2020-06-21: Vengeance Of The Stray Dog


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Summary: The Mole is finally revealed as he goes on a rampage through the mutant base. Ties are cut, supplies are destroyed, and lives are lost.

Date: June 21, 2020

Log Title: Vengeance of the Stray Dog

Rating: R (LV)

The Future - The Underground - Gathering Area

Hidden in the maze of tunnels is the open area that the mutants have turned into their haven, their home. Not wanting to risk electricity being detected down here, there are battery powered and gas powered lights leaving the place dark and damp. At least three mutants are always on guard down here at the entrance to the mutant camp and secret passwords and codes are needed to get into this room. Theres a large door with a large piece of wood barricading it as those down here dont take any chances.


Dingo stops near the entrance to the old subway system, looking up at the sky one last time before descending into the abyss. Today, he’ll have to do it today. That man wanted to meet with him on Wednesday, and he’ll expect results. The denizens of the netherworld are expecting attacks from Hunters since bringing in more refugees. In the chaos below it will be easy enough for Dingo to carry out his plan.

The medical supplies, the food, the weapons. Dingo will destroy all of them. He will cripple the underground and he will do it in such a way that no one will suspect that he is the traitor. First thing’s first, he’ll need supplies. He cannot simply crush the supplies with his powers, it would be far too obvious. He will need something that cannot be traced back so easily. He will need explosives. Lucky for Dingo Volk has a ready supply. With the anticipated attacks many stashes of weapons are being moved around in preparation for the attacks which are to come.

It does not take Dingo long to find a small weapons stash. It seems as though Rashmi is doing something with this particular shipment. Dingo hangs back out of sight as he watches the woman work. She used to go to Xavier’s, he seems to recall. Damn them. He would like nothing more to kill this woman here and now, but he knows that Rashmi’s abilities are troublesome. Also he’d rather not kill anyone if he can help it. Not yet anyway, he’ll take out the supplies and then worry about knocking off the children of Xavier.

The rest was badly needed, and with newfound strength Rashmi has taken to coordinating the movement of weapons, placing caches in points given out to specific carriers at staggered times. Maps will be given to prime combatants later, but for now it'll be enough for her to know where things are. The work is easy, compared to the planning and guessing and collating of information she had been doing, thus not requiring her to bend her focus *too* hard toward the task.

Dingo travels down the tunnel a bit, collecting up a massive amount of sand and dust. He forms the debris into a massive fist and uses it to smash into one of the walls, causing a rather large sound to resonate down the tunnel toward Rashmi. He waits a fraction of a second before calling loudly for help, doing his best to imitate a small child’s voice. The man then dissipates his sands as best he can, packing them into crevices and dissipating into sand himself.

The sound of rumbling catches Rashmi’s attention, and at the child's cry she hurriedly moves away from the stockpile to investigate. With all the planned collapses to happen in days to come, the sheer bad luck of a natural fall would be crippling.

As Rashmi moves toward the sand, Dingo moves back to the weapon stash. He reforms himself as the girl investigates the sound and rummages through her stash. The man takes a box of grenades and holds it against his chest, turning that section of his body to sand and pushing the explosives inside. He takes a second box and conceals it within his stomach. He turns to leave and hesitates for a moment, turning to glance back down at the weapons. He reaches down and grabs a pistol, just in case he runs into someone he needs to take out quickly. Dingo checks that the gun is loaded and places it in his chest near the first box. The man looks back down the tunnel to make sure that Rashmi has not seen him before he takes off toward his first target.

As Rashmi moves toward the sound, Dingo moves back to the weapon stash. He reforms himself as the girl investigates the sound and rummages through her stash. The man takes a box of grenades and holds it against his chest, turning that section of his body to sand and pushing the explosives inside. He takes a second box and conceals it within his stomach. He turns to leave and hesitates for a moment, turning to glance back down at the weapons. He reaches down and grabs a pistol, just in case he runs into someone he needs to take out quickly. Dingo checks that the gun is loaded and places it in his chest near the first box. The man looks back down the tunnel to make sure that Rashmi has not seen him before he takes off toward his first target.

