2010-07-12: Visiting Hours Pt.1


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Summary: Selene finds Robyn in the med bay; lays a trap.

Date: July 12, 2010

Log Title Visiting Hours Pt.1

Rating: R

Note: Continues in Visiting Hours Pt.2

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

It’s late evening when James arrives fresh from his security detail with Julian. Having watched the cameras all day, he's seen some interesting things. Most of which has caused him a measure of disappointment. There are no words that can be said to sum up his feelings. Instead, he relays it all with a smile that's a little too saccharin followed by a quick move of the hand as he pulls the curtain around the bed, "Evening Robyn. Feeling better?" «I'm going to torture you so slowly you'll think it's a career.»

Lying there, immobile like he has been the past few days, is Robyn. As soon as James is spotted he pales a bit and closes his eyes in tension. Then the telepathic words hit and he lets out a small, strangled cry as words are lost right now. The problem is the medbay is empty right now, no doctors, no nurses, no other occupants and with it being in the basement, not many people are around this late but Robyn still tries to scream for help.

A paw slaps down on the boy's mouth, halting any chance of rebellion. Leaning in so that she’s inches from the boy's face, 'Selene' smiles, "I figured you'd be bored by now since all your friends left. So I came down to keep you company. I even traded shifts. You and I have ALL night together." « Did you think me such a great fool? This campus is littered with cameras. My ability to listen and watch your every move is absolute.» There's a clack of teeth, the hyena's jaw muscles stretching like leather, «What price now, the arrogance of youth?»

The paw covers his mouth cutting off any cry for help and Robyn's eyes grow wide with fear. He even shakes a bit as he tries to struggle but it's not easy with all his injuries. His surface thoughts are ones of 'what is she gonna do to me' then 'I hope someone can see this on the camera' and his eyes glance to the corner where it is hoping that it gets noticed. He dose try to shake his head to deny that he thinks she's a great fool.

Selene shakes her head and points to the curtain, "Obstructed view, Robyn. HIPPA regulations you see. Patient rights and all that Americanized psycho babble. You know, it's amazing what you have to learn about just to watch a bunch of kids play on the lawn through a video camera." «I wonder who will miss you first? Med staff? Maybe Jordan? Maybe I should go after him before the others.» She chuckles darkly, "I may need to eat soon. Want anything? Anyone?" «You have until my patients run out to tell what they know.»

Robyn tries to keep quiet and not say anything but then Jordan is threaten and he lets out a defeated sob. "They know your name is Selene and you want to kill us all. They know you want to take over the Hellfire club. That you're in James body." He manages to get out but he's saying the general gist of what they know, not all of it. He doesn't mention they know Emma was in the Hell Fire Club nor that they know she pushed Robyn in front of the car.

The grip twitches, tightens, but does not incite injury. In all that blackness, the hyena's eyes turn to pinpoints; the response a growl as Selene asks, «Who. Knows?» Clearly she 's wondering if the news spread beyond the kids. She raises one of James' eye ridges, «Tick-Tock Robyn. Time waits for me, but is it’s about to run out for your loved ones.»

"Jinx, Lucas and Connor, that's it. I swear." Robyn spills out as he feels awful for betraying his friends as the fear just takes over for survival instincts. "They're the only ones I told. Just…I told them, don't hurt them, it's no their fault." Yeah he's trying to be noble but he's also terrified. "Jordan knows nothing, he doesn't know anything, I swear." He says as his eyes look away from James.

Selene nods. «I should have known Lucas would be involved. He betrayed his own friend to keep my secret. You cannot trust that style of loyalty.» The hand removes fully, «Scream and you Die.» She lets out an angry, annoyed sigh, the hyena's body, moving with a strange grace James never developed, «Damn you all for forcing my hand.» Said as if waiting for her to do her thing would have been a better alternative.

"Do you really think we'd just let our friend be taken over by some 17,000 year old psycho bitch." Robyn regrets saying that the minute it comes out but he's pissed and his voice is quiet. "Lucas is a good guy." He says and Robyn means it. He just waits to see what will be done next, he's a crippled lamp in the the cage of the lion and knows it. "Killing us won't help you take over this Hellfire Club."

Selene's mouth twitches, but she waves off the insult. She still has the upper hand for the moment, «Child, you know so very little. I feed from death; I profit from it in way you cannot imagine. I toppled entire civilizations before I was even your age. And through their fallen, I lived. And I will continue to live long after this place has turned to dust and Xavier's dream along with it.» She waves a hand; a topic change, «James and I talked about you. I know how you work. And how to turn you against them.»

There's a glare at Selene. "Oh yeah, is that why I piss you off?" He says trying to look around the room for something, anything he might be able to use to be able to throw her off guard or get help. "If you know how I work, you know I'm not going to turn against my friends any more. I told you what we know, that's about as far as I already betrayed them enough." He says as his jaw clenches to try to suppress his terror.

Selene shakes her head, «Again, child, you have little concept of what I am or how I work. So allow me to demonstrate.» She grabs Robyn's wrist, the large hyena paw going back over his mouth, «It's simple. I feed from your life. If I don't, bad things will happen. And from what I understand, similar bad things will happen to you. Lets discover if this is true together, shall we?» She begins to pull Robyn's life force into her, a warm glow spreading over his wrist and down his arm, «I wonder how much I will need to take before you fall into a coma? And I wonder how long I will have to wait until Lucas, Jinx, or Conner walks down her and unwittingly touch you as I lie in wait nearby.»

It's the weirdest sensation for Robyn as he feels what it feels like to be drained. He does try to counter with his own ability but he's not enough and he feels himself getting weaker and weaker. The need for psychic energy growing stronger and it's almost like he's getting hungrier. He struggles and pulls against Selene, his wrist hurting from the road rash as he tugs. There are muffled sounds of struggles that escape him as the struggles die and Robyn's vison starts to get fuzzy as he beings to fade out.

Selene smiles, leaning in close as she whispers, "I want the final thing you see tonight, Robyn, to be the face of your friend. The same face that allowed me the opportunity to have this conversation with you. And the same face that will be hunting your friend while you sleep peacefully." She makes a satisfied sigh as she keeps soaking up the boy's life; enough to send take him out of the picture for awhile, "I only wish you were around to watch it happen."

There's a twitch from Robyn as it's him trying to struggle but the energy just isn't there his whole body starts to slack and with the paw over his mouth he just makes pathetic sounding grunts of protest and discomfort. Eventually though he does black out, James' face being the last he sees.

Selene grins darkly and places the wrist gently into a position where it's dangling off the side of the bed, practically ensuring that some helpful soul will make skin-to-skin contact and receive a rather nasty drain from Robyn. Taking a couple steps back, and a few seconds to admire her handy work, the would-be goddess 'ohs' softly and picks up Robyn's phone from the tray next to the bed, "Why wait when I can order in." She moves to a bed some distance away, closing the curtain around it before settling down. Now hidden, she muses, "Now…who to call…who to call…"

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