2010-07-09: Unsettling Theory


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Summary: Jinx and Robyn chat a bit about their friends.

Date: July 9, 2010

Log Title: Unsettling Theory

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Woods

Pine, Oak, Birch, and many other trees can be found in these woods. Paths lead all through out them for students to take walks. The occasional bench can be found along the paths. Students shouldn't worry about wandering too deep in these woods as its almost impossible for them to get lost here.

Jinx is sitting in the dappled light of one of the trees. Wide branches span above her head, creating little shifting beams of light that cut through the wide canopy. She has one of her text books spread out before her, and she idly doodles in the margin as she reads, more-or-less. She lays on her belly, her feet kicking in the open air and her tail curled lightly against her legs.

Dressed in a pair of black jeans with a black Edward Scissorhands t-shirt is Robyn. He's decided to just kind of enjoy the morning and take a walk through the woods since he has practice later this afternoon with Alpha Squadron. He's feeling a bit energetic as he just has his morning 'brain breakfast' from draining some of Addison's psychic energy. With a pair of earbuds in he walks along the path until he catches the movement of a tail out of the corner of his eye and then spots Jinx. "Hey Jinx." Hey says with a smile as he takes out one of his earbuds.

Most people would be alarmed by the sight of a skunk in the woods. Jinx turns her head, chewing on the butt of a ballpoint pen. "Hey Robyn," she calls with a smile. Any excuse not to do homework is a good one, especially with History. BLAH. So much for being a year behind in school and needing to do catch-up in the summer. "How'd you escape?"'

Robyn can't help but smile as he walks over to where she is. "Mind if I sit down?" He doesn't just want to assume someone wants company. "It's mostly boring for me this summer, I went home the other day for a night but that's about it. It's just a lot of wondering what to do around here." He says as he brushes his hair out of his face to have it flop right back. "What about you, looks like you're stuck with summer classes?" He comments eyeing the history book.

Jinx waves a hand to the space below the tree. "Sure, enjoy yourself. It's finally not as hot today, huh?" she doesn't move to change her position, sprawled as she is on the grass. To his question, she nods her head and flips the pen with her tongue to poke from the edge of her mouth. "Yeah… they say if I get a couple classes done, I'll be caught up," she wrinkles her nose. "Some days I just want to take my GED and be done with it."

"No, it's actually nice enough to spend time outside." He says sitting against a tree and crossing his legs. "I'd offer help but I just get by with C's and B's myself and the less time I have to spend on school work the better. It's just boring." Robyn probably could do better if he actually cared but he cares more about art than classes. "Maybe later we should look into going swimming in the pool or lake."

Jinx considers swimming. "I don't know if I can swim anymore," she considers. "I think the fur would make me sink like a rock." She considers the question, her pen bobbing in her lips. "I used to swim all the time. I loved the water." A moment of sadness.

Robyn notices the look of sadness and smiles. "Well why not try? It might be weird and you might have to get used to it but plenty of animals with fur can swim, not that I'm saying your an animal, but it's just.." He feels like he's chosen the wrong words and feels himself get flustered a bit. "I'm just saying it's probably possible. If you love the water you shouldn't give up on it. We can try in the shallow end of the pool if you want."

Jinx snorts a soft laugh. "It's okay, Robyn. We're all animals. I am not offended by people calling me what I am," she smiles and pulls the mangled pen from her teeth. "I don't have a bathing suit, and I know you're gay and all, but like…" she rolls a shoulder in a shrug. "Sorta trailerish to go in undies and a tshirt."

Robyn smiles back and then can't help but chuckle. "They do have bathing suits if you need them here. And it's not like it's second hand swim wear where you have to worry about who was in that before cause I know I wouldn't like to wear something Cloud wore." There's a face at that. "I'm not trying to pressure you just giving you options. You shouldn't give up on something you like is all, that's my opinion." He's really not trying to force her either. "And speaking of Cloud, how can someone so dimwitted have a twin whose actually smart?"

"Who's Cloud?" she asks, since they are gossiping about someone she hasn't met. "Is he dumb or something? What does he do?" She asks, then returns to the subject of swimsuits. "Mm… maybe if I can borrow, I will try." She grins to him.

"I don't know him terribly well but he's this kid who tends just do dumb stuff and get himself…lost. Hell I can't even say he gets himself kidnapped cause he goes willingly." Robyn says with a shake of his head. "I guess he's been missing cause he jumped into a portal after someone told him he dies in the future after Chloe and Connor told him not to. He did the same thing when Jordan was evil. He's…an idiot."

