2009-04-02: Unknown Mutation


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Summary: Dinner conversation turns to growth and possession. But not of illegal substances.

Date: April 2, 2009

Unknown Mutation

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

//There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall. //

Sitting at one of the tables for dinner is Robyn. He doesn't know anyone in the school yet so he's off a bit by himself. On his dinner tray is some kind of chicken, potatoes and salad with about five or six cookies piled up on the side, but at the moment, he's not eatting. Instead his tray is pushed to the side and he seems to be working with a bit of grey clay on the table, slowly molding it into something that looks like horned rabbit. Occasonally he grabs a cookie and munches on it as he keeps himself occupied.

Today, Jordan's size is closer to 7 feet. Fortunately, he has lots of clothes in various sizes for those days where he just can't control himself. Stepping down into the cafeteria, he looks around with his tray. Shrugging, he moves to the table with the lonely person. "Sup?" He asks, not bothering to ask permission before sitting down.

Dinner time for the large wolfish mutant is always funny to watch. Everyone always expects him to go for the meat and leave the veggies. Not that it's not entirely false, that is. He just eats more meat than veg. This time, a mixture of chicken and beef with the odd roast potato. Interestingly, the meat barely looks cooked, so maybe it's some special dietary need? Regardless, he looks happy with it and heads over. Spotting the new kid, he feels he should at least introduce himself, heading over with the small mountain of food. "Is it okay if I sit here?" he asks, pointing to a seat near Robyn.

An inky cloud of DarkForce appears near one of the vending machines and out of it steps Owen Folger in his fuzzy-form. Only problem is that he seems to be devoid of clothing save for his boxers. "Dang it!" he sighs when he sees his state of dress. Teleporting away, he returns a moment later in jeans and a tank-top. "That's better. Heya, Pallaton and …two new guys."

Robyn smiles at Jordan and smooshes his demon bunny into the table. "Hey!" He says cheerfully at Jordan, staring a bit in surprise at his size. He's not the type to actively seak crowds but he's not going to aruge people coming over. "Wow." Is all he says as he sees Pallaton as he can't help but stare at him too, they've both huge. "Um…uh…hi!" He says balling up the clay and moving his tray over to start eating. He has a fairly friendly smile on his face that turns into surprise again as the fuzzy one teleports….tiwce!

"Sorry. New here. Just got here last night. Trying to meet people." Jordan says, with a quick grin and a wink. "Jordan." He offers to Robyn with a hand out. Looking at the others appearing. "Still Jordan. Haven't changed to someone else yet."

Pallaton nods, sitting down next to Robyn and setting his tray down. Owen gets Pallaton's attention, and gives him a weird mental image, but otherwise just gets a chuckle. "Careful, Owen. Don't want you going bat-form here." Speaking of which, the bite-marks have faded, fur growing over to cover them. He turns back to Robyn, extending a fuzzy, clawed hand to shake. "Pallaton. Nice to meet you."

Owen frowns in Pallaton's direction. "That won' be happenin' for atleast another week…" he trails off. He looks Jordan over and smirks before waving to the others. "Howdy all. Ah'm Owen."

Robyn shakes Jordan's hand quickly then awkwardly shakes Pallaton's paw, lucky he doesn't require any psionic energy at the moment but that poor kid he met earlier is going to be working off a headache for a bit. "I'm Robyn, I just got here. Today." He says, yes the big wolf-man and the tall kid are a kind of odd for him. "Bat-Form?" He asks curiously. "And boy, I'm going to have to get used to things here…."

Jared is feeling good, and even almost happy despite the fact that classes are restarting. At the moment he is dressed in a pair of streatchy pants and a wife beater type shirt and sandels since he has just finished working out in the gym and is now stopping into the cafeteria for a simple snack. All the new people get skipped to start with as he heads to grab some fresh fruit to eat first.

Looking at Pallaton's form towering over his own height, Jordan grumbles slightly. Unconsciously, his size begins to increase. As it does so, there are a few rips forming in his clothing. It's not enough to make him indecent, but it's enough to show. He stops at about a half a foot taller. He doesn't seem to realize that he's doing it as he eats. "So am I." He says with a nod to Robyn.

Pallaton smiles, nodding. "I know how that felt, anyway. So if you need a helping … paw, I'm around." The rips get Pallaton's attention, and he spins his head to look at Jordan bulge, tilting his head. "…Why'd that happen?"

