2010-08-18: Unlikely Allies


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: August 18th, 2010

Log Title: Unlikely Allies

Rating: PG

NYC - Prospect Park

Located in the center of Brooklyn is Prospect Park. There are many paths circling the park for bike riders and walkers. You can rent a boat to take out on the lake, or stand on the shores to fish or feed the ducks. Many colors can be seen in the sky where the hill is in the center of the park from the many kite flyers. There can always be found a few peddlers in this area selling kites to those who wish to partake in the fun.

The park was just after sunset, light settling down in the distance had it overcast with a deep orange glow almost red. Late night joggers were running by as were a few bicyclists and skateboarders. It seemed lively, electric and peaceful. A good night to be away and relaxing, a fresh breeze carried in from the lake and the sky was not rain riddled as it had been lately, instead there was an overcast of clouds that.

Laura drifted through Prospect Park, no real destination in mind, just wandering around aimlessly, enjoying the decent evening after so many days of rain. Emerald eyes shifting from one person to the next as they moved past, small hands finding their ways into back the back pockets of low hip hugging black jeans. A pale blue tee covered the rest of her, cut just above her navel. A yawn managed to escape as she shifted towards the nearest bench, slipping down and pulling knees up to ehr chest, content to just watch those around her.

The whir of jets would easily become audible to Laura from a distance as a form began to appear in the distance, fastly approaching soon it came to a halt beginning to descend slowly the figure of MACH-IV would appear, whether Laura knew him or not. His head turned as he looks directly at her and then began to walk her way in a quick stride.

Laura's head cocked to one side with sound of the jets, eyes lifting upwards, scanning the horizon, as the figure came into view. Her brow furrowed over, lips pursing together as eyes narrowed. She watched as Mach IV landed and she tensed visibly., ready to bolt or start throwing punches as the need arose. She shifted in her seat on the bench, keeping her eyes on his approach, until he finally just got too close for comfort and she quickly unfolded from ehr seated position to stand - not that there was much different in her stature between the two. She remained silent, merely fixing him with a long unblinking stare, muscles in her forearms flexing.

Gauntlet covered hands rose up and the man waved his palms towards her. "Not here for trouble, the opposite actually…" MACH-IV announces, his stride bringing him to a stop before the mutant. "The other day, I couldn't help but catch some footage… you were attacked by some villains, you and some companions?" He questions. Looking her over beyond the visor he ran an analysis on her body, scanning her from head to toe.

A brow arched, though his promise of not causing any trouble did little to ease her tension, there'd been too many people coming around and causing trouble lately. "Which one? There have been several…issues lately." she replied flatly, as arms came up to cross over her chest. Her gaze raked once over his suited form to finally settle on his face. "And where did you manage to see this footage?" she asked, her head tilting to one side.

"Just the other day. The Hobgoblin, Flying Tiger and Shatterfist, two of them were Masters of Evil, the other is a Spider-Man foe." MACH-IV replies, displaying his extensive knowledge of super do gooders and bads. "A street camera and apparently a camera phone, not sure who sent it in but it was on Youtube and I got my hands on it, I tend to when it concerns certain topics." His hands rose higher and he grips his helmet to release the valves on it then take the helmet off, revealing a man in his early 30's moderately handsome with dark hair and eyes, a neutral smile worn on his features. "My name is Abe Jenkins, the leader of the Thunderbolts."

As hands moved up towards his helmet, Laura got a bit more then jumpy and both sets of adamantium coated claws pushing past the skin over ehr knuckles. Lips curled back slightly, exposing a sliver of ivory. "Well, if you saw what happened, you would have seen that I was taken out, no?" she replied, shifting on combat boot-clad feet. As the helmet came off, and ovr-bright green orbs settled on the face underneath she gave him a single nod. "Laura." she stated simply. "And is there a reason you are bringing this up? They were not after me. They were after Domino." who happened to be after the cyborg Laura had been playing Halo with that day.

"Nice to meet you Laura. Honestly, not really aware of the full details and alot of the fight is missed. Only bits and pieces were seen. Generally that crowd doesn't attack someone without good reason, we can not find Domino and by chance I encountered you.. those are some interesting utensils you have there, by the way. Sensors picked up the foreign compound lacing your bones. They didn't include you into their assault did they? Anything at all could be monumentally helpful to us." MACH-IV/Abe continued on. Trying to remain as friendly and peaceful as possible.

"No. They seemed to be there for Domino. I was merely caught in the crossfire." she replied, as claws finally began to receed as Abe's attention shifted down to them. "Came with the cloning." she murmured flatly, one thin shoulder shifting up in a half shrug. "Is there any particular reason you are asking me about them? I did not know any of the three who attacked before they did. Domino and I were… having a disagreement, and I mistook Flying Tiger's fire for Deadpool."

"Ah, hrm. Vaguely familiar… " Abe would reply. "Domino, any clue where we could find her? They didn't happen to say anything out of context did they?" He was reaching his hand down to a compartment on his thigh opening it up a small piece of paper apparently a business card was taken out and extended towards Laura, the Thunderbolts Logo on it with the ~Justice Like Lightning~ motto etched into it. "Hold onto this, it has our contact information… most days we're faster to arrive than the police, for uhm a super situation like this we may be the more necessary… curiously, cloning you say?"

Laura thought for a moment, her brow crunching up again. "Yes. The big one, who punched me in the face…. something about points." she murmured, struggling as she had been mostly unconscious at the time, whent he orb had floated around the beefy man's head. "There was an orb at circled around him. That is all I cna really remember. There was a lot of going on." Laura watched him as he pulled the card out, and then hesitantly she moved forward to take it from him. "I can handle my own battles." she merely replied as the card was stuck into her back pocket without looking at it. "Yes, clone." she added after a moment.

"Points? The big one? Hrm, Shatterfist I'm guessing. " Abe said, "Lots of power in those gloves." He said aloud with his thoughts, "What sort of orb? Can you describe it." As she took the battle he smiles, not remarking that she had been put down her last fight. "I am sure you can but it is always nice to have backup and friends. Who knows… maybe more." His thought was teammates but the way he said it sounded like it could have meant something else. Not that he'd realized it.

Laura merely shrugged, rocking back on her heels. "I dd not get a good look. I had to worry about the psycho firing into my room, protecting Alex from Domino and then there was explosions and more people." she replied, scowling at him slightly. Laura turned away slightly, her gaze shifting away from Abe, "I will consider it." she murmured.

The helmet was placed back on and MACH-IV nods. "Keep us in mind if they come at you again, also… look into the Thunderbolts if you can. If you are something special maybe we can be of help to you if you're in need." He gave a one-handed wave as his boosters picked up and flared then launched him to the sky. Leaving her to her night out.

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