2009-06-22: Uncomfortable Situations


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Summary: Siegfried and Wesley find more than just bears at the zoo.

Date: June 22, 2009

Log Title Uncomfortable Situations

Rating: PG

NYC - Bronx Zoo

The large zoo centered in the Bronx is open for everyone. There are many different exhibits and over eight hundred different species of animals on display. If you want to see Monkeys, Birds, Tigers, Pandas, Snakes or even Naked Mole Rats, all are on display here. There are several different areas for tourists to sit down, relax, and eat at the cafes through out the park. With most zoos, there are gift shops with plush animals, figures, t-shirts and much more.

It's a nice afternoon out and Siegfried has the day off from teaching at Trapeze School in Manhattan. He hasn't really gotten out and explored much in the city but living in the same area as the Bronx Zoo, Siegfried decided it was a good day to see the animals. Maybe after his little reunion last night, he's less inclined to stay holed up in his small stuido apartment. He misses being around animals which is why he's just standing at the railing of the Polar Bear exhibit, just watching the white bears play around in the water with that red rubber ball.

Wesley had only been to the zoo once in his short life. But the memories of that day were so vivid to the young man, until recently. Growing disturbed by this, he decided to take a trip in his free time. The nineteen year-old stands against the railing of the polar bear enclosure and watches the bears play. The expression on his face is quite similar to a child's, but he's having a good time.

The white bears are playing with the red ball. But then…what the heck is that purple thing that seems to just bleed into view perched on the railing? It's Nightshade, oddness and curiosity drawing the litle guy to the zoo today. He's watchin the ball intently. "Nightshade wants to play with the frosty teddy bears," the alien voice whispers. "Zoo-Man said not to though…" a human voice comes from the same being. Nightshade pauses, looking towards Wesley for a moment before turning back to the bears.

Siegfried smiles over at Wesley. "I like vatching the eisbars too." He says, noticing the look on Wesley's face. Then he can't help but over hear the Purple creature, not looking over to see what Nightshade looks like yet. "I don't think zat is a very good idea, eisbars are not as friendly as zey look." He says with a thick German accent. Siegfried looks over at Nightshade then and does a double take, not sure what to say about someone in public wearing that getup.

Wesley looks over to Siegfried, a little confused. "Ice-bars?" He says confused, before he notices the German accent too. "Oh, l-like Ice-bears?" He asks, before he turns around, seeing Izzy. He distances himself away from the symbiote as the view becomes clearer. By that point, he isn't saying anything else, toopreoccupied with wondering what Izzy is.

"Nightshade does not know what an eisbar is," the alien voice chimes. "Is it candy?" it asks. "Zoo-Man said we'd just bother the animals," the human voice chimes. He's unaware of any discomfort he may be causing.

Siegfried nods to Wesley with a smile. "Ja, like Ice-bears." He looks over at the sign. "Polar Bears you call them." He leans in to Wesley and asks him quietly, "Is it common for people to walk around in costumes in America?" He says look back over at Nightshade. "You do not vork for thee zoo? Vy do you vear that costume?"

Wesley stands next to the trapeze instructor. His brow furls as he is asked the question. He simply wavers his hand in the 'more or less' style, he's seen plenty of costumed folk, but he doesn't think it's the norm. The young man's expression is unease, he's not going to run away, but he's not exactly comfy at the moment.

Nightshade just tilts his head to the side. "We're not wearing a costume," the human voice remarks. "Nightshade does not work for anyone. We came to see the animals," the alien chimes cheerfully. He's in a good mood, bouncing slightly and looking a the other two.

Siegfried looks at Wesley and notices the unease on his face and the fact that he doesn't say anything. He's debating if this is one of those super-villians he's heard about in the city. "Then vat are you vering?" Siegfried asks as he's used to costumes for proformances and not just everyday wear. He's starting to get a bit uneasy himself.

The former electrokinetic remains tight-lipped. He doesn't think this is a supervillain, but definitely not one of the goody-goods. The young man tries to fous on the polar bears, have them give out the good vibes.

"We're not wearing anything," Nightshade's human voice answers. Turning back to the bears, the odd teen tilts his head to the side. "Nightshade likes the frosty teddy bears," the alien voice says quietly.

Siegfried looks at Wesley and gives him a look saying 'this guy is totally nuts'. "I vas in the circus for years, I thought I met some strange people but.." He points his thumb at Nightshade and shrugs. "I probably should have just stayed home today." He mutters to himself.

Wesley gives a look back to Siegfried, returning the saying. "I just w-w-wanted to see the animals…" He offers back to the former circus performer.

Nightshade looks to Siegfried as well. "But if you stayed home you wouldn't get to see the Frosty Teddy Bears," the human voice points out. There's a pause. "Unless you have one at home. Do you have Frosty Teddy Bears at home?"

"Nein." Siegfried says with a sigh. "Ja, that is vy I came out here today too. I vanted to see the animals myself. I used to vork vith a lot of animals so I kind of missed them." He says giving Wesley a bit of a friendly smile.

Wesley gives a friendly smile back, though it disappears quickly as he's reminded of a strange thing right in front of him. He starts to back away, he doesn't hav e his powers at the moment, so he feels a bit vulnerable.

Nightshade lets out a little noise and then nods. "Nightshade wanted to see the animals too," the alien voice speaks up. "Yeah. We really like animals," the human voice adds in a hushed tone.

Siegfried runs his hand on the back of his head, brushing the shorter blond hairs a bit and sighs. He really doesn't know what to do, should he just walk away, it's that awkward moment followed by awkward silence. "Vell I like animals too."

Wesley continues to move along to exit the polar bear exhibit. It's just too freaky for him to want to continue being in the same place now. He'll check out one of the other exhibits now.

Nightshade remains quiet. He continues to watch the polar bears until he notices Wesley moving away. After a moment of telepathic debate, the oddity starts to follow after the former electrokinetic quietly.

Siegfried notices Nightshade starting to follow after Wesley, and after seeing Wesley's discomfort with Nightshade, Siegfried sighs and decides to try to help out the younger guy. He hurries over to Wesley taps his hand on his shoulder "How about you and I go grab a bit to eat, sound good? I think I'm doing seeing the animals, vhat about yourself?" He's just feels bad for Wesley. "I promise I von't do anything bad."

Wesley jumps a little bit as he's tapped, thinking it was the other person there. The timid teen looks up at the noticeably German man. "O-okay." He says, giving a soft smile. The former electrokinetic is up for grabbing a bite. Wesley continues to look forward as he makes his way wherever Siegfried leads.

Nightshade is blissfully unaware of what Siegfried's trying to do, just following along quietly. He's likely to continue following Wesley and Siegfried until something diverts his attention. Likely it'll be something shiny.

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