Vance "Justice" Astrovik
Vance Astrovik
Portrayed By Andrew Garfield
Gender M
Date of Birth 1/29/1988
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Justice, Marvel Boy, Major Victory
Place of Birth Saugerties, NY
Current Location New York City, NY
Occupation Adventurer
Known Relatives Arnold Astrovik (father, deceased); Norma Astrovik (mother)
Significant Other Angelica Jones (Firestar)
Identity Publicly Known
Known Abilities Telekinesis
First Appearance Giant-Size Defenders #5

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There are two beings known as Vance Astrovik. One is an astronaut who ended up in the future who would become one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The other is the mutant youth known as Justice. They both were born in Saugerties, NY. They both dreamed of adventures and superheroics. One grew up to become an astronaut and went on a mission where he was cryogenically frozen and awoke 1000 years in the future and became a founding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. His Earth was nearly destroyed and was enslaved by the Badoon alien race. He was so distraught by what happened to Earth while he slept that he decided to come back in time to speak to his young self to hopefully change the future. It was this meeting that had a major impact on the younger Vance Astrovik. It was upon his meeting with the older, that younger Vance’s mutant telekinetic powers awakened and his dream of becoming a hero would come to fruition.
After his powers developed, Arnold, Vance's father, began to physically hit him for being "different". Vance would try his best to keep his powers hidden, but his father always knew and would continually abuse him due to his mutant nature. Finally tired of the abuse, he ran away from home. Vance used his powers to survive in the streets and then became a professional wrestler using the name, Marvel Boy using his powers to defeat his opponents. It was while being a wrestler, he became friends with the Thing.It was with the Thing’s help that Vance eventually returned home. Vance’s parents had missed him and promised him that the abuse would end.

Marvel Boy wanted to become a hero, especially after befriending the Thing. He applied for membership in the Avengers but was rejected by Captain America.. However, he was seen leaving Avengers Mansion by Night Thrasher, who approached him to be one of the founding members of the New Warriors. He was living his dream of being a hero, but never realized how intense it really was. As a New Warrior, his early adventures included fights against Terrax, Juggarnaut, Forces of Nature, Psionex, the White Queen and Her Hellions and torture at the hands of the External villain, Gideon, At first, Vance had very little control over his powers, but with each battle he began to gain more and more control over his powers. Living the dream of being a hero, the New Warriors all became best friends and Vance even began to grow romantically connected to Firestar. Things seemed to be going well until Vance’s father found out about his son’s superheroics. The abuse resumed and ended in a moment of tragic proportions.
One night, Arnold Astrovik struck out at Vance and also at his mother. Vance protecting himself and his mother used his powers and unintentionally killed his father. Vance felt an incredible amount of guilt and remorse and turned himself in. Vance was put on trial for the homicide of his father. His lawyer was Foggy Nelson. The Thing, Firestar, and his own mother were called in as character witnesses. But the prosecutor posited that while Vance was a superhero, he could have protected himself and his mother without lethal force. Vance was found not guilty of murder, but was found responsible for negligent homicide. Also through the trial, Vance’s secret identity became publicly known.
Vance was sentenced to serve his time at the superhuman prison known as the Vault. He was an ideal prisoner who would joke around with the officers. He was given certain liberties such as training with the Guardsmen. When his teammates showed up to free him, he turned them away and did not want to escape. He wanted to finish out his sentence. At one point in the prison a riot broke out and when given another chance to escape, he did not. He actually assisted the Guardsmen in restraining some of the more powerful villains and he worked as an arbiter between the warden and the prisoners due to poor living conditions. Vance was able to affect change at the Vault.
After his time in the Vault, he changed his codename to Justice. However, he did not immediately rejoin the New Warriors, instead he joined the Upstarts as a spy and helped put an end to the Younghunt, where former New Mutants and Hellions were hunted including Firestar. Justice now returned to the New Warriors and they fought their deadliest foe, The Sphinx, who had altered reality and sent the team to different points in time and space. Vance was sent into the past and encountered his father as a young man. He learned that his father was secretly homosexual, but was abused for it, so he maintained a heterosexual lifestyle. Vance grew to gain a better understanding of his father. More members eventually joined the team and Justice remained on the active team and even became a leader after the team had a falling out with Night Thrasher. Justice and Firestar also talked about marriage and got engaged, but they soon found out that her powers were making her infertile. It was around this time, that Justice and Firestar started their university studies at Empire State University. Justice choosing to major in psychology.

