2010-07-12: Visiting Hours Pt.2


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Summary: Jinx and Lucas join Robyn and Jameselene; Sam and Forge stop by. It's a party!

Date: July 12, 2010.

Log Title Visiting Hours Pt.2

Rating: R

Note: Runs directly following Visiting Hours Pt.1

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Asleep, or that's what it looks like, is Robyn. His face is quite pale and his breathing in his sleep is quite laboured. After being drained his body is struggling a bit from losing that much enery, the machines he's hooked up to, they display his heart rate going a bit slower, this is because he's in a coma not sleeping.

Selene sits in the bed next door, hidden by the curtains. She amuses herself for a few moments by playing with the student's cell phone, "Photos? Hmmmm…" she says to no one. Deleting a few of the choice 'Robyn & Jordan' ones, she takes a few of herself, muzzle offering a sadistic grin. When the fun has ended, she starts looking in the contact list for a phone number. The first one she finds belonging to Jinx. Dialing it, she hops off the bed, whispers 'help,' and leaves it on the floor before retaking her hidden position.

Jinx comes running at the call. She pants, pausing at the doorway only a second, her chest heaving and muzzle parted to show her array of fine sharp teeth. She looks around the med bay, noticing the 'sleeping' Robyn of course. "Robyn, you okay?" she asks in a squeezed whisper, sneaking closer. She scents the room, looking for unfamiliar scents besides the usual mix of horrible things here.

There's no answer from Robyn as he lies there, eyes closed looking not much different than someone sleeping. He's just paler than usual but that could be because of the injuries. He doesn't move or answer when she approaches.

The scents are clear: Selene…or rather the body she has control of, has been here. Hiding in the blind next door, the predator waits to see if her trap springs or if she has to do things the old fashioned way. Regardless, the harder Jinx scans, the more likely she might realize she's not alone and oh-so-near to the Black Queen.

Jinx's breath quickens in her chest at the freshness of the scent. She looks around the room. "Robyn… you awake?" She edges closer, looking over her shoulder now. Her fur is prickled up in a warning crest along her spine. "Robyn…" she leans forward, a hand touching his hand gently.

As soon as Jinx's hand touches his, there's a draining sensation as his eyes snap open and he grabs onto her hand. He's not exactly in control as it comes down to instinctual survival. His eyes snap open and they glow with purple energy as he just holds on so he can drain as much as possible. It's a need not a want and Jinx would feel the drain as her psionic energy pours into Robyn.

Toe claws clack on the floor as Selene lowers her legs off the bed. Pulling the curtain back, she watches as Robyn does the dirty work for her. With a smug smile, she waits for the inevitable, hands splayed slightly on the medical beds mattress.

"Ahhhh!!" she screams, and her defensive chemicals burst from her skin in a barrage of terror and fear. Her eyes flash bright and she feels herself drained of stuff she never knew was drainable. "Robyn!" Her voice is hissed, stolen from her as she feels her knees buckle beneath her, crumpling downwards

Robyn doesn't realize what he's doing until he's drained about half of Jinx's psychic energy, she'd end up with a migraine for at least six hours and be disoriented, he's not much better since he's not 'full' but at least he's conscious of what he's doing now. "Oh god Jinx." Robyn says as he pulls away as quick as possible. The purple glow fades to his normal eye colour. "Run…if you can, run." He says urgently.

Jinx stumbles back. She grabs her head with a hand, reeling from the stabbing pain that threatens to split her skull. "Ooohhhhh… " she groans, catching herself on Robyn's bedrail, half-slumped by the bed. Run, he says. "What?" she asks, looking up. The lights are really bright, and she squints. The scent. Danger. She pushes off, stumbling a couple steps before colliding her hip into the next bed over and pausing again. "Run…"

Selene watches the entire process with little more than that Cheshire smile. Hoping off the bed, she takes a slow casual walk towards Jinx, turning her head to smile to Robyn as she passes, "Beware the Jabberwock, my son…The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!" Her toe claws tap out a steady rhythm as the distance closes. Eye turned towards the camera on the wall she raises a hand and gives her wrist a light twitch, the lens cracking and disabling a clear view of the following events. Too many teeth suddenly expose themselves, "Snicker-snack, Jinx. Snicker-snack."

He's coming. The basic instincts of her mind fire, higher thought left for Robyn's feast. Her head pounds, her vision blurred and the floor a rippling mass of checked tile. "Run," she whispers again. Her feet seek out again, shuffling towards the door that seems acres away now. Was it so far when she came in? It doesn't matter. Her tail drags behind her, and she seethes in a nauseating mix of chemicals she cannot control, like cheap perfume and burnt garlic.

