Unstable Molecules


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Summary: Nigel has trouble keeping his form

Date: December 4, 2012

Log Title: Unstable Molecules

Rating: R

= Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Nigel lays in a bed in the medical bay, having been sedated after his body scan the previous night and has been unconcious ever since. The medical staff having been rather quiet about his condition but a few murmurings overheard would indicate that his body is still unstable even after reforming. A heart monitor beeps quietly as various bits of the medbay's alien healing tech have been attached to the prone teenager and a large sunlamp-style device over his bed pulsates and bathes him in an odd green light.

Nicholas is asleep for the moment and he's tossing and turning quite a bit in his sleep. A few mutters, grunts and groans escape him from the nightmares that tend to haunt him whenever he goes to sleep. "….Box…..don't.." He mutters before he snaps awake and sits up instantly, which was a bad idea as it causes Nick to cry out in pain a lot louder than he'd consider manly. His hair is almost plastered to his head from sweat and he's tangled in his sheets. Using his telekinesis he pulls over a bottle of water to take a few sips form as he tries to calm down from the nightmare.

"…You alright over there?" Tabitha's voice comes from where she lies in a bed up against the wall. Her hands are clasped behind her head, and she's busy making an in depth study of the ceiling above her. "D'you want the Doctor?" She sits up a little, and peers across the room towards Nicholas. "I didn't see you out front. You must've been fighting around back, I'm guessing?"

The heart monitor speeds up a little, anyone watching would note the light from the overhead lamp sputters and fades a moment before returning to normal. Nigel stirs in the bed for a brief period and lays still again.

Nicholas doesn't answer Tabitha right away, just tries to catch his breath. He shakes his head though at the question before looking over at her. "Who are you?" He doesn't feel comfortable at all around someone he's never seen before. The beeping causes him to turn his head and looks over at Nigel and the lamp. "What's the word from Dr. Reyes?" He asks, hoping that Nigel is awake.

"Tabitha Jones," the rat girl replies. "Or Patches, if you prefer. I was here when the school was attacked and I helped fight off the Sentinels. I got holes blasted through my chest for my troubles." She pats herself for emphasis. "This is the first time I've ever wound up with scars, though." She shrugs lightly, and lays back to resume staring up at the ceiling. "Who'm I speaking to? …And is that guy over there okay?"

Nigel stirs again but doesn't awaken. The light sputters again and anyone paying attention would see part of his Xaviers training suit actually seem to vanish into his body, as though he's feeding on the unstable molecules the suits are fashioned from. The heart monitor speeds up again but then settles back to a semi-normal pulse rate.

"So what do you want, a medal for all that?" Nicholas asks Tabitha sounding not exactly impressed. "Next time we'll have to make sure you don't get injured." His voice is a tad bitter sounding. The nightmare is still fresh in his brain as he finally starts to untangle himself from the sheet. "I don't know if he's okay, that's why I asked what the doctor said. But he's probably not awake. You can see as well as I can that he is probably not doing so well." He doesn't introduce himself in return as of yet.

Tabitha snorts loudly. "No, I don't want a fuckin' medal," she replies. "I didn't do it for recognition, I did it 'cause I thought it was the right thing to do." She sits up a bit, arranges the pillow, and props herself up. "You asked who I was, so I told you." She pauses, arching an eyebrow upwards. "The doctor doesn't talk to me about anyone's condition except mine, and they're just waiting for test results on me. Which was why I asked *you* if he was okay, because I presume you know him better than I do."

Nigel's eyes snap open and he archs his back, screaming in what could be a combination of pain and terror as his body flashes back and forth from normal to his Wildcard form several times. The heart monitor going berserk and the green overhead lamp shorts out entirely and begins to smoke. The screaming turns into deranged maniacal laughter as he goes full Wildcard, his head spinning around so fast it's nearly a blur before coming to a stop. The "Aw-ooooo-ga" of a Klaxton going off in time with the word TILT appearing in both those oversized cartoon eyes. He then poofs back into Nigel who falls out of bed coughing and gasping, before becoming violently ill on the floor. The outburst of mutant power and subsequent triggering of the heart monitor bringing several of the medstaff into the bay in response.

"Well you wanted some kind of attention by listing off your injuries." Nicholas isn't necessarily known for being subtle. "Well I don't know because Dr. Reyes just tells …" His voice cuts off by the scream from Nigel and he jumps, causing a surge of pain to shoot through his chest. "I guess that's your answer." Nick says to Tabitha as he just watches what's going on with Nigel.

