2011-03-19: Waiting To Go Home


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Summary: Sophie and Fiona introduce themselves to each other.

Log Title: Waiting To Go Home

Rating: G

Westchester - Train Station

In a small red building is the Salem train station. Inside the wood floors creak with age, and there are few benches for those waiting for a train. An old man sits behind the ticket counter for those wishing to purchase tickets inside. Outside the cement platform raises about four feet off the ground so passengers can get on and off the train to New York City. There is a covered area of the platform for when it's raining.


Getting from the city to the burbs - and vice versa - is a bit of a pain when you don't have a car. This is the reason why Fiona is just disembarking off of an arriving train on this sunny afternoon - it's pretty much the only way for someone without a license to get from point A to point B. As to the actual reason why the strange looking girl came out here? Shopping, apparently. Though it's quite odd that she wasn't able to find what she was looking for inside the city. At any rate, she draws some weird looks from various people at the station - more because of her purple eyes than her clothing. There's some grumbling by someone about 'those damn mutants' which causes her to roll her eyes; they've got her pegged all wrong!

Sitting alone on one of the benches is another girl, also quite clearly a mutant; not by her eyes, which are blindfolded, but by the soft glow emenanting from her chest. She wears a light colored dress, and a silver crucifix glints in the light above her. A white cane rests against her leg, with a loop at the top around her right wrist; and she holds a book, gently running her fingertips over the braille. At the 'damn mutants' comment she tilts her head up, just enough to betray that she has heard, but makes no other acknowledgement.

Fiona continues on by, poking her head out the door to look for her ride - her brother has a job out here and was /supposed/ to pick her up, but, as usual is late. "Always late…" she trails off, eyes catching upon the unusual girl sitting next to her. "Hi!" she greets with a more cheerful tone than her somewhat dreary looking attire would suggest. "Friendly place here, huh?"

Sophie's eyebrows rise, and she tilts her head upwards to face in Fiona's general direction. She marks her place in her book with a ribbon and snaps the cover shut. "I'm sorry," she murmurs. "Were you speaking to me, Senorita?" She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "I suppose it is as friendly a place as any, and better than some."

Fiona blinks. Oh, blindfold… right… "Well, yeah," she smiles a little bit shyly, "I guess it's not TOO bad…" she trails off. "But I can hear 'em talking." The girl shrugs. "Whatcha readin?" she glances down at the book - obviously, she can't really read brail. She leans back for a moment, however, pausing. "Sorry if I'm annoying."

Sophie giggles softly, "It is quite alright, Senorita," she replies. "Do not be troubled by the comments, Senorita. It is when someone picks on you for true, and pushes you about, then you should be concerned; but that will not happen here." She brushes her fingertips over the cover of her book. "Beowulf," she adds. "I am reading Beowulf."

"Oh! That's a great one. Really liked it, yeah," Fiona nods, braid bouncing up and down behind her. "Anyway, that's good… I get picked on a lot at home. I guess I'm used to it now though," she grins faintly. "Nice to meet you, anyhow! You seem really confident. I like that…" she trails off… "Oh yeah! I'm Fiona, by the way."

The blind girl smiles pleasantly, and bobs her head at the introduction. "A pleasure to meet you, Senorita Fiona," she replies, in a pristine Spanish accent. "I am Sophie DeCosta. Beowulf is a fascinating story, yes; it is the second time I have read it this week, I am working on an essay, you understand." She tilts her head to one side, and humms softly. "Why should I not seem confident, Senorita? There is no cause for worry, here."

"I don't know! It's just not something I have an easy time with. I'm always afraid of something, I guess. It doesn't mean I can't handle it… I just get nervous sometimes." Fiona laughs a little bit; also nervously! "I mean, I don't really think anything would happen. But for some reason that never puts a stop to it!" as she talks, she does seem to calm down just a little bit - speech going from rapid-fire to a more normal pace.

Sophie nods her head slowly. "Indeed," she murmurs. "You must be a courageous woman for true, Senorita Fiona; afterall, one cannot be brave without fear." She taps her book lightly with her fingertips as she speaks. "I learned this when I went blind, si? …Why not sit beside me, while you wait for whomever it is who is late?"

