2010-02-14: V-Day Impromptu Gather


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Summary: Near the end of Valentine's Day, Robyn, Rob, Mike, Jade, and Zack all happen to converge on the Rec Room.

Date: February 14, 2010

Log Title V-Day Impromptu Gather

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

It's later in the evening, close to ten pm at night, and Robyn has just gotten in recently. He's dressed in a button down black shirt, red tie, and black dress pants. He looks…kind of nice but his dress shoes are on the floor next to the cough, which give the look a little bit of a 'I'm done with this' look. He's even tried to push as much of his hair out of his face. At the moment though he's relaxing in a corner of the couch watching The Corpse Bride, his idea of a romantic movie.

"Tired?" Rob Weyrin asks as he steps into the room. The invisible man, having been in a much better mood recently, is just a set of floating clothes at the moment. "Or is something wrong?"

Jade hears the TV in the Rec room before she gets there, her cane tapping a path before her. Swinging side to side, she moves with more confidence through the hallways now, and into this room where the fun stuff lurks. She hears a voice, but of course sees nothing. "Huh? Me? No.. I just got here…" she shifts her attention from TV to voice. A pause. "I hate when that worm sings."

Mike Dracos has decided that THIS TIME nothing will keep him from making the Car Builder game run. Blue Square of Death has been eliminated on the Z boxes, so… dawh. Robyn is watching a deadchick flick. Ohwell. It's a good deadchick flick. But this is irrelevant in any case because WHOAH! Seethru teacher! And blind girl with cane? Oop. Pile-up in the door. Mike stops abruptly, one hand perhaps brushing against Jade's shoulder as he puts on the brakes.
"Uhhh, heey follks," he says in his relatively new electronica-tinged synthetic voice.

Zack walks in, looking as if he really wants to have a drink if he was of the age, the latin teen just grumblig as he comes in, finds a couch and flops down on it, much to the worry of the couch as he just takes up the space.

Robyn looks up at Rob and smiles. "Nothings wrong, quite the opposite actually, just tired though. Just got back from dinner." He says as Jordan surprised the hell out of him with a nice dinner at The Melting Pot. "I don't mind when the worm sings, it's not as good as Nightmare before Christmas but then again I just thought this was better for today." He says to Jade before waving at everyone. "Wow, it's packed in here all of a sudden. Hey Mr. Weyrin, Jade, Mike and Zack."

Overload. There's voices all over now.. and grumbling… the blind girl swings her head, hair moving like slow tendrils cast in syrup. "Oh.. several people. Hello… oh…" and someone brushes her shoulder. She moves towards the wall a little to let him past, in case she is in the way. "Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic…" she licks her lips and tries to reconnoiter on everyone in the room. She moves farther in, feeling towards the couch. "Is there a soda machine in here..?"

Rob chuckles a bit. "Young romance," he teases gently. He jumps slightly as there's many more students behind him. "Hello everyone," he greets. An unseen eyebrow is arched at Zac though. "Something wrong, Zack?"

Weyrin, thank heavens Robyn said the man's name, because Mike was going to have to humiliate himself by asking.
But first, wait, this girl with the awesome hair… "Hey, I'mm Miike," he says in her direction, in quiet tones, "wwhat kind of sodaa would you liike?"
He glances over at the ZackMountain, and considers sitting on him once he helps Jade get her soda. But… bad Mikey. Don't break the couch. And wave to the teacher.

Zack sighs a small bit again, "No…I'm just…fuck…" he sighs again, "Nah I'm just frustrated and upset really, I just wanna hang

Robyn shakes his head at Jade. "No, there isn't a soda machine in here but the kitchen there's the fridge with a good stock." He says about to offer to get one to her but then Mike offers first. "Nothing wrong with young romance, I really didn't expect anything special tonight but Jordan just surprised me." He says sounding a bit happy about it. "What's up Zack, you sure you don't wanna vent?"