The rat girl jumps out of her bed a half second after Nigel's scream, and adds her own shout, calling for the doctor. She hardly has to repeat the call, as said medical types come rushing in; Tabitha doesn't presume to get in their way, of course, as they are all trained professionals and she certainly is not. Tabitha pauses, keep an eye on what's happening for a moment, before turning to face Nicholas once more. "Not the answer I wanted," she replies, "I *wanted* him to be okay, same as I want you to be okay." She pauses, and shrugs her shoulders. "I'm sorry if I came off self-righteous or… whatever. Didn' mean it. I *was* genuine when I asked if you needed a doc, y'know." She sighs softly, before climbing back into the bed she was occupying.

Nigel has consumed his entire training suit at this point, clad only in his boxers now as the medical staff approach with caution. He begins to flash back and forth into his wildcard form again as the screaming starts up again. Wildcard is on his feet as the medical staff reach him and lashes out with an oversized mallet sending them scrambling for cover. One of the medstaff smashing the glass from the emergency box and removing what looks like a pistol from within it, firing several darts into the raging cartoon. Wildcard blinks, looks down at the darts sticking out of his chest.. then poofs back into Nigel and falls over. The staff very quickly moving to get him restrained, the one with the pistol speaking into his radio. "Cancell alert.. patient has been subdued."

Nicholas is about to use his powers to try to hold Wildcard in place but stops once he's been subdued. He can't exactly jump out of bed like Tabitha can. "Nigel…" He's not sure what to say to the student but he knows his situation doesn't look good. Wincing he looks away, not really sure what to say or what to do and honestly, the situation scares him.

Tabitha looks like she's poised to jump out of bed again, before the medical staff manage to get Nigel… more or less under control. Or at least unconscious. "Jesus," she mutters. She tilts her head back towards Nigel, and shrugs her shoulders lightly. "I'm sure he'll be okay," she murmurs, even if she doesn't feel entirely certain about it herself. "You've got good doctors here, and… stuff." She pauses, and scratches at the back of her head. "Look… you need anything?"

Nigel lays still on the bed as the staff begin to restrain him. They place several metal bands over his form to hold it to the bed as well as shackling his wrists and ankles. One of the staff speaking into a recorder. "Medical notes for Dr. Reyes. Patient Nigel Beck, Code Name: Wildcard. Patient has seemingly absorbed the unstable molecules of his training uniform and has fully stablized his natural state, this process has also seemingly jump-started his formerly inactive mutant abilities. Once awake transformations came seemingly at random and patient displayed aggressice tendencies. Nuetralizer darts shut his powers down once again and rendered him unconcious. Patient has been restrained and is under the effects of inhibiter bands to preven further outbursts. Reccamend he undergo a mental scan, with Headmistress frost unavailable I am sending requests to other telepaths to perform a mental evaluation. End of Log."

"Why would I need anything, everything I own is in this room." There's a torn and scorched looking jacket piled up on a chair next to Nicholas with a bag with a few salvaged DVDs and an mp3 player. "At least he got his powers back. He'll be okay, right Doctor?" There's no way he's going back to sleep anytime soon.

Kaylee meanders in, wearing pretty much the only possessions that she has - her pink cat-eared hoody (thankfully saved by being worn) and some ratty jeans - at the moment, though, she's fiddling with the PS Vita that Emma gave her. Of course, all of her computer eqiupment was destroyed in the fight - so it's about the only thing that she happens to have. That's okay, though, right? Especially with a quick rooting of the memory, it's almost like an /actual/ computer… That is not all she carries, however. Though it seems access to the /actual/ kitchen was somewhat restricted, the lizard girl is pretty resourceful. Of course, chocolate cupcakes are also pretty easy to make… and it's these that she brings as gifts to those still stuck in the medbay. To cheer them up, at least. Hopefully.

"Oh, I don't know!" Tabitha's arms shoot up in the air in utter, exasperated despair. "What's the matter with you? Seriously!" She glares at Nick, her mouth working as she searches for the right words. "I am *trying to be nice to you*. Why do you have to be bitter and angry in response to everything? I'm trying to offer you some help!" She pauses, and lets out a sound of elevated frustration… and then there's Kaylee, appearing with cupcakes, which seems to sooth the rat girl's frustration. "Oh, hi Kaylee," she greets, trying to sound more pleasant. "How're you holding up?"

The staffer that made the recording looks to Nicholas. "It's hard to say at the moment. The school never really understood how Nigel's powers worked in the first place. Physically he seems fine, if a tad banged up from his accident. This outburst could simply be a reflexive act of his powers being re-started without him having mental control over them. But his mental records are sealed and can only be accessed by the headmistress. However we do know he was diagnosed as a Multiple personality. Right now nothing is certain, we can only keep him under surveilence.