Owen frowns as the bat-form is asked about. "Don' worry 'bout it, Robyn. Jus'…every two weeks or so, people gotta stay away from or they get hurt pretty bad," he says, glancing at Pallaton with a bit of regret in those glowing green eyes. He watches Jared for a moment before shrugging. "Hey! Buddy! Could ya toss me an apple while ya're over there?" he calls.

Robyn's already big eyes, widen a bit at the growing and as Owen talks about how every few weeks he has to stay away from people. "I..I am really going to have to get used to it here." After all he's steal learning how to accept that he's a mutant. "I don't hurt people badly..but…nevermind." He says as he looks around at everyone. "I'm Robyn, I said that already didn't I…."

"Don't know." Jordan says, slightly grumpily as he looks at his body. "I liked this shirt, too…" He almost makes a pouty face before shrugging it off. "Just happens sometimes." Maybe when he's not the center of attention. He doesn't know. That's up to the psychobabble folks.

Jared grabs a banana and a couple of apples before heading over to the cluster of students just because he actually feels social today. Healing energy seems to be just pouring off of Jared, making any scratches or bruises that the people near him might have visably heal. Once next to the other students Jared tosses one of his apples to Owen in a soft underhand toss. "Hello, new students or more of the people I have managed to not meet by spending all my time in the gym?" Jared gives the others a grin and then eyes Owen and Robyn a moment, "People get hurt? How do they get hurt, it might be something I can help with. And Xavier's soo far ahs proven impossible for me to get used to…but I am still trying."

Pallaton looks over to Jared, then to Owen and back to Jared. "Owen couldn't control his powers. DirkFace, was it?" He tries to remember the name, but shrugs. "Something like that. He turned into a bat and went crazy. I got bit, but it's healed up after some treatment."

Owen catches the apple and flashes a grin. "Thanks, buddy!" he says, biting into the fruit. Looking Jordan over, Owen smirks again. "Well, least gettin' bigger doesn't take away from the man under the clothes," the fuzzy teen comments. "Easier tah get used tah the school than it is mutantation in general," he comments, slowly returning to his non-fuzzy state. "They jus' get hurt…" he mutters his reply to Jared. He then frowns at Pallaton again. "DarkForce. And it was an overload…and Ah -told- you tah run…"

Robyn starts to munch on one of his cookies, seeming to prefer the cookies over his actual dinner. He doesn't bother hiding the fact that he has a tattoo on each wrist. "Umm..I really don't know my powers. I just got here and I just found out I'm a mutant last week." He says as he munches on his oatmeal raisin cookie, the ball of clay still in front of him. He just looks around the group curiously, seeming a bit overwhelmed but still smiling.

"I've known for a few weeks. I can't hold my size steady sometimes." The very large teenager says, rubbing the back of his hair. "But, here, I don't guess it matters so much." Jordan coughs and goes back to eating his own dinner as he looks about.

Pallaton nods. "I've known since I was about eight months. Mine… progressed quite fast, I think. By the time I was two, this was me." He gestures to his huge, fuzzy body. "Not that I'd have it any other way, the Great Mother's given me this body to protect those who can't protect themselves, and I'll make sure I do that."

Jared nods at Pallaton and grabs a chair from near by and turns it around backwards to sit on with his arms resting on the back. He takes a big bite out of his appel, and will hit the banana later. "Dark force? Cool, I asked cause I heal people…but if it is adark force thing you might want to meet Leo. Hes the resident living light bulb, and he tends to power overload ever few weeks too. I only learned I was a mutant about a month ago myself. My powers kicked in and suddenly I knew everyone around me was a normal human, and I wasn't"

Owen smiles at Jordan. "So that size an all over thin' or just your frame?" he asks, half-flirty and half-curious. Pallaton gets a curious look as well and Owen shrugs. "Couple years fer me," he says. "Ah met Leo and that Nathan fella," he says with a smile, sitting down as well.

"I really don't know what I can do." Robyn says as he starts to pinch and mold the clay a bit. "I just passed out in my German class. I was told I went into a coma, then something happened and I was awake and the nurse was in a coma for a few days." He pushes his bangs to the side so they're as much in his eyes. He still has a few tests to go through to determine his powers. "So, this is a school, all for mutants? I didn't even know there were places like this."