"Just Run! Get help and run!" Robyn shouts to Jinx as he notices Selene going after Jinx and there's a flood of anger that fills him. No, he can't let Selene get to Jinx, he can't. It'd be his fault but if he can help Jinx get away, then it makes up for it a bit. With a great struggle he pushes himself up and uses his better arm to move to a sitting position. It takes time though. He hasn't moved much in days and muscles and internal injuries scream in pain, but Robyn is determined. "I won't let you Selene." He growls out quietly.

Selene tosses back a casual, "Of course you won't. And that amuses me greatly." Out stepping Jinx comes too quickly even for her taste, "You will not escape," she says, taking a stance a few feet in front of the skunk, "Your powers are useless against someone who has no fear, child." Or at least some mental resistance to the student's powers. The hyena's body goes to grab the girl's clothing, intent on taking her back over towards her friend's side.

Jinx is grabbed. She reacts first as anyone who disliked being touched might react.. she bites. She twists her head and attempts to sink her teeth into the hand grabbing her clothes, while her knee instinctively comes up to rack the big hyena. This puts her off balance, and she stumbles, lashing out with her claws. "Go away…"

Finally Robyn is able to push himself off the bed and his legs immediately wobble a bit and 'fall asleep' since he hasn't used them in days. He has to use his broken arm, in the cast, to steady himself, as his other arm reaches out to grab a steel bedpan. It's the first 'weapon' he spotted. Once he has a good grip on it, he starts to take a few steps towards Selene, hoping that Jinx can distract her enough as he swings the bedpan as hard he can at Selene's head.

It connects about the same time Jinx's teeth do. With a loud hiss, Selene sends a foot solidly towards Robyn's chest, "Cur! I will reduce you to dust! But first…" Her head snaps towards Jinx and the teeth buried in the hyena’s skin, "Most formidable, child. No wonder you were his favorite. And now you shall be mine." Raising Jinx into the air with her hand, she begins to sap the girl's life. Taking that remaining 50%, warmth starts to spread through Jinx’s inner core—then turns cold just as quickly. "I will leave you to suffer on the brink of death, feeding you just enough of yourself to allow you to linger on until you beg me to end your suffering." A harsh eye darts to Robyn, "Call Lucas. NOW."

The food connects with Robyn's chest and there's a cry of pain as broken ribs and internal injuries are aggravated. He's moved back with the kick and falls to the floor in pain, coughing and tearing, he can't help it, it just hurts. "Don't Jinx…" Robyn coughs out as he doesn't want her to suffer but it's too late. He just stares up at Selene for a bit before reaching out a shaking hand to take his phone. It takes him longer than it should but eventually he gets the number dialed.

Jinx doesn't have a lot of yelp left in her, but she is lifted and the room spins. She stifles the impulse to throw up, but thankfully doesn't. Her eyes flash wide again, then as the life is drawn out from her, she wheezes shallow breaths. "You…..really…..stink…." she hisses, thready and weak. Her tail lashes, her defenses weakening by the second. Something smells musty and dead.

Lucas went to the store for some things to help the team, and wanders into the med bay to deliver them. He freezes when he sees what's going on, and he darts towards James. He doesn't even hesitate, because he's stupid and young and fearless, yanking one of the cans of mace from the bag and attempting to spray it in James' unsuspecting, animal-sensitive muzzle and eyes.

Selene lets out a yell, "Agggh," that grip on the nearly dead student tightening. The other hand swings blindly at Lucas, claws aimed for where she last saw the boy's chest. Back stepping, she puts some distance between her and the others, taking Jinx along for a drag. Wiping an arm over her eyes, she stares out, eyes glowing red, "Big. Mistake." And while it can be assumed she would have been affected on a higher level, she was not, having never been able to tie into the hyena’s powers and senses. She just wasn't wired for that sort of input. She raises a hand and sends a series of scalpels at Lucas telekinetically.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Selene shouldn't count Robyn out, yet. Sure it's not much but the cell phone she had him grab to call Lucas, well he throws it as hard as he can at her head to distract her. He starts to scrabble along the floor, adrenaline causing him to push back the pain so that it's there but not the only thing he's thinking about it. "Lucas!" He yells as the scalpels go flying and he looks around for something else to use as a weapon, grabbing a package of bandages of all things.

Jinx hangs by the hand of the hyena-boy-Selene. She is limp at this stage, her body sagged into a sort of looseness of posture that isn't at all good by any standards. Maybe somewhere she is aware of the echoing voices around her. Her eyes are cold and drying, her jaw loosened after having no more life to hold it closed.

Lucas lunges to get out of the way, but two scalpals get him. The first just cuts across his cheek, leaving a thin slice of crimson as it flies off behind him, but the second sticks in his shoulder. He growls, and tears the glove off his left hand, which bursts into a glowing ball of undulating nuclear energy, as he finishes his lunge, rolling to his knees. He tosses a fiery blast at the oxygen tank a few feet behind James with enough force to penetrate the steal.