Zack works his jaw, "I don't think I should I think Im just gonna get in trouble for it, so I'm just gonna say it's dealing with James and I'm one edge from it, so I think I'm gonna need to just…listen"

"Hey Zack," Jade recognizes the voice, even if a bunch of folks are saying the name… but here's someone offering her a soda. "Oh, coke is fine. Anything with sugar. That fake stuff rots your braincells and increases your insulin, you know. Not that High Fructose is a lot better, but I have to have something," she laughs a little nervously, her hair furling around her in a rippling wave. Her glasses flash. "Sorry I was babbling." She rests her cane against her knee and listens to the conversation as a casual evesdropper.

Rob shakes his head. "Never said there was anything wrong with it," he says to Robyn. He clears his throat a bit at Zack's words but let's the one curse slide. "What're you getting in trouble for?" the invisible teacher asks. He'd return Mike's wave but there's no point at the moment.

Mike is preacher's kid and used to doing the "go run fetch things" for other people, so even though he doesn't use it himself, he knows where in the kitchen one can find the sodas. Besides, Robyn just said where they are. "Anyone elze wannt one?" he thinks to ask, and waits before dodging out to grab the beverage and race back.

"No thanks Mike, but thanks for offering." He says looking at Zack and nodding. "If you wanna talk later, let me know. We are roommates after all." He's not going to pressure him to say anything with a teacher present. He looks at Jade. "Hey, sorry if we got off on the wrong foot a few nights ago. How are you settling in here?"

"Oh, hey. I can go. I don't mean for you to run out of here, Mike…" she makes as if to get out of her seat and go get her own damn coke. She notices the difference in his voice. Zack mentions James and the slick tendrils of her hair rustle as if a wind blew through the room suddenly, though she says nothing. Robyn's speaking her way. "Oh hey… it's alright. I admit I was sorta a dork," she smiles a little, little fang flashing. "I am finding my way around, alright. I have met a few nice people here. I found the kitchen and the garden." These seem like extra exciting concepts.

Zack lets out a low breath, "Nah we almost got into a fight, cept there was another guy with shadow powers broke us up is all." he tkaes a deep breath

"No thanks. Just finished dinner," Rob replies to Mike, most of his attention on Zack. "Ah. And no one was hurt?" he asks just to make sure. His eyes flick to Jade for a moment and he makes a mental note to read her file later that night. "Oh yes. I'm bumping the quiz I had set for the next class a day, Robyn. So you all get an extra day to study," he remarks.

Zack shakes his head, "no, nothing like that we weren't even touched"

Mike takes next to no time to fetch a Coca Cola (full sweetener version) because, well, he kinda ran in the hall. He gets back just after whatever Zach says, and delivers the cold can. "NNo problemm, I needed to get mmy thermosz anyway." Because, having forgotten one of them in the kitchen who KNOWS but that some of these people might have, oh, thrown the jet fuel mixture into something that it shouldn't be put into, like, human food.

Robyn nods as he listens to Zack. "I've never met James, so I don't know what he's like. Just, try not to fight cause I got into a fight and now I've been stuck repairing the boat house with Dallas and Lucas." Dallas isn't bad but Lucas has been the tough one. "Nothing wrong with being a dork, Jade, most of us are here. Especially Mike over there." He teases MEtal Mike in a purely good spirited way.

Jade takes the can, nice and cold, and her long fingers deftly pop the top. "Thank you. I don't know what I'd do if they ran out of coke here…" she sips, and her tendrils settle a little, spiking little happy curls at the ends like lazy lil spirals. "Mm." She turns her head to the sound of the strange voice. "Is there something weird with your voice?" she asks the obvious, plowing through. "It sounds… um… like Cher or something." She smiles to Robyn. "I appreciate it. I remembered you trying to be nice and all. It's all that kept me from trying to run home."

Rob nods as well even if it can't be seen. "Alright," he says. He frowns a bit at the mention of Robyn's punishment but says nothing. "No need to worry about that," he chuckles. "Tne school is always well stocked with soda of various kinds."