"We're not supposed to know, unless they come and look for us." Jordan says as he pulls a paper out of his pocket. "Does anyone know a Mr. Parker-Mayfair? He's supposed to be my team advisor. I'm with the… Alpha Squadron?" He says, in the form of a question. He waggles his eyebrows at Owen. "My whole body gets bigger." He doesn't bother saying that when he gets too big, he becomes more like a mist than anything.

Pallaton nods his head. "It is. Just not to the outside. Otherwise, we'd get a lot of problems on our hands. Well… more problems than usual."

Jared grins and gives Owen a little laugh, "Ah the flirty type, Leo must have loved you." Jared takes another bite of his apple and looks over at everyone around him for a moment, and points to each person as he mentions them. "Ok, I heal, you use Darkforce and turn into a batperson, you have some size and density related power, and you over there are a kinda of cute wolf man. Hmm, maybe yourse is some kind of psionic power since that and energy manipulation are the bigs one s missing out of the group here now." Jared grins at Jordon and waves, "Which one, Mister Parker-Mayfair, or Dr Parker-Mayfair? Just so I know because I am on Alpah Squad too and I have no idea which of the Dads our team leader is."\
Owen smiles at Jordan and gives him a bit of a closer look before leaning back. "Parker-Mayfair…oh yeah. Mr. Glowy-Chef. He's the one that stopped me from suckin' Pally-boy here dry," he says, nodding. "Err…not like that," he says, eyes drifting down. "Apparently, DarkForce drains LifeForce from people…" he trails off. The kid did some research while everyone was off saving the world. He finishes off his apple and leans back. "Wonder what squad Ah'm on…"

"Mister. Not Doctor. It says Christopher." Jordan says, pointing at the spot on the paper. "Maybe they just got me cause the war and everything was over. Maybe they'll give it to ya later?" Or they could be still deciding where a lifesucker goes. Jordan shrugs either way.

Pallaton nods. "I'm with the Hellions, but I guess with the new students they're still deciding where best to put them for their powers." He shrugs, too. He isn't a teacher or one of the X-men. He's still a student too. "Either way, I think Mr. Parker-Mayfair, the tall one that is, is still trying to organize our first get-together."

Jared gives Owen a raised eyebrow look as he mentions sucking Pallaton dry. "Hmm, wonder how the whole life draining thing would work on me since I have so much life energy it is just pouring off me. Ahh, that would be Chris. He's a nice guy Jordon, and a great cook. He and Dad are part of the reason I choose to go to school here instead of at the local public school since my powers are a lot easier to hide even though I can't control them."

Owen shrugs. "Ah dunno. Ah've never really tested it and have no desire tah…and you shouldn' either. THat…thin' Ah turn intah -will- kill ya if it gets the chance," he says, tense for a few moments. Eventually he sighs. "Ah'll be right back," he says, vanishing into another cloud of DarkForce. When it clears, his shirt is left on the chair and shoes on the floor. He comes back, fuzzy again, a moment later. "Really gotta work on that…" he mutters, working on getting his shoes back on.

Pallaton tilts his head at the shirt left behind, then just chuckles as a fuzzy Owen returns. "I'm starting to think you like being furry like me." He does give Owen's hair/head fur a playful ruffle, before sitting back to listen to the conversation. While eating, of course. Dinner's getting cold.

Robyn has just been quite as he listens to everyone talk, realizing he's out of cookies. When you're a kid and meal time is on you, cookies make an excellent dinner. "I don't think I could deal with being fuzzy though…I'd actually really like to see your bat-form sometime, it sounds like it could look really cool." Robyn says and he doesn't mean it in a flirty way, just more of a morbid curiosity way. "And yes, they said somethign about psionics." Robyn says to Jared.

"Why does the fur keep going away and coming back?" Jordan asks, looking over at Owen. "It looks neat." He chuckles. "Me, I just get bigger. Not much change in things, really." He says with a shrug, going back to his own food briefly.

Jared blinks and can'ts his head to the side a second looking past Owen but still somehow focused on him. "Well you only look different at least. Still feel like you did a moment ago through my secondary power…no idea why you change. You might try asking Dad, er, Dr Parker-Mayfair. One of his powers grants him a clearer understanding of how other people's powers work."