The oxygen tank gives up with little resistance, the resulting explosion something only seen in a movie. The force of the blast separates Jinx and James, the two bodies flying apart at a high rate of speed. From her perspective, Selene isn't sure what happened. But she finds the wall on the opposite side of the room closing in a far to fast a rate. She hits it. Hard. With enough force that even James' bones give out under the stress.

Robyn was just getting up to try to sneak behind Jameselene to try to choke her with some of the bandages he unraveled but that explosion sends Robyn flying backwards as well, not as bad as Jinx or James but enough that he slams into one of the beds and crumples to the ground and lies their groaning.

Jinx is flung away like the proverbial rag-doll. Fur singed, she has a halo of burning embers, charring her clothes and leaving her white patches smudged in ash. The concussion blast sends a shower of sparks through her mind, and shrapnel from the broken tank rains down upon her, spiking her here and there in a superficial sort of way. Her body flies through space and time, the consciousness of the skunk girl traveling a dark tunnel towards a shimmering light beyond…

Lucas is expecting them to fly towards him from the blast, so his next move is to leap from his crouched position, towards Jinx, snatching her from the air with his gloved arm, spinning her so any shrapnel and pieces of wood falling from the room tumble off his own back. He quickly moves her to the corner away from Jameselene, "Robyn, RUN!" He quickly gives Jinx a once over, making sure she's still mostly in one piece, if tattered and maybe dead. He lays his gloved hand on her muzzle-cheek, smoothing out the hair and cinder there, before standing to assess James' condition.

Selene's down for the count, seemingly unconscious for several seconds. The sprinklers come on, pelting everyone and everything with water, the smaller flames already dying. The hyena moans and moves ever so slightly, opening an eye, it takes a moment to adjust to the horizontal position, doing little more than staying still.

Forge bursts into the room, fire extinguisher in hand, his eyes full of surprise, "Holy hell, what just happened?"

If Robyn could hear James, it wouldn't make a difference. He's not doing well as he pushed his injured body more than he even should have thought of. He lies there as almost all of his injuries have been aggravated. In a crumpled heap he passes out not able to move. There are a few burns added to the injury list now.

Shortly behind Forge, Sam rushes in and looks around. "Darn it…Lucas, don't move, noone leaves this place until we have answers, go it?" He commands. He didn't learn how to lead a team with being soft spoken and letting people do their own thing. "Now what in the blazes is goin' on here?"

Jinx lays where Lucas has placed her. Singed fur is now wet with sprinklers, and her eyes are opened slightly, staring with dilated pupils. Her pulse is thready, and her breaths almost too slow to notice. There is an odd feeling of pulling away from her body, though she doesn't seem able to quite detach, stuck into the form of the skunk, but feeling so incredibly light.

Lucas shouts at Sam and Forge over the loud sounds of the fire and sprinklers, "You HAVE to get him to a cell or keep him incapacitated," he says, pointing at James. "He's possessed by an evil chick named Selene. Kenta and Addison know. Hurry, before he's awake again!" He kneels again, checking Jinx's pulse and trying to assess her wounds while holding his fiery hand away from her, off to the side. "Robyn?" he calls again, glancing over to the other boy who hasn't answered him yet.

Selene rolls over onto her chest and starts to pick herself up, the body a mess a miss-matched burns, shrapnel wounds, and ripped clothing. Glowing eyes offer a quick flux in power; the hyena healing itself rapidly. Cuts close, burns heal, fur returns. All at the cost of absorbed life. Raisin her head, she looks over at the arrivals, the voice everyone hears next a familiar one, «Hello Sam.» Reaching out a hand towards the flames, she causes them to retreat, almost seeming to 'help' the cause suddenly.

At the announcement, and voice, Forge frowns, a lot, "Kids, please move away from your friend. Now." He takes a somewhat defensive pose, looking for a way to seal the room if needed.

There is no answer from Robyn as he just lies there out for the count.

Sam hears the name 'Selene' and his eyes narrow. "Aw hell, y'all got tah be kiddin' me." But he almost knows he isn't and that's when Sam's eyes narrow at Selene. He wants to run over to her and blast her through the wall but there are kids present and destroying the medbay isn't a good idea. "Alright Selene, y'all is in one of our students bodies, what it is ya want." He says to her sounding none to happy.

Jinx has a little life that wasn't stolen from her. She has a few cuts here and there from the shrapnel, though her fur caught most of the scraps except the big ones, which bleed slow pools into her dark fur, pumped by a slow pulse.

Lucas stands again when the two adults prepare to square off against Jameselene. Since Robyn and Jinx are both out, he takes a readied stance to defend them, waiting to follow the two adults' lead.

