2012-07-25: Video Gaming Night


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Summary: Heather and Miwa decide to hang out in the rec room while Nick plays videogames.

Date: July 25, 2012

Log Title: Video Gaming Night

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Lounging on the couch with the PlayStation 3 controller in hand is Nicholas. His socked feet are resting on the couch and his back is against one of the arms as he plays through Batman: Arkham Asylum. He doesn't seem to be doing much more than having Batman beat the ever loving crap out of various thugs. There's an opened bottle of Ginger Ale on the floor next to him and a bag of potato chips next to it. Who can tell how long the blond teen's been sitting there.

Like normal Miwa is dressed in her glasses and long red coat in doors and this heat. Besides the normal stuff she has a set of big headphones attached to her phone at her waist. As she walks in she dancing a little too. She seems not to notice anyone else in the room as she keeps dancing. In her hand is a glass filled with ice and something red and bubbly.Heather walks through the door of the Rec Room, though her walk is more like a spring. The young woman adjusts her goggles slightly and peers about. "Hello, everyone," she plays on her tape recorder before peering towards the screen, "Is that game an enjoyable playing experience?"

Looking up at Heather speaks, Nicholas gives a wave. "Hey Heather, yeah I guess it's an enjoyable playing experience, I get to beat up bad guys while taking my mind off of things, it works." He says shifting so that he's in a better position and not hogging the couch. He looks at Miwa for a few seconds before looking back at Heather. "New chick or have I just been that anti-social this summer?"

Miwa blinks seeing Heather and smiles. She fumbles with her phone and gives Heather a respeactful bow, "Kon'nichiwa Heather" She still has a heavy Japanese accent." She then hears the TV and binks and looks at the TV and that leads to her seeing the other person, "oh" She bows again, "Kon'nichiwa" She then blinks, "Me is new" She give a cute smile as she was able to say that in english with little effort not understanding it grammer was all wrong.

"She is a new person, yes," says Heather, in response to Nicholas, peering towards Miwa and then saying, "Hello, Miwa. I assume what you are saying means hello. If I find out otherwise, I will amend my response." She looks back towards the screen and then says, "Sometimse I play video games. I have good timing. I do not find them that distracting though"

"Cone Itchy What?" Nicholas says to Miwa before shaking his head with an exasperated look on his face. "Yeah, apparently you is new to English to." He mutters before nodding to Heather. "I don't speak Chinese so I have no clue what she said. Anything that keeps my mind occupied is distracting to me, which is good, I need to just focus on other stuff. When I'm not busy, I'm an ass."

Miwa tilts her her at Heather and nods, "yes, hello" She smiles some, "English no good. Me learn" She then looks at Nicholas and gives him a glare, "Japanese no Chinese" She sips her red drink and mmms and seems to bounce at the taste. A the same time as the bouncing some black smoke creeps out of her nose.

"It's all foreign to me," decides Heather, shaking her head and then saying, "It's good that you are learning English. Though you phrase, 'My English is no good. I am learning.'" She then wonders towards Nicholas, "Do you enjoy strategy games? Do such things occupy your mind?"

Nicholas waves a hand in Miwa's direction. "Welcome to Xavier's, there is no pool on the roof, no matter what anyone says." Always good advice for a new student. "I'm Nick." He says to the new student as he pauses the game and looks at Heather. "What kind of strategy games? I always sucked at Risk."

Miwa looks up, "No pool on roof?" She then looks backto Nich, "A Okay" She gives him a thumbs up and a smile. She follows Heathers lead and walks closer and sits on the arm of the couch, "I like DDR. Do you like?" She then looks at screen, "Batmon?" She points at the screen, "Good?"

Heather looks towards Miwa and says, "DDR? That is very easy. I have only played it a couple of times. It is too easy." She then looks towards Nicholas and shrugs, "Games like chess or checkers, or games like… Starcraft, I suppose. Games like that are okay. I prefer pure strategy, though."

Nicholas gives Miwa a look like she's crazy. "Uh, can't say I have. And yeah, it's pretty good, I mean it's Batman." That says it all right there to him. "Never played Starcraft, chess and checkers not really. Never had the attention span for those types of games, never played chess either. I used to play checkers with my Granddad as a kid but that's about it."

Miwa smiles, "DDR fun. I play Minecraft too." She grins at the two. It seems she far from a hardcore gamer. She looks at the screen, "Show I play sometime?"

Heather shrugs at Miwa and says, "You can play sometime, but presently the screen is being occupied. Do we have DDR here? I played it at the mall." She then nods at Nicholas and says, "That is fine, I suppose. I am always available if you'd like to play such games."

