2010-10-08: Voices In The Dark


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Summary: Hosea brings David to the Mausoleum to show him what he and Cloud discovered earlier that evening. (Follows the scene: Into the Mausoleum)

Date: Friday, October 8, 2010. 11:52pm

Log Title: Voices in the Dark

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - Xavier's Insane Asylum for Adolescents (Mausoleum)

The Summers Mausoleum is a run down square building with some intricate design work on the outside. The stairs lead down to a wide chamber with six marble coffins along the sides. The names on top seem like they've long since rubbed off. The center of the room is open with a packed earth floor. There are a few torches that can be lit for light. Along the back wall there is a large, faded painting of a phoenix. There always seem to be some sort of whispers going on down here that are ever so faint on the wind.

Dusk has fallen, but that doesn't seem to intimidate Hosea. He's been rather driven since Kisha disappeared. He wants desperately to get to the bottom of what is happening in hopes to save her. To that end, he and Cloud explored the graveyard earlier, and found the mausoleum. So now he has gone back and gotten David to show him. "You are vedy smart," Hosea says as they descend the stairway. Hosea holds out the torch from the top of the stairs as they make their way down the stairs. "Maybe you can understand bettah what dis means." The damp air is pierced by the torch, and Hosea walks to the far wall, casting light on the image of the phoenix.

Not too happy to be here but drawn here by a mordid curiosity. David followed Hosea, "I had actually explored the Asylum when I first got here and saw the graves, but I didn't come in here." He looks around following Hosea, "Does any of the staff know you came here earlier with Cloud?" He asks as he looks over the place and studies the image of the phoenix.

"We came straight back to tell everyone when we found dis," Hosea answers. If you are quiet, you will heah dem." He puts a finger to his ear. Indeed, from somewhere in the room, there are whispers. "I cannot find where dey are coming from. It is not good though, I think." While most people might be creeped out by sounds straight from a horror flick, Hosea seems more studious than intimidated. Maybe because he's never seen a horror flick.
Becoming very quiet, David can indeed hear the whispers but cannot make out what they are saying. He sighs and looks around and wonders if they should look inside the coffins. He points to it as he looks at Hosea, "I wonder if they are coming from there." He exhales and gets close to one of them and places his ear close to it.

Hosea shrugs. "Dat is da same thing dat I thought," he tells David in a low voice, not to interrupt his listening. "I cannot tell. Dey seem to be coming from everywhere. It is not natural. Voices should not be coming from no where. Dis place is important I think." He feels across the top of one of the coffins. "I cannot read the names heah, either." He taps the marble slab twice. "It is strange that the gravestones are easy to read, but these are not, even though they were protected."

Moving away from the coffin, "I am not sure if the voices are coming from here or not. Perhaps, Ms. Frost should come here and do a psi-scan." He nods and ponders, "Well if they are like the names outside then I have a feeling these are probably the coffins of the Summers family. Cyclops, Havok, the Marvel Girls, and Cable….maybe even X-Man." He shakes his head, "maybe they were this world's version of the X-Men." He looks about, "I almost want to lift up the coffins to see the bodies, but they are probably just skeletons at this point."

"Hm," Hosea says. "It is not respectful to the dead to disturb da bodies," he says solemnly. "Though it would tell us how long dey had been dead, yes? You are smart, you know things like that. I would not know how long they had been dead." He holds the torch over the coffins for better light.

Even with more light, David still cannot make out the names or anything specific regarding the coffins, "I wish I had my cybershades." He says to himself before look at Hosea, "You are right. We should not disturb the graves. It is disrespectful." Looking around some more, "Did you happen to see James or Jinx while you and Cloud explored?"

"I have not," Hosea answers. "Should I have seen dem?" he asks. He goes to check a small hole. "You know what is strange," he says. "Dere are no spiderwebs. That is not normal for a place abandoned for a long time. But dere is dust."

Shaking his head, "No, we saw Jinx earlier and it seems she and James are staying here, but she seemed ok, which is the most important thing, though I am worried about James." He notes that there are no spiderwebs. "That is weird, but this place is so weird with giant pumpkins and crazy crows attacking everyone." He thinks in particular about Robyn and what is happening with him and just sighs.

"Crows?" Hosea echoes. "I have not heard of any crows." Apparently he doesn't know about what happened to Robyn.

Shaking his head, "Yes, some random crows attacked me, Robyn, and Troy or Leo…or Agent Bay, I guess. Who knows what he wants to go by." David seems a bit frustrated. "They really only attacked The SHIELD agent. But when Robyn and I threw apples at them, they flew off. It was so random." He does not mention what happened to Robyn though.

"Dat is vedy strange," Hosea agrees. "This whole town is not right. Where are the people? I see hear them in town, but I can never find them. It is like dey are watching us and waiting for something to happen to us." He walks back to the stairs and takes a seat on the step. "Why would crows attack a man? Were any of you hurt?" he asks.

"They really only attacked the agent." He smirks and says under his breath, "He kinda had it coming with his attitude." He grins and says positively, "He only got a few cuts and bruises and is fine overall."

"Dat is good to know," Hosea says. "We do not need to have anyone else hurt." He lets his gaze fall around the room again. "Here at dis place. I have noticed, dere are no animals. Nothing living near da asylum. I have hunted all over heah, and there are no animals to be seen here." He indicates around. "See, no spiderwebs even. That is vedy strange."

Acknowledging Hosea by nodding his head, "Well apparently there was some kind of wolf or something black that Jinx mentioned James killed. She didn't say where exactly, it may have been off the grounds." He thinks aloud, "I wonder what happened here. I wonder if in this world, mutants were considered insane and they were tortured and killed here or if this was a legit asylum and they were 'helped'." He notes the phoenix image, "I wonder what if any impact the phoenix of this world had on this place?"

"The phoenix," Hosea echoes. "What is dat? What does it mean?" Dah students all seem to know about it, but I have not heard."

"Oh wow. It is a LONG STORY, so I will give you the short version, though I am sure you will learn it in class." He takes a seat next to Hosea and tells the story, "Jean Grey-Summers, the deceased for now wife of Scott Summers, Cyclops. On a mission in outer space, she was killed the first time, but was apparently resurrected as the Phoenix. This ultra powerful psi. However, it turns out, Jean never died. She was buried in a cocoon and recovering from her injuries and the Phoenix took her place. The Phoenix is a cosmic being from time immemorial. The Phoenix having experienced human emotions for the first time went nuts and destroyed a sun and killed a solar system and an inhabited planet. The Phoenix out of guilt and love destroyed herself on the moon when the X-Men fought the Imperial Guard. However then the real Jean Grey was found. It seems the Phoenix has a way of popping up from time to time and is somehow linked to Jean, who is again dead and Rachel. Jean and Scott's daughter from a different timeline." He smirks as even he doesn't grasp the whole story.

Hosea gives David only a blank stare in return. He was thinking of a bird from Egyptian mythology. "Hmm," he says. "Okay." He stands back to his feet. "Well, I do not like it down heah. I think it would be bettah for use to go back to the farmhouse. It will be safer dere." The Nigerian starts to make his way up the stairs, still holding the torch. He pauses, so that he doesn't leave David in the dark. This place is spooky enough with light.

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