2011-06-09: Upgraded


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Summary: Upgrade and Mindbender introduce themselves.

Date: June 9, 2011.

Log Title: Upgraded

Rating: R

Westchester - Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.

It's a beautiful, warm day, just perfect for an ice cream cone outdoor or a visit to the mall. Heather is sitting on one of the benches, cross legged, seemingly wearing a pair of spandex pants undereath a faded green t-shirt that is much too big for her, and over her eyes are a pair of goggles. She seems relatively unresponsive from her seat, just watching the happenings around her happen in very slow motion. In her hand is that aforementioned ice cream cone, almost a parody of those cones that seem quite overstacked so as to be impractical.

Coming back from the mall are two figures, both seniors getting ready to leave the school and taking a little respite from finals and packing to enjoy the weather as well. Connor looks over at Robyn and says, "I thought that jacket looked cool on me… but what do I know. So white's not my color… big deal. Maybe I can get them to make me a riding suit at school…" The last part mused as the slightly taller young man talking to his lankier friend, "C'mon… Heather's waiting. I promised her I wouldn't be more than ten minutes… and we're just on the edge…"

"White makes you look like a really bad 80's dude." Robyn says to Connor. "Black is always a safe colour." But then he usually defaults to black and he doesn't have the best of fashion sense. "They might, talk to Mr. Logan, he's a biker. And oooh, Heather has ice cream I'm going to have to get a chocolate peanut butter cone or something." He says as he waves to Heather. "Hey Heather!"

A somewhat unfamiliar sight in this neck of the woods, Drew Daniels, the Texas Twister, has spent a few days in the woods camping and taking a small break from SHIELD and Barnes. Exhaling as he is ready to return to the New York City, he has opted to buy some new things to wear for the summer months. And perhaps try a new look, so stepping out of the mall, the Texan steps out in jeans blue stripped polo shirt. However, some things will always remain in his wardrobe. His signature white cowboy hat and leather boots remain. He makes his way out and puts on some sunglasses to cover his eyes from the sun-drenched sky.

Having dropped his cell phone at the mall Mikhail has come back looking for it, have broken at least two of his previous phones he'll probaly get in trouble for losing this one, he's dressed in dark jeans, a grey lond sleeved shirt and black sneakers, spotting several other students he decides to start his search over by them.

The door to the Mall opens, expelling a small, slim girl in jeans, nondescript gray shirt, candy-apple red hair, and clubstompers that seem to swallow her lower legs whole. Hitching the small shopping bag over her shoulder, Shane weaves between parked cars, her destination the bus stop on the far end of the lot. A pair of oversized, noise-cancelling headphones grips her head, turned to volumes that would leave most deaf, in a more or less successful bid to tune out the outside world.

It is kinda one of those days for Jem. The type to where she needs to do her solo thing and really recharge her fire. There are just times when even she needs to be a mellow ember rather than a raging inferno. During such times, she tends to be uncharacteristic of typical Jem, actually putting forth an effort to be girly, which include a white blouse, a pair of khaki capris, lip gloss, a little bit of flattering makeup and her hair is even pulled up into a large ponytail, teased as to give the curls some style and volume. She has in earbuds, which is attached to an iDevice of some sort, with music going through it. She kinda looks like she should be trailing or leading a group of 'Plastics'(Alpha class pretty girls in High school). With a few white shopping bags hanging at her forearm, she busies herself with going through her playlist.

Heather manipulates her tape recorder in one hand in order to respond to her friend, "Robyn." She looks over to Connor, and says, "Connor. Welcome back. I like it here it's quieter." Her motions are very twitchy, but the hand that holds the ice cream cone seems to be moving more smoothly and carefully, and she gestures towards the bench with her head, looking back to the lot. "Look, it's Shane. She is strange." She waves the hand with the ice cream cone in it quickly to catch her attention and then shrugs. "She won't see me." Her head turns towards her physically closer friends, "I need to- Oh. Oh no." Heather stands.

The air shimmers slightly in the center of the parking lot, and two non-descript adults seem to step from the shimmering light. The first is a dark-haired man who is wearing faded jeans and a shirt that declares how much he likes fishing. He's probably middle-aged, but in good shape, and has stubble all over his face. "See, sometimes good things come to those who wait, my dear."