Owen blinks as he's ruffled, not bothering to put his shirt back on. He's proud of his body after all. "Ah turn fuzzy cause of the DarkForce. It's a side affect. Gave Mr. Gilpatrick tattoos all over…and messed with some others people with it," he says. "Ah turn fuzzy whenever Ah use mah powers…and eventually it goes away," he replies to Jordan and then looks to Robyn. "Unless you're thinkin' 'bout peekin; through a camera from far away…ya'll want tah stay far away from me when Ah'm like that. FAR away."

"Sorry if this sounds where but it's like Bat-Man and Wolfman here, can I call you Lon Cheney?" Robyn asks Pallaton now that he's over the inital shock he's actually curious about the physical mutantions and finds them neat. "It's like you're real life characters from Monster Movies, no offence I'm not calling you Monsters but I just think it's really neat." Robyn just likes all those monster movies.

Pallaton chuckles again. "Why would you want to make it going away? Surely being huggable has it's upsides." 'Course, this is the guy who was scritch-raped by Eddie and Leo, but hey. He liked it. He nods when Owen describes the transformation, though. "Yeah, I found out the hard way how hard it is to get him back. I tried just showing him people cared, but I got bit from that." He looks over to Robyn, confused. "I… Lon Cheney?"

"As long as Attack of the 50 foot woman isn't what you think of with me." Jordan says, rolling his eyes and chuckling. He runs a hand through his hair now that his food is finished. "Fuzziness everywhere, though."

Jared blinks slowly at Robyn and then laughs. "Does this mean I get to steal someones lab coat and play the part of Herr Dr Frankenstein?" Jared takes another bite out of his appel and grins at Jordon, "Could be worse, could be the Increadible shrinking man."

"Actor in a buncha classic horror films, Pally-boy," Owen chimes casually. "And Ah may go bat but that thin's aftah life force, not blood," he says. There's a sigh. "Sorry but that thing ain' me. Ah check out when Ah transform," he taps his head. Jordan gets a smirk. "Don' worry, Jordan. Ah'll be thinkn' of a completely differen' kinda film when Ah think of ya," he says with a wink. "And Ah don' mind the fuzz either way these days…it comes and goes on its own."

"They're really good movies, the classic horror movies, not like the stupid stuff they have today. No creativity outside of blood." Robyn says to Pallaton, and the brunette's eyes are glowing purple. He's about to say something else when he just falls over sideways to the ground, unconscious. Then Pallaton starts speaking up. "Oh my gosh! I'm all fuzzy now, how did this happen, wait, how am I there and here…what happened?" Robyn has seemed to accidentally possesed Pallaton, his mind jumping in the werewolfs body. After about a minute though, Robyn's mind returns to his body as the bruenette lets out a groan from the floor. Pallaton wouldn't remember a thing, just a blank minute.

Pallaton chuckles. "Lucky for some. I have to brush it out when I shed." After the possession thing, Pallaton seems oblivious. "It leaves quite a mess, but at least the showers seem to handle it, even if they do smell like wet dog for a few hours."

Glancing between the others and hearing Pallaton's demeanor and way of speaking completely change, Jordan's eyes scrunch up. "Ok, what in the hell wazzat?" He asks, just looking at Pallaton and Robyn in quick succession.

Jared moves as he sees Robyn fall over and instantly goes to checking his vital signs like his pulse and if he is breathing. Hearing Pallaton talk about being suddenly fuzzy he just looks at him from where he is sitting by Robyn and then shakes his head. When Robyn starts to groan Jared offers him a hand to help him up. "Dude, it is awsome to know someone that has decent tastes in movies, and I think we just saw your power in action. Looks like you can posses other people."

Owen blinks at the weirdness. "Okay…" he trails off. "So…you did some kinda psychic thin' like that exotic dancer woman that recruited me tah the school?" he asks. A moment later and he yelps, holding his head as if he had a sudden headache. "Sorry, sorry!" he can be heard muttering. After a moment he shakes it off and looks a little grumpy as he returns to his fuzzless form. Still doesn't bother to put his shirt on, showing off his definition. "Ah have tah deal with sheddin' and wet fur smell too sometimes, Pally-boy…"

"Exotic danger woman?" Robyn groans as he takes Jared's hand and again, something odd happens. He drains some of Jared's phsyic energy to 'refuel' himself. "Oh god, I'm so sorry!" He says as he feels the drain and his eyes flash purple again as it happens. Jared would be left with a mild headache from the drain since it was a light drain. "I'm really sorry guys I really don't know my powers or how they work or even what I can do." He says sounding worried.

