Vincent Lorimar
Vincent Lorimar
Portrayed By Steven Strait
Gender Male
Date of Birth Oct 13, 1989
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases None Yet
Place of Birth New York City
Current Location New York City
Occupation Pizza Delivery Boy/Part Time Anti-Hero
Known Relatives None Known
Significant Other None
Identity Known to School Officials
Known Abilities Enhanced Self Healing
First Appearance August 2007

Mortals fear death the most. Immortals long for nothing but her embrace.


The story of Vincent begins before he is even born, in fact, it begins even before his parents meet. It begins with Karen, a young woman with the whole world to look forward to. She was just beginning her sophomore year in college and was well on the track to becoming a well versed English teacher. When one night she was deep into her studies at a local coffee shop when she began to hear voices in her head. They were constantly there over the coming weeks, until she cracked in the middle of a class and ran out screaming. She ran straight to her room where a few assistants of the school found her huddled up in the corner of her dorm, sobbing and in a cold sweat. They took her to the school's medical facility where she explained to them her symptoms. A younger doctor was the one who prescribed to her the cure to her insanity. Saying it was just mental hallucinations caused by stress, he put her in bed under constant watch for a week, and also he administered a fairly new drug, meant to suppress certain chemicals in the brain that cause insanity. The drug however actually halted the flow of her neural pathways accessing her newly found telepathy. It literally killed that portion of her brain, and suppressed her x-gene, causing an unforeseen side effect. Her family line from then on, would an automatic launch of the X-gene during the early stages of pregnancy, be it physical or mental. It doesn't however cause all portions of a mutation to occur, but forces the dominant portion to occur early in life.

Vincent's was orphaned at an extremely young age because of a horrible car crash that killed both of his parents. He was of a small group of mutants who had their powers at birth. When ambulances arrived the car was totaled and he was found in the median next to his car seat…that was still buckled. Vincent was instantly orphaned. He spent months in the court system. With a mass of parent-less children filling the orphanages because of the mutant wave. He was placed in a large orphanage, it was filled with many, many children. He was one of the youngest, and because his gift was present at birth it was soon discovered by many of the older children and he soon became the favorite of numerous bullies. As time passed children came and children went and he grew, gaining more courage and anger as the bullies got picked and he didn't. Vincent never made friends because of his "gift" but he decided to at least start standing up for himself. Vincent was 8 and the bully was 10 and almost a head taller, the kid had been there for two years and finally Vincent had enough of him, Vincent fought back. It was a normal fight for a bunch of kids their age, Vincent pushed first, not afraid to start a fight, and then Jimmy pushed back, this happened two more times. The second time Jimmy shoved Vince, he stumbled and fell back farther than anyone expected him too, and hit his head against the concrete wall of the building. Vincent's head split open and he was knocked out…till his gift took over. The circle of kids slowly backed up and about a minute Vincent got to his feet and all the kids stood amazed as they saw his skin sew itself back together. Two days later Jimmy was gone and no one really cared, but Vincent was still outcast.

Years later when he was around fourteen he started to notice new changes to his body, no not like that he knew that these weren't normal changes. His lower arms started to ache constantly, till one stormy night he was in the bathroom brushing his teeth when something in his arm flexed. Something, some muscle he never used or felt before pulled and out of his arm spun a bone sharp as anything he has ever felt. The point came out just below his elbow and spun at his wrist till in came down in his hand between his middle and ring finger. He screamed out a deafening roar, his roommate and a caretaker came into the room and stopped dead in her tracks. He looked up at her and stood up and walked towards her with his hands extended and a bone knife pointed at her. She started to freak out and went over the edge when the bone in his left hand snapped out so fast that blood from his arm and hand spewed on both walls. As soon as the blades were out he was healed and no trace of a freak development except the bone-blades sticking out of his hands. His caretaker grabbed him and carried him out side and just left him on the sidewalk during the downpour. Over night Vincent had begun to walk aimlessly, forgetting the orphanage that prosecuted him for being different.

The next few weeks were extremely difficult, as his forced state of homelessness, and his complete lack of money all but forced him into thievery. He was pushed to his moral limits as he began to sneak food at any and every chance he could. Vince was week, but his healing factor prevented him from starving to death. His knifes and lack of control kept him in the constant cold, as his long sleeve shirts were destroyed on accident. About two months after they were fully grown he had obtained his mastery of them. Then on chance, he bumped into a street performer, who took in the young mutant. The two never talked about their past lives, and they only traded techniques, the man teaching Vincent so he could too become a street performer, magician. This is how Vincent began to care for and feed himself. The money flow wasn't great, especially in the beginning, but he never stole money, only food and drink. One day a few months after Vince began his life as a street performer, his mentor had up and disappeared with no trace. Vincent recovered quickly from his leaving, as he knew it was bound to happen eventually. For the next weeks Vincent continued to perform and hustle, but he had become sloppy and thus was involved in many fights, and he wasn't too hesitant on using his blades. One fight was particularly bad, and a gun was drawn, and with no choice, Vincent took the man's life first, all for money. This act alone had triggered a switch to turn in his mind, he could kill, and hurt, and it empowered and scared him at both.

One night, Vince was watching the street racing gangs have their little games, when he unknowingly became a hopeful for Xavier's school. That night, a X-representative came and talked to Vincent about his situation and what they had to offer. With no home, and no one else trying to help, Vincent reluctantly went to the school. At Xavier's he stayed in the back, not bringing attention to himself. He was quiet in class, and he didn't participate in danger room sessions, at least not with teams. He only did danger room sessions by himself, if a teacher is willing. Though recently he's begun to ask Mr. Summers if he can teach him some combat driving and techniques.


  • Vincent met and attempted to be with two different students, both eventually disappeared.
  • Vincent was present during the Halloween raid.
  • Vincent was seduced by a demon while running away from his problems and was given a second childhood which he still recalls after having the new and old merged into one by Emma Frost.
  • Vincent finally graduated from the School and now resides in an apartment in New York and works as a delivery boy for a pizza company.


  • "And not to crush your dreams, but I don't need anyone."


  • Drives a Prussian Blue 1996 Honda Civic.
  • Has two personalities in one body, and will often use both at once.
  • Very protective of his friends, but has a hard shell preventing friends from being made.


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