2012-05-14: Undefined Relationship

Players: Cloud, Cale and Heather

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Summary: Cale and Cloud talk about their missing siblings; later, Cale talks to Heather about relationships…

Date: May 14, 2012

Log Title: Undefined Relationship

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It's in the middle of the afternoon and apparently Cale has just finished cooking something. Little sandwiches with melted cheese, ham and… various toppings on them, along with toast. It's not exactly the most complicated meal, but it definitely does smell pretty decent. Cale is currently munching on one of them and the rest are on a tray in the middle of the table, with plastic wrap covering them, even though they're fresh. Like he intended on wandering off and leaving them there for people to find. And maybe, you know, peeking in to safely see how people liked them, without having to actually be there. In case they're terrible. 'cause he has no self confidence like that.

Not only is his sister missing again which has Cloud stopping by pretty much everyday for updates on how close they are in finding the missing girls but he has a new problem which has him coming here today aswell. Being told that Emma is in a meeting Cloud figures he'll chill down in the kitchen for a while, dressed in jeans, red converse, a red and white t-shirt and a black jacket he enters the kitchen and gives who he assumes is a new student a nod, "Alright?"

Heather zips into the kitchen, seeming to just suddenly stop, though the lack of friction between her socks and the ground leaves her just sliding along until she slams into the counter. She doesn't seem to mind so much, leaning forward against the counter and saying, "It smells rather good in here. I was planning on making some second dinner, but it seems as though the kitchen is occupied."

Cale just sort of blinks as he munches on his sandwich, peering at both Heather and Cloud, who he hasn't met before. For the keen observer, he's today dressed in a pair of tight cutoff jean shorts that are slightly less than knee length, and his favorite purple Cardcaptor shirt. "You can have some if you want," he notes to Heather, gesturing towards the food. "I think they're for everyone to have."

Cloud looks round as someone skids into the kitchen, "Oh, hey Heather, hows it going?", he holds a hand out to Cale, "Hey, i'm Cloud", he frowns at Cale's shirt for a second before he realises that he recognises it from a show his brother used to watch.

Heather looks towards the food and approaches, taking one of the little sandwiches, and starts devouring it with great haste. Once it is thoroughly demolished, she says to Cloud, "It is going decently well. I am investigating a great many things, but stress is not something that hinders me." The young woman then looks towards Cale and asks, "Where did these little sandwiches come from?"

"Well um, I um, made them. I like making things. For other people. It's nice," Cale does come clean when asked. He's not willing to /lie/ to protect his pride in case they're horrible. Which they aren't. But he's not sure other people would think that! He looks over to Cloud, shaking the larger boy's hand. "I'm Cale. I'm still kinda new here, I guess."

Cloud raises an eyebrow, "Investigating?, what sort of things are you investigating?, the girls going missing?". He smiles at Cale, "Keep giving people free food and you'll make friends and fit in here in no time, no one is really the new kid for very long".

"That is among the things that I am looking into, yes," says Heather, glancing towards Cloud with a slightly tilted head. She says to Cale, "These taste good, thank you for making them. It will save me some time on doing cooking myself."

Cale smiles at the compliment, and then frowns a little when Cloud mentions girls going missing. Is that all girls do, is go missing? How hard is it to keep your students from being kidnapped? Jeez. "I'm… looking for my sister, too. I guess it's not as big of a deal though…" Even though it's totally bigger, to him, because it's his sister! Even though he's also not getting /anywhere/ nor has any real evidence of wrongdoing…

"Looking for your sister is never not a big deal man, though mine tends to go missing alot, have you spoken to the staff about this?", Cloud chooses to mask his worry about his sister by joking about it, "You found any leads Heather?, anything?"

"Oh. Leads. Yes. I have found leads. Vampires. It always seems to be vampires," says Heather, rolling her eyes at that and then shrugging. "There is a force going to rescue the girls who were kidnapped soon, actually. Some of us more experienced former students or what have you." The young woman then glances towards Cale and asks, "Your sister, has she been kidnapped?"

"I don't know, actually. She's just sorta fallen off the grid. She was supposed to come here, and then she didn't. And that's pretty much it. She's apparently not even at the hospital where we were anymore or… whatever…" Cale rubs the back of his neck, "I'm just worried! It's been almost a month. She wasn't /dying/ or anything."

