2009-03-27: Wake Up Call


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Summary: A wake up call that leads to a discussion on children.

Date: March 27, 2009

Wake Up Call

Rating: R. There is adult content here, containing foreplay. Do not read if it offends.

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Master Bedroom

A very large bed dominates this room. The bed itself is apparently a custom made one, because it's quite hard to find beds that size. Like the rest of the house, it's hardly been decorated, since someone else seems to enjoy doing so.

After getting Memphis back from yesterday, Christopher has a glass or two of wine to relax and promptly feel asleep. His generic X-Uniform still sits in a pile on the floor, which shows how tired he was. He's still in bed fast asleep, which isn't usual for the photokinetic since he's usually such a morning person, but then, running out and playing 'super-hero' might tire anyone out.

This is something Jericho knows only too well. He was part of the group to free Manhattan and Addison from the Shadow King's clutches himself. He automatically moved to wrap himself around his husband as he made it home last night, barely wakening then. However, with morning here, he's beginning to rouse himself softly as he smiles, leaning in for a kiss on the back of the neck. He won't make sudden moves… no need to awaken Christopher too early.

There's a happy noise that comes from Christopher as he kiss as he shifts to cuddle closer to Jeri, nuzzling against his chest. After a bit he does wake, if it's on his own or because of Jeri, who knows and who cares. "Morning love." He mutters not opening his eyes yet, just comfortable snuggling with Jeri.

Jeri chuckles softly. "Hey." He whispers, kissing his husband on the ear gently as his arms wrap a little tighter. One remains at chest level, while the other goes to the area just below his stomach and above other things. "How did Mr. Hero sleep?" He asks, pressing the rest of his body even tighter against Christopher's back.

Christopher moves his hand so it rests on top of Jeri's, the one that rests lover. "I always sleep well with you next to me." He says as he finally opens his eyes with a smile. "Last night was weird, I ran into there universes you, me and Eddie." And there's a slight shudder at remembering the Eddie all hooked up to wires and such. He knows it wasn't his son, but it was the face of his son that just sent a shiver through him. "I'm just glad that we're making progress."

"I'm going on Tuesday." Jeri nods, firmly. "And Ricky wants to go as well. So, even if Scott can't bring him, I'll find a way to." After all, this is their world they're fighting for. He's not going to deny a teenager who's old enough to make his decisions the right to help, when he's got powers of his own. The hand that Christopher rests his on moves in slow circles down there, not touching certain things, but just making calm relaxing movements.

"I am too, and you and I both know Eddie will. He did very good out there yesterday I think he's going to make a good superhero." Christopher admits as he did notice Eddie fought well and used his head. "I don't think anyone should be denyed this. It's our world anyone who wants to should fight for. Anything I can do to keep what I love." He says with a smile as he relaxes against Jeri.

"Exactly. I may not be a standard combatant, but my powers are designed for it. So, I'll be out there." Jeri nods firmly. "You do realize, I wish I could have seen you out there. Being all commanding." He chuckles, his hand moving further down again as he chuckles. "But I'll get to see it on Tuesday. And then we'll all come home and celebrate."

"How do you know I was commanding?" Christopher asys looking back at Jeri, giving him a sly grin as Jeri's hand moves lower. "My powers are too, I'm a lot stronger than I look and lead people to believe." Christopher knows when you can put as much force behind a blast of light as he can, you're not some weakling.

"You think I don't know that?" Jeri chuckles as he slides around to face the other mutant, hands toying with something. "I, who have had your powers in my body? Who can read your powers like an open book?" He grins, winking. "You know better than that. And of course you were. You'd be right there in the middle of the fight. It's hard to fight and not be commanding."

Christopher chuckles and leans in for a kiss as he brings up a hand to toy with Jeri's hair. "Well I'm lucky where my powers are both offensive and defensive. And I don't know if I could deal with seeing another Mardrox anytime soon. The School, Memphis…I don't mind you mutliplying but I've seen enough Mardi's for a long time." He says laughing.

