2010-01-24: Waiting Things Out


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Summary: Robin and Robyn talk about everything that's been going on.

Date: January 24, 2010

Log Title Waiting Things Out

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Seeing that noone was in the Living Room, Robyn's decided to settle down in here for a bit. He's wearing a pair of Xavier's Sweatpants along with a Legend T-shirt. He's sitting on the couch, curled up, with his vampire teddy bear from Nightmare Before Christmas. His arm is still in a cast though it's healing well, and most of his cracked ribs are doing better. His eyes are focused on the television as he watches Labyrinth.

Out from the lobby come Robin and Blank, peeking in to see who is watching the television and then coming in fully when they see who it is. "Oh, Robyn, hi there!" she says, not really worrying too much about interrupting the audio of that particular movie. She comes up behind the couch and leans on its backing. "How are you doing?"

Robyn looks up at Robyn as she comes in and smiles. "Hey Robin, do you want the real answer to that or the nice answer?" He asks raising his eyebrows. "I'm doing better than I was doing a few days ago." It's the nice answer he went with. "What about yourself, you okay with all this craziness?"

Robin shakes her head slowly and says, "The nice answer, I guess, but I wish it was the real answer." She shrugs and sighs, "I've pretty much been holing myself in my room until it blows over. Honestly, I've got no idea how to react to it all."

Robyn sighs and looks down at his lap. "The real answer? I'm doing horrible Robin. I wasn't sleeping much the last week, I wasn't eating. Addison had to pretty much force me to sleep, thank goodness. I've been an emotional pain in the ass cause Jordan's a demon, he broke my arm when he turned, I went to go help Rashmi find Lucas and we all got captured, Nathaniel…when he was a demon, decided to have fun with me for a bit, fun for him, not me, then I find out I might have a twin brother." That's the short but honesty answer.

Robyn sighs and looks down at his lap. "The real answer? I'm doing horrible Robin. I wasn't sleeping much the last week, I wasn't eating. Addison had to pretty much force me to sleep, thank goodness. I've been an emotional pain in the ass cause Jordan's a demon, he broke my arm when he turned, I went to go help Rashmi find Lucas and we all got captured, Nathaniel…when he was a demon, decided to have fun with me for a bit, fun for him, not me, then I find out I might have a twin brother." That's the short but honesty answer.

Robin frowns for a moment and sits down next to Robyn, "Oh, Robyn, I can believe that you'd be doing horrible… I'm sorry that all that happened to you." Blank pretty well confirms this sentiment through body language. She rubs her hand through her hair for a moment silently and adds, "The twin brother thing might not be so bad, though, right?"

Robyn shrugs. "I dunno, he seems to either think he's an alien or he really is which would be…weird." Robyn shakes his head not wanting to get into it. "Then Rashmi brings her demon boyfriend back to the school even though he's not really himself but a demon and fails to see what's bad about this plan." He sighs and shakes his head. "See what I mean about an emotional pain in the ass?"

Robin shakes her head and smiles slightly at Robyn, "I know what it's like being an emotional pain in the ass. Don't worry about it." She pauses for a few moments and says, "Is… Rashmi's demon boyfriend still here? I'm kind've afraid of these demons, to be honest. Just the news pictures of them make my heart jump a little."

Robyn leans his head on Robin's shoulder and closes his eyes. "You're a comfort to be around right now." He says as he really does enjoy her company. "They are scary, they do evil things…well they're demons but, they're turning people into what they aren't. And I think he's still here." Robyn says frowing as he doesn't like the fact that he's here one bit.

Robin gives Robyn a hug as he leans on her, "I know… that's what's scariest for me. That loss of myself that they could bring…" She frowns slightly and says, "It'll all get better in the end, I'm sure… stuff like this, it happens, right?"

"I hope it does Robin." Robyn says taking a deep breath. "I don't know about it happening but I just hope that Jordan comes back to me and that he's okay. I don't know, he snapped out of it for a bit to rescue us but he barely seemed himself. So how are things going with you and Skyler. Has he..she been taking the change well?"

Robin nods and says, "Yeah, Sky's been her sister lately, I guess? I think we're doing better than ever now, honestly… I've seen her as a boy and as a girl, and she's seen me the same way, and it hasn't changed anything for either of us… And I hope that Jordan gets better and comes back, too."

Robyn smiles at Robin and nods. "I'm really happy things are working out great for you two. Maybe you can enjoy swiming now and not be so embrassed." He says teashing lightly. "Thanks Robin, I hope so too. I wish I could run out and try to find him but I just know that I'll probably get into more trouble doing that. It's better to wait and be safe then run out and get…what happened again."

