2009-06-01: Very Melon


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Summary: There's a Jello Golem. Who knows why.

Date: June 1, 2009

Log Title: Very Melon

Rating: R

Outside Central Park - New York City

Since his twin is busy with some business relating to that crossdresser and he doesn't have the empathic link with him at the moment, Paul is in a very bad mood today. Dressed in workout pants and a tank-top, he's got his gym bag on his shoulder and is on his way to try and work off some steam. Of course, people on the sidewalk are rather rudely bumped and knocked into. Those that take issue are mostly silenced with a glare and a growl. Sunglasses over his eyes simply because Kas stole them for him the other day, the former gravity controlling mutant just sighs and turns a corner. It's here, nearing Central Park, that he comes to a stop. There's a very strong and very sudden scent in the air. Smells like watermelon. Lots of watermelon.

Vladimir walking down the side walk as well he had to go the a near by store for a new game controller for his PS2 he dropped his the other day and now the X button does not work. He dressed in his normal black with his blue sunglasses. The EA Game bag sways in his hand.

As the watermelon smell gets stronger, people on the streets start to notice it and question it's origin. There's a rumble, the street shaking, and then the air in the middle of the street takes on a fluid-like appearance. People begin screaming and running when a thirteen foot tall humanoid appears in the street and lets out a roar. It's big, it's red, it jiggly…It's a JELLO GOLEM! "Wahahaha! That's right, fear my beast!" comes a rahter annoying voice. Standing on the sidewalk across the street from Vlad is a skinny man no older than eighteen. He's dressed in red spandex and appears to have a glowing red gem in his forehead.

"What. The, Fuck?" Paul asks no one in particular, staring.

Vladimir steps back as he sees the jello golem, "Okay I like jello as mush as the next but this is to much I never have room for all this jello. Oh the jello puns the flow like wiggling goodness. Vlad frowns some, "okay I need stop this thing." She rips off his clothes (okay not rip more like pull them off real quick showing his Corsairs squad uniform. It white with yellow X across the chest and a Yellow strip down each leg. He takes his leather trench coat back on and sighs he most likely hate to do this. he calls out, "hey big wiggly stop there!"

Paul just sighs, heading for an alley to change. He's feeling the need to smash something about now.

Meanwhile the Jello Golem lets out a jiggly roar. A fist is brought down on a car, covering it in the wiggling watermelon treat. It turns when Vlad speaks up, the man in red turning as well. "Crush the boy!" the mna yells, the golem roarin again before staggering towards Vlad.
Vladimir frowns, "yah that's what i was worry about, "Stop now and I will not put you in little cups and let homeless children enjoy your wiggling goodness." He not sure how much damage this thing can do so far he only a car to need a wash.

The big golem knocks another car out of its way, overturning he vehicle apparently easily. It roars again and then reaches down rather quickly to scoop Vlad up off the ground and into it's jiggling fist.

As this happens, the car that was knocked off the ground starts to float into the air. Other metal objects in the area will suddenly be affected by a tug upwards. Nothing too hard, just enough to be easily noticed due to all the floating metal.

Vladimir blinks and struggles in the jello fist, "damn it" He then looks at the metal, "okay that's new." He returns this eyes back to the beast of jello, "you know you can't win. He then close his eyes and bits into the hand.

The hand continues to wiggle and vibrate, much like one of those massage chairs from the mall, even as it squeezes Vlad. Strangely enough, the golem's attempt to crush Vlad are just forcing him slowly into the hand. And jello's not breathable. The bite doesn't seem to get much affect, the space refilling with more very tastey watermelon-flavored jello as Vlad eats what he does.

"What the hell is that?" the man in red asks, staring at the floating car. Suddenly, the hood launches off the car and cuts the golem's hand off. It roars in annoyance as Vlad falls in the soft landing gel. The hand reforms as a man in a silver, black, and green costume floats out of the alley. It's Paul. He's not bothered to pull his mask more than half on, sunglasses still on. "Stupid thing…"

Vladimir is not happy at being sucked in. He then thinks of something. He takes a deep breath and dives into the jello and swims thought the jello hoping come out the other side.

