2009-05-28: Video Game Night


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Summary: Cole and Danny hang out for the night.

Date: May 28, 2009

Log Title Video Game Night

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Four Arm Apartments

The room is a living room and kitchen combined, separated by a counter which also serves as the table since it's a small kitchen area on the left with all the necessities. For the most part the dimly lit kitchen area is fairly clean.As for the living room area, everything thing seems to be shoved in the area. A large 'L couch wraps around the back wall and underneath the windows. On the wall above the couch is are two Halo posters tacked on the all without frames along with a Star Wars Empire Strikes Back poster. On the other wall an entertainment center housing a TV, DVD player an various videogame systems. There are dvd's and magazines and cd's sitting on top of the entertainment center and on the coffee table in-between the TV and couch. In one corner of the living room two guitar hero guitars and Rock Band equipment sits. Next to the Entertainment center is a Piano with various piano books and sheet music on top.

Things have been strange for Danny as of late, he has wings and he's been getting sick a lot as of late. He's invited Cole to hang out and maybe have a few drinks, after all he is a bartender. He's got a slight cold but nothing serious at the moment but his athsma has been worse as of late. At the moment there's some Keane playing in his apartment as he's in the kitchen area getting out some of the snacks he bought earlier.

Having stopped by a few places on his way to Danny's, Cole's got a backpack full of cold remedies and things to promote better health and minimize the chances of an athsma attack. He's worried about Danny! Dressed in jeans and a tight black t-shirt, he knocks on Danny's door upon arrival.

Danny heads over and answers the door. DAnny's dressed in a pair of jeans and a loose fiting short sleeve shirt, open, over a tight fitting white shirt. There's the sound of something getting knocked over followed by a cuss before Danny opens the door. "Hey Cole, thanks for coming by. Come on in."

Cole smiles moving to quickly hug Danny. "Don't gotta thank me, I wanted to come see you. How are you feeling? Have you been getting enough rest? What was that noise?" he asks, worrying as he steps in.

Danny hugs Danny and chuckles at all the questions. "I've been feeling okay. A little cold not to bad. Just remembering how much it sucked being this sick as a kid. I've been getting enough rest and yes, I've called out of work and that noise.." Danny blushes a bit. "That noise, Ah'm still getting use tah wings. Ah kinda knocked a few things over." He says as he walks over to pick up the few boxes of TRade Joes Chicken Rolls he knocked over.

Cole blinks and looks at the wings for a few moments before watching Danny move to pick things up. Shaking his head to snap out of the random thouhts, he follows quickly. "Well, I brought some stuff for you that might be able to help with your cold and athsma…"

Danny looks at Cole in surprise and smiles. "Aw Cole, ya really didn' have tah. But Ah'm glad ya did. Thanks. Ah hope it does help Ah've been having twice as many asthma atacks than usual. Ah got stuff tah make some drinks, are ya a rum drinker?"

Cole blushes but shakes his head. "I know I didn't have to but I wanted to. I'm worried about you," he admits. "Rum? Sure," he says with a smile.

Danny walks over to Cole and gives him a kiss on the cheek and smiles. "Thanks, Ah really appricate it Cole." He says before going back to mix two drinks for them. Once done he hands a Tiki Style glass to Cole and sits down next to him. "It's a drink I picked up from working at Otto's Shrunken Head called Patty's Potion, it's on the fruity side."

Cole turns red at the kiss, smiling a bit shyly. He watches the drinks being mixed curiously and chuckles a little as he sees the tiki-glass. "Patty's Potion, eh?" he muses, sipping the drink. "Mmm. I like it."

"It's kinda like Hawaiian Punch with alcohol." Danny says with a smile as he shifts so he's a bit closer to Cole. "Ah'm really hopin' this all gets fixed soon, this wings are quite cumbersome. Ah gotta hand it tah Gabriel for always havin' 'em. Mah balance is all outta wack too."

