2009-05-28: Vodka Makes Instant Friends


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Summary: Cole stops by to visit Jesse and meets his roommate Darrell.

Date: May 28, 2009

Log Title Vodka Makes Instant Friends

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Hell's Kitchen - Jesse's Apartment

The apartment is a little on the small side. There are doors on either side leading to a bathroom and two bedrooms. To the back is a door leading into the kitchen./
The furnishings of the apartment really don't match that well. There's a very comfortable looking blue couch right next to a tattered plaid loveseat and an old leather rocker. The TV in front of the couch is a 32 inch CRT TV with a PS3 beneath is. The controllers sit on a small wooden coffee table in front of the couch.

After the past few days, everything's changed. Now, Jesse can feel the wind currents. The shift in the air. Everything around him just feels exciting. Well, it would if he wanted to get out of the house. As it is, he's sitting in the living room, on the couch, sipping at a drink. He looks a little rough, but not as bad as he could.

Some people might be horrified at waking up to find themselves looking different, Darrell, well he actually loved it and has been spending a bit more time in the mirror. "Dude, this purple hair is really awesome. I've got this exotic look going on." It's the same speech Jesse would have heard a few times already. He hasn't really discovered anything with his other abilities yet though just that he looks different.

With a bottle of booze and a couple snacks in the pack on his back (along with his costume hidden within), Cole Aron's made his way to the address he'd gotten for Jesse's apartment. He'd been a bit worried about the guy while all the craziness with the green snot monster was going on but hasn't had time to come check on the costume maker. Now that he's free, he's outside the door and ringing the buzzer.

Looking at the door, Jesse sighs as he gets up to go get it. He's shirtless, as usual. "I know. So you've said. Repeatedly." He calls back to Darrell with a chuckle. "I miss my sound." He says, opening the door. Seeing Cole out there, he smiles brightly, opening his arms and leaning his face forward. Hey, he's not exactly one to mince things up. He's been there. He can do this.

Darrell is dressed in his usual ripped jeans and faded Grateful Dead shirt. "Whose that Jess?" He calls as he turns from the mirror to check on who came knocking. He's a nosy guy, he won't deny that but there isn't much Darrell would deny. He plops down on one of the couches and grabs a bag of chips that he's left sitting there for a few days. So what if the cheetos are stale, he'll eat them.

Cole's dressed in jeans, a black t-shirt, and a red jacket over it today along with the backpack. Casual Cole. He smiles when he sees Jesse, moving in for a hug and cheek-kiss. "Hey, Jesse. How's it going?"

Jesse tries to avoid JUST a cheek kiss. "Hey, babe. How are ya?" He asks Cole. "Oh, just a friend. Cole, this is my roommate Darrell. Darrell, this is Cole. He's sexy." He states before going to plop on the couch with his drink.He offers the empty space next to himself. He's sitting himself between the other two.

Darrell waves a hand casually to Cole and gives him a friendly smile. "Hey Cole, nice to meet ya." Due to Cid's powers, Darrell now has purple hair, pointed ears and slited purple eyes. "He's sexy, what about me? I'm just your best friend so I've become boring to you?" He's obviously teasing as he reaches out a hand to greet Cole. "Hey man, wanna drink or anything?"

Cole is a litle surprised so the cheek-kiss becomes a lip-kiss. He blushes but doesn't have a problem with it. He just blushes a bit more when called sexy. "Hi," he greets, joining them on the couch. He looks Darrell over curiously and then shakes his hand. "Speaking of drinks, I brought something," he says, opening his backpack and pulling out the bottle of alcohol he brought.

"Yes, Darrell, you're sexy and great in bed." Jesse says, emotionlessly as he rolls his eyes with a laugh. He emits a loud Ooooh, as he sees the alcohol. "Look, dude. He speaks our language!" He says with a grin. "So, how are you, Cole? We're… weird right now. Darrell doesn't normally look like that, but something fucked up our powers." He doesn't hide it. And, it's kinda obvious on Darrell right now.

Darrell can't help but laugh at Jesse with a shake of his head. "Oh wow dude, you meet great friends Jess. Cole, you're welcome over here anytime you want now." Darrell says with a grin, anyone who brings over a bottle of booze is okay in his book. "So whatdya bring?" He asks curiously even though he'll drink almost anything. "Yeah, but I might considering dying my hair purple if I ever get my powers back."

