2009-12-07: Victor Von Roomba


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Summary: New student John talks with Owen, Leo, and Pryce.

Date: December 7, 2009

Victor Von Roomba

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Pryce suddenly lets out a single bark like laugh. "Hah, head shot! Even your cheating can't beat out my mad skills." The other twin makes a small snerk like noise as he replies with, "My Cheating? Who is it that is sitting over there messing with the programing the whole time we are playing?" At the moment the two are lounging on a couch playing Halo 2 without so much as touching the controlers. As John starts looking around the room under tables the game pauses while the twins look at hima nd ask in near unison, "Loose something we can help you find?"

John bangs his head as he looks up at the twins. Going red he says "Urrm yea have you guys seen an earing around here? it's a small black hoop" he notices the controls aren't being used "Hey are you guys technopaths?"

Light comes from the doorway as the bounding gymnast comes in. Leo is glowing QUITE brightly today. His body is slightly enhanced, speaking much faster than normal. "HeyPrice,HeyVincent,HeyNewGuy." He says, offering a quick wave to both of them. "AnyoneseenOwen?I'mbouttoexplode."

Almost on cue, there's a cloud of DarkForce that manifests in the room. Seconds later, the fuzzy form of Owen Folger steps out of it. Small problem. Just in his underwear. "Hey guys, anyone seen," pause. Owen notices Leo. He then notices the lack of clothes.. "Oh hell," he yelps, vanishing into a other cloud of DarkForce. A few moments later and he's back fully clothed. "Jus' the guy Ah was lookin' for," he says, looking towards Leo. "Howdy," he offers towards the others.

The twins look at each other, grin, and then turn to John, "Sort of." They say in unison. The two work hard to make sure thier Eastern European accent is not too thick as the one on the right hand of the couch says, "My brother Vincent there is a technopath, he can control technology directly." The other one says, "While Pryce there is a Cyberpath, able to manipulate digital information and interface with computer systems." AS they talk a small round device that looks as if the Batmobile had a child with a Rumba rolls into the room, growling slightly at John as it passes to move under Vincent. As Leo bounds in he gets a sncronized wave and a "Hello" form both twins, and Owen appearing in his underware gets a quick wolf whistle from Pryce before he disapears again.

John smiles "Figures twins would have complimentry powers, my uncle's a tech". He stares at Leo as he comes in squinting slightly at the bright light and waves at his greeting. He looks round to see owen apper in his underwear and begins to burn, he quickly calms himself down and the fire goes out.

"Ohthankgoodness,Owen!" Leo says with a grin. He catches himself and breathes deeply, obviously trying to slow down. "Is it getting that time for you too?" He asks, moving to lean against Owen. "I'm… almost too ready. And I know you need it." He says, not explaining to the new person. After all, he doesn't even THINK of how that probably sounds. Poor almost innocent Leo.

Owen flashes a fanged grin Pryce and Vincent's way. "Calm down you two," he teases. John's burning gets arched brows beforw Owen holds the leaning Leo up. "Yeah. Ah was lookin' for ya. Almost time an' the Danger Room's occupied so we'll have tah find a new place for tahday."

Pryce grins and nods at John, "Yeah, also stuck occassionaly hearing each other's thoughts." Vincent rolls his eyes, "And I can not tell you how annoying it is to sometimes hear the things he thinks about. Especially when nearly naked guys pop into the room." Pryce sticks his tongue out at Vincent and counters with, "Its not like you would not have thought something simmiler if it was one of the girls around here that did that." After a couple of glares shared betweent he twins they go back ot the grinning happy selves while Vincent leand down and starts taking off a part of the shell of the small black device that came into the room about the same time as Leo and Owen. "There is always the forrest, no one crazy enough to go running around out there in this weather…except for the rabbit guy. Now, John, you said it was a black ear ring?" Vincent looks at John, who has not actually introduced himself to the twins to make sure he is right.

John hearing what Leo said asks "Urrm do you guys want some privicy?" Hearing his name he looks at Vinsent

"Small school. We know who everyone else is." Leo explains. "And no, privacy isn't needed I just have to expel some energy. By the by, I'm Leo." He says, offering his hand to John, quickly. "And Owen's one of my three closest friends. Though, my boyfriend went away, so I don't know if he counts anymore. As a close friend or a boyfriend." He says with a shrug.

