2010-07-09: Unhelpful Hero


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Summary: Robin tries to stop a mugging in an alleyway, but apparently doesn't know all the circumstances.

Date: July 9, 2010.

Log Title Unhelpful Hero

Rating: PG.

NYC - Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is a residential and shopping area of Manhattan. The neighborhood is upscale and home to the richer residents of New York City. Row houses line the streets in-between the more commercial buildings of the city. Upscale restaurants, clothing and jewelry stores can be found on the Upper West Side.

With all the upscale clothing and jewellery in the area, it's hard for Robin to resist coming here just to check things out. She stands at one of the windows this evening just looking in, since she cannot possibly afford anything here. She pushes her glasses slightly up her nose, the left lens of the glasses blacked out with a painted image of an Egyptian style eye. This is not what is most unusual, though, about her. Close behind, a blue humanoid puppet of roughly the same height and build as her, follows, mimicing her every motion.

*Twack!* Some chap in a nice dress shirt and slacks is slammed against the brick surface of an alleyway wall. It looks like he's being mugged by some creep in a black shirt and shorts. "That's not what I wanted to hear!" The mugger says in a low voice, "I'll ask you again, tell me where the money is before I have to shake you upside down." The man being mugged only shakes his head, coughing a bit. This only causes the mugger to lift him off the wall and slam him against it again, "Tell me, damnit!" No one seems to be doing anything for this man! Why would they care about business not involving in the shadows of their perfect stores?

Robin is not a superhero of any kind, but she still has a certain sense of justice. She grabs her cellphone when she hears the commotion in the alleyway, running to go check it out. Blank arrives first, and Robin hides behind her puppet, speaking, "What's happening here?" She adjusts her glasses slightly, peering from around the blue humanoid. "I don't want to have to intervene." She really doesn't, but she is ready to hit the panic button to let someone else intervene if things go over her head.

The mugger is holding the guy by the collar of his shirt. The shirt itself is now stained with blood from the guy's face who has a black eye and some rough looking marks. This isn't any blood on the ground, however.

"Look kid, don't get involved, this doesn't concern you. This is between me and this sorry —"

Though, the mugger is cut off by the victim's cry, "Help me, this man is insane, he's going to kill me!"

"You don't know when to shut up, do you?!" The mugger reels back his right arm, about to strike the man in the face, it looks like.

"Umm, whether or not you think this concerns me, I'm concerned. Violence shouldn't happen willy nilly," says Robin, shrugging and biting her bottom lip for a moment. She raises both her hands into the air to take control of her puppet, which runs at a superhuman pace to push the mugger off of the victim.

*Whack!* Alex is slammed into by the puppet, Blank. The collision sends him off his feet and tumbling a few feet away from the spot he falls at. He lays there for a moment, staring at the sky while on his back. "Ow." He almost immediately clambers up to his feet and dusts himself off before looking at the kid, clenching his fist and yelling. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" He's sure quick to recover from a shove like that. The 'victim' is quick to get up and wobble off. "HEY! WHO SAID YOU CAN GO?!" He immediately attempts to get by the puppet to chase the guy.

The puppet reaches to grab Alex in order to restrain him while the victim runs off. The girl, standing a little ways away, still has her hands raised in the air as her fingers twitch. "I think that I'm stopping you from rearranging that guy's face, that's all."

Alexander is properly restrained. He defiantly pulls against the puppet. For such a lean guy, he's pretty strong. "Damnit! You idiot!" He shouts at the girl, "He was a thief, he has my wallet!" He continues struggling against the puppet, looking quite annoyed before pulling himself to his knees from struggling so much. "My food money is in there!"

Lowering her hands to release control of the puppet, Robin says, "What?" There is a flash of guilt over her expression for a moment but she shakes her head. "Why were you reading off the standard mugger script? 'Move along little girl, nothing to see here'. Seriously." She rolls her eye and sighs, biting her lip lightly, "If you'd at least said something other than that…" she trails off.

"So do you tell everyone your business? I was kind of preoccupied with that guy, too." Alexander replies, still somewhat annoyed as indicated by the tone of his voice. He rubs his left shoulder, as it was the one he initially tumbled on. "It's fine. I didn't have much in there anyways." In a sudden paradigm, he smiles, "So I'm glad you'll be paying for my lunch to make it up to my lost wallet. Where do you feel like eating. Fettichini's? I love Italian food." He barely waits for Robin's response.