The woman who steps out is wearing blouse with a low cut neckline, and a pair of capris, rolling her eyes at the man. "I hate these clothes." She warns, "You know what this area's rumoured for, be careful." Her hair is bleach blonde, but the roots show that it is probably naturally raven black and her dark eyes would seem to be further evidence for it. They both seem to bear some physical resemblance to Heather.

At first Connor takes note of the light and the people, but being around mutant so often, it's something that in eerie irony can be momentarily dismissed. But then the double-take comes and the young man drops the bag that was in his hands as he says in a soft voice, "Robyn… get Heather out of here. Now." And he turns to face the pair, eyes beginning to blaze as his power ramps up a bit. Too many incidents in his life to not react in this fashion, a quartet of potted plants on the walkway outside of the mall break loose from their cement binding, his fingers working like a puppeteer’s, and suddenly they go lancing right down at the pair as he says in a louder voice to his friends, "RUN!"

For anyone else watching… four planters begin glowing blue-green faintly, and then rip free from their moorings on the ground, suddenly rocketting at the speed of a car on the highway towards the couple who just stepped out from the light…

"Shane's okay, not the most social but…anyway, aren't we all strange?" Robyn answers before Heather gets up. He looks at the two people approaching and he grabs Heather's hand. "Come on Heather, we gotta get back to the mansion." He says as he tries to take her away from the area. To say that Heather's parents escape hasn't always been in the back of Robyn's mind would be a lie but at the same time seeing them fills him with worry. "Don't worry Heather, I'll stay with you."

The shimmering air and light and the sudden appearance of the two middle-aged persons appearing in the middle of the public causes the Texan to stop and think to himself, <Either the X-Men are getting careless or these folks aren't X-ers.> Suddenly the potted plants and the seem to come alive and are flung towards the couple. "Dang nabbit! I wanted a break." Drew sighs and taps on a hidden com, alerting SHIELD to his presence. Some may notice the wind picking up. Not very strong, but picking up.

Mikhail stops as he gets the sudden scent of fear as the two people step out of the portal, he's already running towards the other Xavier students before Connor yells run, reaching the group he turns to look back at the unknown pair, "Robyn, what’s happening?”

One of the wonderful things about large headphones that clamp over your entire ear is, it's easy to drown out the outside world, regardless of volume. One of the drawbacks of large headphones that clamp over your ear is, it's easy to drown out the outside world, regardless of volume. Her back turned to the ice cream shop, Shane manages to completely miss Connor's terrified warning, the pair of middle-agers regarded as little more than a curiosity. It's the weaponized shrubbery, that finally alerts her to the danger, and prompts her to duck behind the nearest car, doing her best to think unobtrusive, unnoticeable thoughts… which would probably do more good if invisibility happened to be among her powers.

Never a dull moment in Westchester, is there? Just when she was hoping today would be a mellow day, Jem runs into trouble. Yeah, that's about typical. As a couple shimmers into view, Jem's lips purse together tightly, a slightly annoyed expression crossing her face. Those people are in the path between her and her car. "Ugh, really? I can't even put my bags in the car first?" she shakes her head, speaking to whatever karma spirit or what ever might be listening. She pops her earbuds out of her ears, stuffs the device into her shopping bags and tosses it into some nearby bushes, hoping that it'll be there when she needs it. Just in case things get rough. Whiiiich, it looks like they are. She takes a little jog over to the people she knows or has seen around in the past few days at the mansion, but not really spoken to. "Yo, what's the si— Holy shit!" she blinks at what occurs.

Heather grips Robyn in return and shakes her head quickly, "No, no, no, this isn't right…" She stumbles along with Robyn, tossing her cone to the ground so that she has a free hand for communication, the ice cream doomed to melt into a sticky mess. "Everything is quiet now, I'm not, not…" She shakes her head and looks back towards Connor, still moving away with Robyn, her eyes narrowing. "/Liars/."

The potted plants fly true towards their targets, and while the woman seems surprised and sidesteps them in a quick motion, two hit the man who appears to have lesser reflexes: in fact, he seems to accidentally move himself into a more dangerous position. While one of the plants hit him with an 'Oof!' on his part, he bows over and a second cracks his skull, blood and brain matter flying off from a grievous blow before he falls to the ground with a blank expression on his face, eyes staring glassily at the sky.

"What the hell?!" shouts the woman, starting to run to find an escape. She points at Connor and shouts at whoever will listen, though the Texan gets most of her attention, terror clear in her voice, "Someone help me! This man is crazy, he… he killed Daniel!"

