2011-01-13: Voldemort Machine


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Summary: Shane and Robyn both hit the art room for some craft time!

Date: January 13, 2011

Log Title: Voldemort Machine

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Art Room

The Art Room has pictures of classic artists and small sculptures of famous pieces of art around the room. Any art supply you need may be found in this room, a large variety of paints, charcoals, markers, pencils, clays, canvases, easels, paper, and much more are accessible for the students. A large kelm is in one of the far corners of the room as well. On one side of the art room are a few sewing machines with a large variety of fabrics and sewing supplies for the students as well.

Since the craft fair is this weekend Robyn's been working on quite a bit to get done for it. He hasn't has much sleep but then he's been absorbed in what he loves to do, art. He's been keeping it fairly simple and making a several vases that have all been fired and are waiting to be glazed. Right now though he's working on a series of salt and pepper shakers that all seem to have his twist to them. A pair of spiders with legs that are too long, a set of hands that seem to almost have a zombie, flesh rotting quality to them and he's working on two round Mummy heads at the moment. Music plays as he works playing some electronic industrial sounding song with vocals.

While she's not quite the fixture in the Art Room that Robyn is, the promise of a well-maintained Husquevarne means Shane can rarely keep away for long. Dressed in her Vincent costume, she pauses at the door as her headphones slip slightly, breaking the noise-cancelling effect to show that someone else here has decent taste in music. With a quiet noise of surprise, she shuts off her iPod, tugs down the headphones, and hauls a rather large bundle of fabric, thread, pins, and pattern paper to 'her' station.

The sounds of a band called VNV Nation play on as Robyn sings a long under his breath as he carves the faces into one of the two mummy salt and pepper shakers. Looking up as he spots the bundle of fabric moving around the room, Robyn smiles. "Hey, how's it going? If my music bothers you at all you can turn it off or change it. Just kind of in my zone right now." He picks up the little round head and starts making faces at it as if testing out what he should put.

Shane a short bob of electric-blue hair is given in answer to Robyn's statement, the deliberately-tattered cape shoved aside as she settles down in her chair, shaking out one swatch of fabric after another. A laptop is set up to her left, pictures of various characters in heartily-stylized costumes arranged in a grid. The stereo, given another curious glance, then Shane settles in, apparently, for some deep thinking.

"I think next will be skeleton heads." Robyn says muttering to himself as he carefully carves details into the face. "So Shane, how were your holidays?" He asks as he works trying to start some casual conversation.

Shane lifts a shoulder, reaching out to tap at a few keys, switching one procession of images for another. "Fine. Eve with my Dads, Day at Mom's." One character is highlighted, enlarged, and Shane pulls over a swatch of thick black wool felt, making markings with a light blue fabric pen.

Robyn pauses for a bit as he tries to think on how to get some conversation out of her. The music runs for a bit changing songs to Sisters of Mercy. "You going to the craft fair this weekend? I plan on it that's why I'm making all of this stuff but I'm wondering if I should start making things more…every day homey or stick with my style on the salt and pepper shakers. I mean, I want to help make money for the dance but I don't want to feel like I'm not being me."

Shane lifts her shoulder again. "…Probably not." The change in music has her raising an eyebrow, as she scribbles and scratches at the fabric. "Good music. Too much techno, but good."

"I like it." Robyn says. "It helps me work and it's better than putting on Danny Elfman on repeat." He jokes at his own expense. "Why aren't you doing anything for it? You're really talented and can probably make some awesome things that could bring in some money for the dance."

"…Because I'm not going?" The answer, more impatient and sullen than usual, the girl seeming to put more concentration into her work.

Robyn finishes up with one of the mummy faces and gets to work on the other one. "Why not? This is my first dance so, I'm kind of excited about it. But I'm also afraid that Jordan won't go with me."

"Then your boyfriend's an asshole and needs to wake up before you do," Shane spits, pausing for a moment, then shaking her head and turning back to her work.

Robyn has to put what he's working on down before he takes a deep breath. "You don't even know him Shane. He hates Xavier's so that's why I'm afraid that he won't come. Cause he hates this place and almost anything that has to do with it."

"We having the dance here?" Short, to the point, and uncomfortably blunt, Shane's typical style of conversation.

"I don't think so, but then I'm not on the committee. Not really my kind of thing, I'll go and have fun but I'm not the planning type." Robyn says as he looks down at what he's working on. "So you can stay here and not have to worry about running into it."

"Jackass," Shane mutters. "If it's not here, then he's got no excuse. If he doesn't take you, he's an asshole, and stop being a doormat for him."

"How do you even know I'm a doormat for him? I'm not." Robyn says as he's getting a bit frustrated. "You don't even know what's happened here. We've been through a lot and he's been turned into a demon and been kidnapped and Altered by Mr. Sinister and has gone through his fair amount of shit and it hasn't been easy for him. So if me being a doormat is supporting him while he gets over his shit, then fine."

"Then a dance shouldn't be any problem, should it?"

"I don't know..really, I don't." Robyn says as he picks up his face and finishes up with it. He's really not feeling the creative vibe he was earlier and is pretty sure he's about done for now.

"Dances are for dates," Shane says, with all the certainty of someone who's never had the pleasure of either. "If he wants to get over his shit, fine. But that doesn't mean he gets to get out of being a boyfriend."

"I don't know about the dances are for dates part. I think most of the people here will be going without a date." Robyn admits as he knows Connor's asking Heather but that's about it. "I just think it's more about having fun and getting to experience something normal for once. Cause there isn't anything normal about this school."

Shane lifts a shoulder. "Doesn't bother me any. 'Normal''s for other people anyway. This place? Not so bad, aside from the Voldemort factory I keep hearing about."

"Voldemort Factory?" Robyn says raising his eyebrow. "I don't remember hearing about some place that pumps out guys with no noses that speak to snakes." He's just seen the movies and hasn't read the books.

Shane snorts. "People talk about this place like it's a Magical Mutant Hogwarts. And like every few months, someone swoops in to try to screw it up. So not one Voldemort, but a whole factory full of'm."

"Well we've been lucky. I don't think I've had any trouble since that woman while possessing a friend of mine pushed me in front of a car." Robyn admits as he thinks on it. "Oh and then there was going to that other realm where I got turned into a ghost but I think I'm the only person here who thought that place was kinda neat." He says with an innocent shrug. "I don't know, I wouldn't call it a Magical Mutant Hogwarts. We have no cool 'the one' type deals like Harry Potter though Rashmi could be a cool Hermione. But a Voldemort factory does make me think some weird things."

Shane pauses for a moment, eyebrow raised in silence. Then, "…Rest my case," she says, turning back to her fabric.

Robyn gets up to put the few things he's made in the kiln and starts to wash his hands. "Well I'm gonna take a break for a bit, grab something to eat." Which means some form of cookie. "And then come back up a bit later to keep working. Want me to bring you anything like cookies or a soda?"

"I'm fine," Shane says, scooting back her chair and carrying her iPod toward the stereo. "Shut off the stereo when you get back, if you don't like my music."

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