Robin says, "As soon as things blow over and I feel safe going into the city again, I'm planning on getting a swimsuit. Even though I'm still so bony and scrawny, it'll look much better on me, and I won't even have to use tape or anything!" She nods at Robyn and says, "Yeah… I know what it's like wanting to just run out and save the day and make everything better. When I heard it was Megan, before with the whole fairy tale thing, that's all I wanted to do…"

"Don't they have school swimsuits you can borrow?" Robyn asks as he thinks they do, just like the pants he's been wearing lately. After all sweatpants are a bit easier to get on and off with a broken arm. "Hey, I'm boney and scrawny." He says chuckling. "I know, and I wanted to run out and help you. How is Megan doing by the way?"

Robin smiles at Robyn and says, "Well, I kind of want something that suits me, you know? Instead of something generic." She scratches her head lightly and says, "Megan is doing okay. I visited her awhile ago, and her living facilities are nice. Actually, I'm almost jealous. Which is saying something!" After all, Robin lives in a mansion right now.

Robyn chuckles and nods. "Well if you need a friend to go with you bathing suit shopping, once things clear up, let me know." After all Robin would know nothing creepy would happen. "What's it like where she lives? And is that she's not sharing a space with a hundred other kids?"

Robin laughs, "Oh, probably! I have to admit, this school is huge compared to what I was used to. And the Baxter Building? It's so awesome. There's science everywhere you look, but it's also very nice." She smiles and says, "Oh, I'll definitely ask you, then, to come with me for shopping."

"I know, I got here last April and things suddenly seemed to have exploded." Robyn says chuckling. "And awesome, and I really am glad things are going well. You look happy. You seem more outgoing now that you're…what you should be." He says as he's always thought of Robyn as a girl.

Robin chuckles softly and nods at Robyn, "I guess it just feels so right. I don't think about it so much anymore, it's like a bad memory." She adjusts her glasses slightly, "I guess it just goes to show that I wasn't just crazy. Though some might disagree."

Robyn reaches over and ruffles Robin's hair. "Nah, you're not crazy, you're one of us." He says smiling. "I can't wait until all of this is a bad memory. After this is over I gotta do something nice for Mikhail, Dallas and Rashmi for putting up with me. And I should see Mik to see if he's feeling better."

Robin smiles at Robyn and gives him a hug, "Oh, it'll be a bad memory soon enough. Every time things go bad, it seems to work out. Not that you shouldn't be careful, though, of course. It's scary out there."

Robyn nods and pulls his knees to his chest and shakes his head. "I'm not going out there until this is over Robin. I had something terrible happen out there and I'm not going to go through it again. I am going to be careful by staying in here and trying not to do anything stupid again. I already ran off to try to help Rashmi with Lucas the first time, that was stupid. I was an idiot."

Robin shakes her head, "No, not an idiot. Just under a lot of stress. I'm sorry that bad things happened to you out there…" She sighs softly and says, "It doesn't mean it was stupid. Things just didn't go well, I guess. I dunno, though…

"I told a few people but I don't want to tell to many, especially since…it wasn't really his fault." Robyn begins taking a deep breath. "Something happened between Nathaniel and I…when he was a demon. I, don't hate him for it but I still can't look at him and it's awkward. But when he was a demon…he…well…don't blame him for it. I don't want everyone to hate him for something he did to me when he wasn't in his right mind. And I feel bad that Mikhail and Dallas want to hurt him so bad when it wasn't him."

Robin blinks a few times at Robyn and says, "Oh… oh. What happened to you…?" Robin pauses and then shakes her head and says, "You know what, you don't have to tell me unless you feel like you need to." Robin's eyes show quite a bit of sympathy.

Robyn's voice goes down to a whisper and he dosn't look up at Robyn. "He..forced himself on me. Please, don't hate him, it wasn't him. It was the demon he was. I wish I could hate him, I told Nathaniel that, I want to, but I know it was the demon and not him. So I can't. He's taking it hard too."

Robin shakes her head at Robyn and hugs him tightly, "I don't hate him. I just hate that something that bad had happened to you… That's something that should never happen to anyone else. I'm sorry, Robyn." She sighs softly and says, "I know it was the demon, and I know that you know it… but… don't feel bad if you still can't look at him…"

Robyn leans against Robin and hugs her back. "You know, I should always remember to find you first when I need someone. You're easy to talk to." He says with a small smile. "So, as soon as this is over, we'll go shopping, have some fun, and maybe we can get you a cute little outfit for Skyler." He teases trying to change the subject.

Robin smiles at Robyn and nods a couple of times, "Yeah, for sure! That sounds like it will be a lot of fun!" She pats Robyn on the shoulder and leans back. "And… I really should get my hands on an outfit that can be described as 'cute and little'."

Robyn chuckles and stands up. "Yeah you should, maybe I'll find something for me too." He says brushing his hair out of his face. "I think I'm going to go take a shower now before bed. Thanks for being awesome Robin and I'll catch ya soon?"

Robin nods at Robyn and says, "Yeah, for sure! Have yourself a good night, Robyn." She smiles at him and nods.

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