2011-06-28: Unique Names


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Summary: It's a nice nice for a chat on the beach. Along with meeting new people.

Date: June 28, 2011

Log Title: Unique Names

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Spuyten Duyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

It's not to long after dinner time and Sage finds himself exploring the grounds of the school. He just got to Xavier's this morning, gotten the tour and such and now he's trying to see if he can remember where things are. He walks along the coast, his bare feet splashing in the water and the bottom of his jeans getting wet. His shirt looks like something out of the seventies, a collared brown shirt with two buttons at the top and a rainbow type stripe across the chest. His dread locks lightly hit his shoulders and back as he walks.

Robin comes out to the cove with her puppet following close behind. She's wearing a tight t-shirt and skinny jeans, with a light jacket overtop, and her hair has been recently cut into a pixie cut. The overall look makes her look more androgynous than she naturally is today, though she does still wear many pieces of wood jewellery. Her glasses have one lens blacked out with the usual 'napping cat' design on it. As she sees Sage, she seems to sidestep a few times to try and get a good look at the dreadlocked boy, "Hello?"

She looks a little lost. Or perhaps just a little thoughtful as she enters the area, on quiet bare feet and khaki capris with a long sleeved shirt that has a heart over it, Jem meanders rather than storming, flying, skating or otherwise loudly moving into the area, with her arms around her midsection, her blond brows pinched together in deep consideration. She almost misses the other two boys and starts to slip by until she snaps out of her little self induced trance and blinks, looking at the pair of them, "Oh. Hey.. I totally didn't see anyone here."

"'Ello." Sage says to Robin in return, his English accent quite thick. "Lovely to meet you, I'm Sage, I just got here today." He says offering her a hand. "To both the school and America." He says. Then as Jem appears she gets a similar greeting. "'Ello. And don't worry about it, it wasn't like I was making a lot of noise."

Robin takes Sage's hand and says, "Oh, I was wondering why I didn't recognize you! My name is Robin. Robin Keen, ummm, I've been here for a couple years now. Nice to meet you, it's a really good school." Her voice is no more helpful a gender cue than most aspects of her appearance. She turns towards Jem and says, "Ah, hello there."

As one could expect from Jem, she hones in on things that are different. Though not always in a bad way. The blond girl gets a look at Sage with his hair, his clothes and his accent, and a brow goes up. "Wow, Sage? Like the spice? You know, I've only been here a little while, and I've seen the biggest collective of unconventional names in one place than I have in my life. Including mine." she smirks, looking to the both of them, "I'm Jem, sorta new here but well adjusting. It's cool to meet you both. Uh.." she looks around seeing where she is, "Hm, I didn't realize where I was. I was sorta thinking about some stuff."

"Well, my full name is Sage Windsong Chipmunk Holbrook the Fouth. I really don't see what's so strange or unconventional about my name." Sage says sounding quite serious. "It's a pleasure to meet you Robin and you as well Jem. And I guess if I have any questions you are the one I should talk to?" He says smiling at Robin. "Well I'm not quite sure where I am either. I think this one school is as big as the farm back home…probably bigger."

"Well, I'm not exactly an authority or anything, but yeah, I've been here for a pretty long time compared to some! We see lots of new students come by," says Robin, glancing between Sage and Jem. "And… well, I guess your name is just kind of unconventional here. Our names are usually, ummm, shorter, I guess." She looks towards Jem and says, "If it's not too intrusive, what's on your mind?"

Foliage and underbrush off by the docks crackles and rustles as something barrels along back there. Wild animal? Stray pet? Vicious wildebeast? Nope, just another student, swatting his way through the growth and stepping out onto the wide open spaces of the cove. T'is Ash, picking bits of tree, bush, and foliage out of his hair and off his clothes as he takes another step forwards. Then his head comes up, swivelling this way and that as he tries to get his bearings, having been apparently off for a walk and gotten a bit turned around. Or just plain lost from the looks of bits of shrubbery clinging to his black cargos and deep blue windbreaker. Lips twist in a contemplative look, until he comes across the sight of the lake. That's a lot of water. For all the noise of his entry, though, he hasn't noticed the other three in discussion.

"Chipmunk?" Jem arches a brow, "And I thought mine was unusual. Jem Miracle Savalion. I was named after a cartoon." She rolls her eyes a bit, but seems to be smirking about it. "Thankfully, our generation is a little past it's time, so I don't get much flack for it." A hand reaches up and she pushes her hand back through her golden curls, knocking them back over her shoulder into place. She catches the rustling off to the side for and her attention divides to look over at it, brow arching until Ash comes into view. She smirks, almost snickering at his also lost look. "Uhh.." looking at Ash for a few moments while she starts to answer, "That one, actually.." she gestures towards Ash with her head and then looks back to Robin in answer to her question. "Which, if you really knew me, is pretty unusual. Or not.. just— Well it's convoluted."

"My brothers and sisters have similar names as mine. I really don't see why it's so strange." Sage says completely flabbergasted as to why his name is weird. "I don't get the cartoon reference, I'm sorry." He says in his thick English accent. Then as Ashley appears there's a friendly wave from Sage before he looks back to Jem. "I think you got me a bit confused." He says to her as what she's saying really doesn't make much sense to the Brit.