When Rashmi arrives at the source of a noise, she finds only the cracks in brickwork and rock that had been there. Puzzled, the redhead searches around for a moment, but finding nothing, turns to return to her work, wondering if perhaps she's not cracking sooner than she thought she would.

With his arsenal hidden within his body, Dingo starts off down the tunnels. If Rashmi notices that the supplies are missing, he doubts she will associate the theft with Dingo. Why would she? He was certain not to be seen during the theft. The man ponders for a moment, which target should he hit first? The medical supplies would be the biggest blow, since some of the medications are very hard to come by. He’ll hit that first, then the food storage area. Last he’ll run into the armory and set some of the grenades to explode. Since he’s not entirely sure how large an explosion that will set off, he’ll do that one last. Hopefully Dingo will be able to strike all of his targets before anyone knows what exactly is going on.

The box of grenades, easy to notice missing; after all, there were still a few explosives left to be parceled out, and an entire crate would be nearly as valuable as food. Cursing to herself, she sends a runner to assemble Betsy, Jono, and the rest of the telepaths. The mole has begun to move, and it's *imperative* that he be located before too much damage is done.

Dingo turns a corner and stops. It’s that boy in the wheelchair. Robyn. He seems annoyed that the other man would be all the way out here. He simply nods his head, intending to walk past without incident. As he passes he lets out a quick greeting, “Hey there wheels. A bit far from the barracks, eh?”

He didn't really want to meet Dingo like this but Robyn knows he has to confront him. Hand traveling to the double barrel shotgun he carries with him, he looks to the traitor. "Dingo…I know it was you. You set us up, I thought you were on our side and you fucking set us up!" He says pissed off and Robyn isn't known for acting rationally when he's angry. "There were three people who knew on Saturday what was going on, but there were more guards then usual. More hunters. After thinking, I know it's you Dingo. Why?! You're one of us you bastard." He says as he starts to move the double barrel shotgun to aim at him, holding like Volk taught him.

Dingo stops in his tracks at having heard the words. His back is still turned to the man in the wheelchair as he contemplates his next move. The targets much be struck today, especially if Robyn knows that he is the one who informed. Dingo cannot be certain that no one else in the tunnel was told this information, so he’ll have to move fast. The pistol emerges from Dingo’s chest. He grabs hold of it and turns, pointing it directly at the man's chest. He looks Robyn in the eye for just a moment, “Nothing personal…” Dingo pulls the trigger, a single shot fired directly into the other man’s chest.

the shotgun to fire, completely missing Dingo, before he falls over on the ground. The pain hits shortly after and Robyn realizes he's been shot, moving a hand away he realizes it's slick with blood and looks up at Dingo. "Fuck you." He spits out at the man.

Dingo jumps slightly as the other gun goes off. If that had hit him it would created a very large explosion. He spits on the ground where Robyn had fallen. “Fuck me? Fuck you! I’m not the one who left someone’s sister to die. I’m not the one who went after a bunch of traitorous X-Men and left everyone else’s loved ones to fester in that jail. I’m doing what I have to save the man I love.” He turns and begins to head off toward his first target. “I’ll see you in Hell.”

Dingo picks up his pace now, rushing past another group of mutants as he heads for the infirmary. He still moves in a gentle manner however, he does not want to accidentally set off the explosives inside of his chest if he can help it. He grabs the arm of one of the passerby heading in the direction he left Robyn’s body. “No time to explain, to the barracks NOW.” He forcibly turns the younger mutant and sends her on her way before continuing on to the medical room. He is very nearly there.

If there's one duty that Kael isn't a fan of, it's guarding the medical room. He knows that it's needed, and yet he doesn't like the smell of it all. While he's on guard, there're winds blowing down the tunnel letting the aerokinetic listen in on any conversation he hears at the front of the tunnel. Currently, there's only him and the patients that are there to heal.