Selene's now up on her knees, looking nearly fully healed, «I was in the neighborhood. Thought I'd stop by.» The creature's muzzle smiles, a couple teeth that must have gone missing nearly grown back. «Your students hit a little harder than I remember you doing.» Still somewhat dazed, she stays sitting, «Negotiation time, already? Well…if we must. Lets go discuss this in proper surroundings, shall we?» She waits to hear the response.

Forge, on the other hand, isn't, "Sam…" It's a single word, filled with a lot of understanding the two have shared in the past. A question and a declarative statement—all in one. And it's one Forge is not happy to express.

"Y'all believe me, Ah wanna drive Selene through the roof right now but Ah'm keepin' mah cool." For now but Sam tries to reassure Forge of that. Then again though, Sam is known to have a little bit of a temper when it comes to villains and fighting. "The sooner Ah find out what ya want Selene, the sooner Ah can blast ya tah space." He says looking around the room. "Ah think these surroundin's are proper 'nuff."

Jinx is lying there, breathing. That is a pretty great thing to be doing. Some part of her gives a little cheer with every breath she takes. Go go Jinx!

Lucas continues to just stand over Jinx, his hand humming as the fiery nuclear reaction quivers around it. He's just waiting. This is now an adult show, and he seems to actually be okay with that.

Selene nods her head slightly, «Fair Enough. Bring me Emma. In trade I will…» She looks around the room, «…allow the children to leave and even return the girls' life.» She nods deftly, the hyena's nose bowing slightly. It's as close to her word as she gets.

It's a deal the The Maker is willing to entertain. Forge edges across the room, eyes never leaving the woman, "Okay, kids…lets get going. Lucas, grab Jinx. I'll take Robyn."

Sam looks around and just glares at Selene. "Ah'll get Emma for you, but if any of these kids die, Ah'll have your ass Selene. Ah swear it." He says as he takes out his cellphone to dial Emma to ask her to come down to the medbay.

Lucas looks at Jinx, "Ah don't know if we can move her, Forge. She's hurt right bad." He looks across at Robyn, "An' Ah ain't been able to check on him…" He looks back at the adults, a little surprised they are bargaining with the bad guy. He sighs, biting his tongue. His hand glows a little brighter and warmer for a moment as he stifles his opinion.

Selene waves a hand dismissively, «I see you're still piss and vinegar Sam. It suits you.» She motions at Lucas, «I will not bite, child. That will come later.» She picks herself up off the ground and retakes the same sitting position near Jinx with a rather large *thump*. Touching the girls shoulder, she exhales deeply, spreading a warmth over Jinx as she breathes stolen life back into her. Those close enough will notice James' muzzle fur turning gray as the body starts to age. When with a sudden, hard push, she gives the skunk the equivalent of a defibrillation, the shock of life a harsh, cold one. «It is done.»

Forge scoops up Robyn, staying nearby in case things turn ugly, "Lucas, when you can, take her and head for the door. Sam has this handled." The gaze that falls on the hyena is one of an experienced hunter who has found himself all-to-near to a bear without a bullet to spare.

At the touch, Jinx is still for a second. Then, and inhale that expands her lungs and has her gasping for air. Her hands slap the floor as she flails in a tremor, and her eyes flash open, flaring bright purple for a moment before fading to their normal color. "Oooohhhhh…" she groans, feeling all of those cuts and bruises now. She sees Lucas's hand as a becon in her haze. "Put the light out, it's night time," she murmurs.
Lucas kneels, scooping Jinx up in his right, gloved hand, and lifting her to lay over his shoulder fireman style. His mutant strength makes it an easy task, and he steps back gently from Jameselene, his other hand still ignited, cautiously. He moves slowly to the door, following Forge's lead.

As for Robyn, he's not doing so hot, a lot of the injuries he had have been aggravated and his breathing is shallow. He's not in danger of dying but he does need medical attention as there is probably some internal bleeding again from that kick earlier then the explosion.

Sam's eyes never once leave Selene as he lets Emma know she's needed. "If ya kill James while in that body, Ah swear, Selene, Ah'll find a way tah kill ya." Though she did just save Jinx, but Sam knows she's not trust worthy. "For now Selene, ya ain't leavin' mah sights till Emma gets here."

Selene does little more than cross her arms, her smug gaze falling on Sam. She's obviously somewhat proud of the chaos she caused tonight.

Forge leaves, taking Robyn with him, "Careful Sam. I'll be back as soon as I'm able. Kids will go to the emergency living quarters until you’re done and we perform a clean up. "

Jinx is carried away like a sack of potatoes. "Oof!" she huffs when she exhales. Her fur is all crispy and wet, and her clothes are in tatters. "I'm up so high…" she mumbles, and doesn't seem to notice the people in the room. The floor sways as she is carried away.

Lucas carries Jinx out, saying softly, "You're gonna be okay…" He follow Forge, and goes wherever he's told to take the girl.

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