and like he'd be someone the younger boy would like to get to know. He huffs defensively, "You're not one of my dads…" So why does he- Oh yeah… "Oh, fine… I won't hang out with him unless I've got Ty and Ki with me." His two best friends should make him safe enough, right?

Still linked with Kevin he is picking up on his surface thoughts and shakes his head, “Well, good. And I’m not your father or mother” He likes to refer to Christopher the hair stylist as female. “But still, you should listen to me.” He exhales, “I think you can learn a thing or two from me.” Jordan then fishes in his pocket for something, “You haven’t bought your Jericho a gift yet huh. He might like this.” Jordan reaches from his wallet and pulls out a photo. “It’s a photo of the African safari. Jeri took that picture.” Jordan is wicked. It is the picture Jericho took before he was kidnapped by the Genoshans.

Kevin sighs and fishes out one more piece of fruit before looking at the bag and suddenly offering some to his uncle; it never hurts to be polite, after all, "Want some?" Mentioning his 'mother' brings thoughts of the sporatic relationship he had with his mother to the surface for a moment before they vanish just as quickly as they appear and he wrinkles his nose, "I don't have a mother…" He's really glad that Mayfair isn't one of his dads, though. He blinks a couple of times at the thought of learning from his uncle, "Like what?" He shakes his head in response to the thought of a gift for Jericho and makes a face, "Not yet. I've got a key chain that's nearly finished that I could give him, but I'd have to finish with it first." Then the photo is being presented and he flushes a little at what he thinks is a very kind offer, "Oh!" A bright grin lights up his face, "Thank you, Uncle Jordan. I'm sure Dad-one'll love it!" He doesn't know all of his dads' histories yet, or he likely would have declined the offer of the photograph.

Laughing a bit as he imagines how Jericho will feel when he gets the picture Jordan thinks, “Plenty. Your dad-one.” Jordan stops and shakes his head, “I mean Jeri. Never told you. I’m a lawyer. A good one too.” Jordan shrugs as he looks at the fruit piece and shrugs. He would make a ‘fruit joke’ about Kevin’s dad, but refrains, “A key chain? Really?” Jordan would not like that as a gift and that shows in his expression. “I guess he would like that.” Changing the subject, “So how’s Eddie? I haven’t heard from him in awhile. And how’re things at that school of yours?”

"Oh!" So Kevin's uncle is a lawyer… "That's pretty cool!" And he really does think it's neat that his uncle is a lawyer. He nods, totally missing the dislike for the gift he'd been thinking about giving to Jericho, "Yeah. I've got a four sided picture frame cube I can put on the end so that Dad-one can have a picture of all of us with him all the times." He shrugs at the mention of one of his brothers, "He's ok. Focusing on classes right now." He grins at the mention of school, "School is cool! I love the classes and I've made some really good friends."

“That’s good. I miss Eddie.” Jordan seems genuine with that. He nods, “So the school is good. Cool. Those kids I met from there. They seem ok. Kieran, you said was his name. He seems like a nice enough kid. The girl that was with him has a mouth on her though.” He shrugs, “And how is Jared doing?” Wow, it never rally occurred to him that he has three nephews and yet they are, but aren’t Jeri’s kids. He wonders if he should do the same with Axel and Zoya.

Kevin nods, "I do, too… I haven't seen him for a while now. I did get to talk to him on the phone last week, though." He pauses for a moment and rolls up the bag of fruit to drop into his messenger bag, "I can tell him to call you next time I talk to him if you want?" It's a genuine offer, since Mayfair seems to really miss his brothers. He nods at the mention of Kieran, "He's pretty awesome! I met him just a week after starting school and he and his boy friend Tyler are just about my best friends in the whole world." He gives a little nod at the mention of his other big brother, "He's good too. I haven't talked to him in a while, but I'm sure I'd hear if something bad happened…" He hopes so, anyway.

“That would be great. Have Eddie and Jarod, give me a call. If they want to.” Jordan pulls out his cellphone. “What’s your number so I can call you and you will have my number.” He smiles and hopes he would also know if something bad happened to them too. Jordan smiles, “Kieran is gay? Really? Wow. He’s young and he already has a boyfriend.” Jordan smirks and thinks a moment and wonders if Kevin has that gene in him.

"Sure!" Kevin nods and rattles off his school cell phone number so that his uncle now has a way to contact him without calling his dads or the school. He blushes a little and nods at the question about Kieran, "Yeah. He's a really awesome guy, though." Even if his father wouldn't have approved of his only son associating with a 'fag'. For that matter… his father wouldn't have approved of very much about his new life. Good thing his father gave up all right to say anything about his life. As for his 'genes'? Kevin hasn't made any sort of decisions about whether he likes girls or other boys…

Nodding his head as he hears what Kevin is saying, but also hearing his thoughts, “Wow. So your biological father was kinda a jerk, huh.” Jordan thinks of how Eddie’s parents were. “Well, I guess you are better off with Jeri and his wife.” He shrugs and shakes his head as he inputs Kevin’s number into his phone and then dials Kevin, so he also has Jordan’s number and call him without his father knowing.