During a time when Rage was attacked by various Asgardian villains while Firestar and Justice were with him. Justice assisted the Avengers in battle against Morgan Le Fay, who altered reality. During this adventure, Captain America devised a plan that those members of the Avengers who truly understood and felt what it mean to be an Avenger would be free of Morgan’s control. Justice who was not a member was able to break free to the shock of Captain America and Hawkeye. He assisted them and other heroes into freeing the remaining Avengers and ending Morgan’s scheme. Justice and Firestar were granted reserve Avenger status after helping to defeat Whirlwind and assisted the team against such villains as the Squadron Supreme and Imus Champion. It was after the battle with Imus Champion, which was won through Firestar’s quick thinking, that she and Justice were offered full membership into the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. During this time, Vance was suffering from hero worship. He would make rookie mistakes almost negating his time with the New Warriors. This came to head whenhe was injured during a battle with the Wrecking Crew on Arkon’s homeworld. It was finally during battle with Ultron where he was put on the sidelines that he overcame his hero worship and saw the Avengers as human. The victory of Ultron was partially responsible due to Justice who used his research skills to come up with the plan to use Antartic Vibranium to defeat Ultron. Finally overcoming his hero worship, Justice assisted the Avengers on other adventures and even went undercover with Firerstar to infiltrate the Triune understanding and he was among the heroes who saved the Earth in the final battle against Kang the Conqueror.
(Post-cutoff) After defeating Kang, Justice and Firestar resumes their studies and Justice was able to obtain a BS in Psychology. With his degree in hand, Justice has since returned to the Avengers and assists at Barnes Academy.


When thinking of Justice’s personality, one must take into account the defining moment of his young life: his abuse and the death of his father. Prior to his father’s death at his hands, Vance was a happy-go-lucky young man. He had never seen the negative side of life. He was a devout worshiper of heroes and would imagine himself in various adventures and scenarios, but he never saw the negative dangerous side to that. Upon his powers emerging, he saw this as a great opportunity. The horror experienced by most mutants, he did not experience. Upon joining the New Warriors, he was at his best finally becoming the hero that he always dreamed of.

Then there was what happened with his father. One night while defending himself and his mother, Vance unintentionally used lethal force against his father and killed him. Having served time at the Vault, Vance’s world was shattered. While he was an ideal prisoner, never causing trouble and assisting the authorities during an escape, Vance was exposed to the realities of what life as adventurer was. He encountered and interacted with some nasty villains. He is more of a realist now. And while he will always maintain a positive attitude, he is not the naïve innocent boy he was when he first began his superhero life.

Avengers Status: Vance Astrovik is an Avenger with access to technology throughout the Avengers Mansion and the same contacts as the other Avengers. So a substantial amount of his resources comes from the stipend/pay/salary that each Avenger member receives from the Maria Stark Foundation. Also, he counts among his personal friends member of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

New Warriors: Vance Astrovik is a former New Warrior. He was a founding member and, at one point, leader of the team. He maintains strong connections with the former members and was close friends with members, particularly the founding members.



Justice is a mutant with the only power is telekinesis. He is one of the more powerful telekinetics in the universe. He can perform various kinds of tricks and feats:

General Overview: Vance is able to manipulate psionic energy and bend it to his will so that he levitate and manipulate objects. Vance is able to manipulate up to approximately 8 tons of matter and in certain situations may expand past that. The lighter the weight the easier and quicker he is able to manipulate an object.

Flight: By projecting a telekinetic aura around himself, Justice is able to fly. He can move at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour maximum if he pushes himself. The greater amount of matter than Justice carried with him the more his speed is hampered.

Force Fields: Vance is able to project a telekinetic aura around himself and others to use as defense against physically blunt or energy based attacks. Vance’s personal field is able to withstand up to 8 tons of force. However, the larger and more expansive the field, the less resilient it becomes.

Telekinetic Force Blasts: Vance is able to focus psionic energy into blunt concussive blasts. Using his blasts, Vance is able punch through brick walls, dent and bend titanium and other strong metals. Vance can knock a person unconscious or cause serious injury to non-powered opponents. However, Vance is able to control the strength of his blasts from being able to knock non-powered opponents unconscious and breaking many bones to simply knocking them off their feet with little to no injury.

Fine Motor Control: Vance has gained enough control over his powers where he is able to create powerful force blasts or manipulate the tiniest item. He has demonstrated such refined control, that using his telekinesis, he is able to detect when a person is lying or telling the truth by “feeling the body fluctuations” that one tends to give off when lying. An example of his fine motor control. Vance is able to control a duster to dust, use a broom to sweep, use a mop to a floor, manipulate a stove to cook a meal, manipulate the buttons of a remote control to change channels on the television, and manipulate the buttons of a keyboard to send an email all while sitting peacefully on a sofa. He can perform numerous small tasks simultaneously.

Other feats: Vance is truly limited by his imagination when it comes to the use of his telekinesis. He is always learning and developing his powers and he realizes there is always new tricks to learn.


Hero Knowledge: Justice is well aware of many of the adventures of his fellow heroes. As a child, he dreamed of going on different adventures and had his own form of hero worship. He is familiar with many super-powered beings, heroes and villains. Vance has near-encyclopedic knowledge of super heroes and villains.

Fighting skills: Justice has worked with the likes of Night Thrasher and Captain America. While nowhere near the level of some of the super-powers types. Justice without using his powers can hold his own on a fight against non-powered opponents.

Research: Vance has excellent skills and is able to find out most pieces of information with time. He is good at finding the right pieces of information whether it be through using computers or other forms of information outlets.

Psychology: Justice has been attending college at Empire State University and majoring in psychology. He has completed his bachelors in psychology.

Vance is a natural strategist and leader. He has been compared to Captain America and Night Thrasher in his ability to come up with plans on missions. His natural leadership skills have only been enhanced through contact with the Avengers and his time as leader of the New Warriors.

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