2010-02-28: Waking Up


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Summary: Jono and Daisuke wake up to find themselves in a Sinister's base.

Date: February 28, 2010

Log Title Waking Up

Rating: PG-13

Sinister's Lab-Holding Cells

The holding cell is made of cement with a steel door with bars over a small widow no larger than six by six inches. There's six cots in this room, two attached to three of the walls that don't have a door on it, a flickering dim light several feet above, and a toilet. The ceiling stretches about twenty feet high and there look to be cameras in two of the corners. The steel door has a small door at the bottom, just big enough for food to be shoved through. YThere is obviously no privacy and little comfort in this room.

Waking in the cell earns a quiet, «Bugger.» as Jonothon sits himself up. He's aching something fierce, and that includes his pounding head. No, there's no surprise he's in a cell, and even if there were it'd be more of a 'I'm not being dissected?' kind of surprise. Those around him are left for a moment as he rubs at his head. Ow. Ow. Ow. Takes him long minutes before he can begin moving. Then the Brit goes around and checks the others he finds here.. except for Skyler. Not touching that one. That'd be bad, even if powers could be turned off here. Or most powers anyway. Can't turn Jono's off or he dies. "Come on, mates.. anyone able to wake up?" Kind of plaintive that.

Stirring lightly, Daisuke lets out a groan as he wakes up, holding his head in his hands. If it's something wearing off or if it's Jono waking him up, is unsure. "What..where…" He says trying to piece together what happened. "Sinister." He says sitting straight up and looking around a bit nervously before his eyes settle on Jono. "Not again." He says sounding quite scared.

With one awake, Jonothon settles to the floor, for he's not feeling any better. «Yeah.» Sinister. «Sorry.» Not like it's his fault, and he's certainly not here willingly. «Did he come for you too?» Fetch Daisuke, lure him out of the school, or some other variation there of. Jono sure wishes he had some aspirin though, and the means to take it. «Are your powers working?» Clearly his are. And with that the man blinks in surprise and attempts to summon his psy-fire. If he can do that he might be able to blast. (Summoning psy-fire doesn't get anyone hurt, so he tries that first.)

"I don't know." Daisuke responds in regards to his powers. "I…have to scream to find out." He says looking around before standing to move infront of the door. He takes a deep breath and just screams at the door, it's loud but it seems like it's dampened against the cement walls. Nothing. "No…they're not working." He looks at the sleeping others and almost expects them to wake up after that. "God I want to kill this guy."

No psy-fire has Jonothon slumping as he watches the scream go on. Doesn't bother covering his ears, for all it's loud. «Not a surprise really.» Dragging fingers back through his now short hair, the man levers himself carefully to his feet. Pauses there, and sheds his jacket to make a pillow for the body nearest him. There, his random bit of kindness for the day. «Can't blame you there.» For wanting to kill Sinister. «I know it's rough, but can you tell me what happened the first time? You're one of those who were marked, right?» Head aching enough to where he's not remembering well. «Did I ask you this? Sorry if I have. My head is bloody killing me.»

Daisuke walks back over and sits down, shaking his head. "No, you didn't. What happened the first time, with you? I…don't remember much, we were basically used…energy uses, to charge some device." Daisuke says trying to remember it fully. "The last time, with me and Brian, he made us his Horsemen. I was War. I honestly thought it was over after that but he seems to like Brian and I for some reason."

Jonothon watches as you speak of being used as an energy source. Honestly he's shocked that it hasn't happened before. (That he can remember anyway.) Considering his power levels.. but not going to think about that now. «Do you remember what he had you do? Trying to get a handle on this. I thought Horsemen were Apocalypse's thing, not Sinister's.» Jono doesn't know a whole lot about either though.

"It usually is but I guess he wanted to try it himself, I don't really know. Who asks why he does stuff while he's got you strapped to a table while playing with your mind." And genetics, Daisuke thinks. "Last time Lorna was here with us, it was me, Brian and Lorna. He didn't go for her this time." He says wondering why. "Skyler and I were together when he grabbed us. We both felt like it was necessary to go to the Cemetery."

None of this makes sense to Jonothon, but then he's not insane. It shouldn't make sense. «We don't know she hasn't been taken.» He disagrees about that. «We only know she's not here.» Could be held elsewhere, or be the one experimented on currently. «Something similar happened to me.» Doesn't explain what though as he moves to examine the door. Toeing the food slot, he's suddenly glad he doesn't need to eat, and he peers through the tiny window. Not expecting to find much, but it's something to do. «What did he have you do last time?» Asked again.

"Sorry." Daisuke says apologizing for not answering the first time, he heard the question but is just to distracted to think straight. Too scared. "He…had us go collect someone for Famine, but…we got stopped, by friends…X-Men." He says trying to remember, it's really fuzzy. "It…I..know I killed people. Sorry, it's hard to remember all of it. I wasn't in my right frame of mind. It was just horrible, I don't want to go through the experiments again."

It's why Jonothon didn't take offense, and merely kept asking. He's been terrified too many times, like now, not to understand exactly how it feels. «No need to be sorry.» The Brit assures, looking back. Too tired for humor right now. «It gives me enough of an idea, thanks. He's always had a team of mutants to do his bidding, and is known for purging the mutants he doesn't think are viable to the gene pool. Or some such bollocks anyway.» Turning back to the room, he rests against the door itself. Not puzzled why someone would want him. Jono is well aware how powerful he is, «Never thought I'd be of interest. My control is abysmal.»

"I don't know Jono, I really don't know. He's an odd case and I've tried to figure it out, many times." Daisuke says, taking a deep breath and whispering something to himself. "You've been through worse Dai, you've always been through worse." It's like a mantra for him to hold himself together, to believe that whatever it is, he can get through it. "Who knows if it's about control, it could be about power, but then, I'm not that powerful."

«Don't need to reshape the world by will alone to be powerful.» Jonothon motions a sigh, rubbing at the remains of his face. Everything aches. «I don't know either, mate. Just talking to keep from going crazy.» With that he slides down to sit on the floor, resting back against the door. «For now we wait. There's not much else we can do.» Really wishes he had his comm with him for the mp3 player it held.

Daisuke lies back down on the bed and looks up at the ceiling. "At least I have a bed this time around? We were kept separate and in these smaller cage type things last time." Probably a new base? Who knows. "I wish there was someway to feel like more than just a helpless lab rat but I know that's what I am right now. With out the whiskers, fur and tail." He says the last part in an attempt at some small bit of humour.

If he knows a way not to feel like that, Jonothon doesn't share it with you. «Get some rest. We're going to need all the strength we can get.» He has no hope to offer, and no grand plan. For now, all the Brit can do is wait.

Daisuke looks up. "Honestly, I don't know if I can sleep but, I just figure what ever comes, will fucking suck." He says and Daisuke isn't one to swear much. "Hopefully it's all over done quickly, whatever it is."

No assurances about it being quick. «Let's hope.» Jonothon is going to try his best to escape, for he's stubborn that way, but now isn't the time to worry about it. Especially not with other people here, still unconscious. After that though, he goes quiet and remains so. Lost in his mire of thoughts.

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