2010-03-08: Voices


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Summary: The Gardens prove neither peaceful nor safe when beasts are about.

Note: Runs simultaneously with "A Pound of Flesh."

Date: March 08, 2010.

Log Title: Voices

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

It's only been a few days since the fight with Jono, and although his body has recovered, James' mind is still a little…addled? It wasn't hard to notice the hyena's absence from classes, DR sessions, and assorted items—if one is used to seeing him there. It’s an excused absence, however. Protocol. And it allows for some missed time after trauma. James ‘tried’ to go to class, but after the first hour he took the rest of the day off to take it easy and to think more about what had happened. And that's what brings him to the garden tonight. Parked on a rock, James sits with his arms crossed, just…chilling out as he tries to keep his mind clear of the recent mess.

Robyn isn't out looking for James, but he did notice that James wasn't in their Mutant Ethics class, but then if Robyn had the chance he'd probably choose to skip it to. He's wearing a token hoodie over a pair of black jeans, it's very rare to see him in much colour. It's just the way Robyn is. He makes his way over to the garden and it's not hard to miss the large Hyena teen. "Hey James." He says as he makes his way over.

James looks over, a little despondent, "Hey Robyn." He pokes at the ground with a stick and sighs. He shakes his head a little like someone with something in their ear. Ears shift as he turns his head towards the boy, "That's a strange question. That something from Mutant Ethics?" There's a pause, as he considers something, "I dunno. Wish I did." He shifts his gaze, eye ridges raising a little. His answer? One to something that wasn’t even asked.

Robyn is kind of confused cause he didn't ask any questions, just said 'hey'. "You okay James, you seem kind of..off?" He asks shoving his hands in the front pocket of his hoodie. He wants to ask James about what happened with Jono but he's not going. It's just the aching desire to get his friends back. "And I dunno, I don't pay that much attention in mutant ethics."

James shrugs, "Yeah…just…distracted." He looks over at the koi pond, "And hey…it's cool. I don't either. So, I guess we're both screwed if that's on the next test." He smiles, lightly, "And here I was hoping to look off your answers." His ears go back as he admits, "I'm on 'sick leave' again. Just a day or two. Third time in less than two months. I don't mind missing the classes…I mind the reasons." He shoots his friend a look, "How are you? Holding up?"

"Holding up is the best answer." Robyn says with a shrug. "Just kind of trying to keep my mind off of it but this whole thing sucks." He says kicking a small pebble into the koi pond. "I mean what the hell are we supposed to do? Just sit back while our friends are getting messed with and are becoming dangerous because we're just kids and can't do anything?" Robyn's not sure if it makes sense to James but it does to him. "And don't count to look off my answers, I'm not a great student…." He says trailing off and looking at the ground with a sigh.

The hyena nods, "Yeah well…they threaten us with expulsion if we go out…but yet they're not doing anything." He pulls his knees up to his chest in a minor fit of teen angst, "It's just not cool." Frown. Then it changes, starting with a shiver that turns worse. It’s the heebie jeebies. James suddenly twists his back, writhing a little as if a cold hand was touching his bare spine. "Dude! I dunno. I suppose its genetics?! Most days I can't even tell you who's teaching that class." His eyes narrow a little, "You can pass for human, I can't. So there's really no 'people like us' that's really applies here. IS There?" Irritation. The reaction he gets surely has his hands going up in apology, "Sorry…but you asked. From my point of view, I want to believe it's control over yourself. But after the other day, I think…I'm not ready to qualify."

"I can pass for human but…" Robyn shrugs and sits down next to James. "I don't look like you but my powers, I'm a psychic vampire James. I need to absorb psychic energy off of other people to function. So as much as I look human, I can't go out there and be on my own. It's not as bad, I'm not trying to have a contest over who has it worse cause…well…like you said, I can pass for human." Robyn says with a shrug. "What happened out there, if you wanna talk about it, if not, don't worry about it."

James listens. He didn't know that, "Wow…that kinda sucks." But before he can ask more, Robyn changes the subject to a topic of recent major concern, "I dunno…I was there and I still don't know." He lays his muzzle on those knees he just pulled up to his chest, "I was just…out. You know. Looking around. I accidentally…and by that I mean ‘really accidentally’ came across Jono. Not ‘accidently’ like the time I 'accidentally' put Cam's laundry out in the snow.” He clears his voice a little, “We battled…but…well…hell…he's a X-men. He kicked my ass." He goes quiet, "Then he…" There's a lip twitch, "Okay… Never mind then. I thought you wanted to know." He sets his feet back on the ground and tosses his arms up, "I'm really not in the mood for games tonight. But, okay! I don't know what it takes to be human! I have no clue. I'm…gah!" Twitch. He growls a little, "Instincts. Fine. That good enough? I've got instincts that are tearing me apart." An ear turns sideways, lips pulled up over his front teeth.

