Jonas "The Vision"
The Vision
Portrayed By ??
Gender "Male"
Date of Birth ??
Age "17" Years since new incept: 2
Zodiac Sign Not Applicable
Aliases Jonas
Place of Birth New York City
Current Location New York City
Occupation Young Avenger
Known Relatives Not Applicable
Significant Other Not Applicable
Identity Public
Known Abilities Intangibility, energy projection, flight, others known
First Appearance Young Avengers #3

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After the Young Avenger known as Iron Lad first came to present day
Earth, he came searching for the Avengers. Though while not being to
get a word in edge-wise with Tony Stark, the teen decided to track
down some information from Tony Stark's warehouses. It was there he
found the mangled remains of The Vision. There the Iron Lad suit
interfaced with the remains from the then destroyed Avenger. When the
suit had reactivated power to The Vision, the dormant program had
installed itself in the Iron Lad armor. There he was able to access
the Avenger Database and found a project that The Vision had made
should the Avengers be disassembled or killed. It had identified Billy
Caplan (Asgardian/Wiccan), Teddy Altman (Hulkling), and Eli Bradley
(Patriot) as potential new Avengers. So from then on Nathaniel
Richards (Iron Lad/Kang The Conqeror) had taken the main role of Iron
Lad. It was not until Nathaniel abandoned the suit to appease Captain
America did the suit come alive due to the Vision AI. One The Vision
took over, the program was able to do many things that his original
body was able to do.

It was not until right before Young Kang went back to his own timeline
that The Vision take control over the suit, opening a portal for
Nathaniel to go home in. He was instructed to remain active after he
left, and did so. It was not until later did The Avengers of The
Vision find out that because the suit was connected to Iron Lad's
brain, that The Vision copied the brain patterns of Nathaniel instead
of keeping the original patterns of Wonder Man. Iron Man was able to
determine that because none of the Wonder Man brain patterns were in
this new Vision, that all of his experiences were gone as well. A
fresh start if you will, for the android.

Though his systems are superior to the original Vision, Jonas was not
able to join the Avengers due to fear that he could be controlled by
Kang The Conqueror. And because of that, The Vision acts as a wiseman
to the Young Avengers, giving advise and information when needed. And
also so he could accumulate the experiences of being alive and also
the new territory of being a teenager.

Soon after Kang left to return to his own timeline, The Vision was
retained for a complete self-diagnostic to make sure he wasn't under
the influence of Kang. After The Avengers determined that he was not a
threat, they allowed The Vision to continue on as a Young Avenger.
Though he left the group to go on and search for himself, a need to
make sure he was a separate entity from Nathaniel, or the original
Vision. He would be coming back around the end of February, beginning
of March. Knowing that he is different from what he was before and
from the person whom he is patterned after.


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  • "I am The Vision."


  • The Vision's brain patterns are moulded from Nathaniel Richards AKA: Iron Lad/Kang The Conqueror.
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