2010-06-18: Vogue?


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Summary: A walk in the park and unexpected circumstances.

Date: June 18, 2010

Log Title Vogue?

Rating: PG

NYC - Financial District

The Financial District is an area at the southern tip of Manhattan. Major sights include South Street Seaport, Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange, Battery Park, and Federal Hall National Memorial where George Washington was sworn into office. The Financial District is lively during the day with businessmen and women scurrying about their affairs or visiting the many take out restaurants during their lunch breaks. At night the area is quiet due to barely anyone littering the streets and most shops and restaurants being closed.

The walk was a distance, but it did not seem to bother Renate. Through bits of conversation she let quite a bit fall to silence. She did not know the worth of dishonesty, just hiding what she truly was when on a mission, something she had severed herself from when she left HYDRA's base and surfaced on the land right off of Battery Park. Each step brought them deeper into people, or it was just the morning milling of work hours, and those passing by in suits either took no notice or chose to ignore where other blatantly stared at the white haired femme in her club attire.
The looks alone had her shifting between lashing out verbally or desiring to coil in on herself. It showed with the slight curl of fingers around the hem of the dress that rested at upper thighs and yanking it down - to no avail. "People stare like they know something."
One man was passing by and sipping his coffee, promptly overdoing it and spilling it down the front of his suit, this at least had Renate staring back even as she walked forward, trying the same tactic back which only made the man move faster away in his blundering discomfort. "We close yet?"

"Yeah, we are."Jakob said casually in reply to Renate. "Just ahead - Whats in Battery Park anyways?" He asks the bizarre woman, both of his hands were tucked into the pockets of his jeans as he walked, his shoulders pushed up making him look on the side of muscular and compact around the upperbody, definition stood out on visible triceps and along shoulders. His dark eyes were locked forward occasionally glancing over at the girl he walked with. Two and a half classes, not like him, worst part was his were mandatory, a drop in credits was harmful to his career, since meeting Agent Hessel and speaking with the Faculty at Barnes Academy, he'd gotten his transfer paperwork from the U.S. Army into SHIELD, he knew part of his Agent testing was in secrecy, he figured a good portion of those who went to Barnes Academy and were doing the joint training were under this same 'test' how well can you maintain around others who have no clue what it is you're really training to become. It was exciting really, something far more than he expected. An actual goal and service to his country.

When Jakob spoke up Renate turned back to focus ahead but her eyes were still busy flickering over people and studying them closely, almost eerily before diverting her gaze back to the ground just a bit ahead of where they walked. Something about the stares had her discontent and staring back was truly boring once there was nothing more to know about the person without approach.
"Oh, it's where I stay for now." It was said casually, there was no harm in lingering in the park right? She saw plent others who did that when she surfaced and the view was nothing to complain about. It was not as bad as being mid city with nothing you knew surrounding you. She could at least find some form of rest there before gathering her things and moving on. "I have some things there I need to get. I don't recall a school there." He seemed rather antsy to get to school and yet she did not see anything that resembled such along the way with the stretch of businesses and tall buildings surrounding them.

"Never said the school was there. Just said I was passing by it." Jakob said quietly, his walk continuing. "You stay at the park? That can't be right or is there a home or hotel you have near there?" A yawn came out of him as they moved, idly looking the area over he'd walked through here enough times now to get a general feel of the location. New York, he still wasn't a fan of it. In all honesty he sort of hated it.

Renate nodded, and glanced to Jakob and then paused in front of a shop, the swathing odor of pasteries and something else having her head tilt to the side and eyes divert within the front window to glance over people as they ate and had their morning coffee over the newpaper. "Hungrig…?" More a statement then a question as she glanced from Jakob to the shop and turned to make her way towards the door, not waiting for his approval or denial of the motion while she replied to his question. "No, I stay at the park for now until I find better arrangements, only been here a few days."

"No I…" His stomach growls in protest and Jakob was pivoting in a turn with Renate as she decided for them, a low mumble escapes him as he moves in with her, entering the shop to walk up to the counter, his hands still in his pocket he drew out his wallet. "I'll buy." He told her, then ordered up a quick omelette and some orange juice for himself, "What do you want? The woman behind the coutner fray haired and sleep-eyed. "You shouldn't be staying in the park, they have shelters around here and help centers if you're homeless…"Suddenly he was feeling miserable for the woman, the idea of living without an actual home or comfort in the park was not something someone like her should be doing. "Howd you end up staying in the park anyways? Boyfriend boot you out?"