Robyn blinks and looks at James with concern. "James…I asked cause I do want to know, I never said I didn't. Are you okay? It's like you're having a conversation with someone who isn't there or…like…you're hearing things." Robyn says cautiously but he's really worried now. He doesn't say anything about the fight with Jono, there's something more important right now. He reaches out to put a hand on James's shoulder and then pulls his hand back, he doesn't know how he'll react. "I'm not trying to play any games with you tonight, honest, I'm just concerned."

It's a good guess because, if fact the Hyena 'is' having a conversation with someone who isn't there. "I'm fine. Just…stop switching topics and let me finish," he says giving Robyn an irritated look. The touch illicitness a quick snap of his head, pupils dilate, but nothing more. After a second he exhales heavily, "I'm sorry." He puts his clawed paw over Robyn’s, "I'm not alright. Jono. He…that thing he was made to be, did something to me. I'm not really telling anyone yet. I'm just…feeling thin?" He tilts his head, looking closely at the boy from over his big black nose, "Understand what?" His ears begin moving, almost vibrating as he homes in on the unheard, "What…Uhh…Gah!" He starts to tilt his head as if suddenly pulled hard in a downward direction, "The hell…what?" He start looking around wildly, "What is that?!" Hands brush rapidly over his face as if chasing off bees. He falls off the rock, hands and feet pushing him away from Robyn and into a tree, "What is that?" His eyes stare around nervously, "What did you do? What did YOU DO?"

Robyn is about to say something when James starts accusing him of something he didn't do. He jumps to his feet and backs up, putting his hands out in front of him. "Calm down James, I didn't do anything. Honest. It was what Jono was made to be, he did something. You need help, Addison…Addison can probably help you." Robyn says sounding a bit desperate. "Hell maybe even Addison can figure out where they are and how to get them back to normal if you let him help you, I don't know James, but I swear, I didn't do anything." It's not that he's scared of James, it's more that he's scared of what Jono did to James.

James continues to dart his head is random directions, eyes focusing wildly on nothing that Robyn can see, "What's going on? Oh my god…I can hear them all." He grabs his ears in his hands and pulls them flat, "Make it stop! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Just make it stop!" He looks at Robyn, expression one mixed with pain and confusion, eyes panicked, "What?"

Robyn rushes over to James and reaches his hands up to put them on the Hyena's shoulders. "James, focus. We'll get you to Addison okay? Addison can make it stop. He's good with that kind of stuff. I'm not." He doesn't think possessing James or stabbing him with a psychic weapon would do anything good. "Focus on me James, come on, it's okay." He says trying to calm him and hoping that James will let him take him to Addison.

James is hurting, eyes shutting hard. He feels it. Something's closing in, trying to get him while he's down. Another predator. Something smaller. He can take it. The other boy’s hand is close, too close. GET IT! James knocks Robyn to the ground with a roar! A clawed hand spread widely across the smaller boy's chest. From below Robyn can easily see the bottom of his muzzle, the creature looking about. The head shifts left, right, then twists to look down. The hyena moves his muzzle in, nose pressing to the other's neck as his eye, the big black alien ones focus WIDE then tight. There's a sound of muscles straining, tightening…like a well-oiled coat being stretched…and it's coming from his jaw.

With a thump, another hand settles next to the boy's head, a large over sized paw. He has his prize. Now to claim it. The hand on Robyn's chest tightens, wadding the shirt slightly. James closes his eyes tight, turning his head away with a snap, "Gah…..no….you're right." He straining hard against something…"No…I'm not." He makes a noise as if fighting off a massive amount of pain and shoots up into a sitting position, hand holding his head, leaving Robyn ample escape room. "Aggghhh," he screams, "Get Out of Here!"

Robyn is easily knocked over and pinned to the ground by James and for the moment he's frozen there shaking. Once James tells him to get out of here, Robyn pauses for maybe a moment before scrambling to his feet. "I'm getting help James." He says before taking off. There's a moment when you know it's dangers and survival kicks in. He's running cause he's scared but also because he knows James isn't in his right mind. He doesn't want to stick around and let James do something that he'll regret later. Would Robyn forgive him if the worst happened, yes, but he's not sticking around to let it. He takes off towards the school in hopes to find Addison.

James wraps his arms around his sides and nearly falls to the ground, "I'm not letting you have me! Not again. Not now, not ever!" He catches himself with an arm, paw breaking dirt. He looks down at it, head shooting up as Robyn takes off running. Instinct: The chase. The prey: It's escaping. There's an unearthly sound, a roar that no longer belongs on earth and James takes off. The yell that comes next is a mix of a growl and something a lot more pained, a lot more human. On all fours, and closing in, the hyena takes up on two legs and veers left, easily overtaking Robyn, then passing him. In an instant he's in the tree line and gone, leaving Robyn a clear path back to the school.

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