"I mean if you wanna try to play you can, I'm just beating up thugs, not really doing the story or quests or anything." Nicholas offers the controller to her. "I don't know what Minecraft is." He says before looking at Heather, almost studying her for a bit. "Is that your subtitle way of asking if I want to play some form of strategy game with you? Cause honestly, I'm probably not going to be in the mood to play something like checkers, but if you wanna play, ask. If I'm not busy I'll let you kick my rearside in a game."

Miwa takes the controler and bits her bottom lip, "Konichee wa" She starts to play. Batman starts to jump around the screen and punch at the air. She then starts to get the hang of it and hits a thug and then died. She pouts a little, "No good" She shakes her head.

Heather nods at Nicholas and says, "It is a way that I assess whether you would be interested in playing such games with me. I like to know who might be available to play with me in the school… I have had a lot on my mind lately, and I would like to distract myself as well…" The young woman looks at her watch for a few moments and then says, "I will make myself something to eat." To both Nicholas and Miwa, "Feel free to join me in 35 minutes if you would like something to eat." With that, Heather zips off.

Nicholas starts to wave but by the time he says "Later Heather" she's already out the door. "It takes forever to get used to living in a house with people with superpowers." He says before looking over at Miwa and shrugging. "No worries, most girls suck at video games." He teases. "So, you never said your name new kid, or should I just call you No Speaky English?"

She hands the controller back, "Oh forgive me. I Miwa Itou. Who you?" She grins and out the corners of her mouth some thick back smoke comes out and raises in whisp.

Nicholas takes the controller and starts having Batman jump from roof top to roof top staking out the next group of thugs. "Well I said it earlier, my name's Nick. Or Nicholas but most people call me Nick." He'll answer to either. "So, your powers are smoking a lot? Or are you some kind of nicotine fiend?"

Miwa nods, "okay Nick-san" She then eeps and covers her mouth with her hands and her cheeks turn bright red. She nods and then shakes her head, "Smoke yes but small" She shows small with her fingers, "I have great powers."

"Uh….just Nick is fine." He has no clue what the 'san' part is about but he knows it's not part of his name. "Everyone here has great powers, don't be embarrassed about it. I'm a Jedi so that's what my great powers are about. There are people here who are pretty awesome."

Miwa nods and thinks for a moment, "I is Dragon" She smiles and twices her shoulders, "I can show you, Outside. No good indoors." She smiles at you and giggles, "Feel funny talking about powers."

"I'll take your word for it, I don't need a visual to go along with it." Nicholas says as he's not really one to show off powers, though he does use them often enough. "You'll get used to it, I've had mine for about three years now so it's not like it's a big deal to me anymore. They're just…my Jedi mind tricks."

She nods, "Jedi mind tricks. Like movie?" She then frowns, "I had powers long time. I used them bad." She shakes her head and sighs. She leans back and lets her drop on the couch from the arm next to the guy.

"Well I can move stuff with my mind like in Star Wars." Nicholas explains before raising his eyebrows at her as she said she used her powers bad. "I used to use them to help out back home, pretty much everyone knows I'm a mutant there. Though what do you mean by bad?"

She bits her bottom lip and thinks for a moment, "I was Yakuza" She looks down, "I do bad." She shakes her head, "they try to kill me and man from school saved me and took me away."

"So you're some teenaged Mafia chick?" That's the best that Nick can figure the Yakuza is since he's heard of it from various movies, which all have been highly inaccurate. "Yeah, seems like a common story. The tryin' to kill you bit and the school saving you." He says with a bitter tone to his voice as he proceeds to lay a rather brutal, and bloody, beating on the thug via Batman.

She nods, "no hurt not Yakuza I not rob small people. I good. they no like that." She frowns and sighs, "I here hiding" She watches the TV, "what you live like?"

"What do you mean, what do I live like?" Nicholas says not really understanding the question. Language barriers aren't always an easy thing. "I live here now? Hang out with other students, go horse back riding, play video games. That's pretty much my summer if that's what you mean."

She shakes her head, "No. Your home." She smiles, "before school." She nibbles on her bottom lip as she watches the TV and what batman is doing.

"Oh." Nicholas says and he just kind of freezes for a bit, not even paying attention when he dies in the video game. "It doesn't matter." He says sliding on the controller on the table. "It's…it was another life." He's quiet for quite some time before he stands up. "I should go check on Orion, that's my horse, make sure he's good for the night. Nice meeting you Miwa." He says before heading out the door, almost too hurriedly.

She looks at the boy and frowns wondering if she said something wrong. She shakes her head and picks up the control and tries playing. She dies by the first thug and frowns, "No fun. DDR" She gets up and looks for it and finds a copy and a foot pad, "yah"

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