Nodding to the doctor, he watches Nigel for a bit before finally turning to his unopened PS Vita and looking at the box. "What's that matter with me is none of your business, okay?" He doesn't want to spill his life story to a stranger. Also the nightmares and lack of sleep don't exactly help his mood. "Hey there Kaylee, I see you're already absorbed into your Vita."

"I'm okay. I think. I um. Made cupcakes!" Kaylee holds them out triumphantly. "There's not really a whole lot to do with everything being destroyed. I tend to cook when I get bored or nervous. Or both. I mean, for fun too. But especially. It feels like I'm actually accomplishing something," she notes, nodding to Tabitha and offering the pan out to her, and then Nick in turn. "Pff. Vita. I mean, my computers were both kinda exploded so, as a nerd, I have to have SOMETHING. Anyway. Eat a cupcake!" demands the lizard girl.

The rat girl oohs softly, and accepts a cupcake. "Thank you, Kaylee," she replies. "I hope the doctors don't mind us having… wait, who am I kidding? I've never cared what doctors say." She chuckles softly, and waits politely for Nick to be served. "Sorry to hear about your computers Kaylee, that sucks. …I'm guessing the game you went out of your way to get the other day got nuked, too?" She eyes Nick, but for the moment chooses not to bother answering. Her eyes linger on Nigel for a moment, as she takes a bite out of the treat.

The medstaff clean up the floor and remove the damaged equipment from around Nigel's bed, hooking up a new heart monitor and making sure the restraints are secure and the inhibitor bands are functioning. The three staffers leaving shortly afterwards.

Nicholas jumps at Kaylee demanding him to eat a cupcake and he takes one. "Okay, okay Kaylee, I'll eat one." He's not that hungry but he picks at the chocolate anyway. "That's good that you're keeping busy Kaylee. I can't wait to get out of this bed so I can go check up on Orion but I guess being one of the injured here means that you get one of the comfortable bed." Most of the sweat from his earlier nightmare has vanished leaving his hair looking quite disheveled. "How's the school look Kaylee, that bad?"

"Well, pretty much everything. My computers, my game collection, my clothes, certain… things… my mom and dad left me…" Kaylee shrugs, "Things are only things though. It'll, um. It'll be okay," she nods, a bit shakily, looking over at Nick, "They've got most of us holed up in the gym, there's a kitchen and stuff… I dunno, we're making do," she chews on her lip a little. "The dorms are pretty jacked up… I dunno what they're gonna do but it looks to me like the entire building probably needs to be rebuilt. Rest of the place, I dunno. It doesn't look good, that's for sure. They wouldn't let me in the actual kitchen or the rec room, so it must be pretty bad in there too."

"Were you involved in the fighting Kaylee?" Tabitha sits up a little more, and takes a bite out of the cupcake, which she chews and swallows. "Awesome cupcake. …The sentinels were rigged to explode when they got taken down, so… I dunno about the dorms, but it made a hella mess of the front of the mansion." She reaches up to scratch behind one of her over-large ears. "Sorry you lost your stuff, girl. But at least you can get more stuff, right?" She shrugs, and takes another bite out of the cupcake. "I'm worried about Shane. She an' I've been through shit together, y'know? And now she's hurtin'. I wish there was something I could do about it… I hate being helpless."

"Shane'll manage." Nicholas says cooly to Tabitha. "Trust me, she's tough. I'm not saying I don't worry about her but she's got Q." He looks to Kaylee and motions to the chair next to him. "Somehow the coat Shane made me survived, it's a bit burned and torn but it still looks good. My mp3 player and about four of my DVDs were all that survived. Sorry that you lost everything, it just sucks having to go through all of this again."

"No, I was sorta asleep at the time, and then I woke up and they were herding everyone underground into the Danger Room… I didn't really know what was going on," Kaylee rubs the back of her neck, face turning a bit red as she stoops down to set the cupcakes one of the end-tables in the bay for anybody else who should want some. "I've only just gotten bits and pieces of what happened and well, everything just being blown up. It's kinda crazy. I mean honestly, I know Emma and, well, everyone who fought are trying their hardest. And the robots are gone now. But it kinda makes me want to just run. It seems like everywhere me and Amy go these jerks show up and ruin everything."

"Don't run." Tabitha focuses on Kaylee, and shakes her head slowly. "Seriously, Kaylee. I saw Emma and Hosea and… well, a bunch'a people I don't know all fighting like hell to save everyone here. I don't think you'll ever find a safer place than this, honestly." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "You don't want to end up some bitter and angry lone soldier, like me, anyway. You've got friends here, you should stay and stick with 'em." She pauses, and glances at Nicholas, but decides to drop the point. "'Course, it's up to you, but… that's what I'd do. You're lucky… wish I could'a come here when I was sixteen."