Keeping a strong grip on Heather's hand, Robyn looks at her. "Heather, look at me, just look. Keep your focus on me. Remember what they can do, don't let them fool you." He says as he looks to Mikhail. "Mik, be careful those two are dangerous. Shane's over there, don't leave her alone." He says as he doesn't want to see Shane get hurt. "Jem…uh…run. Just run, use the panic button on your phone and run!" He says as he glances back behind him at Connor for a second, worried about his friend. "Heather, keep running."

Connor's hands and power channel falter for a moment as his shots were meant to scatter or hit close to the body, and not to kill like that. As she yells it out, he immediately counters, "Mrs. Brown, you're a wanted fugitive! Your husband can get medical attention, but give it up now! You're not getting Heather!" He then grabs up random clumps of sod that begin floating in the air, and he entire area around the pair is peppered as he adds, "Besides… your husband IS called Mindbender… for all I know I hit air, Upgrade…"

Prior to and even early in SHIELD, Drew was and fight first and ask questions later. He has learned not to just jump right in, which kept him from hurling hurricane winds towards the two. Instead he spotted Connor hurling potted plants at the two and has seemingly killed the man. "What the hell just happened?" He shouts and not waiting for SHIELD, now it is definitely time to act. Leaping into the air and caught up the strong winds he wields, he rides the wind towards the fallen man to check the extent of his injuries, while attempting to simultaneously surround Connor and Upgrade within circles of wind.

Mikhail nods at Robyn before turning and running towards's Shane, jumping the last few feet to land in front of her, "Stay down, Robyn says those two are dangerous", he watches as Connor takes out the man noting that it looked painful, unsure if Tex is one there side or not he calls out to Connor, "Connor look out!".

Hiding. Hiding. No buses are likely to come now, thanks to objects flying through the air and people running in a panic. Suddenly, the music blasting over her headphones has become more annoying than useful, and is turned off, the device pulled down to rest around her neck. Creeping up the side of the car, Shane risks a peek at the chaos… And promptly regrets it, as the sight of brains loosed from their skull shocks the girl to her core. Dropping back, she begins to hyperventilate, eyes wide and darting left and right, seeking any possible avenue of escape.

"Wait, what?" Jem blinks at Robyn, trying to focus on him and the chaos at the same time. It isn't working so well for her, as Jem wants to be everywhere at once all of a sudden. "Panic button? My phone? But— my phone is over… Goddmanit.." she groans. In all of her excitement, she tossed her phone into her bag over in the bushes. Now she has to go get it. If she is going to hit the panic button that is. "Hold on, I'll get ghost in just a second!" An instant later and Jem's legs erupt in a blazing inferno-body of plasma and flames, the girl leaping and rocketing into the air at an arch, bounding over to where she dropped her bags and fishing around in the bushes for them. With a grunt, she snags one and then the other, digging inside to grab her phone, "I got it!" she holds it up and waves it. A second later, Jem jumps and lets the plasma coat her calves and her feet, and she starts to skate, melting the ground beneath her in a trail of fire, achieving a rather decent speed, while fiddling with her phone to hit the panic function. "Should I really be running away like this?" she questions aloud.

After a few glides of her legs, she frowns, "Yanno what? Uh-uh.." the girl curves around in a half circle and treads with her legs to take her towards where everything is going on. She stuffs her phone into her pocket, and tosses her bags to the side, giving a plasma thrust with her hands.

Heather starts to slow and turns back to what's happening, tearing her hand away from her friend. "Robyn? Robyn?" She repeats it a couple of times and steps away from him, turning around. This is before she doubles over and puts her hands up to her head, temporal energies seeming to swirl around her, events that had just happened repeating themselves inside of the swirl of energy.

The man continues to stare up at the sky, motionless. He's probably dead. The woman smiles slightly and says, "So the girl has friends after all. Well if that isn't fascinating. You don't know what you're challenging here, do you? This is really for her best, you know. It's in her blood." The shimmering lights start up once again, and she vanishes into thin air, appearing outside of Tex's circle of air and near Shane. "There's nothing you can do about that." She raises her brow and glances down towards the hiding girl. "Hi there."

FROM TEX’S PERSPECTIVE: The man continues to stare up at the sky, motionless. He's probably dead. The woman recoils slightly and says, "You don't know what you're doing! He's dead, his brains, oh God, Dan-" And her words are cut short as another potted plant flings itself towards her, knocking her onto the ground, unconscious and unmoving.