"It's my brother! I swear, he was supposed to be here when I got off the train. If I have to walk again, I'm gonna kill him! I'm sure he's got a good reason though." Fiona says - only halfway serious. "Well, I do what I have to, you know?" she scoots over so that she's sitting next to Sophie. "So do you mind if I ask… you're sorta, well, glowing, you know? Does that have anything to do with being blind?"

Sophie umms? She tilts her head to face you with a confused expression. "Glowing? What do… Oh." She lifts a hand to alight on her chest, right about the spot where the glow is coming from. "No, Senorita; the blindness is from an injury to my eyes that took infection, three years ago. The glow from my chest… I do not really understand what it is, yet. But I am sure it is important." She chuckles softly. "You have me at a disadvantage, Senorita Fiona. Might I ask what you look like?"

"Well, I'm pretty short! I think you have four or five inches on me. And… I'm really pale! My skin doesn't tan easily. It's weird. I have black hair, and um, my eyes are purple! Sometimes they glow. I'm kinda, well, into the whole supernatural thing. I like dark clothing. I'm wearing a black t-shirt, and a black skirt. I guess I look sorta gothy, but I don't really like that word," Fiona finishes up, describing herself as best she can. "You can touch me, if that helps! I don't really mind."

Sophie turns in her seat, and shifts to face you more fully. "Purple eyes, Senorita? That must be quite the striking feature. My eyes are blue; or at least they were before they took the infection that ruined them. I am not sure what color they are now." She holds out her hand in the space between you and her. "If you would let me see you, I would be grateful," she murmurs. "Touching your face is the only way I would be able to understand what you look like, si?"

Fiona nods and leans forward slightly, "Go ahead!" she smiles, nodding, "Yeah, lots of people notice them! It's both good and bad, I guess. I like being different but sometimes I wish it were easier to blend in." Her skin would feel very smooth to the touch, there's pprobably some correlation between that and her paleness.

Sophie paws at the air until her fingers alight on Fiona's face; and then the y are gentle, as they explore across her features. "You have beautiful skin," she observes. "You must take good care of yourself, Senorita." She bobs her head, as she pulls her hand back to rest in her lap. "Thank you, for that. Not everyone is comfortable with such a thing, though I do understand that."

"Well, like I said! I try not to get too much sun. I burn pretty easily. My dad says it's because we're Irish. Or, erm, descended from there anyway." Fiona rubs at her cheek, blushing a little. "I don't mind! Believe me, I've seen way weirder stuff than someone just touching my face."

Sophie nods her head earnestly. "I am sure you have, Senorita," she replies. "I see nothing; not anymore. But I have heard pretty strange things, and heard of things more so." She tilts her head, and taps her lips lightly. "Forgive me, but I must ask; you are a mutant, si?"

"N-nn… No," stammers Fiona nervously, playing with the ends of the sash around her waist. "I use magic," she whispers quietly; that's not something even her family knows, but - it's somewhat easier to talk to a blind mutant glowing with energy about it than it is her parents. For some reason, she figures there'd be more understanding with the former than the latter. "I probably sound sort of crazy, don't I?"

A soft laugh comes from the blind girl, and she shakes her head. "Of course not," she replies. "I can heal others with a touch, Senorita. I know people who can teleport, conjure spheres of energy, time travel, or make metal bend and dance to their whim. That you say you use magic? I have no reason to find this strange; though I would caution you, if I may, not to fall in with dark forces, si? I would be afraid for you, in such a case."

Fiona smiles cryptically - it's probably good that Sophie /can't/ see that. "That's more true than you can possibly imagine… I sorta wish… someone had given me that advice a long time ago." From somewhere in the direction of the door, a boy starts calling, "Fiona? Fiona? Fi, are you around here?" and then there's a grumbling, "If she got all impatient and decided to walk again… I'm gonna freaking kill her!" The girl's expression brightens somewhat, "That's my ride! It was awesome meeting you, Sophie!" she says with a giggle, heading off.

Sophie perks an eyebrow, as Fiona makes her way off. "Take care, Senorita Fiona," she murmurs as the other girl makes her retreat. "I shall pray for you," she adds. The blind girl sighs softly, and shakes her head; before finally going back to her book and trying to concentrate.

~ Fin ~

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