Jinx pffs softly and shakes her head. "Maybe, if he was a twin, all his braincells went into the other fetus?" She ventures, as it seems a perfectly logical explanation in an illogical world. "Don't we have anyone here who can find people? That would seem like a common sort of power, you know?"

There's a sort of sad look that crosses Robyn's face as the mention of power that can find people. "Yeah…Cam. He went missing." He should know that Jinx was there for that but he doesn't remember at the moment. "Cam can just find people or things, that's his ability. And I guess the telepaths here can't find him. I'm not really a telepath so I don't know."

Jinx frowns. Was that the guy that was all bondaged up by the weirdo with the spears? She did not know him so doesn't quite remember. "Oh. That sucks when the finder gets lost. I suppose that's ironic or whatever," she twitches her nose, the subject reminding her of something else. She eyes Robyn cautiously. "Has James talked to you about his team?"

The change of subject is a welcome one and Robyn nods. "Yeah he did, I'm good for it. It's weird cause I wouldn't have expected to be picked for something like that but it's nice he thought of me." He admits as he doesn't think his powers are anything special for a team though he's far from wrong. "I'm just a bit surprised that he's actually getting into this hero thing in a sense."

Jinx's ear twitch a little. "Yeah…. about that…." she pushes up to her elbows and licks her lips, choosing her words carefully. "The guys… they think James is possessed by some sort of freaky thing, and it's controlling his actions to some grand purpose," she laces her fingers together before her, her feet swinging. "Lucas said it was like 17 million years old or something and it was blackmailing him. Connor said he knew all along but I think he's full of shit."

Pushing himself up more, Robyn's face gets really confused for a bit as he's trying to piece things together. "What..but..I..there was..I don't know Jinx." He says as his thoughts are a mess right now. "It's not the first time someone has thought James was possessed but Addison went in there and sorted through things, but Lucas does know him better than most of us." But they've fought too. "I promised I wouldn’t mention it but…I don't know Jinx."

"Not the first time?" Her brows arch upwards. "Wouldn't it stand that it was the same thing, then, like… lingering or whatever?" Her tail sways in a black and white plume above her. "I asked the guys what you needed to do to get rid of a possession… like a priest or whatever… but they sorta blew me off. Do you know anything about it since you uh…" her fingers flick to him. "Do your thing."

"That's the thing, Addison cleared him of anything. Jono was positive there was something but Addison went in James's mind and found nothing, he found some lingering damage from the Demon thing but that was it." Robyn says as he remembers James telling him nothing was wrong, that's what got him confused. "So I don't know what can linger that wasn't there. And to get rid of a possession, well I posses people and what can get rid of me is a stronger mind or a telepath pushing me out. So if it's another mind in there, it'd be like that. If it's a demon or spirit, I don't know Jinx." He's obviously worried now.

Jinx thinks about that, long and hard. "Well. The facts are that he is assembling a team… and from what I can tell, he is promising us all what we want the most," she chews at her lower lip with her sharp little teeth. "Maybe he was just messing with Lucas with the blackmail thing? You think James would be that cruel to run this whole thing as a big joke?"

Robyn rubs his temples a bit trying to sort through things in his mind. "I don't know, he didn't promise me anything though. He just offered." Though there is one thing that -really- doesn't add up that makes him unsure. "I'll..have to talk to Lucas. And as a big joke, what, the team? I don't think so. I know James has done some mean stuff to people in the past but he's never really done anything cruel to me. The only time that was really bad was when Jono messed with his mind."

Jinx's tail twitches and she blinks. "Jono messed with his mind?" She asks carefully. Suddenly, the Hyena's brain seems like Grand Central Station, and she wonders if any demon can live there long without getting pushed out by another train coming through. "Yeah, I think maybe you should talk to Lucas about it. I don't know James all that well, really. Not like you all do. I don't know what's normal or not."

"Well, Jono was a Maruader then and things weren't…it wasn't really Jono. Just like with Jordan, it wasn't really him when Sinister fucked with his mind." Robyn looks at Jinx and then sighs. "James, I felt something different about him. Something, not right. It didn't make sense but I trusted him. Why the fuck does this shit keep happening?" Robyn says as he doesn't like it one bit.