Kevin shrugs, "He was my father." That seems to be the only explination that Kevin thinks is needed. His father was Reverend Bradley Shay, a well known leader of a huge anti-mutant church that just happened to use his son's mutant healing ability for his own personal gains, "I like living with my dads. I don't have to just do 'manly' things all the time anymore and I can be whoever I want to be." He's not a little puppet on a string anymore. He smiles a little when he gets his uncle's number and saves it into the address book as he talks about his life now versus his life before.

Smiling Jordan thinks this may be an opportunity to have a relationship with his nephew. One that he never really had with his brother. “Well, I am genuinely happy for you. I’m glad your life is better now.” Jordan then asks mentally to Kevin, <What are your powers actually? Are they just like Jericho’s?> Jordan thinks maybe he is some kind of shifter or mimic.

"Yeah, it's better now." Kev smiles a little at that and shakes his hair back out of his eyes, though it flops back forward again imediately. He blinks a couple of times at the mental question about his powers and shrugs, "My senses are better than most peoples' and I heal really fast." He also always seems to know where everything is around him and to almost always catch things when someone knocks something over. No shifter or mimic powers for him… No.

Nodding his head, Jordan is impressed. That can potentially come in handy, should he play the good uncle, he may he able to use Kevin. “Those are pretty cool. And I guess you can tell mine.” He taps his head indicating the telepathy. “You know there are some one I want you to meet when you get the chance. He’s kinda like a son or little brother, I suppose. His name is Axel. He is a mutant like us and I think it would be good for him to have some friends.”

The teen makes a face and shrugs at the comment about his powers, "Yeah, I guess so. My roommate at school thinks they're pretty cool, too." He can't help but giggle and nod at his uncle's powers, tilting his head curiously at the mention of someone he should meet, "Okay..?" Kevin's eyes light up at the thought of meeting another mutant that's, presumably, close to his age and he nods, "Yeah, sure! I'd love to meet Axel." He's a friendly boy, after all, if a little over enthusiastic sometimes.

“Well he is a bit older than you, but he’s basically a kid at heart. He’s 19. A good kid. His powers are to shift. He’s not very talkative though.” Jordan ponders how they will interact. “Probably best that I am there when you meet, I guess.” He shrugs, “Kevin how’re you are getting back to the school?”

Kevin nods. He certainly doesn't mind getting to know an older boy; as long as the older boy doesn't act all weird about hanging out with a kid without much real world experience, that is, "Yeah, ok. I'm sometimes a little too talkative… At least, somebody told me that once, anyway." He doesn't sound like he's got any kind of problem with that, either. It's simple truth, after all. He nods again, smiling a little at the thought of being able to spend a little more time with his uncle, "That'd be cool!" He seems to have forgotten his earlier nervousness with Mayfair threatening Kai. When questioned about how he's getting back, he shrugs, "I was just going to take the train back to Westmenster and then catch the bus."

Shaking his head, “I don’t think so.” Jordan gets on his phone and summons his driver, “Have you ever ridden in a limo? Because if not, now you will.” He speaks firmly with the driver telling him to arrive within the next 5 minutes. His tone and vocabulary are lot nicer than usual in the presence of his nephew. “I’ll give you a ride to the school and then head home. I live near there.”

"Not since I came to live here." Kevin used to ride in limos with his father when going to church functions, but that was being paraded out to be put on display for the congragation. He grins brightly at the thought of getting to ride in a limo with his uncle and nods, "Cool! Thanks, Uncle Jordan." He dares to dart in to try for a quick hug, bouncing on the balls of his feet in excitement, "And if you live close to the school, then maybe I can come visit sometimes? Like maybe on the weekend, or something. I'm going to be staying at home with my dads most of the summer, but it's not that far from school, anyway." Same town, even. He just stays in the dorms during the week so that he's not quite as different from the other students as he could be, what with having parents that both work at the school.

Caught by surprise from the hug, Jordan’s mouth is agape, “Um… I… uh… Sure. I guess. I actually live across the street from your fathers’ home. I own the mansion. Um. Sure I have no problem with that. You can stay whenever you like.” He actually smiles and returns the hug. “Limo’s here.” It arrives and the driver steps out, “Mr. Mayfair.” He says as he opens the door. “This is my nephew. Should you ever see him, you are to give him a ride. No matter where.” The driver nods and refers to Kevin as Mr. Mayfair as well. “Alright, you will dorp him off on Graymalkin Lane and then take me to my estate.”

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