At Robyn's remark, Mike makes a horrible noise that sounds like squashing a duck. This is a better mock-up of laughter than most of the others he's managed.
He reverts to radio sampling for a moment, switching from fruity-ripe announcer voice to a little-old-lady voice from a commercial. "Welcome to your brand new two thousand and ten/…dork."
He sits on the floor, kneeling, near Jade so she can reach over if she wants to. "It'sz a proszthetic voice," Mike says to Jade. "I'm sztuck wiith juszt radio cliipsz, like that thing I juuzt did, or wriitinng, withouwt it."

"There's kind of a soda abundance here. Especially of coke." Since Robyn tends to like to drink that. The movie has been forgotten for the most part and he starts to loosen his tie. "I think the voice box is cool Mike, it probably helps a lot." He says before looking to Jade. "Mike looks like he's made all of metal."

Jade reels a bit at the change in the voice, her mouth forming a small "oh". Her hair flares out, reflecting her emotions in small undulating waves. She licks her lips, as her questions seem so impolite. "Are you… missing your face too, like Mr. Jonothon?" She asks, her voice softer now but filled with wonder. People are just so darned interesting at this school. She shifts her can, tucking it between knee and chair. The soda rests in her fingers. "You're a teacher, sir?" She asks to the voice that has been floating about in her peripheral hearing. "I'm new." Jade states the obvious.

"Yep. Robert Weyrin. I teach history here," Rob answers. "I also co-lead Alpha Squad. Welcome to the school," he says. "Glad to see your new voice is working well," he adds to Mike.

Mike grins inside, but with the image inducer turned off, it doesn't reach the face. Perhaps in his case, they gave it to him more so his teachers could SEE when he was bored or making rude faces at them? Because it seems to be pretty good at showing him blushing, for instance.
He says to Mr Weyrin, "I aam too, siir," and hopes that the man doesn't remember him as the kid whose most recent history homework was turned in written in 5point font.
He distracts, saying to Robyn and Jade, "I noot onlly look like Ii'm made of metall, I amm. Well, and rubber and glazz and stuff. Kinnda like a carr. Mmy hair is made out of rrubber too. Iit's weird."

"History…." the idea sounds just grand to her, and she smiles. "I'll try and be a good student. I like History," she nods. "If I am in your classes…" She is distracted by what Robyn says, her brows shooting up beyond her dark glasses in surprise. "Really…?" She asks, shock and curiosity sending her hair rippling again in an unseen wind. She turns her head back to Mike as he speaks, and lifts a hand. "Do.. do you mind if I feel?" She asks, though her fingertips venture forward.

Robyn stands up and lets out a yawn. "Mr. Weyrin's my squad leader." He says with a nod. "I think I'm gonna head to my bed for a bit, I'm really tired all of a sudden." Probably from getting up early to work on the boat house. "You guys have a good night!" He says curious to see Jade's reaction to feeling Mike but he has to get to bed.

Rob considers Mike a moment but shakes it off. "That's good. You probably will be in my class," he says. "Have a good night, Robyn," he says. No sooner do the words leave his mouth than his cellphone goes off. He pulls it from his pocket and sighs. "Sorry. I have to take this. Important," he says, starting from the room.

"Sleep good thenn, Robyynn," Mike answers, and starts to nod to Jade, but then realizes, Duh, she's not going to see you. Out of practice or what, Dracos? "I donn't mind at all," he answers, and reaches a hand (METAL. Rubber palm? treads!) to guide her reach so she can "look at his face".

"Goodnight, Robyn, and sorry for interrupting your movie," Jade calls after the man. "See you around, sir," she calls after the teacher, not realizing the double pun it is for a blind girl to see an invisible man 'around'. Maybe two double negatives equal a whole? "Goodnight!"
Her fingers touch a hand… a machine. A gasp rises from her lips, parted as she gently presses her fingers against the boy(?)'s face. "Oh…. oh…." she mouthes softly as she touches the contours of his face, then wanders upwards to feel the rubber of his hair. "You're like… like…." And really, he is not like anything she can form an analogy to. "Do you rust if you cry? Do you dent? How do you go to the bathroom?" Questions spill from her like a leaky oilpan.