The winds around the young man seem to be pointless as Connor vanishes from his spot, to interpose himself between Upgrade and Shane, hand coming up and sending off another wave-like blast of energy, "Mik! Get her outta here and signal the X-men! Don't let her touch you!" Belting out the warning as his blast flies towards her in a ground-rippling shockwave from both hands, tearing up sidewalk and grass in its path.

FROM TEX’S PERSPECTIVE: The winds around the young man seem to be pointless as Connor vanishes from his spot, to interpose himself between another hiding shopper and Shane, hand coming up and sending off another wave-like blast of energy, "Mik! Get her outta here and signal the X-men! Don't let her touch you!" Belting out the warning as his blast flies towards the terrified woman in a ground-rippling shockwave from both hands, tearing up sidewalk and grass in its path.

"Mikhail! Get Shane back home!" Robyn yells as he notices the woman go towards her before running after Heather. "Heather! Stop!" He says as he bends down to put his arms around her shoulders as she doublers over. "Please Heather, trust me. I'm your friend, we have to get out of here or else…or else I don't know." There's a rushed panic to the boys voice. He looks up at Connor for a second and then back down at Heather. "Please…I'm gonna try to get you out of here no matter what, I'm sorry." He says taking a deep breath.

Did Connor say Mindbender and Upgrade? Drew makes his way to the unmoving and most likely dead body. "Dammit boy, you may have killed him?" He taps his hidden com again and orders SHIELD to the area, "Powered battle, and a man down! Superhuman involved." With that he watches and is completely shocked to see Upgrade suddenly be struck in a similarly manner by Connor, "What have you done?" Then Connor seemingly teleports out of the circle of wind. "A teleporter huh? He stands up and looks about catching sight of Connor appearing near Shane and innocent shopper. He summons a quick strong gust of wind to attempt to lift him towards the ‘shopper’ away from Connor's blast, "Trying to kill innocents, kid!"

Mikhail crouches down next to the panicing Shane, "Calm down, i'm not gonna let you get h…", he stops when he notices the scent of the woman disappear from behind them to somewhere much closer, he lets out a growl as he looks up and confirms that yes she is now standing right next to them, when given the order by Robyn and the suddenly appearing Connor, he'll attempt to scoop Shane up and pelt in the other direction, stopping part way to throw one of his shoes at Tex to distract his attack on Connor before running again.

"…Eep." Being acknowledged by an unknown middle-aged woman suddenly appearing in front of her from out of nowhere sets off nearly every alarm bell possible in Shane's mind, causing her to freeze in place, cringing as Connor ports in to loose a scenery-wrecking blast. Mikhail, however, she doesn't know from Adam, and thus her reflex upon being scooped up is first, to scream, likely right in his ear. The second reaction, far more ominous. Her skin begins to darken and flush, then luminesce… and then, fade abruptly, a pair of small boxlike devices popping free of her bootheels with the *snap-hisss* of ejected coolant.

Jem gets as close as she is gonna get, watching people yell, peers running and others actually doing a bit more than fleeing. Especially Conner, who she does know. She is a decent distance away, but then again, she is reasonably effective at this range. The girl shifts her stance to the side, skidding to a stop as if she were on ice skates, sending splashes of flame to spray into the air and fall. "I'll try to keep her from getting to you!" She hopes.. She doesn't really know what the others can do, but she does have an idea. The plasma about her hands rages a strange yellow and an orange as Jem crouches and pushes both of her hands into the ground in front of her, brow creasing in concentration. A little raggedly, a tube of plasma and fire bursts from her hands, like an extending and bouncing snake, making a roughly focused trail towards where Upgrade is looking to Shane, and it seeks to streak between them. Trying to make it in time.

Jem strains her face tightly, with the intent of causing the trail of flame to suddenly blaze up and rage higher to form something of a small wall. The fires crackling and licking into the air with high heats.

Shaking slightly, Heather rises back up to her feet, and suddenly her twitchiness seems to magnify, her tiny finger motions seeming to blur her outlines. One of her hands raises up, and suddenly, as if all at once, there is a blur trailing between her and the point where she seems to become present again, in an approach to Upgrade. The blur seems to all occur in the same moment, a series of snapshots of moments that lead to the moment where she appears in front of Connor, swinging and seeming to purposefully miss. "I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!" plays on her tape recorder, which is around her neck.