"You stay at your base?" He had said he was military, past tense not something she really took into account so her assumption was leaning towards a military school he didn't much care to speak of. Instead of asking about what he was less tight lipped about and seemed relatively proud of in reference to his military background. Stepping up to the counter she looked through the glass at the pastries and then over her shoulder at the others while they ate, listening to what Jakob ordered and took the easy way out of this one. "Same as you."
Renate was pulling money from the torn side of her corsetry when Jakob moved ahead and so instead of giving it to the tired looking cashier she held the haphazard wad to Jakob, some crumpled 20's, and a few singles. She at least had learned how to steal watching people, answering his question as she held it out to him. "No I came from my home and have been staying there." His concern something a bit odd to her yet she smiled through it. "I'll make a new home here eventually."

Jakob waves off her twenties and ordered the same he was getting for her. The woman took their orders and he moved to sit down guiding Renate with him if possible, slumping into his seat he fought off another yawn, his metabolism was in overdrive, hunger was actually a factor. "Came from your home and have been staying there, okay thats not confusing or anything, if you're living in Battery Park you don't have a home, unless you have a gopher hole somewhere…. "This chick was definitely odd.

Renate followed Jakob as her own question went unanswered and he loaded her with more. Looking around for a moment she slid into the seat opposite his and pressed her back against the booth wall, her legs stretched out across the seat as one arm rested on the table, the other hand tucking the money back away before resting along the back of the booth.
"What is confusing about the fact that I came from my old home to here and stay in the Park until I can find somewhere else to be? No, no hole." Her head lowered, the veil of white hair falling over her profile to veil the moment of thought before she laid it out. "My family didn't turn out to be what I thought they were, as I said, I was raised military and what I thought we stood for was not it anymore, it changed somehow. I left, came here, and…Here I am." One hand rose and made a small motion and then dropped. "I have to re-learn everything, it's so different here." Through that her tones remained even, as if it was simple to explain and shouldn’t be difficult to gather, as if everyone should just know.

"You never specified what military, where were you stationed or just 'Berlin'?" Openly and obviously curious about her term in service. Jakob settled back into his seat one leg came up and rested across from him on the bench near her. Stretching long limbs out as he reclined back, "Culture shock I imagine." He said in reply to her last statement.

Renate took a slow breath there, lips parting to draw it in, hold it and then release. Her head lowered ever so slightly as she thought, her eyes darting back and forth as she sought to not reveal too much and yet not lie. "Marienburg was where the base was, Berlin was after that. And you, your base?"
Even that would likely be too much, more than she was supposed to say but likely if he researched it, it would run him in circles unless he dug good an deep. The placement of his foot from her got no shift away but her eyes instead took focus there for several beats before they rose back to him. "Yeah, culture shock." As she said that her eyes left Jakob to follow a suit clad woman in passing, studying and then dropping away. That look seemed more acceptable and at the thought she slid somewhat lower in the booth with a grind of vinyl clothing against the same fabricated seating.

"I was recently in Fort Bragg." Jakob stated, "Airborne there…" He leaves out the additional info of the attempted transfer into BlackOps where he was going to become part of a mutant killing/monitoring special task unit, having been found out for what he was, his story took a curve ball and now has him getting processed into SHIELD. "Marienburg, not sure I heard of it, I'll have to ask my Instructor." The waitress approaches as they're talking setting down the two plates of omelettes with bread and glasses of OJ. "So what do you plan on doing for a living now that you're here?"

Fort Bragg had a moment of thought and nothing came to her at the mention, but US military was nothing foreign to her, but she was not focused in training on the typical military this country had. "Located in Berlin…Infanterist, I prefer my feet on the ground." When the food arrived her hands dropped and she pushed herself back upright, leaning over it for a moment of inspection and then picking at her utensils.
"I don't know. Perhaps what she does?" The fork was held and pointed in the direction of the back of the waitress as she walked off once they had everything. "Have not put much thought into that." Now the omelette was getting the thoughtful stare before she cut into it and took a bite. "Do you find it easy to go from one thing to the next, from Bragg to here?"

"Perhaps you should consider work, not sure what your resume would look like… German Infantry skillset only has so many applications, but hey if you're bilingual thats always a plus. Maybe you can teach Deutsch somewhere for extra cash…. " Jakob was dowing some of the juice a finger tapping the side of it as he sets it down. "Yeah, relatively, the school I go to is an easy enough transition. Besides, I'm still G.I. that is what matters, your change I can only imagine… you could always be an exotic dancer." A flash of a grin, displayed he was joking.

Renate's chewing went from careful to accepting of the food and another bite was taken, a bit more natural this time. Setting the fork aside she took up the juice and sipped at it, again a slow motion before it was accepted and shifted into ease. Setting that aside one leg pulled up into a bend at the knee, tucking her foot just before the cure of posterior and leaned into it, shifting for comfort. Everything seemed fine and a repose was now taken to look more casual that tense. "I speak several languages, German is native." Though she did seem to pause and take what he said into consideration, studying the grin with a slight rise in brow. "I like to dance…" Leaving that open as if that was even a consideration, the mention flashing imagery of the club before it faded as fast as it had come. "At least you have your school, is it what you want to do?"