You page, "And if you DO take Leo's hand, you'll suddenly have a LOT of energy, as if you had just had about four cups of coffee, but without the jitters. And any small injuries will heal completely. Anything bigger will heal a little." to John.

Owen nods. "That an' word travels fast 'round here. Especially if the kids with superhearin' are around or someone thinkin' too loud walks by a telepath," he chuckles. "Ah'm Owen. Nice tah meet ya. An' no need for the privacy," he agrees with Leo. "You're more than welcome tah come watch," he teases with a wink, knowing what it sounds like. "Yeah…gettin' close tah overload time for us both," he shivers. Fuzzy arms tighten around Leo as the glowing mutant talks about Nathan and boyfriends. "Sorry he had tah go," Owen whispers.

Both Vincent and Pryce look at John and give thier best innocent smiles, which have only ever fooled people that have never so much as heard of them, and say in unison once more, "We have our ways." Of course then Owen and Leo both go and tell the most obvious ways that people might get info in the school ruining the whole mysterious aspect of what they were going for. Vincent says, "Lets see, fake emerald stud, ugly gold hoop, silver stud, here we go, small black hoop. Is this your missing Ear Ring?" As he lists what he pulls out of his slightly sinister looking robot vacume as he lays the ear rings out on the table in front of him.

John laughs nervously as he gets over he shock of owen and leo, he looks at the earings vincent put on the table. "Oh yea the black one is, thanks" Puts it back in his ear. He says "nice to meet you guys to owen and leo" and "What are your names?" to Pryce and Vincent as he takes Leo's hand. As he touches Leo he bursts into flame, he quick pulls his hand back and returns to normal leaving his jeans badly burn but just about intact enough to keep him decent, "What the hell was that?!"

"SORRY!" Leo says, wincing. "I have too much energy and I pass it on. Living Light. I hypercharge people. You'll calm down in a few minutes." Leo says with a bit of a pout. "I forget to warn people…" The glittering around his body amps up a few notches. "It's not dangerous… normally, though. To Mr. Kenta, maybe." He admits. "Uhm, yeah. I think the ugly emerald was Ebony's and the ugly gold hoop was Vlad's. But they're gone too." He says with a sigh of relief, leaning into Owen. "Me too."

Owen winces at the flames as well. "Damn," he says after a moment, teasing again. "Naw…the hoop's not Vlad's. Stud is though. If ya'll found his hoop there might be a problem," he chuckles, not elaborating on that. Shivering again, Owen keeps Leo close. "Ya'll built some kind of crazy little robot?" he asks Pryce and Vincent before DarkForce starts leaking out around his feet. "An' Ah got DarkForce…other side of Leo's coin," he adds for John.

The twins just watch with raised eyebrows as John bursts into flames. With a wave of the hand they save thier game on the TV, and shut the game system down cause this is getting interestng. "Pryce," the twin ont he left says, and the one on the right finishes with, "and Vincent Von Gregory. It is a pleasure to meet you. That, was Leo and Owen balancing things out. One has Living Light powers, the other Dark Force. The two cancle each other out, and when they build up too much they…share. Or something like that." Pryce grins and nods, "It is a fascinating phenomina." Vincent makes a hurumph like sound, "Crazy robot nothing, our little robot vacume here is perfeclty sane…even if Pryce insisted on programing it to think it is a Doberman."

John looks at the damage to his jeans and dusts the ash off. He looks up at Leo "Sorry for snapping at you, its just that its hard enough to control my powers as it is, plus im running out of clothes" he smiles reassuringly at Leo. He looks over at Pryce and Vincent "It's a pleasure to meet you too". Looks at Leo and Owen "Complimentry powers huh, cool".

"Do you need some UM clothes to keep under yours? The school provides it. Owen always has some… even if he doesn't wear it. So that when he teleports, it will stay on him." Leo sticks his tongue out at Owen with a wink. "And I know that Growing guy has some, so that he's clothed no matter what size he is." He ponders for a second. "We have powers kinda like that pair… uhm… Cloak and Dagger."

Owen gives Leo a noogie. "Hey…Ah wear mah UM undies. They're jus' in the wash right now. Ah got behind on mah laundry is all," he says. "Besides, Ah don' hear you complainin' if Ah teleport an' lose mah pants," he teases Leo with a wink. "Yeah…Jordan," he names the growing guy.