Dingo comes into the room. He looks a bit out of breath and appears to be moving slower than usual. The reason? He has two boxes of grenades in his chest and he'd rather not set them off if he can help it. He stops in the room and glances around. Too many people in here, but only that wind user seems to be on guard duty. Dingo calls out. "You there, Kael?" He stops to take a breath. "Hunters…in the Northern tunnels. They need combatants up there now! Everyone else who can move, I need you in the barracks NOW! Move people!"

Kael quirks a brow as he spots Dingo, and he tilts his head to the side slightly. He's about to question the things that look different before he hears about the Hunters. "Wha, how'd they get down here?" He shakes his head, "No matter." He looks over at Dingo and says, "If anything happens to the people inside of this room, you and I are going to have a little chat." Then the wind user starts to head up the tunnel, pushing himself faster with wind towards the threat.

Dingo rushes the injured along as they leave the room, promising that he will protect the others in the infirmary who are unable to move by themselves. Granted, the person they need protected from is none other than himself. He follows the last of the injured out into the hallway and watches until they are out of sight. The man turns back to those in the infirmary, closing the door and pushing his sands into the gaps to help stifle the sounds that will be coming out of the room.

The pistol emerges from Dingo’s chest, he grabs it and heads over to the first patient laying in her bed. She looks at him terrified, telling him she does not know how to use a gun. Dingo looks down at her emotionlessly. No explanation, no words, he just holds the gun to the girls head and pulls the trigger. The two others who are actually conscious in the room cry out in surprise and terror as they see their friend killed without warning. Dingo turns to the others, rushing over to them and finishing them in a similar manner before they do anything rash.

Dingo walks over to a fourth mutant, this one is unconscious, but he shoots him as well. He comes to the last sleeping mutant and hesitates. He looks at the blue woman and aims the gun at Mystique’s face. Dingo stands there for several minutes as though trying to decide whether or not he should actually pull the trigger. After a short while he shakes his head and walks away from the woman and over toward the supply area. He puts the gun back into his chest and pushes a small crate out of his stomach, one of the boxes of grenades he had stolen from the weapons cash. He prepares to set the explosive and turns, looking back toward Mystique once more.

Dingo walks over to the sleeping woman once more, pondering for a moment. He turns her bed against the wall and upends a couple of others, forming a barrier in front of the woman. The former Brotherhood member walks back to the grenades and pulls the pin off of one before quickly exiting the room and shutting the door. He reinforces the door with sand and waits until he hears the explosion. Afterward he dissipates the sands he was using and turns to head toward the food storage area. He does not check on Mystique. If she survived the explosion or not, he would rather not know.

The man travels a bit faster now. He only has one box of explosives in his chest and feels he can risk walking at a quicker pace. Someone was sure to have heard the gunshots and explosion and he would rather finish his treachery and get out of there before they figured out it was him. He turns a corner and passes by a small group of mutants, avoiding eye contact as he continues on. He reaches the food area without incident and finds someone he’d rather not have found lingering in the area.

Jonothan, one of the X-Men. He and Dingo used to get along fairly well in the old days, back when the primary threat to mutant kind was a few rogue snipers. But times had changed. Jono worked at the school that killed Kimber, and while Dingo would enjoy to spend his last bullet ending Jono’s life, he worries about the other mutant’s ability. Jono has some sort of fire power, and fire sometimes causes Dingo’s ability to stop working. It would be far wiser to trick the man out of the area than directly engage him in a fight.

Dingo comes around the corner of the tunnel and appears out of breath, taking a moment to collect himself and looking rather panicked as he approaches the other mutant. "Jono! I think we're being attacked! Could you get to the medical room and take supplies to the barracks? They want me to guard these supplies!" He clutches his chest as though he is still trying to catch his breath, looking around as though he expects a Hunter to come around the corner at any second.

"Dark eyes are wide for Dingo's appearance. "…What?" Jonothon had been working on getting some things sorted so that little care packages could be given to the refugees just taken in. He straightens for this news, but then frowns. Attack?! His mind reaches out to find those who can tell him what is going on. The explosion he gets through other senses tells him that Dingo is indeed telling the truth. "Alright." Medical room. This is so not pretty. With that the Brit is wrapping himself in fire and flying off through the tunnels to the medical room."

