Wade "Deadpool" Wilson
Wade Winston Wilson
Portrayed By ??
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Hair Bald
Eyes Brown
Height 6'2"
Weight 210
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Aliases Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth, Jack, Chiyonosake ("the Wolf of the Rice Wine"), Rhodes, Corpus, Lopez, Hobgoblin, Thom Cruz, numerous others
Place of Birth Rumored Canada
Current Location New York City
Occupation Mercenary
Known Relatives Hailey Wilson (mother, deceased) Thomas Wilson (father, deceased) Mercedes Wilson (wife,died later resurrected)
Significant Other Previously Copycat (deceased), Siryn and Typhoid Mary
Identity Secret, mostly
Known Abilities Regenerative Healing factor; Immunity to disease, telepathy and foreign chemicals; Superhuman strength, agility, reflexes and stamina; Extended longevity.
First Appearance New Mutants #98


Early life for Wade is relatively a mystery. His mother died of cancer and his G.I. Joe of a father was rather heavy handed. A troublesome teen he watched as one of his friends killed his father after he himself had smashed a bottle over his dad's head. Time passed our young 'anti-hero' [*cough hack*] he joined up with the military and soon after became a hired gun even accepting jobs as a hitman (yet only against those he felt deserved death). Each time he failed a mission he would take to plastic surgery to assume a new identity.
Most of Deadpools merc activities are little known about, hes been active in serveral countries from Asia, France, Morocco and back again (in the process picking up several languages) in these travels hes become romantic with multiple women and even for a short stint ended up a sumo-westler.

Back in America Wilson fell for a teenage prostitute Vanessa Carlysle, whom later he would break up with upon realization he had contracted cancer. Hope came in the form of Department K, and ultimately Weapon X a joint U.S./Canadian project for superhuman enhancement at which point his cancer was halted temporarily thanks to the help of none other than Wolverine's healing factor (a fellow Department K operative), Wilson became active along side Sluggo, Kane and Slayback, which later on would also be joined by Copycat; Wade's former love interest Vanessa.

Deadpool's time alongside them would take a curve when on assignment he killed his teammate Slayback, awarding himself a trip to Hospice which was ran by Doctor Killbrew and his sadistic assistant Ajax; here Wade would be subjected to torturous experiments sometime around this misadventure he would become embroiled in an odd apparently romantic relationship with the cosmic entity known as Death who seen a kindred spirit within Deadpool. Several events would occur shortly which lead to Deadpool having his heart ripped out of his chest by Ajax, left for dead he would of course return and leave Ajax for dead in kind taking on the name Deadpool; which was what the name of the twisted game Ajax and Killbrew played upon Hospice patients - betting on who lived or died.

For a time afterwards he served once again as muscle, an assassin and a mercenary teaming with Taskmaster, Constricter, Wizard , the time traveling arms merchant Tolliver (under whose service he re-united with Copycat and Sluggo), Hammerhead and Kingpin, clashing with Wolverine, Bullseye, T-Ray and the Canadian government (in which Alpha Flight's Sasquatch was treating him for cancer), and abducting Blind Al, forcing her into captivity in his home (which she eventually resigned to).

After recruiting his very own weapon supplier named Weasel he was contracted to kill Cable, whom infact was Tollivers father and in the company of Domino who was really Copycat in disguise. With the X-Force being formed out of the New Mutants by Cable, Tolliver was presumebly killed in battle disrupting (aided by the re-apperance of a cybernetically reconstructed Slayback) business between Wade and the ambitious time-traveler.

Soon afterward, Deadpool would help Siryn against Juggernaught and Black Cassidy who were forcing Killbrew into their service, he grew attached to Siryn and ended up seeking out Copycat to test his feeling only to find she was with Kane, following this Kane and Wolverine battled Deadpool. Deadpool ended up being rescued not long after by a fellow mercenary named Maverick and Wolverine.
Zoe Culloden next would approach the Merc-with-a-mouth, trying to convince him he was to be the Mithras, destined to bring forth a golden age for Earth. He turned her away, met with failure and loss after loss including friendships. Killing at this point was no longer quite as easy as it had once been, until encountering Ajax. Succumbing to Zoe's insistance he was to be the Mithras he went along with it until he was informed he was to destroy Tiamat - instead he killed the 'Messiah' bringing himself a personal form of release.

Desire to improve himself gone, Deadpool returned to being an assassin and mercenary, brief he became embroiled with T-Ray, Doctor Bong and what he believed to be his resurrected wife Mercedes Wilson. Unbroken and the desire to improve himself was rekindled, following this he would clash with Wolverine again then pair up in helping out Siryn of X-Factor and fighting a werewolf named Duncan Vess and a villanous group called Watchtower. Once more his paths would cross with Copycat disguised this go around as Titania and the mercenary Constrictor, which of course led to the demolishing of their joint apartment at the hands of more former 'comrades' Taskmaster and Wizard. A sidekick named Kid Deadpool would take stage and subsequently also blow it up (well, Deadpool's warehouse) in an act of vengeance.

Tracked down by Wolverine's nemesis Sabretooth, Deadpool was invited to join the new Weapon X Program. At first impressed he soon became turned away finding their methods far to bloody even for him, the death of Copycat at Sabretooths hands would have him going after the Director - his healing factor reversed, he'd manage to pull through with lingering amnesia. During his amnesiac phase imposters to the Deadpool name and title would surface, all whom turned out to be aspects of his own personality a design conjured up by T-Ray and a jealous Thanos whom considered himself Death's suitor. Deadpools memory was returned whilst this went on thanks to encountering Weasel again, damaging the device (the Gemini Star) T-Ray was using he ended up victorious the 'fragmented Deadpool clones' absorbed into T-Ray leaving him comatose.

