2010-03-22: Viewing The Aftermath


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Summary: July and Theo view the aftermath of Sinister's attack.

Date: March 22, 2010

Log Title Viewing the Aftermath.

Rating: PG

Xavier's Mansion - Left Path

A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.

The cloudy overcast sky hasn't kept Theo from venturing outside. The staff has forbidden students from going into the living room, so he went outside to take a look at what happened. He has a sucker in his mouth, and he rolls it from one side of his cheeks to the other as he strolls down the path.
The craters catch his attention first. Most of the grounds crew is done for the day, and he walks across the dirt which has filled in one of the craters, measuring it with his steps. "Dang," he says, impressed at the size.

July walks down the left path, also coming to take a look at the destruction caused on the left side of the mansion. "Damn…" the girl says, looking at the craters, shaking her head softly, "They really did a number here…"

Theo looks up as he hears July behind him, and pulls the sucker out of his mouth with his left hand before speaking again. "Yeah they did. I still don't quite get it, what exactly happened, anyway? I know some crazy people wanted to attack us, but I don't really know who. Was it those Friends of Humanity douches?"

July looks at Theo, and then she chuckles softly. "Friends of Humanity?" she shakes her head softly, "Nah, we weren't that lucky." She then looks at the craters for a moment before starting to speak again. "A couple weeks ago, several of our friends were gone missing. We found out later that they've been abducted by a supervillain named Mr. Sinister. He brainwashed our friends and apparently augmented their powers, and sent them to fight us."

July chuckles, "We managed to get two of our friends back." she says, "I don't know what happened to this side, since I was fighting at the right side." she looks out toward the other side, then looking back at you. "And what do you mean?'

"Well," he says, "I mean, when you get in a fight with superpower people, I'd expect the chance that someone dies goes up pretty sharply." He shrugs again, and bites down on the sucker. The crack of the candy can be heard inside of his mouth, and he pulls it back out, now with only half of the red hard candy attached to the stick.
"I mean, look at this hole! It's huge! Most people, if they were in the way of this, they'd be dead! I know some mutants might be really durable, but I gotta figure most of us aren't. That sure isn't my power."

July chuckles softly, "I'm not invulnerable, or hard as a rock, but I'm pretty durable, myself." she grins, and strikes a flexing pose, flexing her arms, showing little in the way of muscles, an she chuckles again.

Theo gives a weak smile in return, he doesn't have much to offer in the muscle department either, but he doesn't show off that fact in the same way. He rolls the candy in his mouth a little before biting into the broken piece with a crunch. "Well, I'm not," he replies, "I'm not one for getting in fights. I'd rather convince somebody else to do it for me." He's not ashamed to admit it, he states it with a very factual tone. "No sense in getting myself clobbered.

July chuckles softly and nods, and then she points at the wall. Not the broken one. "If someone strong, like, say, Colossus, hit me, I'd literally be a splat on that wall over there. Literally." shge giggles.

"So," Theo asks, turning back to face July, "How did you get out of the fight without getting seriously injured?" he asks. "Did anyone die?" He sticks the rest of the sucker in his mouth, and runs his hand along the broken brick.

July chuckles again, "Oh, I'm not uninjured." she points out, and then she lifts her right arm a bit, "My right arm got cut off." she points out, "I just dislocated some mass from my body to form another arm now. I'm a couple pounds lighter now." she smiles a bit at that.

Theo arches one eyebrow. Beat. He bites the rest of the sucker off the stick, and his stare moves from July's arm to her face. "Seriously? Shoot, everyone has awesome powers around here." He tosses the sucker stick into a nearby bush without a thought as he crunches on the candy, and he sticks his hands in his hoody pockets.

July chuckles and nods, "Yeah. Though I think every power has drawbacks. Including mine." she says, "Can't be near big fires, for one. And too cold can literally freeze me." she then shrugs softly. "How about you? What are your powers?"

Theo shrugs helplessly, "Nothing interesting," he says. "Not worth the price I paid for it, that's for sure." He doesn't seem too keen on his own power, but didn't answer the question.

July chuckles gently, smiling. "That's interesting, but not quite what I asked for. It's okay if you don't want to tell, though." she shrugs, still smiling. "I'm July, by the way. Codename Elastica."

"Theodore Fegenbush," the other teen answers. "Folks around here have been just calling me Theo though, so you can too if you like. Wasn't tryin' to be secretive," he explains, "It's just, being a mutant pretty much destroys your life, and all I got out of it was being able to know what electronic objects are doing, like radios and computers. Not exactly a lifechanging ability, more like a cheap party trick."

July smiles softly at that, "Nice to meet you, Theo." she says, "And, yeah, being a mutant can suck. At least, you should consider yourself lucky." she points out, nodding again, "Your mutation doesn't give you any specific physical traits, like a different color, or skin, or tail, or wings, extra arms, etc." she giggles.

The boy smirks a little, "I guess that's true. It'd really suck if I was just blue. I could go with wings though, flying would be a cool ability. You must be the envy of all the girls though," he says. "If you ever need to lose weight all you have to do is cut your arm off," he seems to suddenly backpedal, afraid that it came out wrong. "Not that you need to lose weight, I mean. I think you look fine the way you are. I mean - " Yeah, he's gonna just shut up now, his face turning a little red.

July chuckles and smiles ruefully as she rubs her right arm, "While I'm a solid mass of flesh, no organs or blood, or bones, it still hurt like hell being cut like that." she shakes her head softly.

"That's…" Theo considers how to put his next statement. "Really weird," he says. "I'm not gonna lie. You gotta have organs, how would you be able to breath and eat and think without organs?"

July smiles softly at that. "How can someone like Colossus move, if his skin is solid metal? He should be a statue, doesn't he?" she winks at that.
July says, "Unless you want a demonstration?"

Theo shrugs. "I dunno," he says. "I guess this whole X gene is stuff above me. I'm just a freshman. I guess it doesn't make much more sense any of the other powers, like I hear the headmaster shoots lasers out of his eyes or something like that. Wish I could do that one, I'd go back and bust some people up back home."

July chuckles softly. "Be careful of what you wish for." she points out. "The headmaster can indeed shoot energy beams from his eyes, but he can't control it. His eyes are constantly shooting beams, and the only way to stop them is to wear special glasses with a red lens. Even while sleeping. That means he always see the world in shades of red. Always.
July says, "Not so fun, hm?""

"Wow, that would suck," he says. "But still, I'd like to have a good way to settle the score with those nazi mutant haters." He almost spits the words. "Give'm a taste of their own medicine and watch THEM suffer." There's a certain darkness in the way he says it, as if he's played it out in his mind repeatedly.

July blinks softly at that, "Whoa, man." she says, shaking her head softly and gesturing warding gestures with her hands, "Calm down, man. You really don't mean that, do you? That's bad. We're here to learn about our powers and protect other mutants, not to go on a crusade against mankind." she blinks again.

Theo doesn't blink. "Oh, I do mean it," he answers very seriously, his eyes locked on July's. "I don't want to crusade, I just want to see justice, see the revenge carried out. I don't really care if it's bad, either." He shakes his head, "Well, it was good to meet you, I'm gonna go try to catch up on some homework. It's getting dark anyway."

July blinks softly at that. Not good. She will have to warn the headmasters about Theo. "Ah… ok, Theo." she smiles a bit, "Do you mind if we talk some other tie, then, when you're more free?"

"Yeah, sure," he says with a smile. Almost as if he never said anything disturbing at all. "It was good to meet you." He mock-stretches, and starts back toward the dorms.

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