There's a loud clack as Jeri snaps his teeth together, but nothing happens from Christopher's viewpoint. His hand continues it's playfulness down below. "Mine are just really strange and unique." He laughs, pulling Christopher's body tightly to his again, using his leg to pull one of his lover's up between his own. However, there IS an adjustment on the bed, as someone moves behind Christopher, sliding softly under the cover until he feels a tongue in… an interesting place.

There's a confused look as Jeri snaps his teeth but he doesn't think anything of it. He's just enjoying Jeri's playfulness. "Strane and unique and I like them." He moves his hands behind Jeri to rest them on his backside as he smiles up at him. "And they're been really hel-…" The sentance is cut short as he feels a tounge somewhere he wasn't expecting it and he straightens himself in surprise. He looks at Jeri and grins. "Oh you sly man."

Jeri laughs softly. "I can't do it as easily as Madrox, but it doesn't take that much impact." He laughs, still tightly holding Christopher's leg to give his dupe plenty of room to play. "I'm just learning how to deal with it, since I may be stuck like this for a while. And while I may feel like I'm not doing anything from here, when I recombine, I feel ALL the sides of it."

Christopher squrims against Jeri a bit but he's enjoyig what he's doing. "I don't mind…the benefits of you..being like this." Christopher smiles as he knows that he's at Jeri's mercy right now. "You are a sly man." He repeats again with a chuckle. He's having a bit of trouble forming coherent thoughts as his mind is becoming occupied.

"Yes. I know." Jeri says, laughing before pulling Christopher in for a kiss. Not the little ones they do in public. "And you, sir, are a devilishly handsome man that has a bad tendency to make me want to do bad things to you." He grins, winking. "As long as you don't mind that, then we're all good."

Christopher returns the kiss passionately and holds onto Jeri tight. "I don't mind at all, do what ever you want to me love." He says bringing his hands up to run through Jeri's hair, pressing himself tightly against him. "And you are amazingly handsome yourself Jeri."

The Jericho behind moves up to sandwich Christopher between the twin bodies. "With you. Not to you. To you would imply that you didn't want to as well." He smiles, spreading his arm out to take in his other self as well. The other hand is still busy. "Now would NOT be a time for the kids to walk in."

"Oh I want this." Christopher says smiling as he keeps his face as close to Jeri's as possible stealing kisses when he can. He's squriming and breathing a bit hard fully enjoying what Jeri's doing to him. "Oh, Eddie would faint if he saw us right now and I don't know about Jared or Ricky." Though he thinks they would probably polietly just turn around and walk out.

"Jared would probably turn away bashfully and back out. Ricky? No clue. But he likes to watch people, so who knows?" Jeri snickers as he lets the duplicate behind Christopher do what he wills. "It still feels strange. I don't know if this is a threesome or not." Yeah, he's feeling playful.

Christopher rubs against Jeri a bit as he brings a hand down to his husband. "Right now I don't care if anyone is watching, just don't stop." He says smiling as this is a good way to begin the morning. "I don't know what this is but I'm enjoying it." And the sheets under Christopher start to change a few colours as his power is starting to reflect his emotion a bit.

"I hadn't planned on stopping." Jericho whispers gently. "Only pausing here and there for classes, sleep, and food. And appointments." He laughs, letting things play out as they go. Of course, it takes time, but eventually, time comes for the pause.

After a fairly eventful morning, Christopher is now in the kitchen making some breakfast, he's put on a pair of boxers at least since cooking with lower parts exposed is not the brighest of ideas. There's of course cranberry juice in the fridge, something the Parker-Mayfair household is never lacking, and he's making eggs, ham, potatoes and cranberry muffins as he hums a tune happily. It's a good way to wake up in the morning.

Jeri didn't bother getting dressed afterwards, just the shower. It's not like there's anybody in this household who hasn't seen it, and he's far from bashful. "Well, I'll have to remember to give you a wakeup call like that more often." He laughs, tossing a wink to Christopher.

Christopher chuckles as he puts the muffins in the oven to bake and grins, the smile isn't going away anytime soon. "It beats a cup of coffee in the morning." He says as he walks over to give Jeri a kiss. "Maybe we'll have to sound proof the room if the kids are going to be there, I got a little loud towards the end." Christopher says with another chuckle as he goes to cook up the eggs.