Mike answers, "Ii donn't cry, I do dennt and it hurtz when I do, szo I'm carefull about thaat, and I, uh, everry monnth or szo I change myy oill, aaand the old oill hasz all the uucky sztuff iin it. Noo biological paartz left in me thouugh."

Jade is wondering how he changes his oil and where the plug is. It is the natural train of thought for any teenager. Of course, this leads to a slight blush in her cheeks that reflects in an anxious rustle of her hair. She reaches up to sweep her hair behind her ear. "Oh, okay. Wow. That's really something else, Mike. Do you eat and stuff?" she asks, wondering if she should feel guilty about having him fetch her a coke.

Mike peers. "Quesztion for questzion thenn? I live onn gaszoline. Well, szorta jet-fuell mix. Yourr hair lookz neat, caan you feel wiith it?"
If she's still touching, it'll be obvious that he has an engine, because the vibrations are faintly felt. Also, he's just a bit warmer than room temperature.

Jade's fingers wander from face to press her palm against where she expects his heart to be, following the thrum of his motor. At his question, she hesitates, then nods. "Yeah, kinda," she answers, her voice soft before pulling her hand back to herself. "It doesn't feel like fingers or anything. But I can tell if I am touching something. I figure it's like creepy whiskers or something," she shrugs a shoulder.

Mike is similar to most vehicles in that his chassis isn't flexible like flesh and blood, though it does seem to have the usual contours of a young male human, mostly. Although the clothes may well make that seem more the case.
He says in a confidential-toned voice, "I llike it. Iit lookz a biit like braaidsz, buut with mmore perszonality. Yyou donn't move liiike szomeone who haaz been bliind for llife. Hoow long hasz it been?"

"Four years, three months, 14 days," she answers him softly. Her lips form a flat line, an almost-frown of hopes lost. Of wishes made in wells, upon stars, on prayers unanswered to a variety of gods. Of Doctors consulted and treatments tried. Of a unanswered denial that it is just a phase. But of course, it is not. This is what she is now. "Do you like it, really? You don't think it's weird? My sister, she said it looked like I had greasy hair all the time," she sticks out her tongue a little.

You say, "Biig or llittle szizter? Ii think iitsz a rule, siszters gottaa diisz their siistersz." Ow, that buzzed with strange overtones a bit there. Too much sibilance?!
"I do llike it, verryy exzzotic look. Llike thisz anncient movie wiith Bo Deerek aand some aancient briit guy I szaw aat a friend'z plaace."
He doesn't mention that the reason he saw it at the friends' place was because, well, the movie "10" is not appropriate for 10-year-olds.

"I never saw that movie," she says, sitting back a little. "She was older, and I guess you're right. None of my family shares my… condition. I think they were just trying to find a reason and stuff for it." Her hair rustles slightly, forming waves and smoothing alternatively and never staying completely still. She lifts the coke to sip, her fangs bumping the edge. "But.. thanks. I don't know that anyone's ever actually complemented me on it before outside of my mom and dad. Most people call me Medusa or something."

Mike says, only semi-teasingly toned, "MMedusza was sszo beautifuul that the goddeszesz tried to turrn her into a monnszter … but szhe sztill made every maan who saw her faace get haard."
WHAT? He heard that from his FATHER. The priest? Ah well. At least Rashmi isn't here to hammer him into scrap for that line.

His words cause her to blink, not that he would see it. However, her hair rises around her in a shimmering fullness to match the superb flush that comes across her freckled cheeks. "Oh… oh…" she doesn't quite know what to say, but is sure she has just been supremely complimented. "I ah.. should go.." she leans forward to rise, hand fumbling for her cane and lifting swiftly from her chair. A moment's hesitation, and she plants a kiss about where she expects his forehead to be.

"Thank you," she whispers, and taps her way quickly away. On the TV, some dead girl sings about true love.

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