2011-01-07: Verbal Diarrhea

Players: Drew Daniels & Quetzal

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Summary: Drew and Quetzal smoke, talk and Drew puts his foot in his mouth.

Date: January 7, 2011

Log Title: Verbal Diarrhea

Rating: R

Barnes Academy - Smokers Lounge

In order to get into the smokers lounge, you must be at least 18 and request a keypass. The room has a slight chill to with all the ventilation installed. There is the smell of air freshener over cigarette smoke in the small room. There are a few tables all with plastic chairs around them as to not absorb two much of the smoke smell. Unlike most smoking lounges, the ventilation in here keeps it from having a haze of smoke. There is a flat screen television on one wall along and pinned up on other walls are posters about quitting smoking. There is a refrigerator in here that is stocked with bottled water

Taking a smoke break, Drew, dressed in his SHIELD issue uniform but always with his white cowboy hat, has taken some student files with him and sits in front of the flat screen and absently uses the remote to turn on the flat screen TV, but pays no attention to what is on the screen. He pulls out a pack of L&M cigarettes and takes one out and lights it and inhales as he reviews the first file, "Jeremy Inada."

Walking into the smoking lounge with a tired looking Verde resting as a capuchin monkey on his shoulder is Quetzal. He has his laptop in one hand and cane in the other and really seems to be favouring his leg more than usual. The cold and snow always makes it hurt worse. "Hello Tex, how are you doing today?" He asks in Tex's accent as he sits down and lights up his cigarette before opening up his laptop to reserch more about AIM.

Drew grabs the tip of his hat and lowers it a bit in a greeting and then looks up, "Great job with the accent, Quetzal." Drew smiles, "Hello, Verde." He exhales and lets out a small cough and closes the student folder and offers, "Happy New Year! how was your holiday?"

"I can't help it, since I don't really know English, I just know what you know and automatically mimic and understand your language…does that makes sense?" Queztal says trying to understand his power. He can't control how he picks it up. "My New Year was okay, I was hoping to go back home for two or three days but with all this stuff with Mutant Town I didn't get a chance to. Maybe for our Birthday I'l head home to see my sister and my niece and nephews. How about you Drew?"

Smiling, Drew nods getting an understanding of Quetzal, "So a form of psychomimesis specific to language. That's gotta be pretty amazin' to be able to do that." Taking his hat off and running his fingers through his long brown locks, he takes a drag of his cigarette, "I was lucky enough to be able to head home to Texas. Watched some rodeos and camped out in the country with Vicki. Was nice. Quiet. But surprisingly cold. Was colder there than here." Looking between Quetzal and Verde, "You share the same birthday?"

"Yes, my sister and I are twins." Quetzal says not thinking that he means Verde. "I could have borrowed a jet from here and flown to one of the air bases but I've been making a bit of headway on this Mutant Town Game thing. Agent Corrin has been a lot of help. "Language is a barrier I'm not familar with. So what is it you're working on?"

Drew has a bit of an embarrassed look on his face as he now realizes that Verde was not the one who shared the birthday with Quetzal. "Well, I was trying to get some work done on the students. Going over the file and having spent last semester getting to know them, I thought it would help to refresh myself on their files so as to better prepare lessons for them." He peruses the names on the folders and puts them into a pile. "So what's the headway you got in the Mutant Town Gang case? And if you need any help, feel free to ask." Drew offers.

"I just teach language. I'm kind of usless as a combat teacher according to SHIELD being not exactly the most..mobile." Quetzal says as Verde looks up at him and yawns before speaking. "Your leg is killing you cause of the weather, you shouldn't be overly active." He sighs and shakes his head with a chuckle as he takes a long drag off of his cigarette. "Just a lot of research with what weapons and such adn I want to investigate this arms dealing that MacBeth was involved in. What kind of training are you planning?