Jordan is sitting across from Robyn. Currently, he's bigger than Pallaton, When he's standing, he's about nine and a half feet tall. He tilts his head as he looks over. "Dude, chill. Maybe everything will balance out. Maybe you're just getting overexcited. I know I get that way."

Jared blinks as he is suddenly drained of a little bit of energy and then shakes his head as he has a headache for a few seconds. "Whoa, that was…Why do I get the feeling I would have a massive migrane if I had different powers?" Jared helps Robyn up and still smiles at him, "No worries, I can't control my powers eaither…part of the reason were here." Jared is currently dressed in a pair of tights, a wife beater shirt, and a pair of sandels.

James walks into the Cafeteria and makes his way to the vending machines, where he buys a bag of chips, candy bar, and soda before heading for the tables.

Owen, sitting shirtless and showing off a well muscled bod, just arches an eyebrow. "Mutant powers are weird," he concludes simply. "Not like Ah can control mah powers all that well either," he says, pulling his shirt back on.

Robyn lets out a sigh of relief as they say ti's okay. "I was told I can drain pyshic energy but I don't know how well other people will take it when they know you're some sort of physic vampire." He says looking down at his tray with a frown. "I need to get more cookies, they were really good, and yeah, mutant powers are really strange. And I don't think I know your names at all."

"Wow. Weird." Jordan offers, scratching through one of the holes in his shirt. "I'm glad my powers me-centric and it doesn't affect anyone else unless I want to affect'em." He laughs, glancing at the new arrival from his high vantage point.

Jared grins at Robyn and shrugs, "Trust me, in some cases weird does not even start to cover it. I said earlier, but my name is Jared. I might not mention the psychic vampire thing to any normal people though, I heal injurys and that was enough to get me stabbed and shot." Jared looks over at James and gives him a wave as he finishes off his apple and grabs the banana he got earlier. "Its kind of a shame they don't stock any craisens in the cafeteria here…"

James glances over at the comments about uncontrollable abilities and nods "I have two abilities, one I can't control precisely and one that I can't turn off."

"Owen," Owen states simply, leaning back. He blinks a few times then arches an eyebrow. "What's a craisen?" he asks. Jordan gets a quick smirk and eyebrow waggle before Owen looks around. He watches James for a moment before shrugging. "Least ya don' turn intah a giant bat-monster that tries tah eat anythin' and everythin' in sight…"

Robyn chuckles and looks down. "I guess I shouldn't feel so weird then. I'm just still getting used to this is all. My parents are really weirded out by it too, and craisins are like a cranberry raisin. They're really good and taste great in cookies." Any kind of oatmeal cookie, no matter what's in it, Robyn loves.

Jordan chuckles. "My folks loved craisins in oatmeal. Not enough there for me, though. I need a lot more food." He grins, shrugging his massive shoulders. He looks down at James and wrinkles his brow. "It's actually polite to introduce yourself when you're jumping into a conversation." He's not saying it rudely. He's just teasing. He's like that.

James winces "Sorry I'm James, James Robertson." He then unwraps his candy bar and takes a small bite.

Jared pats Robyn on the back before he starts to peal the banana. "They are by far the best snack food there is. Hmm, oatmeal craisen cookies…now there is an idea…now I am going to have to get Christopher to teach me how to cook cookies from scratch just so I can try that out. Hello James, names Jared."

Owen nods slowly. "That so?" he asks. "Howdy James. Ah'm Owen," he says. Glancing at the clock, the teen nods. "Huh…" he looks to Jared, Jordan, and Robyn. "Ah'll be back in a few," he says, calling up DarkForce around himself and teleporting away. He didn't leave anything behind this time! Huzzah! But where did he go?

"Nice to meet you James, I'm Robyn." Says the brunette, introducing himself with a smile. He looks over at Jordan and shrugs. "I have a horrible sweet tooth so with out my parents here I am kind of eating what I want for dinner." Which explains why he hasn't touched his 'real' food, just the cookies. "So you were saying about movies Jared, you like all those old classic monster movies too?

"Jordan." He offers nodding to James before he yawns broadly. "I think I'm gonna go take a nap. Thanks for the company, folks." He grins, moving to stand up, forgetting his height as he bumps his head on the ceiling. "Crap."