"Kaylee, those guys are still gunning for me. Just be happy that you or Amy don't have this giant target on your back like I do." Nicholas says more to keep her from feeling as afraid of that as he is. "Screw you!" He says to Tabitha and the partially eaten chocolate cupcake is forgotten. "Fuck lucky! If I was lucky I wouldn't be in this school." He slowly gets out of bed with much wincing and telekinetically pulls a pair of crutches over to him. "Kaylee, sorry…I just need to get out of here." He says before slowly leaving the medbay.

Kaylee nods, drooping slightly at Nick's words, and watches him leave the medbay, eyes following him every step of the way before she sort of… deflates onto a nearby couch, catching her chin in her hand and sighing. "I don't wanna run… besides…" she trails off, shaking her head again. "I wish there was something I could do to make things better for him…"

"Yeah, well… even though he seems to be a massive asshole, I wish I could help him too, but I can't either." She pauses, and gestures twoards Kaylee with half a cupcake. "You've got better odds than I do, though. You seem like a good person, and you make cupcakes, so you're all good in my books, anyway. …I'm terrible at helping people, as you've just seen. My Dad mostly just taught me how to hurt people, and that's about all I seem to be good for. I'm a complete failure at being, like, a girl." She rolls her eyes upwards, and sighs softly. "You want good advice, wait until this is all over, and see if you can get a chance to talk to Rashmi Franklin. She's good at this stuff."

Kaylee just kind of blinks for a moment, "Well I mean, I try my best!" she responds softly, blinking at Tabitha for a minute, "I wanna be a girl too," she answers, smiling just a tiny bit, and then raising an eyebrow at Tabitha, "Rashmi? Good at what kinda stuff?" she asks, looking fairly confused about the whole business. "I haven't met her, whatsoever."

The rat girl smiles pleasantly. "I know you do," she replies. "Try your best, I mean." She sits up a little straighter, and pops the last of the cupcake in her mouth, to savor it before swallowing. "Rashmi used to be a student here. Search for her Youtube account, PsyBowlr," she spells it out, "Anyway, she's really good at like… helping people. Just saying the right thing, or… I dunno how she does it, she just makes people feel better." The rat girl pauses, and tilts her head to one side. "If you want to be a girl, what's stopping you?"

Kaylee smiles, "Well I mean, I am! Well, kinda?" she rubs the back of 'her' neck. "I just don't know how to… go about doing it. I mean, you know, surgery? It's a big step. I'm not really sure I'm ready for it. Neh?" she asks, pausing for a moment. "Oh, you mean get Rashmi to talk to Nick. Yeah, I bet that'd be a good idea."

Tabitha mms, "Well, I more meant asking for her advice on how you should talk to Nick, but… whatever works. It's between you and Nick, really. I'm just suggesting a good source of advice." The rat sighs softly, and lets her eyes drift shut, even though she isn't sleeping just yet. "Your school has counsilors, right? You should probably talk to them. I don't think it's a step to be taken lightly, but… hell, you only get one shot at being happy, right? Do what you've gotta do, and make sure it's what makes you happy."

"Well I mean, I like Nick… I really like him… he has an actual girlfriend though…" Kaylee trails off, looking a little bit disappointed. "I just dunno what to do really. I think everyone knows," she smiles a little bit.

Tabitha uhhhs uncomfortably, "You're getting outside the realm of where I can give you advice," she replies. "I mean… I have a relationship, but it just kinda… happened, y'know? My girl an' me met and just… hit it off." She pauses, and coughs softly. "I'm willing to bet though, that you'd having a hard time finding a relationship 'cause you're not comfortable with who *you* are, right? But… you really should speak to counsilors about this."

"Well kinda," Kaylee murmurs, "It's not an easy thing to talk about! Especially with all this other crazy stuff going on. I feel like it's not as important as all this stuff and I should probably just wait. But, it's always going on!" she pauses. "Anyway, I'm sorry. It's not really your problem."

Tabitha shakes her head quickly, "No no, Kaylee, don't be sorry," she replies. "And don't feel that way. Yeah, the crazy shit is important… but you know what? What's going on with you, that's important, too." She pushes off her blanket, and swings her legs over the side of the bed so she can face Kaylee directly. "If talking is helping, then I'm happy to help you by listening. Anytime. Promise."

"Talking always helps!" Kaylee nods as cheerfully as possible. "It's cool though. Seriously, right now I really feel like there are… more important stuff to work about. I dunno," she shrugs a little.

Tabitha smiles, and shakes her head. "Yeah, but we're not doing any of it right now," she points out. "We're just talking, you and me… which means we've got time to talk about other things. Which are just as important." She shrugs, and lies back on the bed. "But, it's up to you… whatever you're comfortable with."

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