"Like Eddie doesn't squeak worse than his bed." Jeri snorts, shrugging. He scratches his chest lightly as he leans back in his reinforced chair. "Plus, he knows we're active. IF he didn't, and wasn't mature enough to deal with it, I'd be worried."

"I love Eddie but at least I don't squeak?" It's more of loud moans with Christopher. "Oh I don't doubt he knows we're active, I can just see him hearing us, we come out of the bedroom and him just going /Daaaaaaaaaaaads/." Christopher says with a laugh as he knows Eddie does that when embarassed. "So, for celebration on Tuesday, the next day we should all go out to the Melting Pot."

"All five of us." Jeri nods quickly. "And yeah, unless Ricky drags him into the bedroom to stop him. From saying Daaaaads, I mean." He laughs, licking his lips. "We'll need a big table."

Christopher laughs. "Yes we will, it's you, me, Eddie, Ricky, Jared. Oh any word on we you and Jared are going to get everything done legally?" Christopher says as he checks on muffins, the smell of cranberry wafting through the kitchen. The eggs are cooked, the potatoes are done, so Christopher starts frying up some ham. "Ricky and Eddie are just too adorable together. Ricky was embarassing the hell out of Eddie in the hot tub with me and Jared the other day though I did feel a little strange being a naked man in a hot tub with three naked teenagers." He says with a chuckle.

"Well, we all know it doesn't mean anything in THAT way to you. It's just societal conditioning. Nudists feel nothing by it. It's just natural." Jeri says with a pontificating finger. "Is it just me, or does Ricky's personality seem to change with his physical changes?" He asks, tilting his head as he thinks about it. "Oh, once the war is over, we're going to get it done."

"I know, I'm just glad for the high fence around our yard." Christopher says chuckling as breakfast is finished and starts to make a plate for Jeri and himself, putting the muffins on the table. "I've noticed that too, I didn't know what it is but then if his powers are linked to the Zodiac maybe it affects his mood or personality?"

"It's quite possible." Jeri nods softly. "That's the thing. Mutations, you can track. You can watch. Most can even be explained. Magic… eh. No clue." Jeri throws a hand in the air as the muffins come out. Reaching out, he snags one and quickly… heavily butters it.

Christopher chuckles as Jeri goes for the muffins. "Oh how you love to butter my muffins." Christopher says sitting down at the table with Jeri. "I don't have a clue about anything and magic unless you consider the way you woke me up this morning, that was pure magic to me."

"Shucks. 'tweren't nothin." Jeri puts on an accent as he chuckles. He leans over to plant a kiss on Christopher's cheek before stuffing half of the muffin in his mouth with a grin.

Christopher grins as he starts to eat his breakfast. "I wonder if Jared or Eddie are up yet I know Eddie had a long night but then we were both doing the same thing. His progress is amazing and I think he's really gaining more confidence out there. Well more confidence since we first adopted him too."

"He just needed someone to believe in him the way he believes in his heroes." Jeri explains, reaching for the juice. "You know he's gonna grow up just fine. Though, I can wish he didn't WANT to be a superhero, I won't stand in his way.

"Yeah I wish the same thing but I can't stop him. He'd make a good superhero though, he's got the attitude for it and he looks a-dor-able in his New Mutants uniform." Christopher says with a chuckle. "But I know, it's like you wish your kids picked a less….dangerous profession to want to be."

The Naked Jeri nods softly. "I know. I just wish it were else. I won't stop him though. I don't know what Jared's gonna do." He stretches again, thinking about things.

"You can't stop your kids from being what they want to be, also once he's an adult what can you do but go 'my son the superhero'." Christopher says with a shrug. "Also Eddie's birthday is less than a month away love. And like you though, I'd rather see him at as a teacher at Xavier's like us."

"Well, we'll do what we can and that's all we can do. I suppose I'd better go get dressed before he gets up." Jeri laughs, heading into the bedroom. "Then, I have my appointment with Dai today."

Christopher gives Jeri a kiss and a pat on the butt before heading in the bedroom. "I'm gonna clean up in here then get ready for work. I have a long day at the salon today." He says as he starts to clean up and do all the dishes.

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