2009-07-17: Various Perspectives


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Summary: Jared and Eddie have a different opinion then Robyn.

Date: July 17, 2009

Log Title Various Perspectives

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

Sitting at one of the tables in the corner of the kitchen is Robyn. He's dressed in a black shirt and a pair of black jeans with a tan hat on his head. He's wearing the hat because something seems to has happened where he no longer has any hair. Eyebrows, arm hair, everything is gone, but right now there's something more important than hair and that is food. There is a large tray with two burgers, potato chips, soda and cookies piled on it as Robyn seems to be stuffing his face, granted he'll probably be sick later but right now he's enjoying food that isn't bologna sandwhiches.

Jared is apparently not the only one hungery as he enters the kitchen with the idea of having a bite to eat. Noticing the hat, and the apparent lack of eyebrows Jared hmms and drops his control on his powers to let his life energy sensing ability feel Robyn as he heads to where he knows there is a loaf of Sourdough bread. "Sup? You know if you keep eating like that your gonna make yourself sick?"

Following along behind Jared with headphones in his ears is Eddie Parker-Mayfair. He's dressed normally for him, shorts and a Moon Knight t-shirt, but seems off in thought. Blinking when a break in the music lets him hear Jared's voice, Eddie looks up and jumps when he sees Robyn. The booster keeps quiet though.

Upon using his life sense on Robyn, Jared would notice that there are a few minor wounds healing, much like those created by a syringe, nothing too serious though. "I really don't care right now." Robyn says inbetween mouthfuls. "After living a week with barely any food, eating till I get sick would be welcome." He says with a small smile. He's happy to be home and everything but there's something that's still bothering him.

Jared nods almost absentmindedly as he grabs the bread and moves to the fridge to grab a few more sandwich making suplies. "You don;t care now, but what about in 10 to 15 minutes when you feel like yer gonna puke? I can help with the track marks, and maybe with other problems but that is something even my powers can't heal."

Eddie looks around for cleaning supplies just incase the need to clean puke arrises. Taking his headphones out and putting them into his pocket. "Anything we could help with?" he asks quietly, waiting for his turn at the fridge.

Robyn looks between Eddie and Jared for a bit and starts to tense a bit. "Yeah, you can help me by just letting me eat?" He says hopefully as this is the first real meal he's had in a week. "Track marks?" He asks sounding confused as he slows down a bit in his eating but he doesn't stop. "Really, I'm…okay." He asks as he's not one to be open with people he doesn't know that well.

Jared keeps an eyes on Robyn a long moment before saying anything else. "Sure, just offering help and all. Track marks, as in the set of needle marks where someone stuck you a few times." Jared of course assumes that Robyn did not stick himself since he is not picking up on the effects of any serious drugs or anything in his system. The healer plops his stuff on a counter and moves to drop some slices of bread in a toaster. "Making pastrami and swiss, want one too Eddie?"

Eddie winces and looks down. "Sorry then…" he murmurs. He moves to the fridge when it becomes free and starts digging around inside. "Um, sure, Bro. Thanks," he says right before getting back into the search.

Robyn looks between Eddie and Jared and starts to munch on a cookie. "Umm…I'm Robyn by the way." He says to Jared since the two of them have never actually met before. "And I'm fine." He says again his hand going to cover the crook in his arm where his forarm and upper arm meet. "So…um…thank god there are no more classes? For the summer?"

Jared cants his head to the side a second, "Oh Eddie, grab the Thousend Island Dressing while you in there, forgot it. Actually, we have met Robyn. Although it was jsut the one time and you spent part of it inside someone elses mind so no worries about forgetitng me." Jared gives a little grin as he trades out the bread he toasted for a couple of more slices so he can make a sandwich for Eddie too. "Oh, I know how you feel…of course that does not give me any reprieve since I missed enough stuff they have me doing math work all summer."

Eddie clonks his head on a shelf in the fridge before holding the dressing out to Jared. "Here ya go, Bro," he says. A moment later, a happy little noise comes from the fridge. Eddie steps back with a smile and the bottle of YooHoo he'd been looking for. "I'm still getting tutored and doing some of Dad's cooking class," he chimes. He's also in Erik's class…likely giving the man a bigger debate than he was thinking he'd get.