"School is temporary and for now, couple years and I'll be done. Maybe even sooner than that." He was eating now, between talking his teeth crushing down on food quietly, speaking only once hes done chewing. "Even better then, you speak more than enough languages you shouldn't have too hard a time finding some form of work around here that doesn't involve the sort of dancing I was talking about, it was a joke, so don't take the whole exotic dancing thing to heart. " Jakoblooks thoughtful as he tries to decide what else there is that she could be doing in the city, really the possibilities were pretty endless with her looks, being multi-lingual and the way he seen her move at the rave. Only thing would be getting around her foreign characteristics/mannerisms.

"That is what I am trying to figure out now. There is so much more to learn, and what I know is obsolete and expendable." Renate's expression gave away the slight disturbance by the words, though her tone did not give anything away until the end where it tapered. Her fork poked at her omlette lightly and then cut into it again, resolving to finish to the food.
"I will find something." Renate nodded at that as if it was final, looking back at Jakob with a small smile. "You could do what he does.." She pointed to the cover of a magazine that bore a male model on the front, his suit half undone as if the day was over and it was more of a relaxing moment, leaned against a wall. Though her own joke was hidden by the lowering of her head and the consuming of her food now with a new intent to it to mask it.

Jakob choked on his omelette, grabbing up a napkin to cover his mouth and wipe his lips."Nah, thats a big pass. Rather enjoy what I have going already." He seems unsure if she was serious or not, not able to read her expression while she dips down, "Here… let me help you out, at least so you're not staying in the park." His wallet opens up and he thumbs through it, pulling out his ATM card he gets up and walks across the room towards the bar area in back, coming back out about three minutes later to sit down, sliding her over some bills, "Should be three hundred there, enough to get you into a hotel a few nights."

Jakob's choking had Renate pausing in the very focused consumption of her food to smile fought but causing the corners of her lips to waver, despite the moment of concern that flickered in her oceanic gaze. One it was settled she shook her head and let the smile win out. "I was joking, seeing what you can do and hearing what I have - that.." She gestured to the magazine "..would be a waste. You could pull it off, but a waste."
Renate's eyes followed Jakob curiously when he rose, setting down her fork as if expectant to go somewhere, but as he waited at the ATM her head tilted and she took the time to look around, her eyes landing on a couple of suits that stared her way and abruptly looked down when their eyes met. The difference between their suits versus those in here already was the tweed, it seemed nearly outdated, both men blonde but their eyes hidden behind sun glasses and now faces were hidden behind snapped up newspapers.

When Jakob came back and slid her the money she looked from it to him and seemed reluctant at first but then took it and slid it to the inside of her corset with the rest. "Danke…We should go." The final seeming a bit more tense as she peered back over the slope of smooth shoulder to the two who were seeming nearly casual now. "You have school."

Jakob's smile grew into existence as she took the cash. Not having noticed the two men, "You're right. You want to meet back here tomorrow sometime? Maybe around eleven. Give me a chance to check up on how you're doing."Strange he was feeling protective over some albino, she was a form of mutant right? It perplexed him or maybe he was just seeing ghosts like Sabina and this was a way of penance, perhaps who simply knew. His legs stretched again as he stood arms flexing over his head while a few dollars were dropped on the table in a tip. "So, soon as you can get into a hotel, that should get you a few nights depending on how cheap you go… I'll come back here tomorrow at eleven. We can meet up?"

Renate was pushing to a stand as the money was dropped onto the table, sliding out awkwardly as the meshing and grinding of fabric was by no means convenient, it almost stuck her to the booth's seat. "We can meet again, yes. Not here though, Salem Mall?" The only other place she knew, the place where she had been directed for the clothing she wore. Her words were spoken low though, and with haste as she resisted the urge to grab his arm and drag him with her.

"So Salem, eleven." Out the door she was headed, and as she was moving out the two tweed suited men were rising, leaving cash on the table as well. Forget the fact that she was learning this little custom, they needed out and fast.

"Bit of further off, sure. Try eleven thirty though…" Jakobs hand scratches at his jaw, stubble. He needed to get back quickly and shave, "Well Renate, it's a date." He winked and turns hands thrusting back into his pockets as he quickly headed back towards school. The men in tweed got a brief quick glance but with as tired as he was he didn't put two and two together and wouldn't until much later that night when he'd wake up.

"Danke Jakob. Yes…date." Renate didn't know the meaning in its depth but she would just about accept anything right this second with a naive smile and nod to split courses with him. His suspicions were not there and that at least gave her some relief so it gave her less explaining to do.
When he went his way she went the polar opposite, glancing back and as she had suspected, the tweed's followed her and not him. Within moments she was lost in a crowd and them with her.

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