Robin shakes her head and says, "I'm just window shopping today. I have a sandwich in my bag, but that's about all I can give you." Judging by Robin's almost annorexic frame, it's probably unwise of her to offer up even that, but she does pull it out. "I've had my food money stolen plenty of times before, so I'm not unsympathetic. You just made it look like you were the mugger there."

Alexander ahahs, "I'll split it with you. Then we'll consider it even if you tell me about yourself. Deal?" He doesn't seem interested in interjecting about weight, as her health is her business. "Sorry about that, but in a city like New York, you need to act tough or get trampled on." He smiles happily, it's odd how he can look so cheerful right now.

"That works for me," says Robin. She unwraps the sandwich and offers half to Alexander before adjusting her glasses slightly. "What is there to tell about me, though? I'm not super interesting or anything. Anyways, yeah, I know what you mean. It's just that there's so many muggings here that look like muggings, that anything that looks like a mugging probably is one, y'know?"

"That works for me," says Robin. She unwraps the sandwich and offers half to Alexander before adjusting her glasses slightly. "What is there to tell about me, though? I'm not super interesting or anything. Anyways, yeah, I know what you mean. It's just that there's so many muggings here that look like muggings, that anything that looks like a mugging probably is one, y'know?"

Alexander takes the sandwich half. "Yeah. I know." He takes a bite of the sandwich and rests his back against the wall. After swallowing that bite he asks, "So you could start with your name and your blue friend? Are you two mutants or something?" He takes another bite of his sandwich, his question isn't gruff, but in a very light, carefree tones.

"My name is Robin. And that's Blank. She's not actually a person, just a puppet, but she acts a bit independantly of me," says Robin, nodding her head, "And yeah, I'm a mutant. It's not really a huge deal." She starts eating her own half of the sandwich, asking, "So what's your name, then?"

Alexander munches ont he sandwich some more. "It's nice to meet you Blank and Robin." Just a few more bites and the sandwich has vanished! "I'm Alex. I seem to be running into mutants a lot, lately. I just ran into this speedster yesterday." He smiles faintly, before brushing the sandwich crumbs off his hands.

Robin tilts her head slightly and says, "A speedster? I know a few of those types." She shrugs and notes, "Nothing wrong with meeting mutants, though. There's more than you'd expect. Sometimes, you don't know who's a mutant and who isn't." She thoughtfully take a bite from her sandwich.

Alexander tilts his head too, "This is true. I could even be a mutant, there's no way to really tell, is there?" He smiles brightly again. "So do you go to school in this city? I'm looking for a good school." The request is genuinely just a question from interest and curiosity.

"Well, I'm still a high school student, so I'm just considering colleges and stuff now," says Robin, shrugging. She looks over Alexander a bit to try and determine his age, but hopes her innocuous statement draws it out of him. "And no, not really much way to tell. Sometimes, mutants themselves don't even know it."

Alexander chuckles, "So you're still a teenager? You look like it. I mean that in a good way, of course." He looks like he might be a late teenager, but he might be early twenties, based on his voice and how he carries himself. "You're right, though. Being a mutant isn't a big deal."

Robin looks over Alexander again and nods, "Yeah, still doing the whole high school thing." Blank seems to mostly just mime Robin's motions for now, and she shrugs, "Well, I wish that it wasn't a big deal, you know? But sometimes it is, I guess."

Alexander puts a finger to his chin, tapping it in thought. "I wish I had gotten that autograph from Tony Starks. I could use that money right now." Did he just suddenly stop listening? "I should probably get a computer."

"Ummm, Tony Stark's autograph won't sell for all that much. Since he's still alive and all…" says Robin. She doesn't shrug, but Blank does, and the girl says, "Well, sorry for the whole misunderstanding. But be more clear with your intentions than just being gruff and then punching guys in the face a few more times. It's not very convincing of the whole 'I'm an okay person' thing. I should be going, though."

Alexander laughs a bit then sighs, "Yeah, maybe. He said it'd sell for a bit, but there's no reason to think about it now." He shrugs in response to Robin's comment, "Don't worry about it, Robin. Seeya." He waves half-heartedly and begins walking away towards the other opening of the alleyway.

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