Jared shrugs at Owen and his departure, guy probably had an apointment or a date or something. Robyn on the other hand gets a raised eyebrow. "That, should probably end soon. You don;t want to end up having problems with a nutritional deficiancy…other wise you might end up with one of my Dads spending meal times in here with us and making sure you eat well…and I just turned into my coach minus the sequined dress and high heals." Jared shakes his head and takes a bite of his fruit. "Yeah, big movie buff, Mom always blamed it on raising me in Cali.

After several moments, Owen reappears. Fuzzy and a little woozy, the teen falls and leans against the giant Jordan. "He ya'll go," he says, tossing two bags of Ocean Spray Craisens onto the table. "Remind…remind me not tah teleport so many time so fast again…" he mutters. Quick trip to the nearest store before curfew it seems. "Hey…big guy? Min' given' a fuzzy dude a lift back tah his bed?" he reuqests of Jordan.

James nods to those who introduce themselves and again to those who are leaving but continues to eat in silence having nothing to add to the current conversation.

Robyn blinks as Owen just appears again with the craisins. "You teleported out to get them?" He shakes his head with disbeleif as he looks to Jordan. "It was nice meeting you Jordan." He says with a smile before looking to Jared. "I love the more weird movies that have strange monsters and weird creatures and stuff. Espeically anything with stop motion animation. My parents just always encouraged me to be myself." He says before looking at James curiously.

"Sure." Jordan says with a chuckle, moving to lift the fuzzball into his large hands. He focusses himself slightly to make sure that the major solidity is around him. "You'll have to tell me which room is yours." He says, snickering as he heads out, carrying the other mutant with him.

Owen waves, "Yeah. Figured Ah'd get mah good deed in for the day," he chuckles to Robyn. "Up, up, and away," he laughs as he's picked up. "Yours, mahne, someone else's…whoever doesn' mind a fuzzy dude borrowin' or joinin' in a bed for a couple hours…" he laughs a sthey go.

Jared oohs at the sudden appearance of Craisens. "Dude, you jsut made a friend…that and I think I like you too just for that." Jared grins as that is about as close as he gets to making a real joke normally. To Robyn he nods and says, "I can dig it, got to love Ray Harryhousen…most of his movies make me think about Ray Bradbury storys and he is one of my all time top five fave authors."

"G'night Owen, nice meeting you too and thanks for the craisins." Robyn says as he brushs his bangs to the side. "His stuff is really cool. I also like anything Tim Burton does I know he's gotten really popular but some of the stuff that comes out of his mind is really cool. Same with Gaiman. I tried to scupt a bunch of the creatures from Mirrormask after watching that."

James winces inwardly "My parents and grandparents for the most part encouraged me to be myself but my taste in movies is much different."

Jared nods at Robyn and grins, "Mirrormask was ok, liked Labrynth and Pan's Labrynth more thought. Burton's older work was better than some of his newer stuff, ever get a chance to watch his short Vincent?"

"Yes I loved Vincent, and I love all the old Vincent Price films!" Robyn says happy to find someone he can talk to about what he likes. Most kids don't and he was always kind of that 'weird' kid in high school. "I like all of it, Edward Scissor hands is my favourite and Pan's Labrynth and Labrynth are great. Jim Henson was an amazing man. Some of the stuff they did, they just don't do anymore. So what's your taste in movie then James?"

James shrugs some sci-fi and fantasy but a lot of historical stuff too. There are a lot of movies based around events I had ancestors or family involved in, even if the movies almost always change things. and Home Alone, Ninja Turtles and some samilar movies."

Jared laughs, "Yeah the film he has of Vincent Pryce would be awsome to see. I hope he eventually gets around to making the documentary thing he actually filmed them for. Heh, you know somewhere around here are a pair of students named for him right? Couple of Eastern European twins…don;t really know much about them." JAred nods at James as he goes through his movie lists, "The turtles were awsome, the origional movies not the animated thing they did recently. I mean it was ok, but was just no were near as good. You also got to love that the guy in the Donatello suit in the first movie, Earnie Reyes Jr, out grew him but was liked enough by the people making the movies that they wrote him a part in the second movie."

"You gotta love the Ninja Turtles." Robyn says with a laugh. ""And I do like my share of Sci Fi too. I don't really know anyone here yet. Just you, Jordan, Lon Cheney, Owen the Bat, and now James. I just got here earlier today, I'm still getting unpacked. Artist wise, Edward Gorey is one of my favourites, I love his stuff and it's such fun inspiriation."

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