Upgrade stumbles back at the heat between herself and Shane, some of it getting on her arm. "AUGH!" she shouts, trying to brush off her arm, which smells strongly of burning flesh. She shakes her head, shaking it off, and vanishes in another light event, appearing next to Connor now, "Oh, my dear Heather… I'm just fine with that." She reaches and touches Connor's neck, "Let's see what happens," and in that moment, something like a black hole seems to open and envelop the teleporter, expanding and seeming to pull in everything that it touched with it, though giving those close the time necessary to escape. After a few moments, it fades out, and there is nothing left anywhere within a 30 foot radius of the X-student, it is all gone including the student himself.

Literally everything is gone. Connor… the ground around him, all the way down to sewer access, water pipes that are exposed and start gushing, electrical lines that spark and crackle… and the car he was next to has vanished. Thankfully everyone else was outside of it, but for a brief moment his eyes were a blazing blue, his fingernails, his hair, even his veins all glowed with power as a silent scream ripped from his body, and then after a rush and a feeling like everyone was being pulled towards it… GONE…

"CONNOR!" Robyn screams out in a panic as he watches his best friend just vanish. He starts to shake a bit as he can't believe what he just saw but he tries to keep it together. He won't do his best friend any good by sticking around. "Heather…" He says as he over to her. "I'm sorry…but…I'm gonna get us home." He says as his eyes flash purple as his mind goes to jump from his body to her body. He figures it's the best way to get her out of here and keep her safe. Once Heather is possessed he plans on having her pick up his body to head back to the school.

With the sudden disappearance of Upgrade and Connor, reality return to Drew Daniels as he looks about and wonders what has just occurred. Searching about Drew shakes his head unsure of everything that has occurred and goes to check on any civilians who may have suffered injuries during the encounter.

Mikhail grits his teeth in pain as Shane screams into his more sensitive ears, "I'm trying help you", he hears the hiss but doesn't pay attention to the objects falling out of her boots as his current aim is to get her away from the fight, he looks back just in time to see the black whole suck in Connor and everything near him, when he hears Robyn's scream he changes direction again heading back towards them just in time to see Robyn's body slump as he enters Heather, "Robyn?!"

Shane struggles in Mikhail's grip, abruptly stilling as the black hole swallows up a respectable chunk of the parking lot… "Oh my *God,* what…" Whatever else she was about to say is bitten off as Mikhail turns back *toward* the insanity. "HOW IS THIS HELPING?!"

"Yeah, that's right. Back up off'em, bitch." Jem sorta sneers as the woman gets burned. But whatever thunder Jem had going from hindering the woman is stolen when she disappears and reappears by Conner. "She can do that? Fuck me.." Jem frowns and pulls her cuts her power, removing the flames. He just told people to not let her touch them, and what did he just do?! Damnit.. Jem holds out her hand and a blaze of fire rushes out from her palm, spiraling and guiding toward Upgrade, only to be cut short as the event horizon swallows the offensive action and starts to pull her in. Fighting the gravity, Jem bursts a flaming thrust at her feet, surrounding her body with plasma and rising into the air where likely the danger of being sucked in is very limited. She maintains a hover in the air and watches to see everything just.. vanish. "Wow… What the hell just happened?" she asks as she flies down towards people she knows.

Heather stops as Robyn possesses her, especially vulnerable to this kind of psychic manipulation. The first thing that Robyn may notice is that the world slows down for him, almost to a stop, as he moves into Heather's perspective, frozen colours hanging in the air and slowly wafting as sounds occur. The second is that Heather's perception of the world starts to shift, and there are voices speaking inside her mind, warning and telling her that she's failed, questioning everything, and even the sights seem to change. Suddenly, it seems that she in a future with a destroyed city surrounding her, but this is only her perspective.

Mindbender's body seems to catch fire, and burns quickly with that smell of burning flesh wafting through the air, but the body is nothing but ashes in a mere 10 seconds, and they just blow away in the breeze. Upgrade is gone, apparently pulled into the event horizon, perhaps never to be seen again.

There are few tears that run down Heather's face as Robyn can't help but cry for his fallen friend and the voices don't help either. He struggles to stay inside Heather's mind as the world from this view isn't something he's used to. Heather's body moves with a jaggedness as Robyn isn't used to it. Finally 'she' turns to Jem and answers her question. "M'bstfrndjtgomrderanH'terpretsreil" He tries to say but the voice is Heather's squeaky fast world voice.