"Well, I'm hoping to set up individual training sessions with the students. Some are easier to plan than others. Still figuring out how to help someone like Jeremy." Drew rubs the back of his neck.as he thinks over the possible ways of working with some of the students, "and another thing is showing these kids some finesse with their powers. It's one thing to send powerful blasts, but sometimes refinement and ingenuity with powers can be more useful."

"Well I've never really been must of the..powerful blasts type of mutant." Quetzal doesn't even consider himself a superhero or anything, just an agent. "Though I guess with my power it uses a lot of finesse. Reading body language can be key in a fight." He says with a smile. "Also I think I'm finally going to be teaching flying lessons in the spring. So..what is the issue with this Jeremy?"
"Reading and interpreting body language is a perfect example of the finesse to use. Using powers in subtle ways." Oh and congrats on the flying classes. Hopefully we don't have any students trying to pull any kamikaze style moves." Drew smirks, "Well, Jeremy, in particular, has a useful power. Great for research, investigation, and interrogation. He has tactile post cognition. However, no real control Anytime he makes skin to skin contact he sees a person's past. Tough one to teach to control."

Quetzal raises an eyebrow at Drew at the Kamikaze statement, not exactly amused by it. "I know you didn't mean it as an offence but I am a Japanese Pilot. I was trained in Piloting in the Self Defense Force in Japan…you might not want to make the kamikaze jokes." He's a little put off by the crack. "Well why don't you try meditation? That can work wonders for the mind and might be able to help him."

Blinking for a moment and not realizing what he said, "Oh wow, Quetzal. I am sorry. It wasn't meant to be as it sounded." He exhales, "But sorry." He lights another cigarette and shakes his head a bit in the affirmative, "Meditation could work for Jeremy." He smiles, "That is actually a great idea. I'll definitely use that for him."

"Sometimes it's just as good to strengthen the mind as it is the body." Quetzal states as he finishes up his cigarette and holds up the butt. "Cause as you and I certainly know these aren't helping strengthen the body." He says with a chuckle. "I'm lucky where I never really needed much training with my powers. They just kind of shoved books and documents under my nose."

Chuckling as Drew looks at his cigarette. "True. Maybe I'll take up Angelo on his offer to help me stop." Staring at the cigarette, "But not now." He ponders, "Meditation might help with that too."

"I haven't met Angelo yet and I just think I'm too old and stuck in my ways to quit smoking." Quetzal says with a chuckle. "Meditation can be really good, it helps me relax when I'm getting antsy. But I usually end up going for a bottle of sake instead. The Self Defense Force guys and then SHIELD weren't the greatest of influences." He says as he wouldn't have changed anything. "What other students are you struggling with?"

"Well right now, just Jeremy. Overall the others seem to be doing well. And It's not so much Jeremy as it is I trying to figure a way to work with him." Drew shrugs, "Well. teaching wasn't my forte, but so far so good. I lucked out working with Sam. If he thinks I can do this, then I guess I can."

Quetzal holds up his hands and laughs. "I know two thinks about teaching. Jack and Shit. Index and I are in a kind of similar boat where all that's left for us is desk duty and they put us here to teach. Him because of myserious reasons and me cause of my leg. Though damnned if I'm going to let that stop me." Quetzal's got too much in him to just quit the action life. "Good luck with that kid thought. It's not like you can have him go around using his precog on us, could be dangerous."

Nodding his head, "That's a very positive attitude. I can see why you are SHIELD. and who knows maybe there is some reason we're all here." Drew nods, "Well, the meditation tip should definitely work with Jeremy." He lights up another cigarette, "Hey, sorry about the comment before. I suffer sometimes from verbal diarrhea." He laughs.

Quetzal waves his hand. "Don't worry about it, I know you didn't mean it just…it was a bit distateful." He is honest about it even if he isn't mad. He stands up and stretches for a moment. "Well I must be going. I have a few things to do before the weekend so I'll catch you later Tex." He says with a wave.

"Alright, I'll see you around,Quetzal." Drew takes another cigarette as he looks over the files.

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