The jello hand with Vlad in it hits the ground with a splat, shaking violently. It's easy enough for Vlad to get through, the teen able to emerge onto the side walk. Only problem is the now red tint to the white portions of his costume and the general feeling of stickiness all over.

Force meanwhile floats in the air. He glances at Vlad and rolls his eyes before shattering the floating car into pieces. He sends them rocketing through the Jello Golem, bringing annoyed roars but not doing much damage.

Meanwhile, the man in red is stomping around and yelling in another language. When he shifts back to English, he points at Vlad then Paui. "Kill them! Kill them! Kill them!"

Vladimir frowns feeling the stickiness, "I bet spiderman does not have to deal with this." He stands and frowns, "damn it if I had my power this thing would not stand a chance. He steps back and frown, "you know what buddy you pissing me off." He decides to try his new powers. He close his eyes and moments later two stray dogs come from an alleyway near the guy dress in red. The growling and bearing thier teeth.

The jello behind Vlad just kind of sits there with a Vlad-sized hole in it. No threat. Meanwhile, the golem takes a swipe at Paul but the man holds his place in the air. He ends up sticky and red-tinted like Vlad, eye twitching in annoyance. "YOU STUPID BLOB!" he yells, letting out an annoyed yell before slicing away a the golem with chunks of metal. Every bit he cuts away gets replaced pretty quickly but atleast the golem is not stomping around.

The man in red jumps when the dogs appear, staring at them a moment. "Nice mongrels…get along. Go play…" he trails off, starting to back slowly across the street.

Vladimir focus on the man in red now over the jello monster, "I promise them a steak if they take you down." The one of the dogs growl more and move forward and start to bark. The other runs forward and bit into his leg and holds on to it. Vlad now turn to the jello beast and picks up a jagged peace of metal and swings at the monster with it.

The man in red yelps and hops on one foot at he's bit, trying to tug his leg free. "Let go you stupid mutt!" he yells. After a few more hops, he trips and falls. There's a CLONK as the man's head hits the pavement. Knocked out, the man groans. Suddenly, the gem in his forehead shoots off into the sky.

Meanwhile, somewhere off is space, there is a room. In this room, a single red candle with a matching flame suddenly goes out.

While the combined swiping and slicing of Vlad and Paul has little affect on the golem other than bringing yells out of it, the fall of the man is another story. THe golem suddenly freezes and starts to shake.

Vladimir Smiles and looks at the golem as it freezes and glad it did. He makes his way over to the man and necks to see if he breathing. At the same time he pulls out his cell phone and calls 911 and tells them bring cops and medical help. He hangs up and close his eyes and the dogs sit.

Rather suddenly, the golem just melts into a rush of warm, watermelon flavored liquid. Sticky too. The man is breathing, bleeding from the leg and with a nasty bump on his head…but breathing.

Paul lands, metal just falling to the ground. He grumbles something and looks around. The man considers Vlad for a few moments before walking over. "Hey! You!…you alright? Not hurt?"

Vladimir shakes his head, "nothing a shower could not handle. Thanks for your help between you and my K9 friends we stopped him." He looks back at the man and sighs, "what was with this all I mean why a jello monster what was he trying to do?"

Paul flicks a stray bit of jello off his shoulder and shrugs. "Hell if I know what the fuck that was. Just about as annoying as those lemon guys I fought awhile back," he says. He considers for a few moments before holding out a hand. "C'mon. Time to go before the cops get here. Can go get a shower and a drink," he offers, apparently not caring how old Vlad is or not offering booze.

Vladimir nods and stands, "yah but first I need to get a couple of steaks for my friends here." He walks and the dogs follow, "okay you will get them give me a break" He seems to be talking to the dogs.

Paul nods and points to the small IGA (super market) in between an electronics store and a video store. Odd things in New York. "I'll be waiting outside, just don't take too long," he says, using his powers to float his gym bag out of the alley and back towards him.

Vladimir nods and runs over and grabs his clothes and then runs into the store. He returns later with the steaks and the store manger telling him not to come back. He gives both the dogs the T-bones and looks at you, "okay ready"

Paul nods and takes hold of Vlad's arm. "Let's go, kid," he says simply, lifting them both up into the air and towards the gym he was originally headed for.

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