Surprised to see the body simply burn up, Drew attends to a few civilians who were hurt while waiting for SHIELD to arrive and take over the situation and report what has occurred.

"It's over, we're just going back to make sure they're ok", Mikhail's never seen this aspect of Robyn's powers and thus doesn't know he's possessed Heather, he figures he's passed out due to the trauma of what happened to Connor, "Are we allowed to move him?, we need to get out of here".

Shane wriggles her way free of Mikhail's grip once the elder teen stops, backpedaling away from the crater, the ash pile, and the mutants standing around. She opens her mouth in an attempt to say something, glances at the crater again, and chooses a far wiser course of action; she turns and flees as fast as her feet can carry her, away from the mall, the bus stop, uncaring *how* far it is to the Mansion.

"Wait. What? Your best friend just got murdered and Heather got what kind of pretzel?" Jem asks, looking rather confused as she drops to the ground on her feet. She looks over at the missing area adopting an uncertain expression. She would like to have some kind of emotional attachment to the situation, but she didn't get to know Connor that well. It is still a bit sad, but not enough to cross over the threshold of Jem's 'what the hell' state right now. "I'm guessing.. we should probably get back? Stuff already got pretty real, but I have a feeling when people start getting here, it's gonna get worse." Which Shane seems to be well on her way with that as she bursts off running. "Hm. Yeah… sorry." is all she can muster in this situation.

"Why are you crying?" "So weak…" "Do you believe in God?" The voices don't show any particular sign of stopping inside the possessed Heather's perspective, "Can't you see…?" "Aren't you…?" "What is a langobus?" The colours they produce are feinter, and at the edge of attention compared to when people are actually speaking. Suddenly, though, it seems that time passes even faster, and everyone surrounding Robyn's perception speeds forward, time seeming to just fast forward through the destruction and end of the city, and that destroyed city that was previously at the edge of Heather and Robyn's shared consciousness is in full view. Only Heather and Robyn's body remain, everything else is gone. To everyone else, though, everything seems just normal.
"What is…?" "Are you scared?" "Be quiet, they'll get you…"

Robyn does have some mental defense so at first he tries to fight the voices he hears while inside Heather's head, dropping his body in the process. Just like before, Heather's body doubles over again as she covers her ears. He tries to fight it but it overwhelms him and when time seems to settle down again he just sees destruction and the voices overwhelm him. He starts to run forward, looking frantically for a place to hide. He ducks inside a doorway to a closed store and hugs the wall as Heather, not saying anything. After all who knows what manor of creature will appear if he makes too much noise.

As Shane has jumped out of his arms and ran off Mikhail is able to catch Robyn's empty body, looking over at Heather he looks to the only other girl there, "Whats wrong with her? and what do we do?", they really should be getting out of there.

Tex continues working the area and checking on civilians until SHIELD arrives.

Fangs, claws, and likely pretty good in combative skill. But no perception for the obvious." Jem comments to Mikhail as he poses his question. The blond girl shakes her head, "S'time to go home. Or at least move. Don't have to go home, but we can't stay here. I'm following her example." Jem points in the direction that Shane went. The blonde girl turns and rushes off at this point as well, bursting with flame from her feet to send her rocketing away from the area.

"You broke it." "Tick tock goes the clock all the way to the end of time…" There's noise that comes from the destroyed storefront that Heather's body hides in, and a creature inside seems to be moving about, clawing at the walls and trying to escape. It seems to be salivating acid, which has burned off parts of its flesh already. The voices continue, "Oh no oh no…" "RUNRUNRUNRUNYOUSTUPIDSTUPID!" And another seems to come from where Robyn dropped his body just still speaking on the edge of consciousness, the body which seems to still exist in this strange world. "Don't it will eat-" "Do you need this?"

Robyn starts to back away from the creature that he sees clawing at the walls when he stops upon hearing a voice come from where his body was dropped. He almost forgot that he was in someone else's body with all the confusion. He looks at the voice and then looks at the creature and starts to run. As he runs it's a combination of distance and time that pulls him back into his own body and back to the real word. He snaps back to consciousness with a start and looks up. "HEATHER!" He shouts thinking she still might be lost in that other world as he looks around frantically for her. "HEATHER!"

The voices are gone, perhaps unique to Heather's own mind, but still, that world seems to sit at the edge of Robyn's consciousness, as if it is trying to pull him back through the timestream. Heather, however, is gone far out of sight.

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