DP,Inc., came into existance in the following events, a mess of happenings occured then involving Black Swan, Sandi Bradenberg (Deadpool's business partner in DP,Inc.) the Four Winds crime family and Nijo - whom inherited both Deadpool and Black Swans skills and memories (Nijo calling himself Alex Hayden would join Sandi and Taskmaster in forming the group Agency X).
Hired by the One World Church to steal the Facade Virus from a German based corporation named Sunic Pharmacopeia he would end up battling then working with Cable once more who turned out to have ulterior motives inviting in his own way for Deadpool to join him the irritated mercenary would refuse, Cables new plot drawing the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s own Nick Fury and a based on assignment recruitment of the X-Men, whilst Deadpool is off making nice (the stabby stabby kind of nice) with 'The Cat' whom after a fight turns out is interested in recruiting Deadpool to help in a fight against Nate Summers; uncertain which side is being assisted by Deadpool he teleports to Cable.

It would turn out Fury's interest in Cable whom has become a media craze is enough to have them hiring a new Six Pack consisting of the actual Domino, Anaconda, Solo, Hammer and G.W. Bridge all of whom attack Cable. Meanwhile, Deadpool is taken down by the Cat and picked up by the X-Men who enlist his help in getting to Cable (Deadpool at this point in time decides hes going to wear Jean Gray's outfit since he is an 'honorary temporary' X-Man). While attacking Cable the X-Men would find some of the Six Pack and Deadpool have switched sides turning on them. Arrival of the cosmic weapon the Silver Surfer would turn the tide of battle, Deadpool rigging up a mechanism that would 'save' Cable while the Surfer defeated and lobotomized the empowered mutant leaving him to apparently die powerless, the Cat taking out Cyclops gives Deadpool an escape route allowing him the opportunity to go try and save Cable who reveals his plan of having engineered it all from the One Church on up claiming if he wasn't powered down he would die yet in the process he also wanted to show humanity " What could be " and managed to create the island of Providence.
It would turn out after this Cable is dying and the one person insistant on saving him is of course, Deadpool. Working with A.I.M. to the Fixer he acquires an alien embryo that is needed to be fused with his 'friend'. Six Pack becomes trapped in Nate's mind while Deadpool, Weasel and Fixer end up battling the baby alien embryo and Agent X the fight comes to an end with Agent X in pieces and the alien 'tamed' enough it can be implanted into Cable, saving his life.

Providence was good for Deadpool and he seemed happy until he kills a terrorist who has sought refuge on the island, in doing so he enrages the populace and Cable ending up in his exile from it. Not having any immediate memory of murdering the man until later, he contemplates why he did so only to realize he did so simply on impulse it drives him to seek out a way to kill himself. ending up in the clutches of Black Box who tries to reprogram him to kill superhumans. Returning to Providence he is attacked by Pestor John, then Cannoball and Siryn who are also seeking Cable, Forge using the 'bodyslide' teleportation of Deadpools tries to find a way to get closer to the missing mutant which in turn sends him to several alternate earths where he encounters various alternate Cables and villians, accompanied by Siryn and Cannonball they recover a young Cable from an alternate Mr.Sinster, returned to their dimension Deadpool blasts himself instead of killing Cable who he was secretly programmed to kill all along by Black Box, Cable and X-Force then set to saving Deadpool.


*::Typical equipment & weaponry::*
Image inducer, teleporation harness, dual swords, dual handguns (+one additional hidden, don't ask where or how), bolo (x1), exploding pellets (x4), shuriken (x10), combat knife (x1).

*::Non-typical equipment & weaponry::*
Bo, specialty sword, assault rifles, sniper rifle, neural disruptor net, BFG, sai, monomol sword and an assortment of other firearms, weapons & explosives.


Theme Songs


"I am NOT Deathstroke and Spider-Man's bastard lovechild who was raised by the Joker! …Srsly, I'm not…"


  • Deadpool commonly develops obsessions with words and people, repeatedly mentioning the words duodenum and chimichanga, the phrase "Sphincter says what?", and is frequently preoccupied by thoughts of Bea Arthur, Ernest Borgnine, and the Olsen Twins.
  • Deadpool believes Thor invented Heavy Metal.
  • Deadpool has shown he likes Metallica, Black Sabbath, Megadeth and in general 'Death Metal' (but his music taste also seems to bounce in all directions).
  • He has not seen Jurassic Park.
  • His voice is described as "gravel on gasoline", or grumbly to growly "like someone who is choking on their own windpipe" (hence the yellow talk bubble instead of usual color).
  • Domino: "Talking to Deadpool is like trying to talk to someone who is covered in bees." She also comments that his constant chatter is a tactic he employs forcing opponents to want to either, "Surrender or commit suicide."
  • According to Outlaw, Deadpool is right handed and a better shot with his right than his left despite being able to use both simultaneously.
  • Taskmaster openly admitted Deadpool is a superior fighter than he is, but that Deadpool has a tendency to dodge to the left. Though, Deadpool will change up his style to be 'unpredictable' when he feels he is being analyzed.
  • Gambit paid Deadpool off instead of fighting him, claiming in battling the Mercenary would be suicide.
  • It is said Deadpool is a master of the following forms; Tang Soo Do, Hapkido, Tae-Kwan-Do, Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Kendo, Ninjutsu (including Tai-jutsu) and Jujutsu.


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