Dingo watches as Jono departs down the hall, waiting until he is certain the other man is out of sight before taking action. He holds out a hand in front of his chest as the second box of grenades emerges from within his sand form. The man takes another quick look around and sets the box inside of the storage room. He removes the pin from a single grenade and runs out of the room, shutting the door and reinforcing it with a wall of sand before ducking. A few moments later a large explosion can be heard. Dingo dissipates the sand from the created wall and prepares to depart before anyone comes to investigate the sound.

Scourge comes out of his armory, finished securing all weaponry not needed at the moment. Security is going to be extra tight around there for a while. A familiar face is seen, and the armored from head to toe mutant is looking at an old 'friend'. As the explosion rings out, Brian doesn't shudder or brace himself. Brian's just going to shoot first and ask questions later. His left and right gauntlets retract into his armor and from his crimson energy hands, Scourge releases a bolt of energy onto Dingo.

Dingo hesitates for only a moment. He knows that there is a weapon store somewhere around here as well, but since he does not tend to use customary weapons he does not know exactly which door it is. If he can just get inside and set a few grenades to go off, he'll have struck an effective three part attack on the base.

Dingo turns as he hears someone approaching, seeing Scourge and narrowing his eye. He attempts to dodge the energy beam, but it strikes his right arm, causing it to explode in a cloud of sand. "Damn it. Lucky for you I already lost that arm." He reaches into his chest to pull out the last item he's been carrying inside of him, the revolver. He holds it up and pulls the trigger a few times, hearing one shot go off followed by a series of clicks. Damn, must have used all of the bullets already.

Scourge immediately pulls up his barrier as the revolver is taken out. The shot bounces off the barrier and hits a nearby light. "You were /always/ a dumbass, Dingo. And Magneto had thought so too." He says through an electronic voicebox. The Magneto thing probably being false, but there's always room for psychological abuse. Especially coming from a guy who had a direct line to Magneto. Ports open up on his chest and mouthpiece and allow him to smile. He yells for the first time in almost ten years without the voicebox. Holding out his hands again he shoots multiple bursts of energy from his chest, mouth, and hands.

Dingo frowns at the comment about Magneto, but he does not respond. He also does not attempt to explain his actions. He has no reason to. The X-Men left his sister to die. They went after the camp that had their own people inside of it, ignoring the one Jack is being held in. He won't sit back and let them decide what's best any more. No no, Dingo will look out for his own interests from now on.

Too bad about Scourge though. Dingo knows that the other mutant's abilities nullify his own to the extent that there is no way he can win in a one on one fight. He sighs, after all that planning there was a witness after all. And it looks like he won't make it to that weapons stash any more either. When Scourge prepares to fire his lasers Dingo decides it is time to leave. He flips the other man off before dissipating into a sandstorm and rushing down the tunnel behind him.

The helmet comes off. Short jet black hair perched atop his head. Brian Carerra reveals himself to no one, or maybe someone, at least three beings in this universe. "Imbecile. Guess that's it for mutant superiority for you, Dumbfuck." A play on words. "We're the ones still fighting for MUTANTS. Not a useless pawn for the lesser beings." He looks around quickly before the gauntlets appear back and the helmet goes back on. He's silent as he opens the door to the food supplies.

The food supplies are mostly destroyed. There are a few cans that have miraculously survived the bombing, though most that are still intact are horribly dented. There is also a bit of dried pasta scattered about that can probably be collected up and used, though it may not be completely clean. In short, the main pantry has just been reduced to almost nothing. Though there may be rations scattered throughout the compound, they won’t last very long at all now.

Dingo continues down the tunnel, buffeting past several denizens of the underground as he goes, causing a bit of confusion in his wake. Once he is fairly certain he is far enough away from Scourge he rematerializes and takes a moment to catch his breath. He continues cautiously down the tunnel. No telling how long it will be before word gets around that the attacks in the tunnels were committed by the former Brotherhood member.

