2010-06-21: Unfulfilled Dreams


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Summary: Nazca surprise Kenta with a question.

Date: June 21, 2010

Log Title: Unfulfilled Dreams

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Basketball Court

A full size basketball court sits outside with a tennis court on each side, making it ideal for summer recreation. Tennis rackets, tennis balls, and basket balls can be found in a small shed off to the side.

Nazca is standing on the basketball court, with a basketball from the school. She dribbles a few times, before taking a shot, which misses the basket..in fact, she has been doing it for a while, and hasn't gotten too many baskets.

Classes are over so Kenta doesn't have to worry about making it to his next class…yet. He's still got Danger Room sessions to run though and he's thinking about doing a summer music class for those interested. As soon as the short Japanese music teacher walks outside, Kenta immedately takes out a cigarette and lights it up. After a long drag off the cigarette he nods to Nazca. "I'd say you're probably not gonna be the female Larry Bird."

Nazca looks up as she's addressed, and gets beaned in the side of the head with the ball on a rebound. She goes after it, rubbing her head for a moment before returning to her spot. "Well..no. The truth is I'm terribly uncoordinated..I used to fall down all the time. It's gotten a lot better since my..well, my incident which has made me forever young.". She bounces the ball once, twice. "I'm sorry about how things happened last time we met, I was inappropriate. Would you like to come shoot with me? You've got to be pretty much guaranteed a victory, no?"

Kenta looks at the basketball and then shakes is head. "Nah…I'm not really a sports person. Hate 'em actually." He says as he takes another drag and then shrugs at the apology. "Don't worry about it, was ages ago. I know it's not a great habit but if it keeps me from becoming an alcoholic, I'll take cigarettes." He's dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans with a black, sleevless CBGB's shirt showing off all the black markings up and down his eyes and his black eyes are fixed on Nazca but it's hard to tell with his eyes. "So Forever Young? What's that like? And don't expect me to start singing any Rod Stewart."

Nazca shakes her head gently. "No, it was wrong of me, and I completely over-reacted. I hadn't come to the school prepared, and that is my fault.". She holds the basketball to her belly. "It is..well. It's like..you know how your mind is when your 16? Filled with all sorts of wonder, curious questions, hormones and imbalances? It's like that..but never growing out of it. It's like having a freedom that noone gets to experience, but it's like being locked into a cell too. This is what you are. This is what you will always be. Deviations from this path are not allowed. You know..I wanted to be a mother, that was my dream. Since a child. However that was taken away from me. I don't blame anyone..like the pepole here, my mutantcy is what was to blame, but it's a part of me as well. But it's difficult to accept. Instead I'm more the big sister to entire villages, but I'll never be a mother. I'll never hold a child in my womb, never nurse one. Sometimes this makes me sad. People think that longevity is a boon, and are envious of it. I am envious of them. They get to live, I would trade in my longevity in order to truely live again.". She steps over while speaking, and reaches a hand out to gently squeeze at your arm. "If smoking makes you happy..then do it. Live. Live your life to it's fullest and never ever look back."

Kenta looks over at Nazca, there is no looking up or down, as the two are similar in sight. "I have a son, and I can't say that being a father is over rated. It's…it's wonderful. But just because you can't -have- a child the normal way, adoption is always there. And don't say it's not the same because if you love that child and raise them like your child, it is. Believe, I know cause I'm adopted." Kenta says as he knows it might be the female need but it's not like it's impossible for her to be a mother. "I lost ten years of my life Nazca, ten years went by for me when it was a month for my family and friends, things are fucked up all over." He says giving a slight smile. "My dream was to become a musican, a rockstar and our band was good. Ten years I was gone and my dream is just a memory."

Nazca shakes her head. "It is not the same, no. However, adoption is good yes. Women crave a certain attachment to the child..and it is wonderful to adopt. I've gone many times from big sister to little sister. I've watches the little ones outgrow me. Hundreds of children, and I'm quite fond of each.". She tilts her head a little. Reaching out she moves to bop you on the nose lightly with a little smile. "Then play. Play your music..sing your song. I get the feeling that your someone who more plays for yourself, than for the fame involved.". She sways a little with the basketball, reclaiming it with both hands now instead of just the one. "Would you play for me?"

"Eh, I have the kids here and I'm a music teacher now. Not horrible but your right, now fame there." Kenta says but he does miss the crowd, being up on stage and playing for a small group of people. The after parties with his friends, his bandmates, now ten years younger when he was the 'baby' of the group. "Stop by the music room sometime, I'm usually up there. And believe me, if you raise a kid you adopt right, you -will- be their parent, not matter what."

Nazca nods gently. "Yes..I know that much. It's a very rewarding experience.". She offers over the basketball "Go ahead, take a shot. What harm could there be, hm?".

Kenta puts the cigarette in his lips, and takes the basketball, bounching it a few times. "Short Asian guys don't play basketball, you know that right? That there is a reason you don't see any in the NBA?" He mutters while hanging onto the cancer stick. "And it is rewarding Armande is six now." He says dribbling it a few times before throwing it to the basket where it bounces off the backboard, then the rim, then the rim a second time and rolls to the left of the basket and onto the court. "Not bad, I hit the rim."