The soul searching moment is not lost on the giant skunk who lays there conversing with the psychic vampire who bodyhops. "Maybe because we live in a Mansion where weird stuff just happens all the time?" She suggests. "I don't deny that there is something weird about him. The question is whether it's James doing it because he is a shit or if it's something else making him that way, right?" Her tail gives a quick shake, as if an exclamation mark on the end of her words. "If he has a history of possession, maybe he has a hole in his mind somewhere that lets things in. Or maybe he's just real close to going feral on us, and we are seeing a new 'butterfly' as everyone keeps saying, only the butterfly has teeth and claws."

Robyn brings in his knees to his chest to hug them there. "I don't know Jinx. The Jono thing was different I think though, it was more him messing with James's mind than a possession. "No. I don't think it's him doing it because he's trying to get kicks." And Robyn is kind of adamant about that. "If it were other people I might believe it but with us…I really don't think so Jinx. I have to confirm something with Lucas first. Sorry, I just, I think I trust telling him more than anyone right now cause there is something different, I do know that."

Jinx pushes up from the ground then, curling herself into a sitting position and smoothing her skirt over her legs. She sits cross-legged with her tail a loose curl around her hips. "Oh sure. I am not offended at all. I think you guys totally should talk about it," she sniffs and rubs her nose with her wrist. "The guys suggested we just play along until we get things more figured out."

"Yeah…play along while who knows what happens." Robyn mutters. "I dunno. I hate to say this but I think they're right that something's wrong. I should have realized it but I trust him." He says sounding annoyed but he's not mad at James he's mad at whatever's in there. "So he asked you on the team as well? Did he promise you anything?"

Jinx smirks, a little embarrassed. "Just that I could drive a car, or whatever. He did not really promise me anything but escape," she pauses, the moment heavy as thoughts travel behind her purple eyes. "I really can't do much. I guess I can help keep people mellow in case of freakouts, but in general I am a pretty useless combatant."

"So am I Jinx." Robyn says with a slight smile. "I mean I have my psychic daggers but if I get in close I can't defend myself and possession is good for getting one guy out of the way but I don't know, what exactly can you do besides calm people?" Robyn asks as he's not quite one hundred percent on her powers. "Escape, from where? From here?"

Jinx rolls her shoulders in a shrug. "I can make them throw up on themselves. Or get high. Or get super horny," she twitches her nose and glances at Robyn. "You and your boyfriend ever want to be willing experiments, let me know. I am trying to practice that one but it's not really something I want to do in public, you know?" she snorts a soft laugh and turns to close her textbook, using a blade of grass as abookmark. "If I can touch, I can do all sorts of things… otherwise it's one shot and I am out. A stiff breeze makes me just another woodland creature. At least you can jump into people and have them punch themselves in the face or whatever," she grins brightly at that image.

Robyn can't help but laugh. "I'll let Jordan know. It's not a -bad- think to be an experiment for." He says blushing slightly but the amusement is there and he is joking. "Yes, I can punch people in the face but, I feel it and it does hurt. Just once I'm back in my own body, it doesn't hurt anymore. And you're a woodland creature with claws and teeth. You should start coming to Self Defense classes with me. I have them with Forge."

Jinx perks a little. "Really? Forge is teaching you?" she asks, regarding the boy. "That would be awesome. I could really use the help and practice. Is Forge good at what he does? I mean, I haven't had much training in hand-to-hand stuff."

"I have a class after today's Danger Room session, come and join us. I doubt he'd mind. It's not really combat training as much as defense training. I think with powers like ours, defense is good. And he's good at teaching it." Robyn says with a nod since that way they can at least handle themselves better. "Ya know, I liked the idea of being a team with you guys. The thought that it's just a big joke is kind of…I dunno, it sucks."

Jinx snorts a soft laugh. "Yeah. I think we all want it, in our own ways. i may not know you guys that well, but I feel like I can sort communicate… or at least now. The guys are not so good at listening, no offense," she wrinkles her nose a little. "I think I beat the idea of telling the whole truth into Lucas's head finally. Connor… well. Things were said." Her whiskers flick. "I hope James is okay. He is sorta the glue in all of this."

"Lucas, there's got to be something Rashmi sees in him and I like to believe in that. Some days he's nice and other days he's moody but he's not a bad guy." Robyn says as he has gotten in arguments with him but has had good conversation as well. "Connor, he's got a lot of issues to deal with. I like him." He says with a nod. "And well, I can listen if you want. Maybe it's the fact that I'm gay that I'm not like most guys and will blow you off. See I even answered your possession question earlier." He says joking.