"Oh, we did?" Robyn says thinking back. "Oh yeah, that was my first day here." He says finally starting to feel full, only half the food on his tray eatten. "I'm just stuck here, bored, for the rest of the summer. Maybe I'll go home for a few more weeks, just…get out of this place."

Jared nods at Eddie and grins as he takes the dressing. "Thanks, yeah the cooking class has been fun at least." Jared nods at Robyn as he flops some slices of Swiss on the toasted bread and grabs a knife. "I have spent half my time here, the other half at the Dad's. I know at some point we are gonna have to take a trip back to Cali to…to put things in order but kinda dreading that really." That said Jared starts to spread some of the dressing on the bread as well before reaching for the pastrami."

Eddie shrugs as he starts to try opening his chocolate drink. "I've been doing the same…here and Dads'…" he trails off. "Nowhere else to go," he mutters. "You're not taking any of the summer classes, Robyn?"

Robyn shakes his head. "No, I mean they don't count towards grades and they're just classes, what's the point? Maybe if they offered an art class but I think I'd rather spend as much time at home as I can, it's just…I hate that my powers need other people or else it's bad for me." He looks over at Jared and raises a nonexistant eyebrow. "What's so dreading about California?"

Jared shrugs, "The cooking class is fun, but I always kinda liked cooking to start with. Cali…" Jared sighs a little as he closes up the sandwiches he is working on and slides one over to Eddie before picking up stuff to put back in the fridge. Its while he is in the fridge facing away from everyone he speaks up agian. "The hospital mostly took care of Mom's cremationa nd funeral but…there is still our home and all our stuff to take care of there and get in order…"

Eddie blinks. "I like learning how to cook and Mr. Anderson's class is -really- good," he says with a shrug. "My powers aren't anything without other people either," he remarks. He listens to Jared and then moves to give his brother a hug. "You know me and the Dads will help out however we can," he confirms.

"Yeah but I can pass out and go into a coma if I don't absorb peoples psychic energy. I just don't want to be here anymore and just want to go home and go back to my old school." Robyn says before looking at Jared and going quiet. He takes off the hat to run his hand through his hair before remembering, it's not there. He sighs and then nods to Jared. "I'm sorry, that…I don't know what to say since I've never gone through anything like that."

Jared nods silently a little as he is hugged and given condolences. "Most people havn't. I have…kinda been just pushing it out of my mind since I ran away from the foster care system there to go look for Dad. With school out, and no major invasions or anything on the horizon I know we are gonna need to go take care of things soon but…"

Eddie looks at Robyn with concern for a few moments. His first instinct is to start listing all that's great about the school and how he can't imagine anyone ever not wanting to attend but he's been working on that and resists it. The power booster shifts his concerned look to Jared for a moment before just looking down quietly. Nothing to say right now.

Robyn notices the look of concern and sighs. "Seriously I'm fine okay." He says, and there's a slightly frustrated tone in his voice that wasn't intentional. He's thinking that it might be because of any possible rumours that were flying around the school with the missing students. He just nods to Jared not sure what to say since he's never lost a parent.

Jared sighs and shrugs a little. HE gives Robyn a slight look as the boy snaps a bit but does not say anything. He has head a few of the rumors about what happened to the missing students and teacher, and just like Robyn has no idea what to say to him about loosing his mom he has no idea what to say or how he would feel if he had been kidnapped like Robyn was. Instead he moves to just sit quietly and eat his sandwich. "Sorry if I turned the whol conversation into kind of a bummer. Maybe we need a subject change…"

Eddie winces when snapped at but nods. "Okay…" he trails off. The booster looks up and nods in agreement to what Jared says. "But what to change it to?"

After Jared suggests the change of subject, Robyn gets kind of quiet. He's not quite sure what to talk about at the moment and starts to play with one of the cookies, picking out the raisins. "What do you want to change the subject to? And you didn't turn the conversation into a bummer."

Jared shrugs, "I don't know man, jsut something less of a bummer. Only thing I can really think of thats new is the couple of recipies for compound butter I found nad want to try."