Nazca claps "Pretty good then, for a short asian guy hmm?". She runs out to get the ball, then returns with it. "Your dream of being a muscian might have had it's time come and gone, but aren't you replaced with a different one of sorts? You teach children that would be difficult, if not unreachable without this place. And your a portion of what makes this place operate. Therefore..you are passing some of your dreams down to others, helping them form their own dreams. Now that sounds like a worthwhile cause, doesn't it?"

Kenta takes one last drag off his cigarette before going to put it out against the side of the garbage can before throwing the butt out, he doesn't want to leave them around school grounds. "It's different, it's a job Nazca, not a job I hate but not a dream. I like teaching music though, I like being able to teach that there is more than just songs but music theory as well. How to read music and compose. But my dream…it's changed but not to what you say it is. My dream, I guess it's just to do right by Armande.

Nazca nods her head softly. "Well..that's understandable really. If you think about it, would your old dream really be the kind of lifestyle that would be beneficial to him? I suppose dreams change as we get older and we develop. We develop as people, we grow, and we learn to cry, love, and live together.". She smiles softly, spinning the ball and putting it on her finger. "What you can do however, is instill how music makes you feel into your son..whoa…whoooaaa…" The balls comes down, spinning and Nazca goes chasing after it.

Kenta shrugs and pushes his hair back. "Who knows, honestly. I mean if I was ten years younger…I mean I was born twenty two years ago but I'm thirty three? So if I didn't lose those ten years, Armande wouldn't have been born and who knows. Things would have been very different if I didn't get displaced in time. Especially since before that, Daph couldn't have kids. Something changed that, she was healed somehow and we ended up being stuck in another dimension with a baby on the way."

Nazca nods gently after she picks up the ball. "Sometimes things change..better or not, sometimes they are just different.". She hmmns, pausing a moment. "I don't suppose it would be ill of me to ask you to dinner? I know it's a terribly forward thing for a girl to do, however..this is the Americas, a place for people to be bold. And I have been wanting to try this skeet-ball that I've heard about."

The question Nazca asks him just throws him completely off guard and he takes a deep breath. "Nazca…if you're asking for a date, I can't do that. I know Daph passed away but…I'm still getting over her. Armande's mother still means a lot to me." And Kenta's just not ready to get on that date horse again. "If you want someone to show you around the city as friends see what skeet-ball is..I don't know where they have it anymore.."

Nazca hmmns and nods. "I was asking yes, I'm sorry, I hadn't realized. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. And I heard that there is this magical place called Chuckie Cheese, where pizzas and salads are served, and there is all manner of games and prizes. It sounds like a magical place to spend some time."

"Sorry but, even though we weren't married, she was pretty much my wife and I'm not ready to get back on that horse again." Kenta explains as he knows it sounds akward but he's too focused on being a teacher and raising his son that he doesn't really even want to date. "Chuckie Cheese is where my parents and I took Armande for his sixth birthday, it's a neat place for kids but the pizza's not that good."

Nazca shakes her head. "No, actually it's quite understandable. Some people I know would still take me up on a date, even though they have no interest in romantic things. Just freinds is fine. I mean, it's good that you can be honest with yourself. Eventually you should move on..I doubt any lover would want thier significant other to remain single forever. They'd probably want you to move on, and be happy again, whatever that would take. However your really the only one who can decide when that time is for you. Some people try to push it sometimes, and they aren't ready.". She tosses the basketball towards you "Bad pizza you say?"

"Oh I am happy, I don't need a woman to make me happy." Kenta says as that was more of his line of thinking when he was a teenager. "I'm also married to my gutiar." He says with a laugh before nodding. "Bad pizza, like..not even worthy of calling it pizza. It's too greasy and there are a million places you can get better pizza. And I think Coney Island has skeet ball?"

Nazca hmmmmns. "Well I've seen people better off and happier alone..but usually they aren't very social and don't fit well with others. I don't think your one of those kinds of people.". She runs her fingers through her hair for a moment. "I don't know if I had good pizza or not, but we've flown all the ingredients in with chefs to make it sometimes..bococini, peperoni, a flour parmesan crust, I like mine with a little asiago on the top. Sometimes I like roast duck and shitake and portobello mushrooms on mine with a nice fruit-wine italian sauce."

Kenta makes a face as she describes all that. "That's not pizza. Cheese and meat, that's a pizza. Tomato Sauce not of this fruit-wince sissy stuff. Pizza and a beer." Though he tries not to drink that much anymore but beer isn't drinking, gin is. "Two Boots, that's a good place to get pizza in New York City, there's even a decent little place in Salem Center that has a good bacon and onion pie."

Nazca hmmns. "Well, I was at the mall with this girl named July, and I found such lovely dishes! This wonderful place called Food Court, it has all the foods from all over the world! I found this one little drink..Orange Julius..it was lovely!"

"The food court isn't good food Nazca, it's mall food. Um…yeah..next time Christopher's doing his cooking stop in there and get some real food." Kenta says with a chuckle. "Okay, I gotta get going, smoke break done now I gotta get ready for some Danger Room goodness with the Paragons later today. Take care Nazca." Kenta says as he heads back inside.

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