Cloud frowns as his pocket starts beeping, "Great, sorry i gotta go, good luck with finding your sister man, she'll show up soon i'm sure", groaning he pulls his phone out of his pocket and heads out of the room.

Heather nods her head quickly at Cale and then says, "Yes, that does seem unusual. Have other staff members been notified? Is anyone taking it upon themselves to lead investigations into the matter that you're referring to?" To Cloud she raises a hand to wave farewell.

"I don't know. I mean I talked to Hilde…" Cale murmurs - he'd be a little bit perturbed at the 'official' way that Heather talks about it, were it not for the fact that it's /Heather/ he's talking to. And that's just the way she talks. "I mean, shouldn't they know though? That she was supposed to come here, and she's not? I'm pretty sure they were told. Maybe the hospital is lying to them."

"There may be some kind of deception at play," says Heather, sitting down and taking another one of the sandwiches. "They should likely know what is happening. I imagine that staff is trying to keep tabs on your sister's location."

"You mean like, they know, but they haven't made a move yet for some reason?" Cale says, appearing both relieved and worried at the same time. "Well if they know, we should do something! I'm gonna do something /myself/ if nobody does. Or even IF someone does. She's my sister. You don't mess with someone's family and besides that, I totally owe her! I'm getting kinda impatient, you know? A week or two, fine, not a big deal, there could be medical complications but a month??"

"It's quite possible. Do you want me to ask around about it? I ask around about a great deal of things, it's something that I simply tend to do," says Heather, tilting her head slightly in thought. "I suppose I have a strange conception of time, a month and two weeks both seem quite long to me."

"I guess you're right about that… I'm just trying not to flip out too badly, but I'm really starting to freak…" Cale sighs, continuing to munch at his food. "Anyway, if you could help that'd be awesome. I don't think… I mean… if Amy died, I'm not sure I would be able to keep going. I'm not tough like Nick is, I mean pretty much that's the only thing that I've been able to hang onto…"

Heather nods at Cale and then says, "Then I shall do what I can in order to help. I want to make sure the students here are as happy as possible and situations like these can be very scary…" She shrugs and then says, "I am fairly certain she is alive. If she were not, I suspect the school would know."

"But… how?" Cale bites his lip, shrugging a little. IT was more of a rhetorical question… "Anyway, thanks," he nods, sliding off his stool to wander over to the fridge, "You want a soda? I think I'm gonna have a soda."

"What do you mean, how? They have excellent intelligence as well as plenty of psionics to probe those kinds of questions," says Heather, tapping her fingers on her lap. "I will have a soda. I like the little bubbles."

Cale picks one out and tosses it to Heather - he's not picky about what kind of soda he drinks himself for the most part, so he doesn't really bother asking the speedster. Besides which, there's only diet pepsi in the fridge at the moment ANYhow! "Well, I guess I never thought about that. It does make sense."

"It does indeed make a fair bit of sense," says Heather. Her hand only raises to snatch the can out of the air once it's dangerously close to her face, but her expression remains casual. She looks at the can for a few moments and then starts shaking it vigorously.

Cale blinks at Heather with an expression of dismay on his face. "Don't do that! Oh god. Don't point that at me. It's gonna explode. What are you doing?" he darts behind the open refridgerator door, holding it in front of himself defensively like a shield.

Heather scoffs at Cale and then says, "When things look like they explode to you, to me, it just looks like slow building and expansion. My reaction time is different than yours. Observe." Heather pops open the can and, faster than the eye can see, puts her mouth over the opening, drinking up all of the fizz that bubbles over in impressive time.

Cale blinks as he watches Heather drink the exploding soda, rather amazed by the whole thing. "Yeah, again, it makes sense! That's crazy though. You're crazy. I bet you have all sorts of time to do crazy stuff, like master video games on the hardest difficulty and stuff."

"I have played video games, but it tends to be boring. For fighting games, it is all timing. I like playing real time strategy games, sometimes, I suppose… they can be enjoyable, but I don't pay much attention to them, I usually just have it on my second screen. I do many many things to kill time," admits Heather, shrugging.