Pryce just grins and looks like he is about to say something before Vincent looks over at him and says, "Don't say it, just don;t brother." As John brushes the ash off him onto the ground the slightly evil looking robot vacume slides forwards form Vincent and bumps into John's feet trying to suck up the ash from the ground before growling a little and moving to sit between the twins and the others. Pryce pouts a little then adds in, "Not to mention Eddie, always a useful thing to have when you have the power to mimic people like him."

"Lots of things are weird here. We have a 9 foot tall werewolf looking guy. We have a teacher that has flames around his body when he's using his powers… but his powers aren't flaming. We have a few people that can make your power their power. And we have some real wierdos too." Leo says with a nod as he nuzzles his face into Owen's neck.

Owen chuckles. "Got an invisible teacher, a pair of brothers that aren' really realated but have two dads that are also teachers, an' a guy that turns intah a giant homiciday bat monster," he pauses to grin. "Wait, that's me," the southern mutant laughs. "Yeah, the uniforms are good. Ya'll can customize 'em too as long as ya keep the colors," he says. Leo's nuzzling brings a little shiver out of Owen. "Leo…we might wanna get movin'. Ah dunno how long till Ah go all monster an' Ah don' thin' John an' the twins are in the mood tah run for their lives tahnight…"

Vincent shrugs a little, "It is an experament in making a useful house hold robit with simple AI that is not cost prohibitive. Its working out pretty well now that we figured out how to deal with the hair ball problem." Pryce laughs at the mention of the wierdness at the chool, "Your forgetting the superhero teachers, the twins that count as a personal hero someone the United States calls a Super Villian, or the people turning into fairy tail characters."

John smile "I've met the brothers, the mimics and some fairytail guys" Laughs when Owen metions monsters "I could use a run, wait you turn into a monster?"

"Oh, and don't forget that there's the guy from another dimension that tried to take over our dimension last year." Leo says with a nod. "Owen, babe… if you turn into the monster, you'll be too busy coming after me. You want life… I'm all the life you can handle." He says, purring gently.

Owen offers a slight smile to John. "Yeah. When mah powers overload…Ah turn intah a giant bat monster. No control over mahself. Almost killed Pallaton mah first day here," he admits, looking down. Leo earns a chuckle. "You certainly are a lot tah handle."

Pryce just watches the others and bites hsi tongue, but any one watching him could easily guesse he is holding back a few comments at what Owen and Leo are saying. Vincent just rolls his eyes at his brother's thoughts and reaches down to have the little roomba come to him. "Now, if only I can get the spacial reasoning we worked out on this thing to work in three demensions." He says almost to himself. Pryce waits till his brother is not watching him to at least say, "You two could just go at it right now real quick…give us all a show." before ducking a small pillow left on the couch thrown by Vincent.

John smiles "i like this place, it makes me feel normal"

"Normal is a state of mind." Leo says, nodding. He looks to the wall and fires a ball of white energy. It doesn't do anything, he just needed to release a little. "And what show are you talking about, Pryce?"

Owen nods. "Yeah. Besides…normal's borin'. We're weird an' we love it," he laughs. He cringes at the ball of light but keeps letting DarkForce creep across the floor like an inky black fog. If anyone's feet get in it…it's very cold. "What? Ya'll wanna watch us spar it out?" he asks, smiling. "Rec Room's not a good place for it."

Pryce shrugs, "Normal for us is a large building made of stone over looking one of the passes through the mountains into our home land. That or parties in the culture centersof Europe." Vincent looks over at Leo, "Working on a survelence device. Something simple, some sound recorders, a camera, and flight. Works perfect when we control it, but letting it fly on its own it keeps crashing."

John shrugs "we could go to the woods"

"You wouldn't really see anything but light and dark. Both of them blinding. When we cut loose, we REALLY cut loose." Leo says with a bit of a shrug. "But I don't mind people watching…" He says, looking up at Owen.

Owen nods. "Yeah. There's a reason we usually overload down in the Danger Room. Only place that can really contain it all," he says. "Ah don' mind an audience," he says. "Buildin' spy robots tah peep on people?" he teases the twins again, shifting a little to get a better hold on Leo.

Pryce grins at Owen, "Why else would we make it water proof?" Vincent gives a little laugh and then shrugs. "Actually, if it were not for the school rules about such things I was thinking of putting in a version of our sonic disruptor. And there are easier ways to spy on people since next to everyone with a computer has a web cam…"

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