Robin, along with her puppet, also offers a wave the the arriving Ashley, whether or not the other teen has managed to spot them yet. She adjusts her glasses slightly, and then glances over towards Jem, "Oh, I think I know what you're saying. Well, good luck with that…" The teen looks towards Sage and shrugs slightly, as if she cannot offer any assistance in this situation.

Yeah, definately a lot of water. Ash frowns a bit, moving to turn away and disappear back into the underbrush. A movement that draws his gaze across the three gathered on the beach itself, which is when he finally notices them. Then again, one doesn't miss a big blue puppet waving at him. Taking a breath, he trudges down the beach to the group, lifting one hand out of his windbreaker to wave to the trio. "Hey…" he says by way of greeting, offering a bit of a smile to Jem before his attention slides over Sage. Moreso from the dreads than sniffing him out as a newer kid. Dreads aren't exactly a comment sight out in L'Anse.

Jem chuckles and shakes her head, "Don't sweat it, really. I'm sure it's just a culture thing. I'm guessing from your accent, you're not from here?" she asks of Sage, not mentioning his appearance at all. "Basically, what you tend to run into around here are a bunch of Chrises, Ryans, Johns and the like. The more unique names like.. well Jem or Sage for instance aren't as frequent. Unless you count around here." the blond girl smirks a bit, eyes moving over to check on Ash's progress in his meandering. "Yeah.. I dunno who needs the luck more though. Me or him. I tend to get people into trouble. Already got him in trouble once so far."

She smiles as Ash joins the group, "Hey yourself. Aren't you looking particularly hot today? I just met Robin and Sage here before you showed up." her eyes looking to the puppet a second, "And I don't think I got the name there though."

"I'm from England." Sage says as he did mention it was his first day in America earlier. "Well it's different back home at Rosewood Farms. My older brother is Clover and my younger brother is Coriander and my two sisters are Violet and Saffron." And on the subject of names he holds a hand out to Ashley. "Pleasure to meet you, I'm Sage." He then smiles at Robin. "I'll figure it out. This is all just really different than back home. I'll adjust though. So what is that?" He asks curiously, motioning to Blank.

Robin looks back to the blue floating humanoid puppet and says, "Ohh, that's my puppet, her name is Blank, umm, but she's not really alive or anything. Well, I mean, she is, because I'm alive and she's like a part of me." She fidgets with her hair lightly, and the puppet mimics the action despite not having any hair.

Jem's comment brings another grin from Ash and a glance towards her, although his attention drifts back to Sage as he lists off his family tree, brow lifting as it reads more like a spice rack. "..and I thought my parents were wierd with naming…" he mutters to himself as he reaches to shake the offered hand. "Ash." he introduces himself loudly enough for the rest of the group to hear as well, even if he nods with a passing familiarity to Robin, having met her previously.

"See?!" Jem points as Ashley says almost says just what she said, "It isn't just me. But don't take offense to it or anything." she smirks to Sage, "I'm sure if we went to England, there would be things that you guys found weird about us. You're still new here so.. give it time. America is pretty strange, even if you live here." To a point, as far as she is concerned. Pulling her hands behind her back a bit, lifting her shoulders and bringing a crack of relief to them a bit. "Anyway.. It's cool to have you here, welcome abord." Her eyes shifting to peer at Robin's fidgeting, taking a brow of interest. She is peering at the girl, the cogs starting to turn, "So then.. you make puppets move? Or make them or something? Can you do other things?" she asks, taking a few steps to move to stand beside Ash.

Sage looks at Blank curiously before smiling. "She's brilliant. I'd love to learn more about your puppet but I'm afraid I don't have the time." He then gives Ashley a strange look. "How so? My parents names are Moonbaby and Starshine. I have a bunch of cousins with similar names too." He says. "Besides, I don't see anything wrong with the name Ash." He then nods his head in a bow to Jem. "Thank you. Unfortunately I must be off. I still have to unpack my clothes and figure out what those black boxes they gave me are for. Cheers." He says as he walks his barefoot self back to the dorms.

Robin looks towards the puppet and says, "Well, no, I mean, I create this puppet, and I can only create one of her at a time, but I mean, she's super strong, and fast, and can fly, and can teleport… so ummm, I guess that's probably cool, right?" She bites her lip lightly and then waves at Sage, "Okay, I'll see you 'round, Sage!"

The space of skin between Ash's eyes scrunches slightly as he makes a bit of a face. But then again, he doesn't introduce himself with his full name, so he really can't complain when he's called out on his mutterings. Then the newly arrived Brit is moving off, and Jem is moving in next to him. A wave is given to the dred-adorned departee, "Later." he notes, attention turning to Robin and her puppet. "Seems to cover the basics, yeah." he muses, tilting his head to peer at the glowy blue shape.

"Alrighty, catch you around." Jem tosses a wave to Sage on his departure, her eyes looking over at Ash for a moment, silently to exchange a look in regards to the other names that were given. Finding it how some things that are normal to someone come across as strange to others. "So.." she returns to Robin, "You can create them, make the fly, teleport and pick up things.. Well damn.. when I think about me only being able to go up into flames and stuff, that makes it kinda cool, yeah." Her hand moves to her side a bit, trying to move to where Ash can't see so she can tuck it quickly into the front of his windbreaker pocket.

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