Robin is in the tunnels, traveling with her puppet, Blank. She has taken a role helping to organize all of the recent chaos, so she seems to just be in a supervisory role, simply watching to make sure everything is going smoothly and helping out when it isn't. Her puppet seems to be looking back and forth, as if scanning. She blinks a few times as she sees Dingo, offering him a wave, though her brow seems a bit crinkled.

Theo was nowhere near the bomb when it went off, but he knew instantly it had. His power told him. The fact that the bomb was present didn't set off any bells for him, this place is full of explosives. But the bomb going off, that was another matter entirely, even though he was too far away to feel or hear the effects. He sprints down the tunnel, a robot ahead of him and one behind him, matching his pace. The former super-villain carries his M1 Garand in his hands, and his hip has a revolver. He comes barreling around the corner, and almost runs over Robin in the process. A-1 dives to the side of her, and continues on, while A-3 stops with him. "Robin! Dingo, what happened?" he pants out. "Who attacked?"

Dingo stops moving when he sees Robin. Another former X-Man wandering alone. He no longer needs to keep things on the down-low. He's certain that Scourge will not hesitate to spread the news that Dingo is the one who attacked. And then Theo comes around the corner. Damn, he'd rather not take out a former member of the Brotherhood, but it would be better if no one who saw which tunnel he exited through made it back to the heavy hitters alive.

Dingo begins to manipulate the sand and dust behind Robin and Theo. The tunnels are filled with material for him to use. "The mole. The one who informed the jail that we were planning the break, he's attacked the base. He killed Robyn. He bombed the medical room. He destroyed the food stores." As he speaks he forms tendrils out of the sand. The tendrils move in near to the others and suddenly become solid and quite sharp. It appears that he is preparing to impale them.

There's a howl of wind rumbling down the corridor. At first it's a breeze, and then it gets stronger and stronger as Kael makes his way down it. His eyes set down on Dingo as the winds seem to focus in on him. Curving around Theo and Robin would be several baseball sized windblasts. Aiming for the man's shoulders, legs, and one for his stomach going at a rather fast clip. Nearly 70mph. "Dingo!" yells Kael as a wind wall forms between him and the three former X-er's after the windblasts had gone past that point.

At first, Robin seems stunned by the story. However, Blank seems to see the tendrils before Robin does, and Robin's eyes narrow slightly as she realizes what's happening. There will be a time for mourning later. Now is the time for action. She points a finger forwards and Blank seems to teleport instantly to that place, swinging a super-strong punch towards Dingo's jaw to try and at least distract him enough to keep from impaling her. However, Kael probably helps more with that.

Theo doesn't see the tendrils of sand forming. "Great. See, this is why I spent the last five years hiding from everyone, because of crap like this." It appears that the sidekicks are the salvation, for A-3 sees the tendrils, and brings a powerful metal clawed arm forward to swipe the tendrils away from Robin and Theo. The technopath glances behind him for a moment at his minion's actions, and brings the Garand up at Dingo. "Well, at least we know who to kill for this," he says with a sneer. He holds his fire for the moment, though, so he doesn't hit Blank by accident.

Dingo narrows his eye as he feels the wind pick up. "Fuck." He manages to look down the tunnel just in time to see a very unhappy Kael rushing toward the group. He prepares himself for the attack he is certain will be coming by transforming his body to sand. All of the attacks strike him. The wind blasts, the punch from Blank. The areas of the body that are struck break apart, leaving gaps and holes in Dingo's body. The sands that are knocked from him immediately return to his body and he rematerializes unharmed. The spiked tendrils behind the three come forward in an attempt to attack them. The first is broken by Theo's attack, the others are broken apart by the wind shield. The tendrils dissipate into the wind stream as they are broken, filling the wind with grains of sand.

Dingo rematerializes for a moment, just long enough to speak to the three. He looks at Kael with an expression of feigned horror. "No! Get away from him! That's him! Kael is the mole! I was preparing my sand defenses…But I can't get through that wall. Get away! I saw him kill Robyn!"