"Oh… yeah I can see that…" Cale murmurs, still sipping on his soda. Heather is just so darn /weird./ But not in a way that he can necessarily relate to. "But, like, what do you really like to /do?/ I mean, focus your attention on, and such."

"I write in my journals. I like to play games. I like to play games very much," says Heather, nodding her head slowly, at least by her own standards. The young woman shrugs lightly and then says, "If you enjoy board games, I keep many of those going at the same time with several people. It is enjoyable. I also have some friends who I associate with, which can be nice. I have an undefined relationship with a man named Connor, which results in us sharing many mutually enjoyable activities."

"An undefined relationship, huh? I guess that's Heather-speak for 'you like him.' Maybe a lot?" If Heather wasn't so twitchy, he would reach over and poke her, now that he's finally closed the fridge and stopped hiding behind its door. He climbs back up onto his stool. "I've thought about that though… There's someone I like, too! It's a little weird though…"

Heather makes a bit of a face at Cale and says, "We enjoy one another's company a lot. We like one another, I would say, but when it comes to an actual relationship, well… I'm not sure either one of us is capable of that kind of relationship. I sometimes would like to call him my boyfriend, but I am not sure he finds the term acceptable. We are seeing what we see." Heather stares off and then shrugs, "Who is it that you like? I am not one to go to for relationship advice."

"Mm, I dunno," Cale wraps his toes around the bottom of the stool, "I don't know how they would react if they found out, so, I better not say! They might get angry, though," he says, looking a little bit sad at that. "I'm not really, I mean, I'm actually pretty sure I'm not their type. If that makes any sense. But at least I can spend time with them as a friend."

"I am able to keep secrets," says Heather, looking towards Cale curiously, "Is this person a boy? I would assume so since you seem reluctant to release their gender pronoun and many people are embarrassed by homosexual attraction. I find it rather baffling, myself. I simply do not find women to have much sexual appeal, I do not feel any disdain towards those who do. Also, I can relate to a male feeling attraction to a male, as I can certainly see the appeal in some well sculpted abs."

Cale's face turns red as his heart skips a beat, "Um, well. Yeah, he is a boy… but, I don't think he feels the same way… I don't know I mean, I'm not… always attracted to other guys… But he's really nice. I didn't even realize it until… well, I dunno. A little while ago. Somehow when a person's really nice like that, they seem more attractive." He shrugs. "He is in… really good shape though."

Heather nods and says, "Okay, well, I suppose it is impossible to know when other people will feel the same way about you in that respect. I suppose I have been nervous on the matter before, which is an unusual reaction…" The young woman shrugs at Cale. "I will not broadcast your feelings."

"No, I mean… I don't think he likes boys…" Cale rubs the back of his neck, still looking quite embarassed about the whole thing. "So I don't really know if it's a matter of 'when' ever though… but maybe, one day. I dunno," he murmurs, shrugging.

"I suppose that most boys don't like boys," says Heather, considering that for a few moments. "Most girls do not like girls either, as I understand it. In any case, if you think there is no hope for anything to come of it, why consider it so much?"

"Well, I don't know, I can't help liking who I like! Even if it's not something that… well… you know. Besides, I don't /know know,/ I just think I know," Cale explains, shrugging a little bit. "Besides which, people can change…"

"I suppose," says Heather, staring off for a few moments, "People can, though if you are unwilling to speak to the individual in question, then that change may be a distance off. There is no incentive for change."

"Yeah, I suppose. Maybe I'll talk to him at some point. I just have, I dunno, bigger things on my mind at the moment," Cale nods, sounding a bit distracted - and like he doesn't want the conversation to go too much farther down that road. He's maybe… not quite ready to talk to Heather about that just yet! He slides down off his stool, "But, maybe I could change. Or not. I guess it's complicated like that. Anyway, I gotta go finish up some homework. Keep me in the loop if you find anything out," the boy waves, heading out of the kitchen back towards the dorms.

Heather nods at Cale and then says, "Okay. I will see you later. If I gain any information on anything, it will be relayed to you. I will just include it on the list of things I shall be looking out for. You have a good evening."

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