Cole chuckles. "I've never had Hawaiian Punch, believe it or not. Saw it, but never had any," he chimes. "Me too. Couple of my friends got their powers all messed up too and the bossman's worried about getting that poison goo all over the place," he shakes his head. "Your balance is messed up? Man…I should've brought impact mats to install, shouldn't I?" he teases a bit.

"It's kids drinks but Ah like it. Ah practically grew up on the stuff." Ah sugar water drinks. Danny shifts a bit to get comfortable with the wings. "Ah have the added weight on mah back. Ah'll be fine, just ya shoulda seen me in the shower this morn'." He says with a chuckle. "Yeah, that green guy got tah mah boss to, the boss at the bar, Nowhere. And Poison goo?"

Cole turns red once more. "See ya in the shower?" he murmurs. He then shrugs. "I dunno. I heard him say something about not touching some kinda goo because it was poisonous. Wasn't paying too much attention. Too busy cleaning sand out of places it never should have been after falling into a big ol' truck full of it."

Danny smiles at Cole as he turns bright red. "Ah ran int' some Green..thing with a ton o' powahs and Gabriel and Ah tried tah fight and yeah…this happened t' us. There were a few others there like mah boss." He shrugs and at least the wings aren't all that bad. Now it's Danny's turn to blush as Cole mentions 'places it should have never been'.

Cole nods. "I know. Ya told me the other day up at Freedom Plaza," he says, smiling again. "I wonder what powers they all ended up with."

"Ah'm not quite sure. Ah haven't seen Gabe in a while and Ah haven't been tah work." Being sick off and on and working with people's drinks, not a good idea. Danny decides to risk it and he leans against Cole, snuggling up to him a bit. "Anything ya wanna do t'night?"

Cole slips an arm around Danny, careful not to touch the wings for fear of damaging them and hurting Danny. "I dunno. We could do a lot. I brought a couple video games, we could play some Rock Band, grab some movies…"

"Rock Band, Ah haven't gotten tah play that in a while. It's not as fun by yerself." DAnny says with a chuckle smiling as Cole puts his arm around him. "Ya brought some video games? Which ones? And boy, we're such geeks sometimes aren't we?"

Cole laughs. "So what if we're geeks? It's fun!" he declares. "I brought this…crazy Katamari game, some of the old Avengers fighters, and a few other things that looked shiny and cool."

Danny chuckles. "You rock Cole." He says taking a sip of his drink. "Katamari games? Ah'm thinkin' we're gonna have an all nighter of video games, movies and just general geekery. So what do ya like playin' in Rockband? Ah don't really sing to well."

Cole grins. "Naw, you rock," he says. "Yeah…the game where ya roll up everything in a giant ball and there are giant mushrooms and singin' pandas and it's like the people that made it were on crack," he chuckles. "Sounds like a great plan to me. And I'm a horrible singer. I'm good with any of the other stations though."

Danny laughs and looks up at Cole. "Well it sounds like we have a nice night planed. If Ah stay up too late tahnight, Ah'll get more sleep tahmorrow afternoon. Promise." He says. Then Danny takes a deep breath and decides to risk it, he leans up and plants a light kiss on Cole's lips to see how he reacts.

Cole starts to say something but is stopped by the kiss. He pauses a few moments before leaning into the kiss. He keeps it up till the need to breath pulls him away. "Woah," he says, blushing and smiling.

Danny smiles and blushes back and brings a hand up to brush through Cole's hair. "Sorry, Ah've…just been wantin' tah do that for a while now." He says as he does like Cole but he figured he finally had to make a move.

Cole nods, swallowing. "Glad ya did. Got the feelin' ya didn't like me that way," he admits.

"Are ya kiddin'? Yer cute, funny, like the same geeky things Ah do and ya gotta big heart Cole, what's not tah like." Danny says with a slight chuckle. He's never had a boyfriend before, one night stands sure, steady boyfriend, no. "Ah do like ya Cole quite a bit." He says before leaning in for another kiss.

Cole blushes. "I'm a goofball, a rookie, I'm no Captain America, I'm pretty unemployed," he list. "Good, cause I like you too," he says, closing the distance.

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