Valerie "Sunny" Carter
Valerie Carter
Portrayed By Angela Fowler
Gender Female
Date of Birth September 24th, 1985
Age 24
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Sunny
Place of Birth Nevada, California
Current Location New York
Occupation Computer Expert
Known Relatives Carter, Marcus (father) Carter, Monica (mother)
Significant Other none
Identity Sunlight
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance ???

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Born and raised in Nevada, California, Valerie is the daughter of Marcus and Monica Carter, Marcus Carter being a retired racer, and Monica being a retired teacher from Brazil, in South America. Valerie grew up in a middle-class environment, having a lot of freedom during her childhood, and making a lot of friends. Time passed by as he grew up, attending public school and there meeting Mary, the girl who later would become her best friend.

Years pass and Valerie reaches puberty, and she has been with some boyfriends in the incoming years, but none lasten more than a few months. At that time, also, was when Valerie's mutation was triggered the first time: during one of her visits to Mary's house, he felt dizzy and fainted. After waking up, Valerie got the scare of her life as she found herself with her eyes glowing a yellowish white, but, thankfully, since her body hasn't stored many sunlight, her eyes returned to normal.

Both teens swore to not say a word about it, Mary being considerate enough to not freak out and call her parents, or worse, but actually being supportive. On the incoming years, Valerie discovered her ability to shoot beams of light. That discovery came only a few days before being found out by the Xavier School.

In there, she studied, and learned about her powers. When graduating, she turned down the offer to be a X-woman, saying she wanted to pursue a normal life and get a career. Normal life, though, didn't want much with her, as she found out that hero-ing would be what she had to do, conciliating it with studying at the University. After graduating, Valerie got a job as a computer software expert at a research laboratory, while her friend, Mary, found a job as a biochemist researcher at the Osborn Industries.


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  • Valerie never removes her sunglasses, no matter where she is, or if it's night or day, to not expose her lightly glowing eyes.
  • As a quirk of hers, whenever she's in a position of discomfort, she constantly keeps fixing her sunglasses' position.


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