Eddie squirms in his seat a moment before shrugging. "My jerkhole of a biological brother went supervillain and tried to kill me," he tries in hopes of making the subject less of a downer.

Robyn just looks at Eddie and opens his mouth then shuts it, then opens it again, then shuts it again. "Oh yeah, cause that's a really upnote topic to bring up." He says kind of surprised. "Should I add that I got kidnapped and this school did nothing to find me or the others and Robin's still missing and they're doing nothing and they pretty much left us there to die?"

Jared is just about ready to take a bite out of his sandwich when Eddie brings up his biological family. He gives his brother a long look and fights to surpress the desire to just growl. HEaring about the kidnapping he just puts the sandwich down and puts his hand to his forehead. Even with a healing factor he can feel something like a headache comming on. "That…can't be right. THey would never just let someone go like that. Would they? No, No, I know for a fact neither of the Dads would let that go."

Eddie blinks. "What? Ricky kicked his butt but he scurried off," he shrugs. To Eddie, super-action is upnotes. When Robyn mentions the kidnapping, Eddie frowns. "They wouldn't do that," he says firmly. "And…" he pauses, looking around quickly. "Me and Pallaton tried to find you all ourselves," he says. Of course now he's planning to find Pallaton and alter their plans to the hunt for Robin.

"If it wasn't for that doctor kid they would have killed us all." Robyn says as he does believe that Xavier's just left them to rot. "And how would you know they wouldn't do that, you're just students here like me." He takes off his hat and runs his hand over his head. "You weren't there, noone came, noone." The problem is Robyn did believe for a while that he was going to die in there.

Jared shakes his head, "I may be a student here, but I live half the time with our Dads. They are not the kinds of people that are going to leave anyone like that. I may not have been there, or have any idea what the teachers knew or were doing but I can't believe they would just leave anyone to die." Jared really can't accept that anyone at the school would just ignore a kidnapping or leave someone like that, especially not knowing what little he does about the X-Men.

Eddie frowns, crossing his arms. "I just told you that me and Pallaton were trying to find you so that's something right there," he says. "And just because you got out before getting rescued doesn't mean no one was coming. I have absolute faith that the school and the X-men were doing everything they could to find you and the others."

Robyn just shrugs but he doesn't really believe much of what Jared or Eddie say. "I know you can't believe it but they didn't come. They gave the order to kill us last night before we got help, so even if they were coming it'd have been too late. It could even be too late for Robin." He says with a sigh. "You can have your faith that they were coming, but I just think they left us to rot."

Jared has no idea what to say, there is nothing that could convince Robyn that he can say and he can see that. Instead what needs to happen is a teacher needs to talk to Robyn, probably Jericho if no one else given RObyn's obvious feelings.

Eddie's flicker blue a moment with his power. That still happens when he gets upset sometimes. Shaking his head, the power booster keeps quiet and looks back to his sandwich. He's no telepath but he's thinking along the same lines as Jared.

Robyn just sighs and picks at the remaining half of his burger not saying anything either. He's not sure really what to say as his opinion is so different from the brothers. Eventually he just mutters, "And I lost all my hair." The thing is Robyn's usually pretty upbeat and positive but he's still on edge from the experience.

Jared works on eating his sandwich slowly, not sure what to say still when he hears Robyn mention his hair. "That…sucks? Sorry, don't care too much about hair nomrlaly not sure what to say. Um, not sure of my powers can even help…although if nothing else we can probably get you a rug and draw in some eyebrows?"

"I'm sure it'll grow back," Eddie offers before he starts eating his own food. Taking a gulp of his drink, the booster glances around. "Don't worry. We'll find Robin," he says simply.

Robyn nods and stands up. "I think I'm going to go pack, I think spending more time at my parents will be best." He says standing up and going to throw the rest of his food away before heading to his room.

Jared bites his lower lip, and decides he probably said the wrong thing entierly. Yeah, he defenetly needs to make sure to talk to Jericho about Robyn and make sure he knows how the other teen feels and is thinking he was left for dead. With a sigh he just sets his sandwich down after pretty much loosing his apatite.

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