Jinx laughs softly and rolls her shoulders again. "You're like a girlfriend without the competition. It's not like we'd be fighting over the same guys," she grins, her eyes sparkling a little when she does. Smiles are not common to the skunk's face. "Lucas is okay. He's just a kid with some memories he can't shake, and I think Connor's the same. They have those scary-ass powers and you know there's bad stories behind them both," Jinx knows a few too, and she sobers, looking at her toes as she extends her legs. "Everyone's got stories here, tho."

"And even if you don't before you get here, you develop them." As Robyn didn't have anything interesting happen before coming here. His life was pretty much average. "Lucas has a lot on his plate but hesitates to let anyone close, except James. He's very attached to James." So is Robyn in some ways but more like that brother he never had. "Connor just has a lot ot deal with with his powers and has OCD really bad. You’ve got to be patient with him in some ways. And as long as you don't fall for Jordan I think we're safe over the fighting over the same guys."

Jinx shakes her head. "I don't even know Jordan, so we're safe." She pulls her knees up against her chest and rests her chin on folded arms on top. "I'm furry. That turns a lot of guys off. Besides, I don't think I want to date, anyways," she pulls her brows down, a soft glower coming over her features. "I'd have to go out as human and all that to go anywhere. Seems sorta dumb to pretend all the time. I would wonder who my date was really looking forward to seeing. You know what Lucas asked me last night?" She turns her head to regard the lad.

"I don't think there's any problem with anyone being furry. Maybe someone here wouldn't care, but I dunno, I wasn't looking to date anyone when I first came here. I wasn't even out yet." Robyn admits as he moves to stretch his legs out in front of him, rubbing a thumb absentmindedly over one of his tattoos. "I can understand the concern though. I'd want someone to fall for you because of who you are not because of what you look like." Then his face grows curious. "What did Lucas ask you?"

"He asked me what I looked like before the fur," she fans her fingers in a breif encompassing expression, meaning the whole of her body. "He asked me if the image inducer was what I would look like if I hadn't changed." She pouts a long moment. "I lied to him," she admits softly. "I told him it was what I wanted to look like, not what I was. It's stuff like that that makes me not want anyone too close."

Robyn sighs at that and nods. "It's not what you look like that matters, it's what you are." And Robyn does believe that. He really does. "I grew up being taught that it wasn't about money, popularity or friends, but about being happy. As long as you were happy with yourself and you were true to yourself, that's what mattered. If someone was different than you, don't judge cause that's who they are. Just accept people." He says as his mother and father really did instill that into him which is probably why he walks to the beat of his own drummer so often. "Some people are raised that looks do matter, I wasn't. And..I'll be honest. I find a physical mutation really fascinating. I think it's because I'm an artist and it's like stuff from the imagination come to life. There's a beauty to you Jinx that I think is amazing, honestly. Six and James have that same beauty, it's just cool to me. It may seem shallow that I think it's 'neat looking' but, I just do."

Jinx shakes her head. "I don't know Six either. Wow, so many people I haven't met yet," she shakes her head a little, and reaches up to scratch behind her ear with a claw. "I should probably check out those swimsuits. The lake sounds pretty good about now." She makes to rise, scooping up her textbook with a clawed hand.

Robyn notices the change of subject and shakes his head with a smile. "The lake is probably better since I don't know how the chlorine in the pool would react with all that fur honestly. I don't think a green stripe down your back would be your thing." He says joking with her as he gets up as well. "I should probably start getting ready for practice. Yay Green and White not spandex spandex."

Jinx sticks out her tongue. "One of the first things I learned when I came here was never trust anyone in Spandex," she snorts a soft laugh. "What is with the spandex, anyways? I think people look better in the leather stuff anyways," she breaks into a grin. "Thanks for talking, Robyn. Let me know what Lucas says and all."

"You sound like my Mom." Robyn says with a laugh about the 'never trust anyone in spandex'. His Mother strongly dislikes costumed vigilantes, heroes and villains. "I will, I'm gonna try to find him tonight. And what's with the white?" He says making a face but then it's the only time he's not all in black. "Let me know how the swim goes Jinx, I'll see you later!" He says with a wave as he wanders off towards the school.

Jinx waves to Robyn. "See ya, Robyn!" she takes her textbook and heads to find these mythical swimsuits to rent.

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