Kael stands in between Theo and Robin, ever in front of them or behind them as he just grins at Dingo. "Well, ello there sandman." Doing a very bad impersonation at an Australian accent. "Time for you to pay for what ya did." The winds around him blast outwards; knocking the sand away from them before he says, "Give me one good reason to not blast you with lightning." Winds start to spool around his left wrist as he says that, "And you better make it quick." Angry Kael is angry.

"Bull. Shit," spits Robin venomously at Bruce. She saw the sands from Blank's eyes, and she's not about to discount that so quickly. She takes her second puppeteer position, the one she used after being able to move independently from Blank, hands in front of her in a somewhat defensive position while Blank stands in front of her. She gives Bruce time to answer Kael before taking any action, though.

The noise coming from this area has Max sliding through the tunnels to get to Kael. A spiked ice form of Max slides in from an entryway. "Alright. If you're going to accuse him of being the mole, you either blame me too, or you shut your fucking mouth." Max's fists grow enough spikes to make a Halo Needler envious.

Theo isn't buying it either. Because his guard saw the tendrils, that means he saw them too. "Why wait?" he says to Kael. "This isn't a court of law, there is no trial." And with that, A-3 lurches forward with both arms, which begin to claw at Dingo with a zealot's fury. Theo doesn't fire still, he just watches.

Well damn. There are just too many of them. Dingo should have been more careful. If he had stayed in sand form he wouldn't have run into these four in the first place. He closes his eye for a moment and takes a breath. To the others it may look as though he is preparing to say something, but he is actually shifting the earth behind the walls and ceiling of the tunnel. Dingo opens his eye and looks at A-3 as it comes toward him, creating a large hand from the debris on the ground. The hand wraps around the would be assailant and holds it there, squeezing the robot and causing sand to creep into its joints.

Dingo smirks at Kael. "My my. All the X-Men are back together it seems. Except someone is missing…Who would that be? Oh yes, KIMBER! You let my sister FUCKING DIE! You left my HUSBAND to ROT IN JAIL while we rescued YOUR people. You had this coming for too long you selfish bastards. And why shouldn't you kill me now? Because if you do that you won't have the energy left to save those three." With that the man pulls in all of the sand behind the walls toward himself, causing the ceiling and walls to collapse in this section of the tunnel. As he does this he dissipates himself into a sandstorm, intending to use the distraction as a means of escape so he can make it topside.

Kael lets out a curse as the winds around his wrist dissipate, and he glares at Bruce. "Just wait till I find you in the open, ya fucking bastard." As he pulls the sand, Kael holds his hands out; a dome of wind surrounding everyone; even Max as he gets close enough. His eyes are closed as he pours every ounce of control and strength he has into keeping the four of them safe and sound as the sand and dirt collapse down upon them. "Mark my words, Bruce. You'll pay for this." True, he can't hear it. But, he wanted to say it. As for the question from Theo? He'll get to that later.

"You aren't the only one who's ever lost a sister, you fucking traitor!" growls Robin, dropping to the ground so that Kael has slightly less height to shield. "I'll kill you myself if I see you again," says the puppeteer, even though she really doesn't have much to back that statement up. Blank appears over her, to protect her even should Kael fail.

"Newsflash. This ain’t the X-Men you retard. But you've got your head too far up the government’s ass to see it." And then the bastard makes a run for it. Max icebeams any thing he can to create walls to keep this place in order as Kael places up a wall of wind around the rest. He's not saying any more right now, make an igloo first, talk later.

A-3 seems to completely freeze under the hand. It's a tought creation to squeeze the life out of, but the AI recognizes the danger of moving with the sand in the joings, and stops moving all together. A-1, his other robot, comes barrelling back into the room too late to see any action, caught on the other side of the collapse. Once the hand dissapates, A-3 raises it's arms, the powerful robot creating a brace against the roof as well.

Theo grinds his teeth. "That's enough of playing house here," he says. A-1 starts to dig from the outside, pulling the rocks out of the way so that the four mutants can leave sooner. "I need to get home and bring back the big guns."