Cole blinks a few times, blushing at the mental picture forming in his head. Shaking it off, he smiles. "Vodka. Good vodka," he answers, handing the bottle over. "So your powers got screwed up by the green thing too? What did you have before, Darrel?" he asks, wondering if anyone on his team got them.

"Oooh, Vodker! Good call." Jesse nods. He'll let Darrell explain his powers on his own. "I got someone's wind powers. I still have my flight. That's the important thing." He says with a nod. "But… I guess I'm fully human now."

Darrell gives Jesse a look with a raised eyebrow but doesn't say anything. "I had these thread things I could form with my hands. They were pretty cool actually. I couldn't fly or anythign with them but they were awesome. I still need one of those fancy costumes." Darrell says with a grin. "And vodka, Cole, you're awesome."

Cole looks up thoughtfully. "Hm. Don't know anyone with either of those powers right now…or your old ones, Jesse. I'll keep an eye out though," he says. He reaches over to give Jesse a side-hug. "I'm not awesome. I just know when a good drink is needed," he says.

"Always needed here. We spend much of our spare time either drunk or stoned in his case." Jesse laughs. He pulls Cole against him while he mover to lay against Darrell. "I take it you're ok, Cole? No changes for you?"

"Nothing wrong with smoking the occasional pot." Darrell says but he does smoke more than the occasional. He just likes to get high but at least he's not at that burn out stage. "So you've got powers like us too Cole? What's your schtick? And how'd the two of ya meet?"

Cole blinks and lets out a little 'meep' as he's pulled along. Doesn't fight it though. "Naw. Green weirdo never came after me. Guess I'm just not important enough to get on the radar," he sighs. "I make shields," he chimes to Darrell. "Nothin' too special. And I met Jesse when I came into his shop."

"Yeah, he was comin' in to see stuff. So, I got to see stuff." Jesse laughs. Hey, he's very open about his playfulness. He's not as bad as Darrell either. "So, what you up to, anyway? Just coming to visit us?"

"Ah so you're one of the Gods he creates for." Darrell says with a grin and as much of it is him teasing Jesse it's also a compliment to Cole. He puts an arm around Jesse after he leans against him. "Nothing about not being speical, just you being in the right places in the right times and not having to run into that weirdo."

Cole blushes when Jesse mentions seeing him and even more when called a god. "Well…when my boss got attacked I was rescuing people from a sinking ferry…and when my friends got attacked I was in a buring drug lab trying to pull people out," he sighs, shaking his head. "Well, I was worried about ya, Jesse. Wanted to come by and see if your were alright since that power-messing up gak guy was running around."

"Gak? He wasn't Gakish. He was as solid as they come." Jesse says, pulling his head back. He coughs. "Are we talking about the same thing?" He shrugs, moving back into an upright position.

"It was crazy though, I felt like no matter what we did, we couldn't do anything." Darrell says shaking his head. "But at least I got these awesome looks. I could really get used to this, but I don't know if there's anything else with it or I just look weird now." He looks at Cole with a raised eyebrow. "Your boss?"

Cole shrugs. "Green freaky guy that used to be goo that stole powers. Sounds the same to me," he says, also sitting back up. He then nods. "Yeah. My boss, ya know…guy I work for. Signs my checks," he chuckles.

"Where do ya work, babe? If you don't mind our asking." Jesse asks before looking at Darrell talking about his awesome looks. He laughs, leaning back to plant a kiss on Darrell's cheek. "Silly. You looked just fine before." He snickers before shrugging.

Darrell kiss Jesse back on the cheek and chuckles. "Yeah but how many guys can say they naturally have purple pubes?" He waggles his eyebrows before letting out a sigh. "Shit, I gotta run, I gotta work tonight so I gotta take a shower quick." Even though Jesse's got money Darrell still has to work or else his parents won't pay for his college. "Nice meeting you Cole, don't be a stranger!" He says giving Jesse a quick kiss and offering Cole a handshake before heading into the shower.

Cole smiles. "I'm government. Freedom Force," he says, getting a bit prouder of that for some reason. Who knows. He chuckles at the affection between Roommates and shakes his head. The comment about purple pubes brings Cole's attention to Darrell's crotch, the shield-maker blushing when he realizes he's starring. "See ya later, Darrell. And nice finally meeting you too," he says as he shakes the man's hand.

"See you after work." Jesse says, offering a wave.

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