Kael lets out a breath of relief as he feels the pressure above him lessen a bit. But he still keeps the dome going; though it's mainly a curved wall up top as Max makes the ice walls behind the wind. Once those are made, the aerokinetic can actually takes a breather. "Bastard." He looks over at the robot digging his way out, and he looks behind him. "Looks like we're stuck for a while." He looks over at Max, smiling for once as he says, "Thanks for the assist, hon."

"Son of a bitch… is Robyn really dead?" says the crouching Robin, banging her fists on the floor lightly, feeling powerless at the moment. She doesn't have much to say about that, denying it to herself for now.

"Of course. I'm glad I didn't go into the Morlock tunnels today." Max says, powering down his ice form and chuckling. Commander Cool still has it as it were.

Theo doesn't resort to let his robots do all the work. He wants to get out faster, and so he starts pulling rocks free as well. "Beats me," he answers Robin. A-3 begins to work as well, lugging heavy rocks to clear the path.

Kael looks over at Robin, and sighs. "I don't know, Robin. But we'll find out as soon as we can get out of here." He glances over at the wall of rubble and rubs his hands together. "Theo, do you think you can try and clear just a hole in the middle of the rubble. I can try and pressurize the rest out of our way."

Robin gets, eyes narrowed still, and she commands her puppet to help with the effort. The puppet's super strength certainly helps move things along faster, but the puppeteer says nothing.

From the other end of the pile, a hole is suddenly opened. "How's that?" Theo asks, reaching up and scooping back some of the smaller rubble. "A-1, you might want to step back," he tells his minion aloud. From the other side, the clanking steps can be heard moving away. "Take it away, Aang," he says, gesturing with one hand.

Kael says, "Robin. You might want to move Blank out of the way." With a rush of wind, the air on the other side of the rubble rushes into the hole. Some of the rubble that's small enough already crumbles into dirt as more and more air is pushed into that hole. After a few moments, the rubble crumbles a bit more; the hole widening a bit. "This would be easier if Armande was here," mutters the aerokinetic before he brings his hands forward and motions opening a door with both hands as a surge of wind pours into that hole and opens it enough for people to start climbing through. A Swirl of wind keeping the rubble in place as Kael says, "Everyone. Out.""

Max looks through the hole and nods. "You don't have to tell me twice, Kael." Max says with gusto. And he's out on the other side.

Blank just teleports back to Robin when Kael speaks and she gets out as commanded by Kael. She doesn't stop moving, though, running at a fast pace down the tunnel to confirm her fears.

Theo climbs through the hole, the wind rushing around him as he does. His robot pulls him the rest of the way through, and then A-3 steps in to grab the top of the hole. The bot hoists up with strength, and braces the opening. "A-3 has it from here, Kael, you come on through," he says, reaching a hand back to assist the aerokinetic.

Kael blinks at the assistance from Theo, but takes it nonetheless as the aerokinetic grabs the technokinetic's hand and starts to pull himself through towards the other side of the hole. Once he's out, he looks back at it and says, "I'm guessing A-3 is going to have a fun time digging?"

Theo nods, not noticing Kael's surprise. Maybe there's hope for him yet. "Don't worry, he's got plenty of juice. It'll only take him probably another half hour." He looks back at an expectant A-1. "What? You're supposed to come with me in case Dingo comes back." The robot continues to stare at him. "Fine, you can stay with your boyfriend," he tells A-1. He looks back at Kael. "She and A-3 kinda have a thing for each other," he explains. "But it sounds like we have some news to deliver. And this fight has just reached a new level."

Dingo reforms himself not too far from the collapse and glances back at the destruction. “Hmmm…Seems like they got out.” He stares into the darkness for a moment before turning back toward the exit of the tunnels. "Well…can't go back now…" But he doesn't want to. He's sat in that hole for far too long. He smiled at the people that let his sister die for far too long. He's waited and waited for them to take action for far too long. They are weak. They deserve what they got. The man continues forward, stepping once more into the light of day, never again to hide in the darkness.

~ Fin ~

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